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Battle Royal on Tonight!


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Hallelujah! I've been waiting for it to come on! Now I can finally understand what the hell Hamster is on about half the time....*damn shifty*

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My fat prick of an older brother came in when I was on here and changed the channel before it started! Don't suppose anyone wants to set up some sort of play-by-play, ala the Raw/SD! threads? :(

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Yeah ok. Here's some pbp.

Some guy just killed some chick. Then another guy ran up behind him and killed him. Blood everywhere. Now he's spotted someone else and shot them too. More blood. Now there's the insane chick who just ran in and killed everyone in the bloodiest scene ever.

(you can't really give pbp for a film like this)

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I've got the special edition dvd also, will probably watch it again later . for those that have seen it what in your opinion is the best parts in the movie ?

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God damn I love this film, seen it so many times. Has anyone seen the sequel? I dont think it has been released over here yet, I really want to see it.

And ouch, that dude just got HUUUUURRRT

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I missed the first ten minutes, but watched the rest. It was decent - a 7/10 movie - glad I watched it.

The ending was weird. So Kawada says to the guy and girl who he was with all the way through that he just used them to survive, and they were gullable, there was no Keiko etc, and you hear two gun shots. Kawada is announced the winner. Then all three of them appear at the school, and kill the teacher dude. Then the teacher dude gets up, speaks on the phone, eats a biscuit and dies again. The three get off the Island, where Kawada mentions Keiko again, and dies.


Decent film though.

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Mitsuko > Kiriyama > *

Seriously, what was more great than seeing your typical cheerleading slut become a fucking nut job mass murderer? I was shocked at the end, I thought it was set in stone Nanahara would win it.

Kiriyama was great to watch, but his character wasn't explained enough. Sure, he was some guy that signed up for fun and racked up the most kills with an uzi. Why?

timmayy, I think the ending was a plan Kawada thought of to end the game. I don't think he really shot Nanahara or Noriko, but saw an opening to get all three off of the island and obliged.

And I fucking knew Chigusa was Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill, I could tell that bent nose a mile off.

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I hate Singapore Customs. They sent back the DVD I ordered. Now I'll never be able to watch the movie. :(:(:(


Before the contest, Kawada hacked the government database, finding out how to remove the collars and enrolling in the class. At the end, acts like he's going to kill Shuya and Noriko, but instead fires two shots in the air, telling them to keep queit. He removes their collars, and has them stow away on the ship that picks him up. They rescue him, but Shogo gets shot and dies. Shuya then goes on the form a terrorist group.

They pretty much tell you that in the book, but its only hinted at during the movie.

And by the way,

Book Kiriyama >>>> I'm-Scary-Because-I'm-Mute Kiriyama

Edited by Gongsun Zan
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Ah, ok that makes sense then. Cheers for clearing that up. Maybe the film could have explained that better for slow people like me................

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Battle Royale 2 is supposed to be poor, Shuya is the head of a Terrorist group who take on some people on another island and everyone has a collar again and has a partner so if your partner dies YOUR collar explodes.

However it isn't the classic the original is.

Kiriyama is actually a part of the class in the book, he has a problem in his brain which means he can't feel emotions. He heads up Numai's gang.

Kawada is also cooler i n the books. Kinda tougher and more fearless.

Shuya is decent in the book. Bit of a pacifist but all the girls like him, he plays rock and roll and he's the best baseball player in the school.

The other two characters who are infinitely better in the book are Shinji Mimura (the computer hacker guy who is the best basketball player in the school and has a history of getting it on with all the ladies) and Hiroki Sugimura (with the GPS) who knows martial arts.

I got confused with the film last night because the translation was different to on the DVD which I own. It wsa like watching two different people write the same plot for a film.

Though I have to say, the classical soundtrack is phenominal, especially when Kiriyama is killing Mitsuko Souma (this ac tress, Kou Shibasaki was due to play GoGo's sister in Kill Bill, trivia fans!)

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