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WWF 2001 After WMX7


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History was about to be made again on WWF television, and it was going to start behind the scenes the day after WrestleMania X7. The night before had been the last effort written and produced solely by the regime in charge of the WWF. Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman, and Brian Gerwitz had written and produced the last month of television as a joint effort. The sale of WCW to Shane, the heel turn of Stone Cold, the feud between Shane and Vince, and the continuation of The Right To Censor against the entire WWF had come from the creative minds of these individuals. The next night, tonight, April 02, 2001 was the beginning of a new era. The complete and utter merging of the creative staffs from both the WWF and WCW to create the programming to be seen.

That's where I come in. In the early 90's I, alongside Jim Ross and Eric Bischoff, had been handed the reigns of WCW from Ted Turner, and we had proceeded to rebuild the company from the ground up. Things change, especially in a political maelstorm like WCW, and we were all demoted or released as the years went by. All of us, with the exception of Eric Bischoff that is, who became the sole man in charge of creative in 1993. Eric created his baby, The nWo, and propelled WCW to the top of the wrestling heap for over a year. Things change however. Bischoff found himself on the outs, and was soon replaced by Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara. They were soon replaced with Kevin Sullivan and Johnny Ace, who were replaced by Russo, Ferrara, and Bischoff, who were replaced by Russo alone, who was replaced by myself and Johnny Ace, who was replaced, in the waning days of WCW, by Ace, myself, and Eric Bischoff. Then the unthinkable happened. WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon's WWF. The final WCW Nitro to air on TNT was simulcast on TNN by the WWF, and Shane McMahon was sent to Daytona Beach to write our final product as well as evaluate our staff. I made the cut, and a few days later found myself in Conneticut working for the WWF, learning their style, and preparing for the night after WrestleMania-X7.

That night came and went and WMX7 was already being hailed as one of the greatest WrestleMania's thus far. The show had begun with a great HEAT! match on MTV where X-Factor (X-Pac and Justin Credible) had wrestled and defeated Steve Blackman and Grand Master Sexay. Then it was on to the biggest show of them all.

-Chris Jericho had wrestled and beaten William Regal in the opening match of the PPV for The Intercontinental Title. It was a very good match that had ended when Y2J hit a Lionsault on Regal to retain his title.

-Up next were The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Farooq) and Tazz taking on Right To Censor (Val Venis, The Goodfather, and Bull Buchanan, with Steven Richards and Ivory at ringside) in what was easily the weakest match of the evening. The original intent here had been for Jerry "The King" Lawler to wrestle instead of Tazz, but Lawler's untimely exit from the company had made that an impossibility. This train wreck came to an end when Bradshaw hit The Clothesline From Hell on The Goodfather and picked up the win for his team.

-Raven, Kane, and The Big Show met for The Hardcore Title, and in what was an obvious mismatch in styles and abilities, Kane came out victorious pinning Show to become the new Hardcore Champion. The bumping of Raven was all that really saved an otherwise lackluster match.

-Test defended his European Title up next against Eddie Guerrero in what was a surprisingly good match. Eddie won with help from Radicalz members Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko, and a belt shot to the head of Test.

-Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit met next in a runner-up for match of the night. Not much more needs to be said here aside from the fact that these two showed everyone in the company how it's done. Kurt beat Benoit with a low blow and the tights.

-Chyna won the Womens Title from Ivory. The less said the better.

-Father vs. son, WWF vs. WCW, Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon was the next match of the evening with Mick Foley as Special Guest Referee. These two put on one of the most brutal matches of the night, which ultimately saw a catfight between Stephanie and Trish, Linda McMahon rising from her wheelchair to kick Vince below the belt, and a Van Terminator from Shane onto his father, giving the huge win to Shane-O-Mac.

-TLC2 almost took match of the night, ultimately falling just below Angle and Benoit. The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff with Lita) fought The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray and D'Von with Spike) and Edge and Christian (with Rhyno) in a great match. Edge and Christian won the titles for the seventh time with help from Rhyno and winning their second TLC. Simply awesome.

-The Gimmick Battle Royal saw The Iron Sheik defeat Sgt. Slaughter in the end. It was what it was, and what it was was a bad idea and a waste of WM time.

-Undertaker and HHH went at it in a great match that wound up in the fans and the technical area. The fans loved this match, which ended with a Taker Powerbomb for the win.

-Stone Cold Steve Austin beat The Rock to win The WWF World Title with help from Vince McMahon, steel chairs, and a great heel turn. Unfortunately the fans cheered him for his actions, ending the show, and the match of the night, with an obvious union between Austin and McMahon while JR and Heyman were in shock.

Thus began the new era of the WWF. Two backstage people from the WWF and WCW running things, with Vince having supreme control. From the WWF, Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon. From WCW, myself and Johnny Ace. WWF Raw Is War! would begin the new era with a nice, slow, steady build towards Backlash, and one big bang, with a respectful nod to the past, both older and more recent.

This is how it began.

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Looking good, but then it's pretty early. Knowing you, though, it's highly doubtful it'll take a drastic turn into suckitude.

Like, unless you're writing from the prospective of Vince Russo and plan to book WWE's first buck naked match, a tag campaign between Billy and Chuck against Chyna and X-Pac.

You never know, with you. You crazy unpredictable bastard.

Keep up the good work.

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The show had begun with a great HEAT! match on MTV where X-Factor (X-Pac and Justin Credible) had wrestled and defeated Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay).

X-Pac and Justin Credible beat Grandmasta Sexay and Steve Blackman on Heat, not Scotty 2 Hotty.

That is all.

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If this is anything like your writing with WCW 1991 then it could turn out good. But since then you haven't done anything that good, in my opinion. But things could change, like your diary backstory said.

You do have a lot of good talent to work with this time around, and lets just hope we don't see some useless piece of shit get pushed similar in fashion to Ron Garvin.

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If this is anything like your writing with WCW 1991 then it could turn out good. But since then you haven't done anything that good, in my opinion. But things could change, like your diary backstory said.

You do have a lot of good talent to work with this time around, and lets just hope we don't see some useless piece of shit get pushed similar in fashion to Ron Garvin.


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If this is anything like your writing with WCW 1991 then it could turn out good. But since then you haven't done anything that good, in my opinion. But things could change, like your diary backstory said.

You do have a lot of good talent to work with this time around, and lets just hope we don't see some useless piece of shit get pushed similar in fashion to Ron Garvin.

Silence hater. You are jealous of his masculine stomp.

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The Garvin Stomp was just ahead of its time. In the modern low-impact era, it would be mad over like The People's Elbow and The Worm. Too bad Ron used his best material in such a lackluster era... :blink:

Looking forward to this,


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WWF Raw IS War

Monday, April 02, 2001

Houston Texas

Announcers: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman

JR: Welcome to RAW IS WAR! We are one night removed from the BIGGEST Wrestle Mania of all time...

Heyman: ...and one night removed from the biggest shock of all time, because last night The Rattlesnake, The Toughest S.O.B., YOUR best friend JR, Stone Cold Steve Austin JOINED FORCES with Vince McMahon. What did you say JR?

JR: I said that The Texas Rattlesnake made a deal with The Devil himself, and by God I stand by that statement. I've known Stone Cold for years and...

Vince And Stone Cold Reveal The Master Plan

JR is cut off as the music of Vince McMahon begins and down the ramp he comes with a swagger and a sneer and a breifcase in his hand. He climbs into the ring and Howard Finkel hands him the microphone and exits quickly. Vince sets the breifcase down as the familiar chants of "asshole" begin by the crowd. Vince looks annoyed, then smiles big.

Vince: Not even you rude Texas morons can ruin my mood here tonight. So shut up and listen, or just shut up so the people at home and in the back can hear.

The fans chant louder, but the demeanor of Vince doesn't change. He stands idle in the ring as the chants slowly fade away.

Vince: First, I have a message for my son, the owner of a relic that's as dead as his career. Shane-O-Mac, son, YOU'RE FIRED!

The fans boo with all they have as Vince smiles wider and bigger and laughs, eventually talking over the return of the chant.

Vince: You did the impossible last night Shane, you beat me in a match at WrestleMania X-7. Of course, you did it with the help of Mick Foley, that slut Trish, and your poor mother, but you still did it. Nicely done. Of course, the end result was the last match and the last time you will appear on a WWF televised program ever again. Was it worth it? Did you feel like a big man long enough? I hope so, because once your little WCW limo arrives at the building you'll find yourself not welcome here. That's okay though, because you're the owner of WCW aren't you? You got two big ones over on Vincent K. McMahon this past month. Unfortunately you learned what so many others have learned over the years. People like The Rock, Eric Bischoff, Ted Turner, and so many others. You learned that Vince McMahon ALWAYS comes out on top in the end. Enjoy your new company Shane, because it's ALL YOU'VE GOT LEFT! Oh, and I almost forgot. Shane, you can keep the aforementioned slut Trish. I've had my fill of her. Trish, YOU'RE ASS IS FIRED TOO! Now, moving on to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve...

Vince is cut off this time as the glass breaks and the crowd erupts into cheers. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out of the back, the WWF World Title over his shoulder and a beer in his hand. He stops and smiles huge as the fans cheer him louder. He comes down to the ring, climbs in, then salutes the fans by doing the beer thing. He flips off the fans, who respond by cheering louder, then he goes nose to nose with Vince. He slowly reaches out and flips the bird to Vince, who is visibly shocked, then Austin snatches the mic away. He steps back, then waits as the fans chant his name. Finally he begins to speak.

Austin: You know what? Stone Cold is the WWF World Champion AGAIN, just like he said he would be. Stone Cold beat the hell out The Rock last night, just like he said he would. Stone Cold did everything he said he would do, ending the night with a few Stunners, a few beers, and then a nice little celebration with the person that meant the most to Stone Cold, Vince McMahon.

Stone Cold smiles, then he and Vince shake hands and hug as the cheers turn to jeers and boos, almost deafening from this packed house.

JR: Dammit all to hell, it's actually true. I can't believe The Rattlesnake sold his damn soul to The Devil.

Heyman: Please JR, be quiet, I want to hear this.

Stone Cold and Vince stand side by side as Vince holds Austin's arm high in the air. Vince walks over to The Fink and is handed another mic.

Vince: That's right Steve, just like you said, you did WHATEVER it took to become champion again, just like you should have done. Now, before you go any further, allow me to present to you a little something I've had in my possesion for over a year and a half.

Vince bends over and opens the briefcase, pulling The Smoking Skull World Title out. Austin smiles huge again, and looks almost embarrassed as Vince hands him the belt and takes the other one and puts it away.

Austin: You have no idea how much this means to me Vince, no idea at all. It touches me to the very bottom of my little rattlesnake heart. However, I need to explain some things to you right now. To you, and to the fans. What happened last night, our master plan, was a ONE NIGHT ONLY deal. I don't want anyone to misunderstand what happened. I came to you, Vince McMahon, The Devil himself as JR said, and we made a business transaction. Getting the belt off of Rocky, and on to a worthy champion, namely ME. We pulled it off without a hitch, and we did whatever it took to do it. I have now, and always have had, a great deal of respect for you Vince. I may, at one time, have rather stunned your ass than look at you, but I always respected you. I'm the toughest S.O.B. in the WWF, but you're the smartest S.O.B. in all of wrestling, and who better to go to than you. And quite frankly, it was ALL WORTH IT. Worth JR talking crap about me, worth all these fans booing me, and worth every stupid son bitch in the back fearing me, REALLY fearing me, once again. So Vince, put her here one more time, then let's go our seperate ways again.

Austin extends his hand out, and Vince smiles and takes it. With that, Stone Cold boots him in the stomach and gets ready to hit The Stone Cold Stunner, but stops. He helps Vince stand up straight, then the two laugh and hug again. The fans are livid.

Vince: Or we can keep this up Steve, creating the greatest union wrestling has ever known. Bigger than The Corporation, DX, The nWo, The Four Horsemen, and The Ministry COMBINED. Vincent K. McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin, a match made in HELL ITSELF, and it's all Just Business.

The fans, now firmly against Austin finally boo even louder as the two men shake hands and hug again.

Austin: You're damn right. Now, throw me some Steveweisers so Vince and myself can celebrate agai...

This time it's Stone Cold who is interrupted.

OR: 95

Finally The Rock Has Come Back...

The Rock's music begins and the fans erupt. Stone Cold drops the mic and hands the belt to Vince, who hides behind Austin. Both men are watching and waiting for The Rock to come barrelling down the aisle. Finally, after a full minute he does walk from the back, dressed in his nicest clothes, a bandage on his head, and holding a mic. He stops on the ramp and smells the air as the fans chant his name.


The Rock drops the mic and begins running down the aisle. From out of nowhere a line of security personel and police block his way, with Commissioner Regal leading them. Now he has a mic.

Regal: Rock, I'd suggest you bloody well settle down and listen to me, before you go and make a huge mistake, find yourself in jail for the night and lose your opportunity to once again become the WWF Champion. Is that clear?

Rock looks furious, but he simply paces back and forth in front of the security and police. The crowd is half booing Regal, Austin, and McMahon, and half cheering The Rock.

Regal: Good. Tonight, we will find out who is going to be The Number One Contender for Steve Austin's World Title, when the three winners of some of the big matches from last night, Undertaker, The Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle, compete with you in tonight's Four Corners No DQ Main Event. The winner will head to Backlash later this month on PPV to meet Stone Cold for the title. The three losers will be just that, losers. That is the official ruling from MY Commissioner's office. Now, I'd suggest you head to the back, get ready, and stay away from Mr. McMahon and Mr. Austin for the remainder of the evening. Any clash or attacks shall result in your expulsion from the building, your removal from The Main Event, and a night spent in the local jail.

Rock stops and glares at Regal, then backs slowly up the ramp. This doesn't settle well with the fans. Rock grabs his dropped mic, while in the ring Austin and McMahon are smiling and pointing.

Rock: That works for The Rock. But remember one thing, all of you, remember that The Rock will come out triumphant here tonight, and once he has done that and guarandamnteed his rematch at Backlash he is going to LAY THE SMACKDOWN ON AAALLLLL YOUR CANDY ASSES! IF YOU SMEEELLLLLELELEELELLLLOW, WHAT THE ROCK is cooking.

The fans cheer as The Rock's music blares and he slowly backs through the entranceway to the back.

JR: By God The Rock got screwed last night, but later tonight he gets a chance to head to Backlash to become The WWF World Champion again. The Rock, Kurt Angle, The American Badass, and Y2J tonight in The Main Event.

Heyman: Let me say it for you JR, what a SLOBBERKNOCKER this is going to be. And for the record, you'd better watch what you say about Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold.

OR: 78


The Acolytes vs. Right To Censor(with Steven Richards)

The APA come out to the ring to a pretty good pop from the crowd, followed by Richards leading The Goodfather and Val Venis to the ring. The sirens blare as the fans semi boo, but show no real interest in the competitors once they are all in the ring. The match begins with Bradshaw and Val, and it's all APA, as they tag in and out quickly and just brutalize their opponents. Richards tries to get in the ring, but Farooq pulls him back to the floor and delivers a Spinebuster on the floor. The Goodfather takes this opportunity to nail Bradshaw in the back with a chair, and now The RTC are in control. Cheap shots, cheating, double teaming, and taunting Farooq all ensue as The RTC maintain control but can't put Bradshaw away. The Goodfather misses The No Ho Train, and Bradshaw hits a huge Lariat. Bradshaw crawls and makes the last second hot tag to Farooq, who comes in on fire and lays into Val and The Goodfather. Farooq hits a Flying Shouldertackle, then tags Bradshaw back in. Val holds the ref in their corner as Richards makes his way into the ring, a slight limp noticeable, then whacks first Farooq then Bradshaw with a chair and rolls The Goodfather on top of Bradshaw. The ref is released and he sees the pinfall attempt. The Goodfather gets the 1-2-3 win for The RTC. Val and Richards come in, and the threesome proceed to beat on The APA relentlessly while the fans show little interest. The lights go down and the orange spotlight hits as Tazz' music plays. The fans do cheer for this, as The RTC wait, ready in the ring. Tazz comes from the crowd and slides in behind them with a chair of his own. He smashes it into the head and back of Val and The Goodfather, then Tazzplexes Richards before locking in The Tazzmission. He finally is forced by the ref to release it, and Val and The Goodfather pull their leader from the ring while Tazz sees to The APA.




OR: 68


During The Break

JR: While we were at commercial break we all saw the arrival of the familiar WCW limosine. Here's what happened.

Heyman: Here's the hilarious embarrassment that happened to Shane McMahon, you mean.

The scene cuts to the WCW limo pulling up as a graphic says "during the break". The car stops and Shane McMahon gets out to a loud reaction of cheers from the crowd. He bends over and looks in the open door.

Shane: Settle here for a little while guys while I get us a dressing room ready. Tonight WCW arrives in the WWF.

Shane shuts the door as a huge semi with the WCW logo pulls up behind the limo. Shane smiles and turns to enter the building, and sees Regal and a few security guards. Regal has a videotape and papers.

Regal: Not so fast young Mr. McMahon. Perhaps had you arrived on time tonight you'd be aware that your father has fired you from the WWF. You, your WCW truck, and whatever human refuse is in that limo are not welcome here tonight, or any night. Here's a copy of the announcement your father made at the top of the hour regarding your situation with the WWF, and here's a copy of the paperwork from the lawyers effectively ending your ties with the WWF. Now, should you or your WCW entourage attempt to gain access to the building we will be left with no choice but to arrest the lot of you for trespassing and unlawful entry. I sincerely hope it does NOT come to that.

Regal hands the tape and papers to Shane, as the fans boo. Shane opens the door to the limo, then pulls out his cell phone.

Shane: Guys, tell the driver to pull over to the other side of the parking lot, I'll calll the other guys and let them know what's happening, and I'll have the truck meet you over there.

Voice From The Limo: What's up Shane? What happened?

Shane: What happened is that WCW just got picked up early by TNN, whether they like it or not.

Shane shuts the door as he turns his back to the camera and begins to dial. The scene cuts back to JR and Heyman, with the graphics now reading "live".

Heyman: (laughing) Now that had to be the ultimate humiliation for Shane and his WCW cronies.

JR: I'm not so sure Paul, like I'm not sure what Shane meant when he said WCW just got picked up by TNN, or just who he was talking to inside the limo or on the phone.

Heyman: Probably some of those WCW losers we all saw sitting in the box seats last night. Trust me, I used to have half those guys on the ECW roster, and there's a damn good reason why I let WCW have them to begin with. Mr. McMahon and the WWF have nothing to worry about from any of those guys.

OR: 78

Y2J Is Ready...As Is Angle

Michael Cole is in the back standing next to Chris Jericho.

Cole: Y2J, last night at WrestleMania you successfully defended your IC Championship against Commissioner Regal, and tonight you find yourself in the Main Event with The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and The Rock to determine a Number One Contender to The WWF World Title. Your thoughts?

Jericho: My thoughts? I'm ecstatic, I'm thrilled, I'm excited, and I'm delirious with joy. This is a dream come true for Y2J and all the Jericoholics, Cole. Finally The Intercontinental Champion gets a shot at the next level, and lucky me the champion is Chris Jericho. Now yes, I have to beat The Rock, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle, but I don't really see there being a problem with...

Angle walks up and gets right in the face of Jericho.

Angle: You don't see there being a problem? Well, maybe there's no problem with you beating The Underloser and Rocky Maivia, but you surely don't think you'll be getting by an Olympic Gold Medalist and a former World and InterEuroContinental Champion so easily, now do you?

Cole: Uh, perhaps I should remind you both that it's NOT an Elimination Match, but a standard Four Corners Match with No DQ and...

Angle and Jericho both stare at Cole, then simultaneously push him backwards and out of the picture.

Jericho: Last night I beat William Regal and retained my title. What did you do? Cheat to pin Chris Benoit? The man I destroyed at The Royal Rumble to win this belt in the first place? Some acheivement. Oh, and whether I'm allowed to talk about it or not, whether it's recognized or not, I'm also a former World Champion here in the WWF.

Angle: Oh yeah, that's right I forgot that you were champion in fairy tale land for all of about 3 seconds. Wow, what an accomplishment for you. Taker and The Rock might as well not even be involved in this match tonight, because as far as I'm concerned, it's going to be just you and me in this ring tonight, and I'll show you why I'm the man heading to Backlash. It's true, it's...

Jericho: (mocking)...damn true. Yada Yada Yada. Tonight, Y2J will walk in The IC Champion and walk out The WWF World Title Number One Contender, and there's not a thing you can do about.

Jericho backs up and walks away.

Angle: Man, I'm really getting freaking tired of everyone cutting my phrase short, and that's true too, that's damn...

Cole walks back up.

Cole: Uh Kurt, any last thoughts about tonight?

Angle glares at Cole, stomps his feet, and walks off.

Cole: I guess not.

OR: 96

(Chris Jericho gained in over rising from 88 to 90)


Al Snow vs. Chris Benoit

"What Does Everybody Want?" blares through the arena as the fans chant "Head" and Al Snow walks from the back, a huge smile on his face. He slides in the ring and kinda dances and hops around, as Benoit's music plays and he comes from the back, a look of determination on his face. Once in the ring the ref calls for the bell and the two men lock up as Heyman talks about what a loser Chris Benoit was last night at WMX7. As Benoit whips Snow into the ropes JR mentions that being cheated out of a match that he feels he had won does not make Benoit a loser. At this point Benoit is performing his German Suplexes on Al as the fans are cheering a bit. Benoit gets to his feet, looks at the prone Snow laying in the center of the mat, then draws his thumb across his throat and heads to the top rope. He flies off with a Swandive Head Butt to Snow, then after a few seconds of shaking his own head makes the cover. The ref counts the 1-2-3 giving the easy win to Chris Benoit. Benoit gets to his feet, then helps Snow up and extends his hand. Snow, still groggy and dazed, looks confused, then takes the hand and the two shake to a good round of cheering from the fans. Benoit then heads to the back, as JR asks if THAT looks like a loser. Heyman says yes, it does.




OR: 74

end of first hour Commercials

Hardcore Title Number One Contenders Match: The Big Show vs. Raven

Heyman puts over Kane as the new Hardcore Champion, then he and JR inform the fans that this was signed during a break by Commissioner Regal to find the Number One Contender for The Hardcore Title. They say the winner gets a title shot this Thursday on Smackdown! Raven and Show start off on the ramp as Raven attacked Show from behind on his way down the aisle. Raven uses his shopping cart full of weapons on Show, in what is a brutally bad match, mainly from Show's end. The fans chant "Big Show Sucks" and "Raven" as the match plods along. Raven hits every weapon on Show, who takes it without ever falling, basically no selling every shot. Finally they wind up in the ring, where Show has a miraculous recovery and sets Raven up for The Chokeslam. Raven kicks out with both his feet as he's raised up and connects firmly with Show's groin. Show drops Raven and bends over, and Raven hits The Evenflow DDT on Show, then covers him with his feet firmly on the ropes to get the 1-2-3 win. Raven stands up and holds his arms out as Show rolls to the floor and throws a fit over his loss. JR hypes the Hardcore Title Match this Thursday on Smackdown!




OR: 66


HHH Has Some Issues

Vince is in his office talking with Regal, when Stephanie and HHH come walking in, neither looking real happy. Vince stands up and smiles at the two of them, but his smile fades as HHH begins to speak.

Triple H: Hey Vince. Care to tell me why I had NO IDEA about you and Austin?

Vince: Well Hunter, nobody knew. Stone Cold came to me and...

Triple H: Yeah, I heard the crap in the ring Vince, now I want to know WHY I DIDN'T GET TOLD?

Vince: Well, quite frankly I wasn't aware I had to clear my plans with you...

Stephanie steps up and sighs as she interrupts her father.

Stephanie: What Hunter means, dad, is that we kind of wish we'd been filled in, what with his and Austin's history over the last year or so, expecially earlier THIS year.

Vince: Look, what happened between the two of you, well it's over and YOU came out on top Hunter. As for myself and Austin, trust me, it's Just Business. Smart business. Hunter, I'm sorry, but you never even came up in the discussions. Chin up though, you're still my favorite son-in-law.

Vince turns back to Regal, and the anger on Triple H's face is unmistakeable. Stephanie steps forward and pushes him towards the door, muttering to him as she does.

Triple H: I'm going Steph, I'm going.

They exit the room, as Regal makes a face to Vince, who smiles.

Vince: Damn egos running around here William, it's about all I can stand not to just fire the lot of them.

OR: 85


Main Event No DQ Number One Contenders Match For The WWF World Title: Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker

The crowd erupts as The Rock's music hits and he is the first man down. Jericho and Angle follow next, and the three men go at it before The Undertaker even makes his way down. Finally his music hits and he drives his motorcycle down the ramp. As he steps off Raven lays him out from the crowd with a shovel. Taker falls as Raven hops the railing and just reigns down one shot after another on him. Refs rush down and send Raven up the ramp as he holds his arms stretched out to the sides. While medics attend to Taker, inside the ring The Rock is clearly dominating both men as he nails one then the other repeatedly. He hits a Rock Bottom on Angle followed by locking Jericho in The Sharpshooter. As it looks like Jericho is going to tap out, Stone Cold and Vince McMahon come out on the ramp. Medics are helping Taker to the back, and they pass by the two men. Stone Cold is pointing at The Rock as he hands the World Title to Vince and starts walking down. The Rock releases the hold on Jericho and leaps to the floor. Vince and Austin hightail it to the back, with The Rock in tow. All three men disappear into the back. In the ring, Angle rolls over and gets a close two count on Jericho, who kicks out at the last second. Both men soon make it to their feet and the match resumes in earnest with only the two of them. There are a ton of near falls, but the end comes when Angle has Jericho set up for The Olympic Angle Slam. Jericho slides out and locks in The Walls Of Jericho. Angle reverses it into The Angle Lock, which Jericho rolls out of and into a Small Package. Jericho gets the surprising 1-2-3 win over Angle. Jericho is excited and jumping all around as Angle sits horrified. He rolls to the floor, obviously upset as the crowd goes wild for Jericho. As Angle is backing up the ramp The Rock runs down and throws him back in. Rock Bottoms and People's Elbows for both Angle and Jericho as the fans cheer him on. The Rock's music hits as he stands on the turnbuckle.




OR: 85


Shane McMahon Presents WCW Nitro On TNN

The scene shows JR and Heyman, but before they can begin to talk it cuts to the parking lot where Shane McMahon is holding a WCW mic and standing next to the WCW limo.

Shane: Welcome to the VERY FIRST installment of WCW Monday Nitro on TNN. I'm your host, and the owner of WCW, Shane McMahon, and I'm going to reintroduce you all to your WCW Champions.

Shane opens the car door and out steps Sugar Shane Helms, holding The WCW Cruiserweight Title.

Shane: Welcome Sugar Shane Helms, your WCW Cruiserweight Champion. How's it feel to be back in WCW and back on Monday Nitro?

The crowd cheers a little, but for the most part seem unsure what they are watching.

Sugar Shane: It's great to be here again Mr. McMahon and...

Shane: Whoa whoa whoa Sugar Shane. My tyrant father is MR. McMahon, I'm just Shane.

Sugar Shane: Shane and Sugar Shane, I like it. Anyways, it's fabulous to be back in WCW, and it's high time, I think, for me to make someone's night a Nigtmare On Helms Street.

Shane laughs as he turns to the limo, and Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo get out.

Shane: Now I'm happy to introduce you once again to The WCW Tag Team Champions, Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo, The Natural Born Thrillers.

Chuck smiles while O'Haire flexes and grunts a little. They step aside as Shane looks back at the limo, and Booker T gets out holding both The WCW World and US Titles.

Shane: And finally, the WCW World Champion, and the reigning WCW United States Champion, The Book himself, Booker T.

Book: Booyah and I wouldn't want to be ya. The Book is back on your TV here on Monday Nitro, and let the good times roll baby. I'm the WCW Champion, I'm the WCW US Champion, and before you know it, I'm going to be the first man to...

The scene changes back to the arena as Vince's music hits and he comes stomping towards the ring with a mic. Shane, Booker T, The Natural Born Thrillers, and Sugar Shane Helms are still on the Titantron with a WCW graphic in the corner. The fans, who were cheering Booker T, now begin to boo Vince heavily.

OR: 88

Vince Gets A Surprise

Vince: Now hold on just a damn minute. Shane, I fired your ass at the top of the show, and as far as I'm concerned you're using WWF TV to hype your WCW crap. You're using my cameras, my crew, and my...

Shane cuts him off.

Shane: Actually dad, I expected you to show up, so I'm ready. Look at the corner of the screen, the mic, and the truck in the background. I'm using WCW equipment for this debut broadcast of Monday Nitro on TNN. We simply cut into your feed. You can fire me from the WWF, but you can't keep me and WCW from being on TV. I'm going to do this every Monday, I'll be at Smackdown! on Thursday to debut WCW Thunder on UPN, and then on Sunday we'll cut in for the debut of WCW Sunday Night on TNN. You know why, dad? Because I can. Oh, and I'm not as naive as you may think. Mom and myself expected this turn of events following last night, so we took care of something before it happened. Dad, I'd like to introduce you to the newest signees for the WWF. A nice, lucrative, three year deal was signed just yesterday for these four men prior to WrestleMania by myself and mom. Dad, I'd like to introduce your worst nightmare...

The lights in the arena dim as the familiar porn music begins. Eric Bischoff walks onto the stage holding a mic as the crowd erupts in jeers and boos. Vince looks shocked, his jaw dropping as Bischoff smiles and taps his chest to the crowd. Behind Vince three figures can be seen sliding into the ring, but their faces can't quite be made out. However the fans do seem to recognize them as the boos are replaced with some cheers.

Bischoff: Well look at me, Eric Bischoff, live on Raw on TNN. Who would have thought, huh Vince? Remember when I called your ass out on Nitro a few years ago and you ignored me? Remember those phone messages I left you as Nitro beat Raw in the ratings for a full year? Remember that little group I created in WCW that helped us beat your ass in the ratings? The group, the four men that Shane hired yesterday Vince? Turn around and meet The nWo!

Vince slowly turns as the lights come back on and Hall smiles and waves at Vince while Nash hits a huge boot to his jaw. Hogan is quickly off the ropes and he hits a Leg Drop on Vince as the fans react with a mix of boos and cheers. Bischoff comes down to the ring while Nash hits a Jacknife Powerbomb on Vince, followed by The Outsiders Edge by Hall. Bischoff hands Hollywood a can of black spray paint as Hall and Nash rip the jacket and shirt off of Vince and roll him over. "nWo 4-Life" is spray painted across Vince's back, while on the Titantron Shane, Booker, The Thrillers, and Helms smile and watch.

Shane: You wanted it dad, you got it. For the first time ever, RAW really IS WAR!

The show ends with The nWo music blaring as they pose over Vince's body doing the sign of The nWo in the air and Bischoff resting one foot on the back of Vince.

OR: 92

OR: 82



Best Segment: Y2J and Kurt Angle face off in the back

Worst Segment: Big Show vs. Raven and RTC vs. The APA

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Awesome show, I never read one of your diaries before except some of the WCW 2001.... Anyways Jericho/Austin for Backlash looks solid and the nWo coming into the WWF makes things interesting hopefully they'll be a real threat unlike what WWE did to them.... Anyways I'll be reading.... :D

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Guest CTOx

Great show, TGC. Really.

Only a few things concerned me:

Predictable booking in the 4-way as the two guys who were arguing earlier were the two involved in the finish. Not a big deal, but I've always felt that predictability destroys verisimilitude. Reality is chaotic, my friend.

Everyone seems to be doing an invasion diary these days, yet all seem to have forgotten that the principle reason the original failed was NOT a lack of star power, but, rather, horrible in-ring perfrmances. WCW was cheered until they finally put on a match. Hogan, Nash, & Hall won't help you there.

No Cruiserweight Tag Titles? How did Rey & Kidman feel about that decision?

Other than that, it was a top-notch start. Hopefully it will only get better.

One last thing:

Kid Romeo is a Golden God! You had better find a way to keep him in WCW.

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Argh, tis a repost. *shakes fist*

Kinda...one match was brand new. Expect that for the next 5 shows. Then we get ALL new.

Chally...I know. I remember and I am well aware of the problems with WCW. Keep in mind this isn't a diary entitled The Invasion, it WWF After WMX7. Thanks though.


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Well I do like the fact your restoring this diary of yours again. I was afraid you wouldnt. So we gonna see the full Raven-Taker feud from start and end? I kinda recall this dairy of yours had that feud, or was it another diary?

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user posted image


April 05, 2001

Reunion Arena Dallas, TX

Announcers: Michael Cole and Paul Heyman

SMACKDOWN! opens without any graphics or music, instead a barrage of fireworks explodes within the arena as the fans in attendance scream and cheer their approval. The scene cuts to Michael Cole and Paul Heyman, seated at the announce table at ringside.

Cole: WWF SMACKDOWN! is LIVE from The Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas as WretleMania week continues to tour the GREAT state of Texas.

Heyman: And what a week it's been Cole, as not only did the WWF present an off the charts WMX7, but this past Monday, Raw went to WAR as Shane McMahon presented his WCW to our WWF audience and then that OTHER group made their presence felt.

Cole: You mean the nWo Paul...

Heyman: If I were you Cole, I'd make a point NOT to menton that name again. Word I hear is that Vince McMahon is NONE too happy and ANYONE muttering that name will be FIRED on the spot from the WWF.

Cole: I hadn't heard that Paul, but in any event it's been a wild week here for the WWF, and I'm sure it's ONLY going to get wilder.

Heyman: With a Main Event Eight Man Tag Team Match featuring Team RECK vs. Y2J, Chris Benoit, and The Hardy Boys, Kane defending The Hardcore Title against Raven, and our opening match, yes Cole, I'm sure it will.

Cole: Speaking of our opening match.

X-Factor vs. KaiEnTai and Crash Holly

As Kaientai and Crash Holly make their way from the back to some weak cheers, Heyman and Cole make note of the WWF Lightweight Title around Crash' waist. Next comes the music of X-Factor, as X-Pac leads Albert and Justin Credible to the ring amid boos. The ref calls for the bell and it starts out as Taka and X-Pac. The opening, and the entire rest of the match, looks like a glorified squash match for X-Factor, who clearly dominate. The ending comes when Credible is in the ring with Crash while Albert is just killing Kaientai on the floor. X-Pac hits a Bronco Buster after Credible beats Crash down in the corner, then X-Pac goes to the apron and Credible waits until Crash makes his way to his feet. Just Incredible is hit square in the jaw of Crash, and Credible gets the rather easy 1-2-3 win here for his team. The fans boo, actually making some noise for the first time since the bell sounded, as Albert and X-Pac get back in the ring, toss the Lightweight Champion to the floor, and then pose as their music plays.




OR: 64

nWo 4 Life?

As the threesome stand in the ring, the music stops and The Coach gets inside with them. Albert goes to get him, but X-Pac stops him.

Coach: Thanks. Uh, I want to take this opportunity to first congratulate you, Justin Credible, on getting a BIG win over the new WWF Lightweight Champion.

Credible nods and smiles as the fans boo just a little.

Heyman: He did do JUST that. There's a reason I helped Justin Credible along in his career.

Cole: This may make him the NEW Number One Contender to the WWF Lightweight Title that Crash holds.

X-Pac: And this is why you almost got yourself killed by Albert? To congratulate Justin?

Coach: Well, no not really. I have a question for YOU X-Pac. We all saw the return of Hall and Nash on Monday Night alongside Hollywood Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Everyone knows you ran with Hall and Nash here in the WWF during the late 90's, and you even left the WWF to join Hall and Nash in WCW and joined the nWo for a time...

The fans cheer at the mention of the nWo and its members, and REALLY cheer at the mention of DX.

X-Pac: I'm going to kill this right now Coach. I don't know anything about the nWo or Hall and Nash being here in the WWF. I haven't talked to Kev and Scott in almost a year, and quite frankly I have no plans to do so now. But in case you all forgot, when I returned to the WWF and joined DX, I think I had a LOT to say about Hogan and Bischoff and the nWo, not to mention WCW. Why don't you get the hell out of here before I LET Albert tear your ass to shreds like he just did Taka and Funaki. And why don't you go insult Triple H, he ran with them too you know.

Coach: Well yes, but he wasn't nWo, and as we all remember the saying goes that when you're nWo you're nWo for li...

Albert growls and moves forward as Coach retreats from the ring quickly. X-Factor's music hits again and then they too head to the back, all of them looking angry, to a smattering of boos from the crowd.

Heyman: Coach actually had a valid point, but I also understand why Pac was so upset.

Cole: I'm not so sure The Coach had better go ask Triple H the SAME question, as he may indeed get himself killed.

OR: 67


It's Just Business After All

The music of Stone Cold hits, and from the back walks Vince, William Regal, and the WWF World Champion himself, Steve Austin. None of the three look particularly happy, as the fans boo with all they have.

Cole: And here is Just business, led by Mr. McMahon himself.

Heyman: They say it's Just Business, but after what happened on Monday Night with Shane and WCW and, well, that OTHER group, something tells me it's a lot MORE personal now.

The trio enter the ring amid boos. William is handed a mic by someone on the floor, and he waits as the fans boo THAT much louder.

Regal: If you cretins would bloody well shut your mouths we can move on to the important part of this show.

As would be expected, this only spurs the fans in attendance to boo and jeer them THAT much louder.

Heyman: The look on Mr. McMahon's face says it all, he's getting incensed.

Cole: For that matter, so is the WWF World Champion Stone Cold.

Regal: You ingrateful bunch of...

Vince rips the microphone from Regal's hand, red faced as can be.


Stone Cold looks at Vince a little oddly, but again the fans just scream that much louder.

Vince: To hell with it and you, I'm in no mood for this S(BLEEP)!

Vince drops the mic and turns to leave, as Regal tries to calm him down. Stone Cold shakes his head in disgust and grabs the mic.

Austin: Why don't you take that damned vein running up your neck and head and push it back in for god's sake. Damn Vince, calm your sorry ass down. If you have something to say, then just say it. Ignore these inbred, shot gun waving, no good sons of bitches, as you said, and get your tight ass over here and talk.

Cole: Just Business or not, one thing will never change, and that's how Stone Cold talks to Mr. McMahon.

Heyman: You're the master of the obvious, huh Cole?

Vince walks back over and Austin tosses him the mic. The fans continue to boo, but Vince does EXACTLY what Austin said.

Vince: I have some things to say regarding this past Monday Night. First of all, I want those four no good...

The fans begin to cheer, cutting Vince off. He looks even madder, if possible, once that happens.

Vince: Dammit, I want the nWo out here right NOW!

The fans erupt in cheers as the trio look around, waiting.

Cole: Well, he dealt with it right off the back. Mr. McMahon called out the nWo.

Heyman: I'm warning you Cole, you don't want to say THAT name.

Vince: Hollywood, Big Sexy, The Bad Guy, hell, Eric Bischoff, get your asses down here to MY ring right now.

Again the cheering begins as Vince, Austin, and Regal wait inside the ring.

Heyman: I don't think those four are coming.

Cole: Everyone knows, Paul, those men don't answer to ANYONE and never have.

Heyman: Well, I think they answer to Shane McMahon now, and if they're snart they'll answer to Mr...

Heyman is cut off.

Vince: Fine, if the nWo doesn't have the balls to come down here and face the three of us men to men, we'll move forward. But we'll be watching and waiting. If I know you four, and I KNOW YOU FOUR REAL WELL, you'll make your presence felt before the show ends. Your egos demand it. Moving on.

Vince turns and faces Austin and Regal.

Vince: Where in the hell were YOU TWO when I was getting my ass kicked? Where were YOU TWO when I was spray painted with "nWo 4 LIFE" on my back? Where in THE HELL WERE YOU TWO when Eric Bischoff was resting his foot on my back?

Heyman: The million dollar question Cole.

Regal looks flabbergasted, but Austin remains calm. He walks over and demands a mic from ringside and he's handed one.

Austin: Where were we? Hell Vince, I don't have a damn clue where HE was.

Austin points at Regal, who looks a little afriad as the fans settle in and watch.

Austin: But if you remember, I was in YOUR limo after we got The Rock to run out of the Number One Contenders Match. I was waiting for you to come so we could get the hell out of Houston. YOU made the decision to hit the ring and confront your son, but YOU didn't bother to tell me about it. I'd have been right by your side Vince, IF I'd known.

Vince shakes his head in the affirmative, then turns his scowl towards Regal.

Vince: Where...were...you?

Austin tosses Regal the mic, who bobbles it around in his hands before finally catching it. He looks terrified now as his eyes dart from Vince to Austin, who is circling him now.

Regal: Well, Mr. McMahon, I was doing my job in the back taking care of things I mean we had just had a Number One Contenders Match as Stone Cold said and then I had to go to the production truck once WCW and Shane cut into our feed again and try to help stop it like I knew you had told them to do but I didn't quite have faith in them like we talked about earlier in the show and...and...and...

Regal just stops and FINALLY breathes. He drops his head.

Regal: When I saw it, it was too late. I rushed from the truck, but it was too late. I failed you sir. I failed you.

Vince smiles an evil smile, then walks over and lays a hand on Regal's shoulder.

Vince: You're damned right you did!

With that Austin kicks Regal in the gut and Stuns him hard to the mat. Regal bounces face first off the mat then flips OVER the top rope to the floor.

Vince: You failed me, you pay the price. Your job is to RUN things around here, yet somehow the nWo made their way into MY BUILDING and got into MY RING and NOBODY even knew it until it was too late. That kind of garbage will NOT be tolerated. And whether you think it was my fault or not Austin, YOU failed me too.

The fans begin to cheer a little again after not being too sure how to react to Regal getting Stunned.

Austin: You're right Vince, I did. So I've already taken it upon myself to make up for it. That stupid little WCW truck is sitting across the street, all ready, I'm sure, to hack into our show and run WCW Thunder when your bastard son gets here. Well Stone Cold says UH-UH! I'm gonna be waiting Vince, and when Shane shows up, I'm single handedly going to take him and this stupid WCW crap right out of the way. And that's the bottom line 'cuz Stone Cold said so!

The glass shatters and Stone Cold's music starts up. Vince is smiling, as Austin heads up the ramp all business. Vince gets to the floor and helps Regal to his feet, then the two head towards the back.

Heyman: Wow. Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to PERSONALLY take out WCW here tonight.

Cole: I think the bigger issue is, where is the nWo?

Heyman: Who cares. They're obviously STILL the cowards they always were. They take their shots when it's in THEIR favor, not when it's an even fight.

Cole: What a night we're ALREADY having!

OR: 97


Quote The Raven All You Want About This

Raven's music starts and he walks from the back, slowly, with a mic in his hand. He rolls under the bottom ropes amid half boos and half cheers, then sits in his corner and waits. Once the fans stop he begins to speak.

Raven: In a little bit I get to challenge a disfigured monster of a man for the WWF Hardcore Title. Now I have to ask, why am I even stuck in this division here? Is it because of my affinity for weapons, as the biased WWF calls them? Is it because I like pain? Both to recieve and to give. Is it because I like violence? Or is it supposed to label me not as a wrestler, but as a fighter who isn't worthy of "wrestling" with the other champions? Why am I not given WWF European or Intercontinental Title shots? Why is it not Raven who is battling Eddie Guerrero or Chris Jericho on Monday? What about me? What about Raven?

The fans cheer the oft expressed catchphrase.

Raven: What about the fact that I defeated The Big Show one on one last Monday? Do you think that's an easy task? Or how about when I laid out The Undertaker, keeping him from even entering the ring for his match? Why do you think I did that? Why not? Or maybe because I wanted to show the world that I am in the same league as the so called upper guys. Or maybe, just maybe, it was to get a psychological edge up on this big, scarred, disgusting brute of a man I wrestle later tonight. Look at how easy I took out his bigger, badder, meaner, brother. Will he be a problem for me? I don't belong pigeonholed in a division where there's some sideshow freak as a champion with some idiotic and illogical twenty four seven rule. Why doesn't anyone go after the belt outside of someone's house at 7a.m. when the champion is getting his paper in his robe and slippers? Why doesn't anyone attack him on the plane going from town to town? The Hardcore Division is a waste of a talent like myself. With that said, tonight I will indeed win the title, I will easily get by the huge mongoloid in front of me, and I will defend the belt with honor. Far more honor than it deserves.

Raven gets to his feet as the fans seem stunned at his words.

Raven: And what about you? What about Stevie Richards?

The fans now boo at the mention of the RTC leader's name.

Raven: What has become of you? From the silly little idiot in the short shorts to a clean shaven businessman like persona? From a foul mouthed, beer drinking, whore buying, scum to a man who thinks he can tell everyone who and what they should be and do? What happened to the man who followed my every step and every word in ECW? What happened to the man that followed me to WCW, giving up his own chance at fame on his own, finally, to instead once again be with me? What happened to the man that entered the WWF and said to hell with what they want, I'm Stevie and I'll do things my way? What happened to the man who loved for me to beat his ass on a daily basis? I ask you Stevie, where did the masochistic, lively, fun, funny man that I loved like a son go to? Did he finally fully repress the beatings and abuse he took as a child? Or did he finally "deal" with it, like the quack psychiatrist the WWF FORCED him to go to suggest that he needed to? Does he still remember the days when his daddy would come home from a week long binge and beat the hell out of him and his little brother? Does he still remember the nights his daddy, stinking of foul sweat and beer, would enter his room and "touch" him? I wonder, does he still remember the night his daddy decided he got too old, and instead decided it was time to go "play" with his little brother? Or how about when he decided his brother would NOT go through that, and he went and got his daddy's gun? Does he remember the feeling of squeezing the trigger and "taking care" of his daddy? Does he remember traveling from city to city as a grown man by MY side, waking up late at night screaming and crying? Does he remember that I was the ONLY one who understood his pain? That I was the only one who CARED? Who got you back to sleep those nights Stevie? Who loves you like a son, Stevie? What about me? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN!

Raven drops the mic as the fans are once again stunned.

Heyman: I...I...I can't believe he just said all of those things?

Cole: Uh, let's take a break and we'll come back with the Hardcore Title Match.

OR: 81

(Raven gained in over rising from 72 to 73)


Hardcore Title Match: Kane© vs. Raven

Raven is still in the ring as the pyro and music hit and Kane comes from the back. He drops the Hardcore Title and rushes to the ring, where Raven drops immediate elbow after elbow on his upper back. Cole and Heyman discuss how The Undertaker suffered a concussion Monday, and has been barred from being in the building as a result. Kane gets to his feet, no selling the blows, and whips Raven off the ropes and into a Big Boot. Raven rolls to the floor, stunned, and Kane falls over the ropes to continue the assault on the floor. Raven is able to hit a drop toe hold on Kane, sending him throat first across the security railing. Raven then proceeds to use everything he can find around ringside, including chairs, monitors, the ring bell, and tools under the ring, but he is unable to score a pinfall win. He then pulls a table out from under the ring, as the fans cheer, and slides it into the ring. As he's setting it up in the corner Kane rolls into the ring, slowly, and gets to his feet. Raven whips Kane into the ropes, then hits another Drop Toe Hold, sending Kane face first into the table, which doesn't break. Raven goes for another pinfall, but Kane is barely able to kick out at two. Raven doesn't see Steven Richards slide into the ring, however the booing fans do, and he turns around right into a Steven Kick. Raven is down, as Steven gets a chair and just rains down blow after blow on Raven. Kane gets up, and Steven nails him countless times to the head with the same chair. Finally Steven drops the chair and drags Kane's lifeless body on top of Raven. The ref makes the count, and Kane gets the academic 1-2-3 to retain his belt. Steven then picks up the chair and beats them both some more, before finally dropping it, covered in sweat, and walking to the back amid boos.




OR: 81

(Kane lost in over dropping from 82 to 81)

(The Hardcore Title gained in over rising from 57 to 59)

end of first hour commercials

The Canadian Crippler Takes Objection To Y2J's Comments From RAW

Y2J is standing in the back with the Coach.

Coach: Y2J, last Monday Night you became the Number One Contender to the WWF World Title held by Stone Cold Steve Austin when you defeated Kurt Angle in a match that...

Jericho: In a match that featured Kirk Angel getting his Olympic ass whooped by Y2J, Coach. I am the Number One Contender and that means that...

Chris Benoit walks up and goes nose to nose with Jericho, who drops the IC Title that was slung over his shoulder. The two men stare at each other for almost a full minute while the fans cheer and Coach looks ready to run. Finally it's Jericho who speaks.

Jericho: Are we gonna stand here all night you gap toothed wonder, or did you have something to say to me?

Benoit smiles, something that never looks right, and Coach steps back another step.

Benoit: Yeah Chris, I have something to say. Later tonight you, me, and the Hardy Boyz face Rhyno, Edge, Christian and Angle and speaking of Angle, I heard what you said about beating my ass at The Royal Rumble to win that.

Benoit points to the floor, where the IC Title is laying.

Benoit: I also heard you mention that he didn't deserve to be in the Number One Contender's Match if all he did was beat me.

Jericho: Yeah, I said something to that effect. I assume we have a problem now? I didn't ASK for you three to be my partners tonight Chris, however as long as we are...

Benoit: I asked for this match tonight and I asked for YOU to be my partner. So Chris, perhaps tonight you should watch your back from all sides.

Benoit backs out of the scene, much like Y2J did on RAW, and Coach stands and waits while Jericho stands staring off.

Coach: Uh, Y2J...?

Jericho: Whether it's Kirk Angel, Chris Been Waaaaaaahhhhhh, or Stone Cold Jackass himself, The Ayatollah of Rock And Rollah will prevail Coach. And none of them, not a single damned one of them will ever...E-E-E-EEEEVER be the same AGAIN!

The fans cheer as Jericho picks up his Title and walks off in the opposite direction of Benoit.

Coach: That's in our Main Event tonight folks.

OR: 85


The Radicalz vs. Too Cool

Eddie Guerreo leads his Radicalz partners, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, down to the ring amid a small amount of booing from the crowd. Eddie is showing off his European Title as he goes. The camera cuts to the crowd as the fans begin to cheer. After a few seconds, Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T, and Dustin Rhodes can be seen walking down the steps. Inside the ring The Radicalz are looking less than thrilled. The three WCW stars make their way to the front row, and three empty seats, as Cole and Heyman are literally screaming that these men are not allowed in a WWF building. Security hits the scene, and DDP is quick to whip out three tickets. The security men look them over, then talk amongst themselves, while Cole says that they bought tickets. Heyman is irate as the security show them to their seats, then just hang around. Too Cool make their way from the back next to their music, and dance their way to the ring. However Saturn and Malenko don't wait, and they attack the fun loving popular duo on the floor outside of the ring, showing absolutely no care one way or the other for the fans that boo them as they do so. Eddie keeps his eye on the action, but every so often turns his attention to the other three at ringside. DDP waves and smiles, then all three laugh amongst themselves. Saturn nails The Moss Covered Family Credenza on Sexay on the floor, then Malenko rolls Scotty into the ring and begins his rather slow and methodical way of destroying his opponent. During this Eddie continues to lay the boots or the belt to Sexay to ensure that he can't get back up and factor into the match here. Malenko tags Saturn in and he continues the methodical assault and destruction on the lower back of Scotty that Dean had begun. The fans sit back not making MUCH noise, but they do boo when Malenko tags back in and locks in The Texas Cloverleaf, getting the Submission victory over Too Cool. On the floor after the match Eddie lays Sexay out again with the belt, then enters the ring as Saturn Belly to Back Suplexes the mostly prone form of Scotty over the top rope to the floor. This garners more heat than most of the match. Medics rush to the ring as the threesome of The Radicalz stand in the ring happy. Meanwhile, Page, The Book, and Rhodes get up, laugh amongst themselves some more, and head back up the steps towards the exit, while Cole wonders what THAT was about.




OR: 74


The WWF Will Not Be Held Hostage

Once the commercials are over William Regal is in the ring, looking dissheveled still, holding a mic amid some boos from the crowd.

Regal: Since I was...punished...earlier I will now take this time to deal with some issues involving future programming here on WWF Television. But first, and as an aside considering the three gentlemen, and I use that term most loosley, that decided to watch one of our macthes here tonight, my office, The Commissionership of the WWF, is making it official right here and now that we will NOT be held hostage by any of these so called wrestlers or groups that think they can enter the WWF at their whim. While I can not do much about ticket buying patrons, even if they do work for Shane McMahon, I can do a lot about those that work for the WWF. With that said, this coming Monday Night Eddie Guerrero will defend his newly won European Title against Test, the man he beat to win it, in a rematch from WrestleMania. Also on Monday Night, as a result of the match we saw at the top of the show, Crash Holly shall defend his Lightweight Title against Justin Credible, and in our HUGE Main Event Chris Jericho shall meet Triple H for his Intercontinental Title. We will continue to run the WWF as if none of these miscreants had ever ATTEMPTED to disrupt things.

The fans boo and cheer, again obviously unsure how to respond.

Regal: Furthermore, I need to address the situtation with The Rock, the loser from Monday Night in the World Title Number One Contender Match. As a result of the fact that he couldn't even be bothered to remain IN the ring to wrestle, my office has made the decision that The Rock has LOST any and all chances he had at wrestling for The World Title any time in the foreseeable future. In fact, as far as we're concerened...

Regal stops as the fans cheer. He looks bewildered, obviously NOT seeing The Rock, who came from nowhere and is now poised directly behind him, waiting for him to turn around.

Regal: ...as I was saying, as far as my office is concerned The Rock is at the rock bottom...

Regal smiles and chuckles to himself over his obvious wittiness.

regal: ...he's at the VERY rock bottom of the list. As a result, also this coming Monday Nigh,t The Rock shall wrestle in the opening match of the night against the man that my office has decided is the lowest man on the totem pole here in the WWF, Essa Rios. I'm sure the two will have a...

At this point Regal turns around and is nailed IMMEDIATELY with a Rock Bottom.

Cole: This is OBVIOUSLY NOT Regal's night here tonight.

The Rock jumps up and gets in place, then kicks Regal's arm to his side and comes off the ropes with The People's Elbow. The fans are cheering, but not as loud as they normally do. The Rock then grabs Regal and lifts him up and lauches him by the hair over the top rope to the floor. He picks up the dropped mic.

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back...to DALLAS!

The fans cheer.

Rock: The Rock got screwed at WrestleMania, The Rock got screwed on Monday Night, and now HIS office tries to screw The Rock here on The Rock's show? Well The Rock says...FINE! The Rock's at the rock bottom in the WWF again? So be it. The Rock FOUGHT his way up from the bottom many times in the past, and he'll do it again now. Stone Cold can play his games with Vince and Regal all he wants to keep away from The Rock, but eventually, EVENTUALLY, The Rock will be BACK at the top, and Stone Cold will take not one, not two, not even three, no Stone Cold will take a MULTITUDE of ass whoopings from the Rock. IF YOU SMEEELLLLLELELEELELLLLOW, WHAT THE ROCK is cooking.

The Rock exits the ring amid cheers, albeit less than normal for some reason, as Regal is getting to his feet. The Rock stops, and then Rock Bottoms him onto the mat on the floor as his music hits. The Rock backs up the ramp to his music and some cheers as medics rush down to check on Regal, who isn't moving.

OR: 82

(The Rock loses in over dropping from 100 to 98)


Theft Of A Gimmick?

The scene shows Cole and Heyman seated at ringside.

Cole: Folks, welcome back to SMACKDOWN! During the break one of our cameramen was following Commissioner Regal as he was loaded into an ambulance, and, well, he got a rather huge surprise.

Heyman: A rather huge surprise, Cole? That group, the one whose name shall not be mentioned by ME, is what our cameraman found. I have already heard that Mr. McMahon is livid, and he has sent EVERY member of security to begin scouring the building for those four.

Cole: Considering what happened on RAW, the fact that Commissioner Regal is on his way to the hospital, and that Stone Cold is out looking for Shane McMahon, perhaps Mr. McMahon should keep a few security members at HIS side.

Heyman: You want to be fired don't you? Let's look at the footage.

The scene cuts to Regal, on a stretcher, being loaded into the ambulance. The words "During The Break" are on the screen as the camera sees Mr. McMahon rush onto the scene. The camera then goes wild, as if it was dropped, and a small ruckus can be heard. Then all is righted, and it's Scott Hall's face that can be seen.

Hall: Hey yo, if I were you, I'd be very quiet and just hold the camera.

Hollywood and Nash now walk up, as does Bischoff who looks very upset.

Bischoff: What we saw out there in the crowd a little bit ago upset the nWo to no end. I don't much care for ANYONE taking an old nWo idea and blatantly ripping it off. I don't like to see the stuff that the four of us did get stolen by anyone else, especially people as low class as Booker T and Dustin Rhodes.

Nash: Now we don't necessarily have any gripe with DDP, but then again we don't necessarily NOT have a gripe with him either. Hey Scott, you remember back in WCW when we made our way down to ringside, with our tickets, and watched us some wrassling action? Wait a minute, is THAT what you are referring to Eric?

Bischoff: It sure is, Kev.

Hall: Maybe, just maybe, somebody ought to show the Dubya Cee Dubya that messing around with the nWo isn't such a good idea. It seems they forgot.

Nash: Oh wait Scott, we can't do that. Paul Heyman and Michael Cole BOTH said that we work FOR Shane McMahon, and we all know that Shane owns WCW now.

Hollywood smiles and takes off his shades.

Hollywood: Brothers, when did the nWo ever work for ANYONE? Well, aside from Easy E that is.

Bischoff: I think that the nWo didn't get it's point across very well on Monday Night guys, and I think maybe we need to do just that here on SMACKDOWN! What do you all think?

Hollywood: I think we need to bring a little cameraman with us to record this moment. The night the nWo declared war on WCW AND the WWF.

Bischoff: Hollywood, why were we so short sighted the first time around? I think that you might be on to something. Shut that off for now.

The scene goes black, then cuts back to Cole and Heyman at ringside.

Cole: Were we all wrong in assuming that the nWo was under the "control" of Shane McMahon?

Heyman: Maybe we were, but look at the bright side Cole. With the nWo AND Stone Cold looking for WCW, and with security looking for the nWo, I think in one fell swoop we may get rid of ALL of those annoyances here in the WWF.

Cole: Uh, Paul?

Heyman: What?

Cole: You just said their name. You just said the nWo.

Heyman: What? Oh...oh.

Cole: We'll be sure to keep you updated folks, and should anything happen we will let you know immediately. And right after these announcements we'll be back with our Main Event.

Heyman: Please forgive me Mr. McMahon, please...

OR: 90

(Eric Bischoff gained in over rising from 90 to 91)


Main Event Eight Man Tag Team Match: Team RECK vs. Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and The Hardy Boyz

The commercials end and the music of The Hardy Boyz play right out of it. The fans go nuts as the lights dim, the multi colored strobes hit, and The Hardyz jog and dance their way from the back, with Lita walking gingerly behind them both. Cole reminds everyone that these three, along with The Dudleyz and E&C and Rhyno had a brutal TLC2 Match at WMX7, which leads to a few clips of the match and even more still photos. Heyman says that all three Dudley brothers are still at home due to injuries sustained. The threesome make their way to the ring as Benoit's music starts and he walks ever so slowly towards the ring himself. Heyman states that he may have been too hard on Benoit before, as the short exchange between him and Jericho from earlier is replayed. Finally the countdown hits, the lights go out, and Y2J stands at the top of the ramp. He holds his IC Title with pride as he walks to the ring, his eyes locked on those of his own partner Benoit. He makes his way into the ring to the screams and cheers, and gets right into Benoit's face. Matt and Jeff seperate the duo, as Lita rolls to the floor holding her ribs. "You Think You Know Me" blares through the arena, as the spotlights search the crowd, before finally resting on the entrance ramp where Edge, Christian, and Rhyno step out amid boos. Heyman puts Rhyno over as The Manbeast, while Cole makes mention of the fact that E&C are once again the WWF Tag Team Champions. "Medal" replaces E&C's music, as the fans boo even louder, and the final member of Team RECK, Kurt Angle, walks from the back, a huge smile on his face. He shakes hands with his partners, then all four walk confidently to the ring. As they enter the ring and the ref gets everyone situated, Cole hypes RAW on Monday, as well as reminding the fans that WWF Sunday Night Heat! moves to TNN this Sunday at 7est/6cst. With that said the bell rings and it's Jericho and Angle that start the match off as the fans are cheering. Jericho is quick to fall to the slightly better mat wrestling of Angle, who attempts to lock on The Angle Lock immediately, only to get kicked into Jericho's corner, where Benoit, Matt, and Jeff take turns laying some fists to his head. He staggers out of the corner and right into a Running Bulldog from Jericho. Y2J leaps to the rops, obviously ready to hit a Lionsault, and is met by a stiff Forearm shot to the head by Rhyno. Angle crawls over and tags Rhyno in, who leaps over the top rope. Y2J rolls to his corner and tags in Jeff Hardy, who flies off the top turnbuckle with a Drop Kick to the chest of Rhyno. The fans cheer as Rhyno is floored, and Jeff follows this up with a 450 Splash off the top yet again. He goes for the cover, but Rhyno throws him off at two. Jeff tags in hsi brother Matt, and the two double team Rhyno before Rhyno catches Matt coming off the ropes with a Clothesline and Sidewalk Slams him down hard. Edge gets the tag now, and he and his teammates successfully keep Matt away from a tag and deliver punishment ranging from submission moves to power moves, but are unable to put Matt away. Christian is in the ring, holding Matt up by the hair and bragging to the fans, when Matt delivers a series of punches, then finally hits that Clothesline he missed almost 6 minutes earlier. He makes the hot tag in to Benoit, who is met by the entire Team RECK. German Suplexes for each and every one of them is followed by a tag in to Jericho, who looks wary as he enters the ring. However nothing happens, as Jericho sees E&C on the mat next to each other, and is able to hit a Stereo Lionsault much to the glee of the fans. From the floor Angle pulls Y2J out and assaults him, which leads to the complete and utter chaos portion of the match. Matt is slow to re-enter the ring, but he soon does as he climbs to the top and nails The Yodelling Leg Drop on the still downed Tag Team Champions. Benoit attacks Angle from behind, whipping him into the ring steps, while Jeff Runs The Rails and flies at Rhyno, only to be caught and Spinebustered to the floor. Matt sees this, climbs back up top, and flies with a Twisting Flying Body Press onto Rhyno. Edge and Christian finally make their way to their feet, slowly, as Benoit and Angle are now duking it out in the ring while the ref counts out Jericho, who finally rolls in at eight. He stops the three on two on Benoit, sending Edge and Angle to the floor, then lays into Christian once again. Benoit rolls to the floor himself, just in time to get GORED by Rhyno, who sees Lita standing nearby. He smiles and starts to move forward, but from nowhere Matt leaps through the air and the two tumble over the ring barrier and hit the floor on the other side. Christian low blows Jericho behind the ref's back, and tags in Angle, who quickly Olympic Angle Slams Jericho and makes the cover. With Jeff and Benoit still on the floor at ringside, Matt in the fans brawling with Rhyno, and Lita distracted by that, nobody is there to make the save and Angle gets the 1-2-3 victory over Jericho. He, Edge, and Christian roll to the floor as Rhyno tosses Matt back over the ring barrier and climbs over himself. Edge calls Rhyno back, and after he taunts Lita he obliges. TEAM RECK leaves the ringside area, their opponents downed inside and around the ring.


OR: 84


OR: 81

(Kurt Angle gained in over rising from 92 to 94)

(Rhyno gained in over rising from 85 to 86)

nWo Style

Before a word can be said the scene cuts to the parking lot where Shane McMahon is watching as DDP is the last man to enter the WCW limo. At this point a car comes racing towards the limo and slams into the opposite side of it, blocking the door. From within that car exits Scott Hall, while Eric Bischoff attacks Shane from behind with Hollywood's weight belt, and Nash and Hollywood hold the car door that DDP just entered and chain it shut. Bischoff continues to beat Shane, all the while yelling that the nWo works for NOONE. He picks Shane up, and he meets The Big Boot of Nash, who then grabs Shane, lays his head in between his legs, gives the nWo wolfpac sign, and delivers The Jackknife Powerbomb onto the hood of the limo.The limo is shaking and beating and yelling can be heard from within as Hall and Hollywood taunt through the window to the three WCW men within. At this point the cheering from the fans turn to boos as the camera swivels to show Stone Cold, a steel chair in hand and The Smoking Skull World Title around his waist glaring at the nWo. Hall, Nash, and Hollywood all step forward, ready for a fight, as Austin lowers the chair and backs off.

Austin: Not tonight. All I promised for tonight was to take out WCW, and you dirty sumbitches did that for me.

Austin backs away some more, as the nWo laugh and turn back to Shane and the limo. Bischoff has taken Shane's shirt off and rolled him onto his stomach as he is spray painting "nWo 4 Life" on his back.

Cole: What in the hell? Austin just backed off from the nWo?

Heyman: Well it IS four on one, Cole.

Cole: What has happened to The Rattlesnake we all knew and feared?

The show ends with those words as the nWo walk away from the scene of destruction they have wrought.

OR: 78

OR: 79



Best Segment: Just Business In The Ring

Worst Segment: X-Factor vs. Crash Holly and KaiEnTai

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Guest CTOx
:o <--- That's my jaw dropping from an awesome show. Congratulations, man. I had forgotten how enjoyable this time period was, and how much I miss X-Pac (with perhaps the coolest entrance music ever!). So many of the angles came across perfectly, and your mastery of the characters has put me to shame (although I'm still going to cite "rust" as my excuse). In short, Smackdown was a great example of everything I love about EWR diaries. When done well, a reader can simply sit back and "watch" the show - a most enjoyable endeavor in these days of constant criticism.
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user posted image

WWF Sunday Night Heat

April 08, 2001

Reunion Arena Dallas, TX and WWF New York

Announcers: The Coach and Al Snow

The show opens with a shot of New York outside WWF New York, then cuts to inside where the few hundred fans are cheering. We cut to Coach and Al Snow standing at the announce position, the video screens behind them flashing the WWF Logo and Sunday Night Heat Logo.

Coach: Hello and welcome to WWF Sunday Night Heat! LIVE here on its new home of TNN. As usual I'm The Coach and this week I'm joined by the always fun and outspoken Al Snow.

Snow: Thank you Coach. Wow, what a week we've had, eh?

Coach: I don't even know where to BEGIN Al. From WrestleMania X7 to Raw Is War! to WCW to the nWo, it's been the most momentous week I think I've ever seen here during my time in the WWF.

Snow: I agree Coach. This has been one of major change, in everything you've mentioned AND in regards to the WWF Titles. I mean we've seen a new European Champion in Eddie Guerrero, new Tag Team Champions in E&C, a new Hardcore Champion as Kane defeated The Big Show and Raven at WrestleMania X7 then went on to beat Raven again on SMACKDOWN!, and to top it all off, we have a new WWF World Champion, as Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated The Rock at WrestleMania X7.

Coach: We'll get to more on Stone Cold and The Rock in just a bit, but for now let's head to the ring...

The One Billy Gunn vs. The Big Show

The One walks from the back to some cheers from the crowd, the SMACKDOWN! set behind him. He slaps some hands then enters the ring, as "Well It's The Big Show" booms out over the arena sound system. Show walks from the back himself, looking less than pleased, and marches to the ring. Al and Coach talk about his losses this past week as he steps over the top rope and proceeds to punch The One square in the jaw. The bell is rung, and the next five minutes are a total slaughter as Show just tosses Gunn around the ring like a rag doll, brutalizing him. Finally Show ends the entire "match" with The Final Cut. He stands up, places his foot on The One's face, and gets the 1-2-3 victory. As the ref calls for the bell Show scoops The One up and delivers a Powerbomb that shakes the ring. He stands over him, raises his arm and yells, then stalks off to the back amid boos from the crowd.




OR: 54

Al: What a complete and total domination by the 500 pound behemoth. The One never stood a chance.

Coach: You said it, Al. I have a feeling that The Big Show will be going back after his lost Hardcore Title before long.

Al: You could be right Coach, you could be right.

Coach: Up next, after these commerials, we will take a look back at the week that was here in the WWF.


The Week In Review

A rather lengthy video package airs after the commercials, highlighting the important events of the week featuring Stone Cold and The Rock, Just Business, HHH, The Undertaker, Raven, The RTC, Tazz, Kane, Shane McMahon and WCW, and the nWo. The package ends with Stone Cold backing off from the nWo as Shane is being spray painted.

OR: 87

Coach: All I have to say is that, above all else, I was quite disappointed to see The Rattlesnake back down to the likes of those four.

Al: I would watch what I say, Coach. However I do get your meaning quite clear. The nWo are a cancer in this sport, and we all know it. Those four killed WCW, and had they been allowed to run free in the WWF a few years ago, minus Bischoff of course, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have done the same here. In one week they have all walked around doing as they please thus far, attacking whom they feel like attacking, and saying what they want. The sooner someone, anyone, steps up and takes these three on, well four counting Bischoff, the better off the WWF will be.

Coach: Well Al, I could NOT agree more. Let's head back to the ring folks.


The Right To Censor Above All Others

The sirens blare, drowning out EVERYTHING else, as Steven Richards leads Brother Val out to the ring. They enter and Steven, looking quite a bit more composed than the last time he was on WWF TV, is handed a mic as the sirens come to an end and the fans can finally be heard booing.

Steven: In just a few moments Brother Val is going to teach ANOTHER of the despicable members of the WWF why the censored way is the only way. We have chosen an opponent this week that many may find odd, but I can assure you that this individual is not the quiet and calm man he pretends to be. However before Brother Val teaches the lesson to Steve Blackman, I need to address this team that call themselves The APA.

The fans cheer the mention of the name.

Steven: Predictable. As I was saying, the Acolyte Protection Agency, a group of beer drinking, gambling, former devil worshippers who now sell their services as glorified hitmen within the confines of The WWF, true crowd pleasers I am sure.

Again the fans cheer, much to Steven and Brother Val's chagrin.

Brother Val: I think you all need to be quiet and listen to what Steven Richards has to say, as this will have a huge impact upon the WWF and The Right To Censor.

The cheers turn to boos.

Steven: Thank you, Brother Val. As I was saying, we within The Right To Censor have been at odds with The APA for awhile now, but it is time to censor this duo ONCE and for all. It is not a matter of getting them to repent and join the cause, as the likes of Bradshaw and Farooq will never change. It is simply more important to take these two men and erase their existence within the WWF for good. The RTC vs. The APA, tomorrow night on RAW, and when you two lose, it will be your farewell to the WWF. Now, bring out the man who has brutalized WWF wrestlers for far to long.

OR: 72

Brother Val (with Steven Richards) vs. Steve Blackman

Blackman's music hits as Richards exits the ring. The fans pop a little for him, with some of the fans even starting a shortlived Head Cheese chant. Al makes mention of this, as Coach puts over the POTENTIAL match added to Raw's already stacked card. Blackman gets in the ring, sans any weapons this week, does some martial arts moves and warm ups to the air, then the ref rings the bell and he and Brother Val lock up. Val takes the immediate advantage, out wrestling the martial arts star in the opening minutes. Al wonders how a former porn star like Val Venis could have been persuaded to join The RTC, and Coach's words of wisdom stem from Steven Richards being very motivational to the almost cult like power he holds over the members. In the ring Blackman kicks out on two following a Fisherman's Suplex, and is slow to get to his knees. Brother Val goes for a cheap kick to the head, but Blackman catches his foot and trips him up. Blackman starts to rally himself, as the fans show little interest, and as Val gets to his feet he is met with a barrage of lefts and rights and kicks that soon send Val back to the canvas. Val attempts to roll to the floor, but Blackman stops him, brings him to his feet, and whips him into the ropes. Brother Val returns and meets Blackman's Pump Kick, sending him back to the mat hard. The fans cheer a bit as Blackman makes the cover, but Richards gets on the apron to stop the barely started count from the ref. As Blackman grabs Richards and begins to choke him, Sister Ivory rushes down to ringside and slides a book of some sort into the ring. Val grabs it and gets to his knees, the book hidden. The ref finally frees Richards from Blackman, who returns to Brother Val. He leans down and is hit square in the jaw with the book. Val tosses it to Ivory, who grabs it and backs up the ramp. Brother Val then slowly climbs up top and delivers the move formerly known as The Money Shot onto the prone Blackman. Three seconds later it is over.




0R: 71

(Brother Val gained in over rising from 63 to 65)

Bring Out The Beer Drinking, Gambling, Former Devil Worshippers

As Brother Val rolls to the floor, he is met by Steven and Sister Ivory. However the music of The APA plays, which causes all three to turn and face the ramp. The fans cheer as Farooq and Bradshaw come not from the ramp, but from the crowd. Farooq tosses a can of beer at Steven's head, while Sister Ivory scrambles to get out of the way. Brother Val launches himself at Bradshaw, but he receives The Clothesline From Hell for his troubles, crumbling to the mat outside the ring. Farooq grabs Ivory by the hair and rolls her into the ring, as Bradshaw takes Richards and sends him headfirst into the ring post. Farooq delivers a Spinebuster to Ivory in the ring, while Blackman, still dazed, looks on from the floor. Bradshaw grabs a mic and gets into the ring next to his Tag Team Partner.

Bradshaw: I think ya'll can safely assume Farooq and me accept the challenge for tomorrow night. If The APA loses, we close up shop and march our asses out of the WWF, but if we win, hell, WHEN we win, this here RTC goes by a different name for awhile. The APA's BITCHES!

Bradshaw raises his arm as the fans cheer mildly. Farooq grabs his partners arm, puts it down, and then asks for the mic.

Farooq: Well, I can only think of one thing to say about THAT...DAMN!

The fans start a small APA chant as they roll from the ring, their music playing, and head up the ramp alongside Steve Blackman.

OR: 67

Al: There you have it Coach, The APA vs. The RTC tomorrow night on Raw IS War, joining The Rock vs. Essa Rios, The Lightweight Title Match as Crash defends against Justin Credible, Eddie Guerrero defending his Erupoean Title against Test, and Y2J vs. The Game for the IC Title. What a night it's going to be.

Coach: You said it Al, with the added stips, that match should be off the charts.


Hardcore Holly Defends His Cousins' Honor

Once the break is over inside the ring stands Hardcore Holly, a mic in hand.

Coach: Hardcore Holly is in the ring, folks, and I do believe...

Holly interrupts Coach.

Hardcore: I'm not the kind of guy to ramble on about needless crap. Show the damn footage.

A video airs showing William Regal wrestling Molly Holly two weeks ago on Raw. Commissioner Regal locks her in The Regal Stretch, and it is broken up by Spike Dudley, causing Molly to lose the match via DQ. Spike is then put in The Regal Stretch, and the video ends, with the fans booing.

Hardcore: So, you wanna pick a fight with The Hollys? Fine, we'll pick back Commissioner Regal. That right there, that was horses(BLEEP). Come on out and face me Regal, go one on one with Hardcore.

Hardcore drops the mic and waits, as Commissioner Regal is shown in extreme close-up of his face, bruised as it is, on the TitanTron.

Regal: You picked a wise week to challenge me sunshine. As I am sure you are well aware, I am in no shape to wrestle here this week, so the two of us shall take a rain check. However, Hardcore Holly, I know of a man that is quite itching for a good scuffle, and I have taken the liberty of making the match. So, stand by Hardcore, as your opponet is...

The glass shatters, and Stone Cold comes from the back to a chorus of boos, his Smoking Skull World Title around his waist. On the screen Commissioner Regal smirks. Holly leaps over the top rope and meets Stone Cold midway down the ramp. The two exchange a bevy of fists, one after another, neither man selling the other's blows. Stone Cold finally ducks one, then it's a kick to the gut and a Stone Cold Stunner on the ramp.

OR: 78

Coach: it's Stone Cold, the WWF World Champion, Al, and he has already Stunned Hardcore Holly before the opening bell of the match.

Main Event Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hardcore Holly

Stone Cold grabs Holly by the neck and throws him under the bottom rope. He gets inside the ring, the ref calls for the bell, and Stone Cold, title still around his waist, stands and waits. Hardcore soon gets to his feet, and it's the double bird followed by another Stunner for the eldest Holly cousin. Stone Cold talks some trash, flips Holly off again, then makes the cover getting the 1-2-3. He calls for some beer, which is thrown to him, then rolls from the ring to the floor where he disappears to the back.




OR: 56

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

The scene cuts to the stage of WWF New York, where Al Snow and The Coach have mics and are standing before the fans.

Al: Well Coach, that was KINDA a match I guess. Hardcore Holly will have to wait to get his revenge on Commissioner Regal.

Coach: Indeed he will, Al. Folks, don't forget that...

Coach is cut off as the familiar strains of music that signals the arrival of the nWo hits. The fans cheer, as Al looks concerned and tells Coach to get out of here. Before he can do much more than push his broadcast partner towards the stairs he is attacked by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, The Outsiders. The two brutalize him on the stage, as we hear two familiar voices on commentary.

Bischoff: Well damn Hollywood, it's been awhile, but this feels right. The locale is different, but it's good to be back broadcasting again.

Hollywood: You got that right Easy E. Now take a look up on the stage their, brother, and you will see The Outsiders, the greatest Tag Team of all time, taking care of a big mouthed jerk.

Bischoff: What luck that we happened to be in New York City at a hotel watching Heat when...what's his name again?

Hollywood: The Snowman dude.

Bischoff: Right, right, Al Snow, yeah when he decided to mouth off about the nWo. Well Al, here we are, maybe it's time for someone to step up to us?

At this point Hall is on the floor and has made two tabels worth of people get up and move back. He does the nWo point to Nash, who picks Snow up and launches him off the stage and through the table with the Jackknife Powerbomb. The fans half boo and half cheer, while Snow lies motionless on the floor. Nash gives the nWo Wolfpac sign, then walks to the floor with Hall before they both join Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff at the announce position.

Hollywood: Oh ho, oh man what the hell, Kev? You killed The Snowman dude.

Bischoff is laughing hard and hands his head set to Nash.

Nash: Yannow what brother, I think I did at that. Maybe Al Snow wasn't the guy to step up to us, huh?

Hall spraypaints "nWo 4 Life' on the monitors behind them all.

Hall: One more for the good guys.

the show ends with the nWo walking off and a shot of Coach kneeling over the still completely motionless Al Snow.

OR: 83

OR: 66

TV Rating: 1.50

Attendance: 7041

Best Segment: The Past Week Video

Worst Segment: The Big Show vs. The One Billy Gunn

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