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NBA 2013-2014 Season Thread

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I didn't see a thread made on this yet, but if there is, please close this and point me in that direction.

Pre-season starts today, and we're 24 days away from tip off, so I figured what better time to start this.

Derrick Rose returns tonight against the Pacers. I don't expect to see him get much playing time, but excited to see him none the less. What're some of you guys predictions for the upcoming season?

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Yea, it's wrong to wish it on anyone. Which should go without saying.

Joke's on you, Cleveland, you still have to be a team from Cleveland.

The Mavericks claim they've got their sights set on a big name free agent and then settle for whatever they can pull from the scrap heap.

Sorry, that's a prediction for next offseason. This season Monta Ellis drives Rick Carlisle insane.

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Yeah, I think this was one of the better summers in terms of all the transactions that took place. So many teams are fresh now and we've got some good stuff to look forward to. I, however, will be sad that the "*insert name* will be back before Rose" memes will end :(

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The Mavericks claim they've got their sights set on a big name free agent and then settle for whatever they can pull from the scrap heap.


Sorry, that's a prediction for next offseason. This season Monta Ellis drives Rick Carlisle insane.

It's a rough time to be Mav's fan, that's for sure. They still might be able to sneak into the Playoffs though, but who knows.

As far as the West goes, I think Memphis will be a great team to follow this year. Thunder are still great if they can stay healthy. If Houston comes together fast enough, they are going to be really dangerous. I really, really wanna see the Clippers go far this season and with Doc Rivers, I think they can go deep in the Playoffs, but they're still missing a piece I think.

I think the East is still firmly in the Heat's hands at this point, but without seeing a lot of the others team in the East (Bulls, Nets, Pacers, etc.), who knows what's gonna happen over there.

Basically, I think the East is way more open then the West is.

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Philadelphia might be the worst team in the history of the game this year. You say Andrew, I say Wiggins. Of course the Lakers have the top pick sewn up if they miss the playoffs. :shifty:

Washington has managed to put together a team that is good enough to compete for a playoff spot just in time for one of the 4 deepest drafts in history. Few things sum up what it means to be a fan of the Wizards better than this. I like the Wall & Beal backcourt, but they're not going to be anything more than 1st round fodder without more young talent around them. I hope Otto Porter can put things together, we'll see if he manages to do it.

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Are we doing a fantasy league again this year? I had fun last year!

I thought about this as well, but there's only six days before the season starts, I believe.

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    • By Pooker
      Draft is tonight. Rumors are that the top 3 picks are set in stone.
      Number one team in the regular season last year, my Utah Jazz, are rumored to be very active in trade talks and will look like a totally different team.
      Free agency opens up next year. Expect to see Kawhi Leonard turn everybody down and Kyle Lowry to leave the Raptors.
    • By Chris2K
      Thought it worth starting the new season thread seeing as trading starts tomorrow and the draft (with a Timberwolves #1 pick, I swear if we use it on Lamelo Ball I'll be very angry, I'm not sure he can spell "team" let alone understand the concept of being part of one) on Wednesday.
      Speaking of trades and their rumours, here's a Woj dump.
    • By Pooker
      With free agency set to begin tomorrow, I think it's time to start a new topic.
      Kemba Walker is expected to sign with the Boston Celtics. So much for giving the Hornets a homedown discount.
      Nikola Mirotic is expected to sign with Barcelona of the Euroleague. Did not see that one coming.
      Warriors are going to give Klay Thompson a max contract, while Durant is taking meetings with the Knicks, Clippers, and Warriors.
      Kawhi Leonard is also meeting with the Clippers, along with the Lakers and the Raptors.
      Kyrie Irving is trying to get something done with the Nets.
      Derrick Favors is going to open up free agency taking calls from whoever, although the Jazz have until July 6th to guarantee his contract or make him an unrestricted free agent. The Jazz are expected to meet with Bobby Portis in LA tomorrow. I'm sure the talks there will decide what we do with Favors.
      Bunch of other rumors out there too but that covers a lot of them, I think. Should be a fun summer.
    • By Pooker
      Figured since the first big move of the off season just happened and with the draft tomorrow, it would be ok to start a new season thread. 
      The Hornets have agreed to trade Dwight Howard to the Nets for Timothy Mozgov. 
    • By Twist
      Couldn't find a thread for this coming season, so.
      I need help. It appears the League Pass option where I could pay relatively little and choose any 8 games a month is gone (boooo). And I don't want to pay £25 a month. So the £15 option is to pick a single team. Thing is I've never really settled on a team to follow/support. So I need to choose a team that's going to be an entertaining watch this year, plenty of exciting/close games. I'd also rather not watch the top few teams spend half the season dominating their opponents.
      So who would people advise I consider?
      I've thought about the Thunder but not a huge fan of Westbrook, same for the Rockets and Harden. I thought about the Bucks but Giannis doesn't reason enough on his own. Hell, I've considered LAL for the freakin' circus show of it all this year but I just can't.
      So who EWB? Who? Please help. Who's going to be a fun team to watch this year?
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