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Good "Funk" songs

Guest EriKBN

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Guest EriKBN

I've been listening to a bunch of funk music lately... mostly George Clinton and some old rap songs and shit. But I was just wondering if you guys knew of any other good songs for me to listen to.

EDIT: And maybe a site for old WWF wrestling themes, I've been looking for Flash Funk's theme music... :P

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Guest Angry Baboon

Buy the album "Maggot Brain" by Funadelic. NOW.

Best. Funk. EVER.

Eddie Hazel's solo in the instrumental opening makes me cream my pants. George Clinton + A Guitarist that could give Hendrix a run for his money > Jebus

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Well, James Brown IS funk music. Try any of his stuff. Mothers Milk/One Hot Minute/Bloodsexsugarmagic by RHCP is funk rock - their best work, not like the elevator music they make today. Infectious Grooves are pretty funky aswell.

Also early Incubus - from Fungus Amungus - is straight funk. Again, not like their newer stuff.

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Guest bruins72

I don't know if they'd be considered funk but you could check out G Love and Special Sauce. They're not straight up funk but that's one of the many styles they've fused together in their sound.

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