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I’m Lee Palmer and this is how I went from a small time English promotion FWA to the biggest well known company in the world WWE.

WWE… it's the most powerful and known business in the world whether

you live in America, Europe, Asia etc… everyone and we mean everyone

has heard of the WWE and the stars of this multi million dollar

investment… With Vince McMahon continuously loosing money due to a

downfall in the rating of televised events, he began to think about the future, a new and cutting edge talented writer that may bring something new and raw edge to the huge corporation of the WWE but for now Vince could only think…

Ever since the two thousand and four Royal Rumble, The WWE has been in a very bad situation concerning there televisions shows which are broadcasted each week it became so bad that the television networks were threatening to drop the shows if things didn’t improved. The WWE continued to go from bad to worse with Jerry Jarrett’s promotion Total Non-stop Action growing bigger and getting more fans by the minute. Vince decided enough is enough and called a meeting with the rest of the board.

15th February 2004

1:00pm, Stamford Connecticut WWE Titan Towers

Board of Directors Meeting

The board of directors are seated around a large table. They are all talking about what this meeting could be about and then the conference room door opens and Vince McMahon walks in. Vince is carrying a few papers under his arm and is wearing a nice suit. He soon seats himself at the top of the table and soon begins to speak to the board.

Vince: Members of the board, I wish to present to you the current ratings and buy rates from Raw, Smackdown and pay per views of the past years.

Vince clutches a remote and switches on a projector which soon shows the ratings and buy rates as less than 3.00. Many members of the board sigh and look shocked and Vince turns it off.

Vince: As you can see the rating are dropping and something has to be done. Our networks are already threatening to drop our shows and I have a plan on how to improve our ratings. I am requesting that four scouts go to the biggest four fan bases in the world and see which country has the best writer the writer will be hired immediately and will be our head writer.

Vince looks round at the room and he becomes seated, Linda McMahon then stands and begins to talk.

Linda: Vince, This may be the key for us to get our ratings higher and bring in foreign writers.

Linda is interrupted by Shane McMahon who also begins to speak

Shane: I have to agree Dad that you’ve really thought on this one and I have to agree.

Shane continues talking for a few minutes but then is interrupted by Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie: Dad I can’t believe you want to do this, I mean come on Dad how many of your bright ideas have actually worked lately.

Stephanie continues to argue with her brother Shane about who is right but then both are silent as Linda tells them to be quiet.

Linda: Let’s put this to a vote everyone who agrees with Vince McMahon raises your hand now.

Every hand in the room shoots into the air except for Stephanie’s who is still reluctant to accept this idea.

Linda: Then it is settled, Vince prepare your four scouts and send them this month for two weeks to the U.K, America, Australia and Canada to find our new head writer.

The entire board exit’s the room except for Linda McMahon who remains behind.

1st March 2004

Birmingham, England

The Call.

Lee Palmer is a writer for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance which has become renown for its great matches which have included great U.S stars such as A.J. Styles and Raven. In February 2004 little did Lee know that is one of the WWE Scouts had attended one of the FWA shows and was impressed by what he saw. A few weeks later after the scouting had finished. Lee lies fast asleep at around 9:00am on a Monday morning. Lee rolls over and suddenly his alarm clock begins to go off. Lee begins to hold his head as he looks up and sees the time. He mutters under his breath “I hate Mondays” he smacks the alarm and slowly sits up. He climbs out of bed and jumps in the shower, twenty minutes later he walks back into his room. Lee sits on his bed and sighs for Monday is his day off so he could relax for the day. He puts some clothes on and sits watching television for the morning. All of a sudden, the phone begins ringing and Lee shoots out of his chair and grabs the phone.

Lee: Hello, Who is calling?

Voice: Miss Sophie Bailey of WWE.

Lee: WHAT!

Sophie: Yes, This is World Wrestling Entertainment. I was told to contact you about a job, recently one of our scouts was in the audience at one of your FWA shows he was impressed by the show and short listed you as one of the best. The shortlist was whittled down and now there is only you.

Lee: Is this a wind up, is that you Gabrielle

Sophie: No, this is not a wind up and I am not Gabrielle. Check your mail MR. Palmer, there should be a letter containing a plane ticket to Los Angeles. In approximately 2 hours a car shall pick you up and take you to the airport and WWE Officials shall meet you at Stamford airport when you touch down.

Lee: Okay then I guess I will see you soon.

Sophie: Indeed Mr. Palmer, we shall see you soon

The phone goes dead and Lee puts it back on the receiver and walks towards the front door. He picks up his mail and opens it and inside is a flight ticket. Lee excited at the thought begins to pack his suitcase and just finishes as someone knocks on his door. Jason picks his things up and follows the person at the door to a car which takes him to the airport.

Stamford Connecticut 2:00pm (EST.)

The Journey

The plane has landed and Lee begins to make his way through the airport it takes him about an hour to get through customs and security but he finally makes it to the exit where he is greeted by two World Wrestling Entertainment executives who take him to there car and begin to explain to him what will be happening for the next few days.

Executive 1: For the next few days you will be situated in a hotel near to titan towers, where you will have a meeting with the McMahon Family and then you shall proceed from there.

Lee: that’s fine with me as long as I can go and do as I please until Monday.

Executive 2: You can but just don’t draw attention to your self people want to know who exactly you are but Mr. McMahon doesn’t want the rest of the company to know who the new writer is until they need to know.

Lee: Okay

The car finally arrives at the five star Connecticut Hotel. The executives show Lee to his room and give him his keys before leaving Lee in the room as he begins to unpack.

5th March 2004

The Meeting

Lee had seen most of the sights of the weekend but had decided to have a nice morning in while he waited for a call from titan towers. Lee’s phone begins to ring and he picks up his phone

Lee: Hello, Lee Palmer speaking who may I ask is calling?

Voice: Hello, Mr. Palmer this is Sophie bailey again. The McMahon’s are awaiting your arrival

Lee: Okay, I will be there soon thanks

Lee disconnects the call and begins to get changed into his Black fubu suit and he exits his room and gets into the elevator. The elevator arrives at the ground floor and Lee begins to run over the road towards titan towers.

At around 11:38 am Lee enters titan towers and is greeted by Sophie Bailey who shows him to where the McMahon’s are waiting for him. Lee enters and shakes the McMahon’s hands and he sat down and he introduced himself.

Lee: Hello, I am Lee Palmer

Vince: So you’re Lee, We have heard a lot about you from the scout and the way you operate. This is my wife Linda

Linda: Pleasure to meet you Mr. Palmer

Lee: Nice to meet you as well Mrs. McMahon

Vince: My son Shane

Shane: Nice to meet you, Lee

Lee: Nice to meet you in person as well

Vince: and my daughter Stephanie

Lee: Nice to meet you Stephanie

Lee looks a bit confused as Stephanie doesn’t reply

Vince: Don’t mind her she has not been up to this idea since the beginning. For some reason she just think this idea is bad for the company.

Lee: Okay, So what exactly is this meeting for Vince…. If I can call you that sir.

Vince laughs but then becomes serious and continues to talk.

Vince: sure you can call me Vince, but getting back to business we would like to sign you as head booker and writer for us and we are hoping that you may be our new breathe of life.

Lee: I would be honoured to work for the WWE but I have just one question Vince.

Vince: What’s that?

Lee: Where do I sign?

Vince laughs and pulls out a few papers from a briefcase and Lee signs them after reading thoroughly through it.

Vince: Welcome, aboard Lee as of right now you will be given your own office in right here in this building and living accommodation .

Lee: Okay, Thank you very much Vince for this job.

The McMahon’s and Lee get up and they all shake hands once again and as Lee is about to walk out the door Vince begins to speak.

Vince: Oh and Lee, Sophie Bailey will be your personal assistant. You want anything just contact her

Lee: Okay Vince.

Lee leaves and jumps around the corridors but soon stops as some executives begin to look at him funnily Lee goes back to his hotel and begins to make his plans for the WWE before picking up his phone and beginning to dial a number.

Voice: Hello, Sophie Bailey here Mr. Palmer’s secretary. How may I help you?

Lee: Hello Sophie, This is Lee I want you to get a message to the rest of the writing team and Vince McMahon tonight that I request a creative meeting in Stamford Connecticut tomorrow

Sophie: Okay, Lee I will process it and fax it over as soon as possible.

Lee: Thank you Sophie.

Sophie: Okay, Bye

The phone goes dead and Lee begins to watch television for the next few hours when he is finished it’s about 8pm so he decides to have a early night and goes to bed.

6th August 2004

WWE Titan Towers

Conference room

Lee sat waiting with the rest of his team for awhile from 3pm they had been sat there waiting for Vince McMahon. It was now about 3:45pm and finally Vince McMahon walked into the room and sat down opposite Lee. Lee stands up and begins to address his fellow writers and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Lee: I have called this meeting because after looking through the buy rates of this financial year and lasts I can see the problem. The problem actually goes back now over 2 years. In that time only one PPV has drawn in the amount it should surpass and that was last

Year’s Wrestlemania , I request for the sake of this company that the brand extension is re drafted and that from now on Raw and Smackdown will have joined pay per views.

Vince: Lee, I need to know would this really benefit the WWE or would it put us back in the position we are now!

Lee: Vince, I rest assure that if we go through with this that WWE will be on top of the world once more just like it was in 1998.So I’m asking all of you will you back me or oppose me.

There is a murmur throughout the room and finally every person in the room stands up and shakes hands with Lee and tell him they are behind him 100%.

Lee: Writers, I’m sure you have some work to do, so please could you leave me and Mr. McMahon here to talk.

All the writers in the room stand up and march out of the room leaving just Lee and Vince.

Vince: Good idea about the brand extension. Lee we are giving you the ball and you had better run with it.

Lee: I am thankful for this opportunity Vince but I wish to start after Wrestlemania XX with what I have planned.

Vince: Okay, the day before Wrestlemania. You will fly out to New York and watch Wrestlemania with us then the following night on raw I will announce the re-draft from there onwards you will take the ball.

Lee: Thanks Vince, I will see you then

Lee gets up and shakes Vince’s hand and leaves the conference room with a smile on his face.

ooc: I will be posting stats and stuff soon, My old diary UCW is now inactive but i will be definetly s ticking with this one

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March 13th 2004

Madison Square Garden, New York

Lee arrived in New York today after a boring journey from Connecticut to New York. Lee was ushered from the airport to the hotel that the WWE were staying at, Upon arrival Lee was greeted by Vince McMahon and Jim Ross. Vince and Jim looked agitated as if something was happening , Lee began to talk to them for a few minutes.

Lee: Vince, Good to see you again. Are you okay ?

Vince: I’m Fine, This is Jim Ross executive of the talent department.

Lee: Nice to meet you Jim

Jim: Nice to meet you too Lee

Lee shakes Jim’s hand and stand idly for a few minutes before beginning to talk.

Lee: Are you sure you are both okay. You look at bit worried.

Vince: Lee, Now is not the time. Go unpack your things and we will talk later.

Lee: Sure thing Vince, Nice meeting you Jim

Jim: You too Lee

Lee walked away from both of them carrying his suitcase, Lee stepped into the elevator and the doors closed blocking Vince and Jim from view. Lee began to ponder what they were so worried about but he soon stopped thinking about it as the elevator doors opened and Lee got out. Lee walked down the corridor passing a few of the WWE wrestlers. After all who else would he meet the whole floor is just for people who work for WWE. Lee continued to walk down the corridor and finally found his room, number thirty three. The door was open slightly and Lee pushed it open and went inside.

Lee: Hello, anybody here.

There was silence and Lee walked through the hallway.

Voice: Yeah, someone’s here. I’m in the front watching television.

Lee thought to himself and recognised the voice slightly. Lee walked around the corner and pushed open another door and walked in and put his suitcase down.

Lee: Hello I’m Lee Palmer, I’m the new head writer.

The person got out their seat and walked up to Lee with a can of beer in his hand and a smile on his face.

Man: Welcome aboard then, Lee. I don’t think I need to introduce myself do I.

Lee: No Austin you don’t.

Steve: Lee, you want a beer.

Lee: Why not.

Steve disappears for a few moments and reappears with a can of beer. Steve hands it to Lee and invites him to sit down. Lee sits down and begins to drink his beer while watching what looks like an old WWE tape from 1998.

Steve: Those were the good old days Lee, I was in the best physical form of my life but now my body just can’t take it anymore. I can only do so much.

Lee: Least you can still deliver a stunner and be the Austin the fans want to remember forever. The man who revolutionised our sport.

Steve: What is a rattlesnake worth if he can’t even bite.

Lee: Steve, your still worth something. Fans cheer you ever time they see you, to them you’re the Hulk Hogan of our time except you have surpassed anything Hogan was and so has Dwayne.

Steve: You have a point.

Lee: Anyway Steve, do you know what is up with Vince and Jim.

Steve: Yeah, I know what’s up with them.

Lee: What is it

Steve: Bill & Brock.

Lee: why what’s up with Goldberg and Lesnar.

Steve: Well Brock is planning on leaving for the NFL unless Vince or someone can change his mind and Bill is planning on going back on to Japan unless Vince and him can put aside their creative differences.

Lee: Well, Aus tin I got to go meet with Vince and Jim. Enjoy the rest of your beers and get a good night sleep.

Steve: I will.

Austin laughs and Lee gets up and walks out the front room and down the hall and back into the corridor. Lee closes the door behind him with thoughts running through his mind about Austin just said. Lee continued to wonder in the elevator and when he got to the lobby until Vince and Jim arrived to meet with him.

Lee: Hello, Vince Jim. So where are we doing this meeting.

Vince: In the restaurant in our private area away from fans and anyone else who might over hear us.

Lee: Okay.

Lee followed Vince and Jim into the restaurant, they passed a security guard who looked at Lee as if he was a child. Lee sat down at the table and so did Jim and Vince.

Vince: Lee, here is what has been bothering us. We are trying to negotiate with Bill, Brock and Steve but neither one of them is budging.

Jim: Lee, they are all great talents and we need for them to stay. Vince, I think we should just settle the creative differences and have them sign another contract for two years.

Lee: Okay, I hear both of you and I agree with Jim, Vince these guys are great talents. I could have a word with all three of them tomorrow and negotiate with them and see if I can get them to reconsider.

Vince: Jim Lee, I hope you know what your doing.

Lee: Vince you leave it to me and Jim.

Jim: We can handle it Vince.

Vince: Thank you both of you. Jim give Lee a copy of the booking sheet for Wrestlemania. He needs to know about you know what.

Jim rummages through a bag on the floor and passes Lee a booking sheet for Wrestlemania. Lee looks a bit shocked and happy about what is on the booking sheet. Lee, Vince and Jim continue to talk about tomorrow’s Wrestlemania late into the night.

14th March 2004

Wrestlemania XX

Lee was still recovering from the late night he has as he sat talking with three of the biggest names in the industry today. Steve Williams, Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar who were all looked ready to go for tonight.

Lee: Look guys, I need you all to trust me. I’m the new head writer and I want to listen to all the guys in the back who feel like they are being mistreated. The days of being mistreated are over with me around and I want to know will you guys still be around. Steve, I want you around more than anything because you are great. You love to do this for the fans, for your self and most of all for the company which you revolutionised. Bill I know you feel like you’ve had a mediocre push and that you have had only one good feud but if you sign the new contract I guarantee at least one more world title runs and Brock you’re a NCAA Champion, you were the youngest WWE Champion ever and you have all the makings to become an icon. I know you have a dream of playing for the NFL but what about your dream of being a wrestler. So I am asking you guys to reconsider and sign the three contracts in front of you.

The three men are silent after the speech by Lee. Steve suddenly stretches out his hand and Lee shakes it, Steve grabs a pen and signs the bottom of the two year contract. Bill looks at Steve then at Brock and smiles then signs the contract. Bill and Steve look at Brock who shrugs and signs the contract. Lee stands up and shakes the hands of all three men before wishing them look in the match tonight. Lee leaves and heads into an office where Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Adam Copeland are seated around a monitor. Lee takes a seat in between Adam and Stephanie. Vince turns the monitor on and the show is beginning and the Harlem boys choir are signing America the beautiful.

Wrestlemania XX Results

John Cena won the U.S. Championship when he hit the F-U on the Big Show for the second time.

Booker T and Rob Van Damn retained the World Tag Team Championship when Van Damn hit the five star frog splash on Mark Jindrak.

Christian defeated Chris Jericho when Christian hit the unprettier on a chair while the referee was down.

Evolution defeated The Rock N Sock Connection via interference from Edge who nailed Mick Foley with a spear.

Sable and Torrie Wilson defeated Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie in a Playboy Evening Gown Match

Rey Mysterio beat Chavo Guerrero via DQ when Chavo nailed Mysterio with the Cruiserweight Championship therefore Chavo kept his championship.

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar ended in a double count out when referee Stone Cold gave them both a Stone Cold stunner and counted both men out.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi defeated the Basham Brothers when Shelton Benjamin super kicked Doug Basham but was then hit by Rikishi while Scotty covered Doug.

Victoria won the Women’s Championship by defeating Molly Holly who got her head shaved afterwards

Eddie Guerrero retained the WWE Championship by making Kurt Angle tap out to the Anklelock.

Kane was right there was no resurrection of the undertaker however that was not the end of it. As Kane stood in the ring laughing and he tried to hit his pyros. Sting dropped form the rafters and beat up Kane.

Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels after making Triple H tap out to the crippler crossface .

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Thank you for the positive feedback, I try to incorparate a bit of behind the scenes into my diaries that is why sometimes my posts are long. Saves post whoring

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Nice backstory you had there. It would be great to see what would happen if Steve, Brock and Goldberg actually stayed. I know it would not made SmackDown! in such a mess that it is today.

But Sting instead of Taker? I dunno but I know if it was Sting, he would rather go to another place instead of the WWE. But just for the heck of it, why not, its just sting. Its not like you will re-sign the former WWE talent or raid TNA right? (but I have a bad feeling he might)

Good start dude, I cant wait to see the RAW and if you possibly will do that lottery thing that they did during that period.

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I will be doing the lottery thing to spice up smackdown and raw with different people. Thanks for the positive feedback and keep reading. i will have Raw up soon .

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Monday 15th March 2004

Raw Preview

Monday 15th March 2004

Raw Preview

Last night at the biggest stage of them all Chris Benoit's eighteen year odyssey culminated in what is considered the greatest Wrestlemania match in history, Chris Benoit will be in the building when Triple H faces Shawn Michaels.

Kane who was assaulted by Sting at Wrestlemania will be taking on the force of Bill Goldberg.

Also Last night at Wrestlemania a defecting Edge speared Mick Foley. People have been asking already "Why Edge Why" will we get some answers.

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Actually, D-Extreme, Sting has said many times that Mania XX would have been his preferred debut with the company.

I'll check back to see what you do with RAW.

BTW: It's good that you put effort into your backstory, but it doesn't really do anything for me because it's the same as a million other WWE backstories. I would have preferred something shorter and more to the point.

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A video package begins to play highlighting what happened at Wrestlemania. Edge’s defection to raw and him interfering in the handicap match and nailing Mick Foley with a spear. Sting appearing and beating the living hell out of Kane and finally Chris Benoit makes Triple H tap out to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The video package ends with Chris Benoit holding the championship. The camera then cuts to the Pepsi arena in Albany New York

Jr: Welcome everyone to raw, I’m Jim Ross alongside me is Jerry “The King” Lawler. We are live from the Pepsi arena in Albany New York which is packed to the rafters. Tonight is going to be an explosive night when Triple H takes on Shawn Michaels in our main event plus Kane will face Bill Goldberg later on.

King: Your right Jr tonight is going to be explosive when Triple H finally puts an end to Shawn Michaels.

Jr: Well that might damn happen.

McMahon drops a bombshell

“No Chance” fills the arena and out walks the WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon, He struts down the ramp to a chorus of boo’s. McMahon climbs up the steps and enters the ring. Vince grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia and begins to speak.

Vince: Wrestlemania XX….. Where it all begins again. That was the catchphrase for this year’s Wrestlemania and sticking to that theme. I have something to announce to you all.

The fans are silent and Jr and King are trying to guess what this announcement could be about.

Vince: Next week on Raw will be where it all begins again when Raw and Smackdown will be in the same arena for a draft lottery. Each brand will be given eight picks to choose from the superstars of the other brand but there is an added twist which I will reveal next week on raw.

The fans cheer at the thought at some of the smackdown stars on raw and vice versa.

Vince: Also last night at Wrestlemania the man known as Sting attacked Kane. Sting doesn’t ever work for this company and the security have been informed to not let anyone in who looks like him.

The fans begin to boo and an asshole chant begins as “No Chance” fills the arena and Vince McMahon exit’s the ring and begins to head up the ramp to more chants of asshole

Jr: Next week Ladies and Gentlemen, Both raw and smackdown will be in the same arena and the rosters will be redrafted

King: We could see Kurt Angle back on Raw Jr wouldn’t that be great.

Jr: Yeah sure King, up next they retained their tag team championship last night but can Booker T and Rob Van Damn retain against Flair and Batista

Booker T & RVD vs. Flair and Batista

World Tag Team Championship on the line

“One of a kind/can you diggit” fills the arena and the crowd jump to their feet and out walk the World Tag Team Champions Booker T and Rob Van Dam. Booker walks down the ramp first and jumps up and some pyros go off. Van Dam follows and as the announcer says his name he does his thumb point taunt. Both men climb in the ring and taunt the crowd who are getting more excited.

“Evolution” fills the arena and out walks Ric Flair and Batista who are being booed, Flair and Batista walk down the ramp and stand at ringside shouting trash at Booker and Van Dam. Batista rolls in the ring and Booker and Van Dam stand in their corner. Flair climbs up the steps and tells the referee to open the ropes. The referee holds the ropes open and Flair climbs into the ring. Flair then drops his robe over the top rope and Rob Van Dam and Booker T get back in the ring. Van Dam and Batista are starting off and the referee rings the bell to start the match. Batista tries to hit a clothesline but Van Dam ducks and Batista turns round to a round house kick. Van Dam then proceeds to taunt the crowd who are loving it. Van Dam runs this time at Batista and connects with a spinning heel kick. Batista gets right back up and Van Dam runs at him again and goes for the cross body but Batista catches him and hit’s a back breaker. Van Dam rolls around the mat holding his back in agony as Batista begins to taunt the crowd and he receives more boos. Batista grabs Van Dam by the throat and picks him back up to his feet. Batista clotheslines Van Dam and then delivers a big splash; Batista hooks the leg 1... 2... Booker broke up the count. The referee is trying to get Booker out the ring and Batista and Flair are double teaming Van Dam. Batista and Flair connect with a double suplex and Batista climbs out of the ring and slaps his hands together. The referee finally gets Booker out of the ring; Flair begins to work on the educated feet of Rob Van Dam with a leg lock. Van Dam quickly reaches the ropes and Flair breaks the hold before the referee can count to five. Flair then grabs Van Dam by the hair and drags him back to the evolution corner. Flair begins to punch Van Dam in the face and the referee calls for a break, Flair tags in Batista who grabs the legs of Van Dam and pulls him out of the corner. Batista bends down to pick Van Dam up but Van Dam lo blows Batista out of desperation, Van Dam begins to crawl towards Booker who is itching for the tag. Batista grabs the leg of Van Dam who is getting to his feet, Van Dam Is inches away from Booker. Van Dam is hopping on one foot but hit’s the Enzuguri to the back of Batista’s head, Batista and Van Dam are both on the mat and Van Dam crawls to his corner as does Batista both of them tag at the same time and Booker gets in the ring as does Flair. Booker clotheslines Flair and then hit’s the outside crescent kick on Batista. Flair is back up and charges at Booker who Powerslams him. Van Dam gets back in the ring and clotheslines Batista over the top rope to the outside, Van Dam then vaults over the top rope onto the prone Batista. Flair is back on his feet and runs at Booker who moves out the way and Flair collides with the referee. Booker then hit’s the Bookend on Flair and then covers him but the referee is still out of commission. Booker picks Flair back up and kicks him in the gut, Booker runs in to the ropes and bounces back and goes for the scissor kick but gets speared by Edge. Edge slides out of the ring and helps Batista keep Van Dam from making the save as Flair hooks the near leg and the referee slowly makes the count. 1... 2... 3... The Bell rings and Edge grabs the World Tag Team titles from ringside and climbs back in the ring. Batista has picked up the steel steps and strikes Van Dam with them. Batista, Flair and Edge then begin to pound on Booker be fore celebrating in the ring as we go to commercials.

-Commercial Break-

Jr: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to an already explosive night.

King: Tonight we’ve had new world tag team champions Batista and Ric Flair

Jr: Well up next Jericho will be out here after….

The Rattlesnake and the Ticking Time Bomb

Jr is interrupted and the Camera cuts backstage, we see Stone Cold walking through the backstage area. Austin has a beer in his hand. Austin continues to walk for a few minutes past several superstars when someone bumps into him and Austin’s beer goes all over him. Austin begins to talk trash to the person who turns around and the camera sees Goldberg’s Face.

Austin: Watch where you going.

Goldberg: Watch where you going or else you will be next.

Austin: Oh really now, If you don’t watch you step you Son of a bitch your going to get your ass whooped by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Goldberg: To coin a catchphrase Just Bring It.

The two get in each others face and are about to hit each other when referees hold them apart both men are sent there separate ways as the camera cuts back to ringside

Jr: Goldberg and Austin there look ready to fight.

King: Well Goldberg better save his energy if he is going to face the almighty Kane tonight

Jr: Well we will see that slobber knocker after the highlight reel

Y2J + CLB = Beatings

The camera is focusing on the ring where the set of the highlight reel is in the center of the ring. The fans begin to cheer as “Break the wall” fills he arena and out walks Y2J Chris Jericho, He walks down the ramp slapping the hands of fans before sliding in the ring and grabbing a microphone off Lillian Garcia. A Y2J chant begins to break out from the crowd and Jericho begins to talk.

Jericho: Welcome to the highlight of the night, THE HIGHLIGHT REEL!!

The fans begin to chant even louder as Jericho continues to talk.

Jericho: The guest on the highlight reel tonight, is the man who can’t win his way out of kindergarten CHRISTIAN!

The fans begin to boo heavily as “CLB” fills the arena and out walks Christian who has an evil grin on his face. Christian walks down the ramp and slides in the ring opposite Jericho; Christian receives his own microphone and begins to talk.

Christian: If I can’t fight my way out of kindergarten Chris then how come I beat your ass last night on the biggest stage of them all Wrestlemania XX.

Jericho: Christian would you please SHUT THE HELL UP!

The fans begin to cheer loudly and the crowd starts a “CLB” Chant

Jericho: First and foremost Christian. You didn’t beat the ayatollah of rock and rolla fair and square. No no no you took the easy way out and as soon as that referee was out of commission you took the chair and hit the unprettier on me.

The fans begin to boo Christian even more.

Christian: At least I seize the opportunity when it is given to me unlike you who couldn’t cheat if his life depended on it.

Jericho: Well let’s just see about that

With that said Jericho levels Christian with the microphone and continues to pound it into the skull of Christian who is now bleeding. Jericho then locks in the walls of Jericho and continues to apply the pressure on Christian. Referees begin to run out to the ring but can’t get Jericho to break the hold. Jericho finally breaks the hold minutes later and Jericho leaves Christian Bloody and unconscious.

Jr: Well Jericho has snapped, he seemed possessed on hurting Christian

King: We need the white coats to take away that raving lunatic Y2J

Jr: The Paramedics now are beginning to put Christian onto a stretcher as some of our colleagues try to clear the ring of the highlight reel set for our next match.

Goldberg vs. Kane

As the Paramedics begin to wheel Christian out of the arena on a stretcher “Slow Chemical” fills the arena and a few pyros go off and out walks Kane who has a black towel draped over his head. Kane walks down the ramp and slides in the ring, he throws the towel on the floor and raises his arms and slams them down and pyros shoot out the turnbuckles.

“Carnage” fills the arena and the camera cuts to a door backstage which has the name Goldberg on. The door begins to make a sound as though someone is hitting it. The door opens and Goldberg steps out, Security have appeared and escort Goldberg to the steps to keep him and Austin from fighting again. Goldberg then appears at the top of the stage, he stands in the sparks and smoke before stepping out and blowing the smoke into the camera. Goldberg then performs a few uppercuts and martial art kicks before sliding in the ring opposite Kane, The referee then rings the bell.

Kane and Goldberg lock up in the center of the ring and Goldberg gets the advantage and hit’s a vertical suplex. Goldberg then begins to punch Kane in the face, the referee begins to count to five but Goldberg stops just before the five. Kane sits right up and gets ready for the next attack. Goldberg charges at Kane looking for the spear but Kane reverses into a running DDT. Kane then leans over Goldberg and begins to choke the life out of him. The referee is trying to get Kane to break; Kane finally breaks and starts to threaten the referee. Kane turns back round and gets a spear from Goldberg, Goldberg covers 1... 2... Kane kicks out and Goldberg can’t believe it. Goldberg gets back to his feet and waits for Kane who is slowly getting up. Kane turns around and Goldberg kicks him in the gut and signals to the crowd that it’s Jackhammer time but Kane fights out of it. Kane grabs Goldberg round the throat and Chokeslams Goldberg all the way to Hell. Kane then begins to taunt the crowd and shout trash at them when the lights black out and lights flash all around the arena and “Stinger” fills the arena and the Titantron begins to play the video of sting. Kane is looking around the arena everywhere but there is no sign of Sting. Goldberg is back on his feet and Kane is oblivious, Kane looks at the Titantron and a white and black mask appears and the lights return to normal. Kane turns round and Goldberg hit’s the spear, Goldberg covers 1... 2... 3... Goldberg gets up and holds his head and the fans are cheering loudly as we go to a commercial.

- Commercial Break -

[B]Jr: Welcome back, for all of those who are joining us. It has been one hell of a night.

King: That Damn Sting always got to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Jr: Well King, It looks like Sting has an agenda with Kane but we will talk about that later.

Chris Benoit is for real

“Whatever” fills the arena and the crowd jump to their feet and the world heavyweight champion Chris Benoit walks out onto the stage, he walks to the left and raises the championship into the air and then walks to the right and raises the championship into the air getting the crowd even more worked up. Benoit puts the championship over his shoulder and walks down the ramp. Chris steps up the steps and gets in the ring. Benoit continues to show off the championship before getting a microphone and addressing the crowd.

Benoit: Last in the center of this very ring, I did what most people thought was unimaginable I made Triple H TAP OUT!

This gets a massive cheer from the crowd.

Benoit: For eighteen years, I chased this gold and last night I finally captured it when defeated two of the biggest icons in this industry to date. The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels and the Game, Triple H.

The fans begin to boo at the sound of the game’s name.

Benoit: I proved all my critics it wrong when I went in the underdog but came out the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

The fans begin to cheer even more.

Benoit: But still people are doubting me, Benoit is a one hit wonder they say, it was a fluke. Well let me send this message to all my doubters CHRIS BENOIT IS FOR REAL!

“Whatever” fills the arena and the crowd are going crazy as Benoit heads up the ramp.

Jr: What an emotional charged speech by our World Champion Chris Benoit.

King: He still hasn’t convinced me Jr. I still believe that it’s a fluke

Jr: Well that’s your opinion but not one seen by many.

Victoria smells something Wiggy

The camera cuts backstage to where Victoria is stretching; Victoria continues to do her stretching until Molly Holly comes in and demands a rematch. Victoria gets up and gets in the face of Molly Holly, Victoria goes to walk away when Molly grabs her by the hair and the two begin to have a catfight. Referees see what is happening and run over and pull them apart, Victoria is holding a blonde wig in her hand and screaming at Molly.

King: Puppies Jr, Puppies!

Jr: Well King up next your favourite person Randy Orton takes on Garrison Cade

King: Whoo Randy lets see if we can get an Orton chant started

Randy Orton vs. Garrison Cade

“Evolution” fills the and out walks the self proclaimed “Legend Killer” and Intercontinental champion Randy Orton. He walks down the ramp and slides in the ring and taunts the crowd who begin to boo him. Randy continues to taunt the crowd who are beginning to boo even more.

Garrison Cades music fills the arena and out steps Cade who gets a nice cheer from the crowd, Cade stops at the bottom of the ramp and shouts to the crowd before sliding in the ring as the referee rings the bell.

Orton clotheslines Cade, Cade gets to his feet and Orton clotheslines him again. Orton grabs Cade by the hair and begins to punch Cade in the face, Orton then backs off and waits for Cade to get to his feet and the fans begin a “Cade” chant. Cade gets to his feet and turns round, Orton goes for another clothesline but Cade ducks it, Orton turns round and Cade connects with lefts and rights. Cade goes for the clothesline but Orton backdrops him over the top rope to the floor on the outside. Orton begins to catch his breath before sliding out the ring, Orton grabs Cade by the hair and goes to throw him face first into the steel steps but Cade reverses and smashes Orton into the steps face first. Cade gets back in the ring and the referee begins to count Randy out. Orton gets back in the ring before the count of ten and Garrison begins to stalk Orton who staggers to his feet and turns round and gets super kicked in the face. Cade covers 1... 2... Orton gets his foot on the rope and Cade begins to celebrate thinking he got the three. Orton slowly gets back to his feet and begins to stalk Cade who turns round and gets the RKO. Orton covers 1... 2... 3... Orton jumps up and begins to celebrate as the referee hands him his intercontinental championship as we go to commercials.

- Commercial Break -

King: What a match by the great legend killer

Jr: Well I have to admit is was quite a good performance by the arrogant and conniving son of a bitch.

King: Jr when are you going to jump on the bandwagon

Jr: I will never….

Van Dam’s lights are dimmed

Jr and King are interrupted as the Titantron flicks on and it shows a area backstage where many of the raw superstars are including The Hurricane and Rosey, Booker T ,Chris Benoit and some road agents. They have all surrounded something or someone that is on the floor. A road agent begins to call for the paramedics who begin to run down the corridor. The camera manages to catch a glimpse of who is on the floor in a pool of his own blood Rob Van Dam.

Jr: I wonder who did it king

King: I don’t care I just want to see the next match

Jr: Well up next ladies and Gentlemen, we have our main event Triple H versus Shawn Michaels

King: Once Triple H is through with HBK. There will be nothing left of Shawn Michaels

Former friends make great enemies

A video begins to play highlighting the days of Degeneration X and the fun times that Shawn Michaels and Triple H had together but then it cuts to Wrestlemania XIV where Shawn Michaels lost the Championship to Stone Cold Steve Austin. It then shows a fight backstage between Shawn and Hunter, The camera then shows highlights of Triple H’s storm to the top but then shows the return of HBK and HHH and when the two clashed in the elimination chamber and at Armageddon. The video then shows highlights of this year’s royal rumble before showing Wrestlemania XX. Shawn Michaels hit’s the sweet chin music on Triple H and then Triple H hit’s the pedigree on Shawn Michaels. The video ends on pictures of evolution and HBK.

Main Event

Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

“Sexy Boy” fills the arena and out walks Shawn Michaels he begins to dance round the stage before getting on his knees and opening his arms to the sky. Michaels then gets to his feet and slaps the hands of fans before climbing in the ring and taunting the crowd and pyros go off behind him. He continues to dance round the ring while take his chaps off.

“The Game” fills the arena and the crowd begins to chant “ You Tapped Out” around the arena and out walks the former World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. HHH walks down the ramp with the water bottle in his hand, Triple H takes a swig from his water bottle and then throws it. HHH gets on the ring apron and sprays the water into the crowd before climbing into the ring opposite Shawn Michaels.

HBK and HHH lock up in the middle of the ring, HHH gets the advantage and locks in a side headlock. HHH cranks on the pressure for a few minutes until HBK begins to fade away, Shawn drops to his knees and the fans are chanting something and Shawn begins to fight back with stiff elbows to the gut of Hunter. Shawn finally gets HHH off him and whips HHH into the ropes, HHH comes flying back and Shawn Michaels delivers a Manhattan drop. Shawn then clotheslines Hunter, both men are lying on the ground and the referee begins to count both men out. Shawn is the first back to his feet and he grabs the legs of HHH and applies the Sharpshooter. Hunter is in extreme pain and tries to reach the ropes but can’t HBK pulls HHH back to the center of the ring but HHH struggles back to the ropes. Shawn then grabs the legs of HHH again and tries to apply the Sharpshooter but Triple H reverses into a inside cradle 1... 2... No HBK kicks out. Triple H uses the ropes to pull himself up, Hunter begins to shout trash at Shawn who is struggling to his feet, Triple H getting impatient grabs Shawn and kicks him in the gut. Triple H then delivers the pedigree, Hunter hooks the leg 1... 2... Shawn gets his foot on the rope, Triple H is furious. Shawn pulls himself up on the ropes and Triple H charges at him but Shawn backdrops him over the top rope and then collapses onto the mat. The referee begins to count Triple H out and the camera begins to focus on Triple H who is grasping something in his hand, Triple H gets to his feet and the thing in his hand is a Sledgehammer. HHH climbs in the ring and smacks Shawn in the back with the Sledgehammer and then in the face and the referee calls for the bell disqualifying Triple H who is now furious with the referee and nails him with the Sledgehammer. The rest of Evolution run down the ramp and the four men begin to pound on Shawn, Batista grabs a chair from ringside and brings it in the ring and Triple H pedigrees a bloodied and hurt Shawn Michaels onto the chair. Raw goes off the air with Evolution standing tall over the bloodied Shawn Michaels.

Thanks for all the positive reading, i will start writing smackdown in the next few days and hopefully have it up by saturday or sunday. As always i appreciate all feedback and i hope you have enjoyed the diary so far

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Tuesday 16th March 2004

Raw Ratings

Segment one - Overall Rating: 91%

Segment two - Overall: 83% - Crowd Reaction: 87% - Match Quality: 75%

Segment three - Overall: 86%

Segment four - Overall: 86%

Segment five - Overall: 78% - Crowd Reaction: 79% - Match Quality: 79%

Segment Six - Overall: 73%

Segment seven - Overall: 80%

Segment eight - Overall: 82% - Crowd Reaction: 84% - Match Quality: 78%

Segment nine - Overall: 68%

Segment ten - Overall: 94%

Segment eleven - Overall: 87% - Crowd Reaction: 91% - Match Quality: 78%

Overall Show Rating: 83%

Show rating : 6.04

Attendance: 8011

Ticket Sales: $320,440

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The first show was like a mini PPV in my view. Which is good I guess since RAW just came fresh off the PPV box. Post PPV RAW's should be made like that. The Main Event just leaves me with the question of what will happen to HBK. It seems like he might get beaten up good enough off air just to let him do a NO-SHOW in the next show or something. But I'm not so sure.

As I said, RAW was good all except the Cade/Orton match. You are aware that Garrison Cade is one half of the tag team of Cade and Jindrak. You are aware that they are a HEEL tag team. Why put him in a match against Orton who is a heel? Why give him a face reaction? If it was his hometown I understand...but Albany aint Cade's neighborhood(I hear he is from oklahoma). Anyways I dunno, maybe you just made a slight boo boo about his disposition and such so.....no hassle, people make mistakes :)

Damn, I was hoping Edge would have explained why he helped Evolution. But hey it looks like a good buildup to his explenation.

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thanks for the reply, Cade got a face reaction because they hate Orton More than cade. HBK mayb or may not show up next week on raw and maybe just maybe you get an explanation from Edge

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Tuesday 16th March 2004

After a few hours on a plane ride with most of the smackdown crew Lee arrived in Little rock, Arkansas. Lee and the Smackdown crew went off to the hotel to unpack their things and have a bit of a rest before they would do the taping. Lee was contacted by Sophie who sent a fax of the raw ratings for this week’s raw. Lee was very pleased with the ratings, Lee rang Stamford Connecticut and spoke with Vince McMahon.

Lee: Vince, I want to call a meeting tomorrow at Stamford I will fly out tomorrow.

Vince: Lee I hope this is about something important.

Lee: It is that is why I am cancelling both Heat and Velocity this week.

Vince: Lee you can’t do that, it would have spike TV with nothing to air on Saturday and Sunday in our time spot.

Lee: Vince, you need to trust me. Just make sure that the production team and the manager of Spike TV is at the meeting tomorrow.

Vince: Lee I have my doubts but I’m going to trust you after those ratings came in. I was very pleased but if this idea isn’t good then I’m going to fire you on the spot even if you have only been in the job for less than a week.

Lee: I accept that Vince and I will see you tomorrow

Lee put the phone down and walked off towards the car park where the bus would be taking them to the war memorial stadium. Lee and the others arrived a few hours before the taping was scheduled to take place. Lee sat with the superstars discussing what was happening at the taping tonight and what he had planned with some of the stars.

Lee: Okay Cruiserweight, I know as of late your division has been over looked but trust me. I have a lot of ideas for you guys especially the new guys who are all credible challengers to Chavo’s championship but have never been given the chance.

This gets a round of applause from the cruiserweights and a couple of the upper card talents.

Lee: As you guys know on Monday night Raw you will all be there however only the people who are being sent to the other show no who they are except the final two who don’t know what the twist is but enough of that I can’t tell you know more. Wrestlers you have Smackdown to do.

Oscar: Hey Lee

Lee: Yeah Rey what’s up

Oscar: What’s this all about that you are cancelling this weeks Velocity and Heat.

Lee: Rey, you will find out soon after I visit Vince tomorrow. Anyway you better get ready for you match tonight.

Oscar: Yeah, thanks Lee it’s good what you have planned for us cruiserweights.

Lee: I will be watching, so do your best.

Oscar: Alright.

Rey Mysterio and the other superstars walk off to discuss the finishing of tonight’s match. Lee sits there watching the monitor as the smackdown taping began. Hours later after the taping finished Lee and the smackdown crew head back to their hotel for the night.

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Wednesday 17th August 2004

Lee arrived after a long flight in Stamford Connecticut after arriving at the airport it took him nearly two hours to get through customs who were looking for possible terrorists and one person tried to sneak past but was soon caught. Lee got to the entrance at the airport and was greeted by Sophie Bailey his personal assistant. Sophie lead Lee to her car and they started to drive to titan towers, on the way Sophie began talking.

Sophie: So Mr. Palmer…

Lee: Just call me lee Sophie.

Sophie: Okay Lee, what’s this big idea that you have planned for the company.

Lee taps his nose and begins to smile.

Sophie:Come on tell me.

Lee: All I’m saying is that it has something to do with the rosters and the split.

Sophie tried to coax it out of Lee for the rest of the journey to Titan Towers but Lee wouldn’t budge when they arrived Sophie lead Lee to his office where Lee placed most of his things and sat down and noticed a pile of papers on his desk. Lee looked over them and smiled after a while he headed up to the conference room where Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Spike TV Executive Tony Arenas were waiting. Lee walked into the room and was greeted by the three and sat down and pulled out a number of papers and began to speak.

Lee: Okay, Vince, Jim and Mr. Arenas I’ve called this meeting to discuss an idea I have had.

Vince: Okay but this idea of yours what exactly is it.

Tony: And if this idea is good then why should we stop airing Velocity and Heat.

Lee: A number of people on both rosters are not being utilised on the tapings or are regulars on Velocity and Heat respectfully so my plan is that….

Lee continues to tell them the idea he has and Jim Ross nods in agreement and so does Mr. Arenas, Vince seems a little reluctant but is soon talked around the idea by Jim Ross. Lee got up and went to leave but then back tracked to speak to Vince and Jim.

Lee: By the way, I’m thinking of hiring or bringing up some of the talent in OVW or from the independent circuit. Is there anything I should know about who I can and can’t hire.

Jim: If they have talent we will have them in OVW for a while then pull them up unless they are already established.

Vince: Indeed as Jim said if they are already established competitors then you can put them into the televised picture or into OVW if they are not very established.

Lee: Thank you for your backing Jim and you Vince. It was nice to meet you Mr. Arenas.

Lee exits and heads back to his office to look at some uprising talent who could be brought up to the big leagues.

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Thursday 18th March 2004

Smackdown Preview

Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle will be in the building and who knows how long before these two have to clash again.

John Cena will also be i nthe arena jsut days after winning his first WWE Belt how long till he has to defend it.

Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty take on the worlds greatest tag team this week in what will be a great match.

Just days after retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Chavo Guerrero has to defend against Rey Mysterio, Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon but who will come out on top in this elimination match.

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A video package begins to play of what happened at Wrestlemania XX, Chavo Guerrero cheating again to retain the cruiserweight championship, John Cena defeating the big show and winning the united states championship and Eddie Guerrero out smarting Kurt Angle and retain the WWE Championship. The Video Package comes to an end on the words “what’s next”. The Camera then cuts to the sold out war memorial stadium in little rock, Arkansas. The camera pans the arena as pyros go off illuminating the smackdown Titantron, the camera then cuts to the announcers position with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Welcome everyone to Smackdown from the packed out war memorial stadium in little rock Arkansas. It’s been only a few days since Wrestlemania.

Tazz: Cole at Wrestlemania Eddie Guerrero somehow out smarted Kurt Angle which can’t be said about many guys In the back.

Cole: Well we will find out the current situation regarding Angle and Guerrero later tonight but up first just days after retaining it at Wrestlemania XX Chavo Guerrero defends not just against Rey Mysterio but Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Ultimo Dragon vs. Tajiri

WWE Cruiserweight Championship is on the line

Elimination rules

“Oh Chavito” fills the arena and out walks the cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero, Chavo struts down the ramp and slides in the ring and taunts the fans who boo him loudly.

“Crossing Borders” fills the arena and Rey Mysterio is elevated out of the stage to a tremendous cheer, Rey dances around the stage and runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. Rey climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms up high and the crowd are loving it.

“Dragon” fills the arena and out walks Ultimo Dragon who slowly walks down the ramp and begins to pray before running down the ramp and sliding in the ring.

“Buzzsaw” fills the arena and out walks Tajiri who receives a lot of boos from the crowd, Tajiri looks at his opposition before sliding in the ring. The referee holds the cruiserweight championship in the air and then rings for the bell.

Chavo stares at Rey who has his eyes fixed on Tajiri and Tajiri has his eyes fixed on Ultimo, The four meet in the center of the ring and Chavo throws the first punch levelling Ultimo Dragon. Rey and Tajiri lock up and Rey gets the upper hand and locks in a side headlock, Chavo applies the arm wrench but Ultimo flips out and trips Chavo over Ultimo then applies a side leg lock. Tajiri fights Rey off and bounces him into the ropes, Tajiri goes for a front dropkick but Rey holds onto the ropes and Tajiri crashes onto the mat holding his head in pain. Mysterio regains his breath as Chavo reaches the ropes and Ultimo breaks the hold, Chavo gets to his knees and lo blows Ultimo out of desperation. Rey picks Tajiri up and whips him into the ropes Tajiri bounces back and Rey hit’s his variation of a dropkick in the face of Tajiri. Rey Covers 1... 2... 3... Tajiri has been eliminated. Chavo grabs Rey from behind and holds him in a full nelson, Tajiri gets back to his feet and spit’s the green mist but Rey ducks and Chavo gets the mist in the eyes. Ultimo Dragon elevates himself off the ropes and hit’s a variation of the dragon DDT, Ultimo Covers 1... 2... 3... Ultimo gets to his feet and he and Rey stare at each other both want to become Cruiserweight champion but at what cost. Rey runs across the ring and hit’s a head scissor takeover which sends Ultimo flying, Ultimo gets back to his feet and hit’s a Hurricanrana on Rey, Rey gets up and hit’s a DDT. Rey covers 1... 2... Dragon kicks out. Dragon gets to his feet and starts to shout at Rey and motions that he will be the next champion. Rey tries a clothesline but Dragon ducks and then kick’s Rey in the face. Dragon covers 1... 2... Rey Mysterio kicks out. Dragon kicks Rey in the stomach and then taunts the crowd before hitting the dragon DDT. Dragon covers 1... 2... No Rey Mysterio kicks out and Dragon can’t believe it. Dragon begins to try and pull the mask off of Rey who reverses into a pinning predicament. 1... 2... Dragon manages to kick out both men get to their feet and exchange looks Dragon and Rey lock up in the center of the ring. Ultimo gets the advantage and hits headlock takedown, Dragon applies the pressure but Rey reverses into an inside cradle but Ultimo reverses into a armbar. Rey is in agony and tries to struggle towards the ropes, he is inches away. The referee is asking him if he wants to give up. Rey reaches out and finally grabs the bottom rope and Ultimo has to relinquish the hold. Rey begins to hold his arm and Ultimo gets up and drags Rey by his feet towards the corner but Rey kicks him off and Ultimo goes flying into the corner. Rey gets slowly up to his feet and he makes the call to the crowd, Rey spins through the ropes and connects with the 619. Rey stands on the apron and signals to the crowd before elevating himself off the ropes towards Dragon who sees him coming and tries to powerbomb him but Rey reverses into a facebuster. Rey covers 1... 2... 3... Rey Mysterio jumps up and begins to celebrate, the referee hands over the cruiserweight title and Rey begins to taunt the crowd on the turnbuckles. Rey gets down and turns around and sees Dragon getting up. Rey extends his hand to Ultimo who looks round at the crowd before levelling Rey with the Dragon DDT and the fans are now booing Ultimo Dragon as he stands over Rey shouting trash, Ultimo slaps the face of Rey before leaving the ring. Rey gets up and looks into the camera with a vengeful look on his face as Ultimo disappears behind the curtain. Rey slides out of the ring with the belt and heads up the ramp to a huge ovation from the crowd

Cole: What is up with Ultimo Dragon

Tazz: Ultimo came into the company near the same time as Rey but hasn’t got the same treatment as Rey has got I think this is all about Respect and that Cruiserweight championship.

Cole: Well up next is….

The United States of Thuganomics

The camera cuts backstage to a corridor where many of the Smackdown superstars are stood, some of them begin to cheer and some of them are silent as through the corridor walks the United States Champion John Cena, He talks to some of his friends in the backstage area before disappearing into his locker room.

Cole: Smackdown’s rising star has arrived backstage.

Tazz: I’m sorry Cole but he used the damn knucks at Wrestlemania to win that title I hope Paul Heyman does something about this kid.

Cole: Well up next the team of Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi take on the world’s greatest tag team.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi

“World’s Greatest” fills the arena and out walks the self proclaimed world’s greatest tag team Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, they run down the ramp and enter the ring and begin to taunt the crowd.

“Banging It” fills the arena and out walks Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi with the WWE Tag Team Championship around their waist’s they dance there way to the ring, they both climb in and begin to taunt the crowd which goes wild for them.

Shelton Benjamin and Rikishi are starting off, they lock up in the center of the ring and Rikishi uses his strength and sends Shelton flying back into his corner, Shelton has a flabbergasted expression on his face. Shelton gets to his feet and charges at Rikishi, Shelton ducks out the way of a kick to the face and Rikishi turns round and Shelton connects with a few jabs to the head of Rikishi which sends Rikishi reeling backwards into the corner. Shelton Benjamin tags in Charlie Haas and the referee sees it and Shelton whips Rikishi into the ropes, Rikishi bounces back. Charlie Haas elevates himself off Shelton Benjamin and hit’s a dropkick to the face of Rikishi. Charlie Haas covers 1... 2... Scotty breaks up the count. Charlie locks in a side leg lock and Rikishi begins screaming in pain. Shelton begins to grasp Charlie Haas to give Hass more leverage but the referee can’t see it because Scotty is distracting him. The referee turns around and Shelton quickly returns to the corner, Charlie finally breaks the hold and tags Shelton back in. Shelton begins to stalk Rikishi who turns around and Shelton goes for the Superkick but Rikishi catches the foot of Shelton and back heel trips Shelton to the mat. Rikishi then bounces off the ropes and hit’s the big splash on Benjamin. 1... 2... Charlie Haas gets in the ring and breaks up the count. Scotty gets in the ring and all four men begin to fight. Scotty gets the upper hand and whips Charlie into the corner and Rikishi whips Benjamin into Haas. Scotty then whips Rikishi into both Haas and Benjamin. Scotty returns to his corner and Rikishi climbs the top turnbuckle and hit’s the banzai drop onto Benjamin. 1... 2... Benjamin got his foot on the ropes, Rikishi tags in Scotty who walks

towards Benjamin who lo blows him. Benjamin then Powerbombs Scotty and hooks the leg 1... 2... Rikishi runs into the ring and Benjamin sees him. Rikishi goes for the big splash but lands on Scotty as Shelton moves out the way. Haas gets in the ring and somehow manages to smack Rikishi over the top. Shelton begins to stalk Scotty who turns around and gets introduced into the foot of Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin hooks the leg 1... 2... 3... World’s Greatest Tag Team start celebrating as we go to commercials.

- Commercial Break -

Heyman and Guerrero - a very bad combination

When we come back from the commercial break we are in the General Managers office. Paul Heyman is sat at his desk with a bunch of papers in front of him.

Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight Mr. Eddie Guerrero will be facing Kurt Angle who plans on getting Vengeance on the man who out smarted him at Wrestlemania. Also John Cena I hope your listen because up next you will be facing the force of A-Train with the United States Championship on the line.

Cole: Some stern words from our General Manager Paul Heyman there.

Tazz: Well when you’re the General Manager you have to do the right thing for the fans Cole and you got to please the fans and that’s what Mr. Heyman is doing here tonight .

Cole: Well up next is John Cena defending his newly won United States Championship against the force of A-Train.

John Cena vs. A-Train

“Basic Thuganomics” fills the arena and out walks the United States Champion to a massive cheer from the crowd. Cena walks down the ramp with the united states championship over his shoulder, Cena gets in the ring and grabs a microphone off Tony Chimel and begins to rap.

Cena: I beat the giant gorilla on the main event stage

I kick his bitch ass and proved he was too thick for his age,

I told you that the referee couldn’t see me when I took those knucks

And smacked the giant in the face then told the Big Show F-U. I won the United States Championship and now I got to defend against Big show’s hairy sister who is uglier than Big show himself so come on down to this ring and make sure to bring some help.

With that said Cena drops the microphone and takes off his cap and chain as “Train wreck” fills the arena and out walks A-Train to a massive Boo from the crowd. Train runs down the ramp and slides in the ring and begins to punch Cena in the face, Cena fights back with lefts and rights off his own before whipping A-Train into the ropes, A-Train bounces back and hit’s the bicycle kick which connects with the skull of John Cena, John Cena looks like he was ejected out of an automobile as he lies in agony on the canvas. Train grabs Cena by the throat and lifts him onto his feet, Train then hit’s a big clothesline which turns Cena upside down and inside out. Train picks Cena back up and whips him into the corner, Train charges and goes for the big splash but Cena sidesteps and Train goes sternum first into the turnbuckle, Train staggers back and Cena begins to hit him with lefts and rights and then a shoulder block but Train is still stand. Cena bounces off the ropes again and hits another shoulder block and Train is still standing, Cena hits another Shoulder block and this time Train goes down. Cena climbs the top turnbuckle and motions for A-Train to get to his feet. A-Train manages to get onto his knees and finally gets to his feet and turns around and gets a missile dropkick from Cena, Cena covers 1... 2... A-Train powers out and Cena goes flying across the ring . Cena desperate to keep the big man down locks a sleeper on the big man who falls to his knees and is slowly fading away. The referee raises the arm of A-Train and flops back down, The referee repeats the process and the arm flops back down. The referee lifts his arm up again and it drops but A-Train then lifts it up and rams his back and Cena into the corner. A-Train tries a big splash but Cena sidesteps again. Cena then kicks A-Train in the gut and Cena lifts A-Train up with incredible ease before hitting the F-U. Cena hooks the near leg 1... 2... 3... Cena gets up and gets his United States Championship back , Cena shows it off to the crowd who are going crazy for the Doctor of Thuganomics.

Cole: What a victory for John Cena

Tazz: I got to admit that this kid has talent.

Cole: We have…

FBI targets Mysterio

The camera cuts backstage and we see the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio walking in the car park, Rey walks towards the exit when out of no where comes Chuck Palumbo who levels Rey with a pair of brass knucks. Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio appear out of no where and the three men continue to assault Rey, Nunzio begins to talk.

Nunzio: Rey tha championship will be mine Rey cause next week me and you one on one for tha Cruiserweight championship.

The Full Bloodied Italians walk out of view and we see Rey lying unconscious on the floor as we go to commercials.

- Commercial Break -

Cole: Poor Rey, I think the Paramedics should get back there.

Tazz: I think Rey had it coming, You should expect something like this to happen especially the Italian Mafia; The Full Bloodied Italians.

Cole: Well let’s hope Rey can compete next week but up next Hardcore Holly vs. Bradshaw

Hardcore Holly vs. Bradshaw

“Million Dollar Man” fills the arena and out walks to everyone’ surprise Bradshaw, Bradshaw is dressed in a new type of attire that would make Ted Dibiase proud, Bradshaw gets in the ring and grabs a microphone.

Bradshaw: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am no longer the beer swilling foul mouthed red neck Texan from now on I’m John Bradshaw Layfield, The greatest success story since Muhammad Ali and tonight I’m going to take Hardcore Holly out and when I’m finished by the end of the night you will be proud of me and seeing my wrestle in this miserable town is a privilege to you all.

“How do you like me now” fills the arena and out walks Hardcore Holly he walks down the ramp and slides in the ring and taunts the crowd who cheer for him. Holly gets down and the referee rings the bell.

Holly and JBL lock up in the center of the ring, JBL gets the advantage and hit’s a headlock takeover and applies a bit of pressure, JBL then releases it and grabs the legs of Holly and kicks him in the groin. Holly rolls around on the mat and JBL begins to lift Holly up but Holly hit’s a lo blow and then hits an even flow DDT and the crowd begins to chant “Hardcore” round the arena. Holly gets to his feet and gets JBL to his feet and then lifts JBL above his head and hit’s the gorilla press slam, JBL rolls to the outside and begins to walk up the ramp holding his chest. Holly gets out the ring and begins to walk towards Holly who gets blinded by white powder. JBL then hit’s the clothesline from heel and the referee calls for the bell and declares Hardcore Holly the winner, JBL goes into a frenzy and grabs a chair and begins to assault Hardcore holly on the ramp. JBL then walks down the ramp and is about to slide into the ring but a load of referees run out and restrain him from doing any further damage.

Cole: JBL has snapped.

Tazz: Wouldn’t you if you were just disqualified for no reason.

Cole: No reason! he used some sort of white powder to blind Holly who is still on the ramp after being assaulted with the chair.

The show is over for A-Train

A-Train is seen walking backstage in a foul mood when all of a sudden Big Show comes out of no where and rams A-Train right through a wall. Big Show steps through the hole and grabs A-Train and throws him through a nearby window. Big show then walks over to A-Train and begins to shout

Show: I’m the only Contender for the United States Championship that’s why your now in agony on the floor because I am the only contender not you and if anyone else thinks they are then they will suffer the same fate as you

Big show walks out of view as we go to a commercial break

- Commercial Break -

Cole: Well Big Show is sending a message to John Cena and anyone else in the locker room.

Tazz: your damn right Cole

Cole: Well up next Matt Hardy takes on Rhyno

Matt Hardy vs. Rhyno

“Man Beast” fills the arena and out walks Rhyno who receives a mixed reaction from the crowd, Rhyno runs down the ramp and slides in the ring and begins to taunt the crowd.

“Mattitude Version 1.0” fills the arena and out walks Matt Hardy to another mixed reaction, Matt walks down the ramp as matt facts appear on the Titantron. Matt slides in the ring and the referee rings the bell.

Matt and Rhyno lock up in the middle of the ring and Rhyno hit’s a knee to the gut and then follows up with a snap suplex. Hardy gets back to his feet and hit’s his own snap suplex on Rhyno, Hardy then hit’s a dropkick to the face of Rhyno as Rhyno is getting up. Rhyno lies holding his head as Hardy turns him over and covers Rhyno 1... 2... Rhyno manages to kick out and Matt can not believe it at all. Rhyno gets to his feet and hardy charges at him but Rhyno sees him coming and hit’s the drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle. Rhyno grabs the leg of hardy and lifts the leg up and slams it down knee cap first. Hardy rolls around the mat in pain, Rhyno drags Matt into the center of the ring and tries a step over toe hold but Hardy reverses and kicks him and Rhyno staggers backwards, Hardy gets to his feet and hit’s a head scissor takeover. Hardy then covers 1... 2... Rhyno kicks out, Hardy then bounces off the ropes but gets met with a backdrop from Rhyno. Rhyno then signals to the crowd and begins to stalk Hardy who turns around and barely just barely escapes the Gore and Rhyno goes crashing into the ring post head first. Rhyno looks to be unconscious in the corner he isn’t moving at all, Matt tries the school boy 1... 2... Rhyno is still moving he kicks out. Rhyno is holding his head again as he gets to his feet. Matt is taunting the crowd and Rhyno turns around and Hardy goes for the twist of fate but Rhyno reverses and hits an Oklahoma slam. Rhyno covers 1... 2... Hardy kicks out. Both men struggle to their feet and they get into a fist fight with left and rights. Rhyno takes the advantage and hit’s a brain buster. Rhyno hooks the leg 1... 2... No Hardy kicks out. Rhyno picks Hardy up and lifts him above his head and then walks towards the ropes and drops Hardy out of sight. Rhyno stands on the other side of the ring as Hardy slowly gets to his feet on the outside. Hardy turns around and Rhyno charges and dives through the ropes and hit’s the gore. Rhyno covers forgetting that this is not a falls count anywhere match. Rhyno begins to shout at the referee and then from down the ramp comes Brock Lesnar with a steel chair he waits for Rhyno to turn round and then hits Rhyno over the head. Matt Hardy turns around and also gets hit with the chair, Lesnar grabs Rhyno and hit’s the F-5 on the ramp and the referee informs Tony Chimel that the match is ending in a no contest because of outside interference. Lesnar then walks backwards up the ramp taunting the crowd.

Cole: Former WWE Champion just assaulted Rhyno and Matt Hardy

Tazz: You never know what Brock is going to do

Cole: Well ladies and gentlemen in a few moments Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle.

The WWE Champion and The Olympic Champion

A video package begins to play highlighting this feud between the two from when Eddie Guerrero did the impossible and won the WWE Championship to win Eddie faced Paul Heyman with Eddie’s hands tied behind his back and then Angle appearing and beating the hell out of Eddie. We hear Kurt Angles voice “ Eddie Guerrero is a former drug addict” we then end with Eddie Guerrero outsmarting Kurt Angle and retaining at Wrestlemania XX

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

“Medal” fills the arena and out walks Kurt Angle with Paul Heyman. Kurt Angle walks down the ramp and jogs on the spot before raising his arms in the air as pyros go off. Kurt Angle climbs in the ring and holds the ropes open for the general manager Paul Heyman. Angle grabs a microphone and gives it to Paul Heyman as the fans begin chanting “You Suck”

Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, this man does not suck he is doing this for your benefit and because he supposedly sucks so much then I am changing the upcoming contest to a submission match.

The fans are in stunned silence as Heyman leaves ringside and joins the broadcast position with Michael Cole and Tazz as “Viva La Rassla” fills the arena and out comes Eddie Guerrero in his lo rider which bounces up and down on the ramp, Eddie gets out and dances on the stage with the WWE Championship wrapped firmly around his waist, Eddie rips off his addicted to the heat T-shirt and walks down the ramp and slides in the ring and taunts the crowd who cheer him on. The referee takes the belt of Eddie and places it at ringside and then rings the bells.

Eddie shouts out at Heyman before shouting some things at Kurt, The two lock up in the middle of the ring and Kurt uses a leg trip and tries to lock on the Anklelock but Eddie reverses out of it. Eddie and Kurt stand opposite each other and lock up again in the middle of the ring Eddie gets the advantage and hit’s a northern lights suplex. Eddie gets back to his feet and grabs the leg of Kurt and wraps it around the ropes Eddie begins to kick the leg of Angle and the referee begins to count to five but Eddie stops at four and then drags Angle to the center and goes for the lasso from el passo but Angle reverses and sends Eddie flying to the outside. Paul Heyman seizes the opportunity and comes over to Eddie and begins to slap him in the face, Heyman stops and pretends he is concerned for Eddie as the referee begins to ask him if he did anything. Heyman continues to shout “Get back in the ring Eddie, be a man Eddie” Eddie crawls towards the ring and climbs inside. Eddie uses the ropes to get to his feet and Angle comes up behind him and hit’s the German suplex, Angle holds on and hit’s another German suplex. Angle holds on and tries for the third but angle reverses it and turns it into his own suplex, Eddie holds on and hit’s a second suplex and Eddie continues to hold on Eddie hit’s a third and final suplex on Kurt and both men lie on the mat catching their breath. Eddie is back to his feet and he walks over to Angle who lo blows him apparently the referee thought it was in the thigh. Angle grabs the arm of Eddie and locks in an Armbar, Eddie begins screaming in pain while trying to reach the ropes. Eddie struggles inch by inch across the mat Eddie reaches out and is just about able to reach the bottom rope but Angle refuses to release the hold. The referee begins to utilise his five count but Angle breaks before the five, Eddie rolls out the ring to catch his breath Angle slides out after him and tries to whip Eddie into the steel ring steps but Eddie reverses and Kurt Angle goes flying into the steel ring steps. Eddie grabs Kurt and drags him back in the ring, Eddie pulls Angle near the corner and Eddie climbs the top rope and hit’s the frog splash. Eddie begins to shout to the crowd and Eddie pulls Angle to the center of the ring and locks in the lasso of el passo and Kurt Angle begins to fade away. Eddie continues to apply pressure as Paul Heyman gets on the apron and the referee becomes distracted. Angle is tapping but the referee is out of commission. Eddie releases the hold and walks over to the referee and Paul Heyman,

Eddie grabs Heyman and gets him in the ring. Eddie levels Heyman and Eddie climbs the top rope and the crowd are going wild as Eddie jumps off the top rope and delivers the frog splash on top of Paul Heyman. Eddie gets up and kicks Heyman out of the ring, Kurt Angle is back on his feet and tries to clothesline Eddie who ducks out the way and Eddie levels Angle with a spinning heel kick. Eddie drags Angle to the center of the ring and Eddie locks in the Ankle Lock, Angle is in intense pain and has no choice but to tap out. Eddie begins to celebrate his win over Angle, Eddie grabs his WWE Championship and stands over Kurt shouting trash, Eddie then climbs out the ring and goes over to Paul Heyman and begins shout stuff at him. Eddie then celebrates on the ramp but then from out of no where comes John “Bradshaw” Layfield he whips Eddie around whips him into Eddie’s lo rider with such velocity that Eddie flies through the windscreen and into the drivers seat, JBL then begins to shout at the crowd as we are left with the image of Eddie inside the lo rider.

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Here are my thoughts

1.) Ultimo came in LATER than Rey did in WWE. Rey came in summer of 2002 while Ultimo...came about....Summer of 2003.

2.) Good to see you making(rippin) JBL. But what happened to Faarooq? Cause about this time, it was supposed to be the episode he was fired.

3.) The main event was very good, I enjoyed it

4.) A-Train and Show fighting each other after their long history of being allies and friends? Dont tell me Michael Hayes put you up to this!!!

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good points made D-Extreme.

1) I know they both came in at different times i tried to put it across as Rey came in and got pushed to the moon while Ultimo came in had a feud decent matches and then became a regular on velocity and mostly losted.

2)I know that the JBL situation may be as you call ripping from WWE but dodn't you worry it aint going the same way as it does in WWE, Simmons that is anohter story which will end up happening on the next smackdown or raw.

3)I thank you for you comments on this and now i have dug my own grave because at backlash i will have to top all these good matches lol...

4) A-Train and Show; Show basically attacked Train to make a point. The U.S. Championship still belongs to him and he is the only contender.

As always thank you all for your feedback and i really do appreciate the response to my diary so far.

Thanks Blade

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Thursday 18th March 2004

Lee returned to titan towers the next day and sat in his office checking over his papers that Sophie had left for him to read over when all of a sudden a buzzer goes off and Sophie begins to talk .

Sophie: Hello, Lee someone is here to see you.

Lee thought to himself who could it be.

Lee: Who is it.

Sophie: Ron Simmons he doesn’t sound In a very good mood should I send him away.

Lee: No tell him to come into my office.

Lee presses the button on the side and he can no longer hear Sophie, Lee moves the papers off his desk and out of view. Ron comes in and sits down in a chair opposite Lee and Lee looks up and begins to talk.

Lee: Ah Ron, how can I help you.

Ron: For one I want more Television time.

Lee: I can see what I can do but I can’t promise a lot at the moment until my plan goes through.

Ron: Plan I don’t care about your damn plan fool, I want to wrestle more. You put John on television without me.

Lee: Listen you can either wait until my plans go through or you can walk out that bloody door behind you and go off and just cease to exist within out company and I bet your bottom dollar that Mr. McMahon will not be happy with the way your behaving.

Ron sits there in silence for a few minutes thinking on what he is going to do, Lee sits back and watches Ron who gets up and storms out the office and throws his career out the window.

Lee presses a button on the side and begins to talk.

Lee: Sophie get in touch with the people on the list I gave you tell them I’m offering double what they are getting paid now.

Sophie: Okay, Lee also Vince wishes that you attend a meeting with him tomorrow to talk about talent.

Lee: Okay thank you Sophie.

Lee continues to go over the papers he was reading earlier and comes across a paper that has some sort of design on and he smiles and walks out the office.

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Wrestling weekly Round up

user posted image

Faarooq walks out

Ron Simmons better known to the wrestling world as Faarooq has supposedly walked out on the World Wrestling Federation after having a heated argument with new head writer Lee Palmer; Palmer who has only been in the job since Wrestlemania XX has been said to be breathing life back into the WWE however this was not what Simmons thought.

Lottery Draft

Rumour has it that the Lottery Draft this Monday on raw will see some major players be traded back and forth between Raw and Smackdown. The supposed twist has been said to be that the seventh and eight picks will be put into a major program of some sort much like that one of tough enough

Velocity and Heat Cancelled

The WWE has decided not to air this week’s Velocity and Heat, the announcement comes as a blow to the regulars on the show such as Paul London, Billy Kidman and many more cruiserweights hopefully this will be explained by Vince McMahon on raw or even by the new head writer Lee Palmer

user posted image

ROH gets snubbed by TNA

Total Non Stop Action today announced that many of the TNA workers would be not allowed to compete in the federation. This comes as a huge loss to the Ring of Honour crew who have lost two talented athletes A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels. Many of the athletes who loved working with ROH said that they would like to work with ROH in the future if made possible by TNA.

Jeff Hardy: The Long Road Back.

Jeff Hardy, Former WWE employee who was released last year has been in talks with many wrestling federations trying to get back onto the scene however Jeff Hardy will have a long road back to the squared circle and the question on every promoters mind should be is this kid reformed. Is this kid now anti drink and anti drugs that aside the talented athlete could be back on the scene by the end of the year.

Steve Corino King of the Indies ?

Steve Corino as of late has been moving round the independent circuit faster than a Porsche, Corino is in such demand that he is getting offers of over $120,000 per appearance. Steve Corino is becoming a major player and we may see him snapped up by one of the big leagues anytime soon.

Edited by Blade 3310
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Friday 19th March 2004

Smackdown Ratings

Segment One - Overall Rating: 77% - Crowd Reaction: 68% - Match Quality: 87%

Segment Two - Overall Rating 83%.

Segment Three - Overall Rating: 75% - Crowd Reaction: 71% - Match Quality: 80%

Segment Four - Overall Rating 82%

Segment Five - Overall Rating: 73% - Crowd Reaction: 75% - Match Quality: 71%

Segment Six - Overall Rating: 62%

Segment Seven - Overall Rating: 75% - Crowd Reaction: 72% - Match Quality: 80%

Segment Eight - Overall Rating: 76%

Segment Nine - Overall Rating: 75% - Crowd Reaction: 75 % - Match Quality: 76%

Segment Ten - Overall Rating: 92%

Segment Eleven - Overall Rating: 93% - Crowd Reaction: 96% - Match Quality: 88%

Overall Show Rating: 78%

Rating: 6.16

Attendance: 8014

Tickets: $320,560

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