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Anthrax video ban lifted

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Lifted from sdmfworldwide.com forums :

ANTHRAX: 'What Doesn't Die' Video Ban Lifted - May 9, 2004

MTV has officially lifted the ban on the zombie-infested promo clip for the song "What Doesn't Die" off of ANTHRAX's latest record, "We've Come For You All", according to a posting on the band's web site.

Although the network initially banned the clip for violent content, the decision was eventually overturned for undisclosed reasons. When reached for comment, ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian said, "This video needs to be seen. People need to know that this zombie menace, left unchecked, will be the death of us all!"

"The decision to air this terribly stereotypical and racist anti-zombie

propaganda is deeply upsetting," said Arthur Breakstone, chairman of the fictitious organization PETZ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies), according to ANTHRAX's web site. "In this day and age for the living impaired to be portrayed as shuffling shambling flesh eating monsters is an outrage. We plan on boycotting MTV and all it's affiliated products and I urge all of you to let your voices be heard! PETZ will prevail in this matter and all others that slander such beautiful creatures." 


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When was the last time MTV played an Anthrax video anyway?

Who knows? The ban lifting really doesn't matter. They're only going to show it a couple times and leave it in the vaults.

Video needed more zombies and less Anthrax anyway. The band was too much of a focal point. But, I'm not here to argue art with Ian or Benate.

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I agree. I wouldn't end up seeing it anyway on MTV and would ultimately have to download it.

Zombie videos are usually killer and anything with Anthrax in it is awesome.

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Guest bruins72

I used to love Anthrax's music but then the singer left and they got some other guy. After that they just kind of faded away. I saw them open for Ozzy back back in 88 or 89 (can't rememeber exactly). They even did "I'm the Man" live.

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They may not be talking about MTV as in, the channel, but rather as a whole, including MTV2, which has Headbanger's Ball..

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