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Songs about heroin


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I was having a discussion with my friend yesterday about happy upbeat type songs that are actually about heroin. This is what we got:

Lou Reed - "Perfect Day" (It was the charity version of this that got us started)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Under The Bridge"

Rolling Stones - "Brown Sugar"

The Las - "There She Goes"

Any other ideas?

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Guest Tommy M. Wing

Pink Flyod- Comfortably Numb, not sure abotu that one but sure as hell sounds like a herioin song. "Just a little Pinprick"

Comfortably Numb is about a little boy having a fever. It's quite clear, especially in this part:

"When I was young I had a fever, my hands felt like two balloons"

Then again they might have had some hidden meaning but im too lazy to figure that one out.

Velvet Underground- "Heroin"

How suttle of them....

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Guest TheTokenWhiteGuy

Comfortably Numb is about a little boy having a fever.

We'll it could mean either with the title and all the lyrics. And now that i listen to it, it somewhat sounds like that, i guess.

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