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The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV Thread

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You should fuck off. 

Daredevil renewed for a second season to come out next year!

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I'm fine with them moving on, there's already a lot of great pieces that's been added this season. May, Coulson, FitzSimmons and actually almost every character interests me now, even Ward.

Though I would've loved if May got her own show to kick people's ass on.

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Daredevil renewed for a second season to come out next year! :)

Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez will take over as showrunners for the show's second season, replacing Steven S. DeKnight.

I do wonder how this will affect the Defenders tie-in though. We've still got three more shows to get up and running, and I imagine having extra seasons of them before The Defenders will make it a bit more complex than the original plan. Still, it's not like Marvel haven't earned the trust on this.

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Eh, I can't imagine it affects it that much. They're not being created by the same teams and the way Netflix releases content means that you don't have to worry about release dates, most people will binge in a few days, you could arguably release Defenders like two months after Iron Fist or Luke Cage and I doubt it would take any hit from fatigue.

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I'm sure it altered their original plans but based on what Feige's said re: Spider-Man and Civil War, Marvel has so many different scenarios mapped out in case X or Y happens that I'm sure they've been preparing for this possibility for awhile.

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Even still, you didn't even say what you were spoiling

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Episode 8 is amazing. I adore how Kingpin is portrayed in this.

I know, right?

He's imperfect. It's what makes him wonderful.

Looks like things are heating up...I'm excited for the final five episodes.

There's already been one minor SHIELD/Daredevil crossover, sorta.

The Crusher Creel that Jack Murdock fights was confirmed by Jeph Loeb to be the same one who appears in Agents of SHIELD.

there's at least one other

... Matt Murdock was raised in the same orphanage as sky

Really? I didn't even notice that. that's amazing.

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Still going through Daredevil quite slowly. Just finished episode 10. There's a lot to like about the show, and I'm excited to see how they wrap the first season up in the last three episodes, but I don't think I'm having quite the same reaction to it as everyone on here. I think it's pretty good so far, but sometimes the dialogue is a little off-point, and I'm not sure there are enough well-defined characters yet. They've done a fantastic job with Murdock, Fisk and kind of Nelson but I feel everyone else is still a little lacking.

With all that said, it's great so far, even though I don't have the urge to binge-watch it. I'm hoping for a little more from the last three episodes, and they've set things up nicely for that to happen.

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I agree with Jimmy. I kinda' wanted to know more about Claire and Ben, but while Ben got a bit, I felt it wasn't enough to make as much a connection as I should have. Claire was really lacking, but I'm guessing she'll be fleshed out more in Cage's season.

Also, the final few episodes, while very, very good, became a little drag after a while. It almost became like they were just filling time, and it could have been used up more effectively.

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Just finished episode 11.

The scene between Wesley and Fisk in the hospital was really great. In fact, Wesley was one of my favourite characters on the show, for some reason. I thought he was played really well, and always did a lot for the scenes he's in. I'm actually sad/annoyed he was killed, because he was one of the better things in the show for me.

I don't think it helps that I'm really not that attached or involved in Karen. I don't think she's that well-defined yet. I mean, I think I quite like her disregard for Ben's situation because she's so driven, but otherwise, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I think a lot of the supporting characters need work.

Fucking hell though, feel like it's so set up for Fisk to retaliate. What the show has done with Fisk is outstanding, I don't necessarily like him, but I completely understand him, and at times, feel extremely sympathetic for him.

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