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So, NBA 2K15 came out yesterday, and to my eternal pleasure 2K have given the PC version the full package (minus facescan) compared to the new gen versions.

So the game is very very purdy, the graphics are simply jaw dropping even after a year. And the game feels generally more crisper and more flowing as a whole.

AI Players cut to the basket and try to get open rather than stand around looking at you, defenders try to keep people out of the paint and players generally play to their strengths with shooters leaking outside and big men setting screens and getting inside for dunks and rebounds.

I'm not sure if this was present in next-gen 2K14, but GM mode has gotten a big overhaul too with a lot more narrative in place from individual player happiness, to the happiness of your staff. The staff members all got the same ''next gen'' look just like the players, rather than being generic pictures like in previous iterations.

Staff positions have been altered too. No more 3 scouts, instead you have 1 head scout who does all the work for you.

There's also a new position as you can hire a CFO to maximize profits for the team.

All staff have grade skills, Coaches have offense/defense/potential, Assistant GM has Contracts/Trading/Potential and so on.

But the really nice addition to staff is the addition of a multitude of ''badges'', which essentially is the ability system from 2k14 on crack. There are positive badges like ''former player'' and ''Fitness Guru'' that help in various areas, but there are also negative traits like ''snake'' and ''ambitious'', which naturally hurt aspects of the team. For example if your Assistant GM is a snake, he might ''forget'' to tell you about owner goals, in an attempt of getting your spot.

Speaking of it, Owner Goals are more varied now too. I started with the Utah Jazz, and the first three orders the owner gave me were ''Play Exum for 24mpg over 54 games'', ''Make the roster top 15 (as if)'', and ''Win 18 home games''.

Some are demands which weigh heavier on owner happiness, there are also ''wishlists'' as in something that will no doubt make the owner very happy, but they're not a bottom line.

Adding to that, Owners have their own personalities now too. Some are impatient win-now owners who simply want to win, no matter what. There are cash throwers who don't care about luxury tax that much as long as it gets results, and there are more laid-back and non-intrusive owners who simply want the team to do well and keep a tight profit doing so.

Example I started with the Jazz, who'se interests are keeping great morale, fan support, and of course make some money (for a major run). But he's very patient in your dealings.


Then there's the players, which it all revolves around.

Like the owners, the players also have the ''badge'' system now, and instead of the very rigid and generic ''abilities'' of 2k14, they grow in their roles and get badges of varying level accordingly. That way players are more or less unique in their playing style, with guys like Hayward being hustle players, and guys like Iggy being hard defenders.

Aside from offensive/defensive skills, there are also ''mentality'' badges that change the way the player acts on and off the court. Guys like JR Smith are ''unpredictable'' which can lead to issues with the roster or have him vary wildly from game to game. Or guys like Dirk Nowitzki who have a low ego caring more about the team rather than personal glory. Again, making players unique and making it more worhtwhile of going after those lesser-skilled good-mentality guys to round out your bench rather than fill your team with high ego loonies.

Adding to all that, there are also a bunch more player attributes that make up a player. Passing for example has been split up into three categories of Accuracy/Vision/IQ, which again makes every player different.

Shooting also has been split up to moving and standing shooting, as of course some players are better/worse when they're moving whilst shooting. And you don't see Kyle Korver do a running fadeaway from 3pt range. A third attribute rounds out the shooting stats as a general ''shooting IQ'' which as it says, entails in how smart players are in deciding when to make a shot and when to pass it along. A guy like Nowitzki has 99 shot IQ, JR Smith has 66. Again, makes a lot of sense and it's a very nice addition.

And finally the defensive attributes have been fleshed out more, but I have talked a bit too much already about all this..


In general my opinion after playing My Career for a bit and starting a franchise and playing a game. The gameplay is as good as it ever was, and it has been made tighter, crisper, and just generally better as a whole.

The step to next-gen was needed after 2k14 on PC being a rehashed 2k13, and the differences in graphics are just astoundingly huge. Players look and act more alive, the crowds look lively (but don't sound it) with even guys on the last row not being a cardboard cutout anymore.

In general 2k15 feels like a breath of fresh air, and I was truly overwhelmed with all the options and screens in the franchise mode. It really feels like they went all out in making the game better rather than taking it easy again.

I'm getting the same feeling I got when I bought 2k8 for the 360 way back stepping from having played NBA 2k7 on PS2. It's simply a breathtaking experience, and I feel like I'm going to enjoy this game a whole lot more than I enjoyed the past 2 games which really were suffering from ''same old'' syndrome.

Now i'm only hoping that 2K fixed the fucking atrocious internet play on the PC, because that would really make this game a must-play every single day.

One final thing still, for some reason I suck at creating a player face, because they all come out looking like Lenny or just something apelike. But at least the players don't look one and the same anymore like the old games.


Anyways, ridiculously long semi-review aside. If you got the game, discuss :)

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So, NBA 2K15 came out yesterday, and to my eternal pleasure 2K have given the PC version the full package (minus facescan) compared to the new gen versions. So the game is very very purdy, the graphi

Shaq: Gordon Hayward reminds me alot of myself. Great finisher, great shooter, 80% from the line for his career. Ernie: So what reminds him of you? Shaq: 80% from the line for his career. *awkward

At least EA's worked, to a degree. I mean, FIFA's started turning everyone bright orange somewhere after FIFA 11 but LL did manage to turn out looking like Sly Stallone in Madden last year, eh?

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Every time I've tried it in Madden, I've looked like - to use the words of the great Dave Attell - a gigantic baby. I do like the idea, but it's one that needs quite a bit of work to operate consistently. Something like this doesn't even need pinpoint accuracy, just a reassurance that we're not unleashing diabolical basketball hellions not seen since Space Jam.

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Got a message yesterday saying I could pick up my game as I pre-ordered it (Australia), didnt get off work in time to get it though :( gonna try my luck again today...

Anybody heard what I miss out on with the PS3 version? Obviously I don't everything the new gen consoles get but is it a huge difference?

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Every time I've tried it in Madden, I've looked like - to use the words of the great Dave Attell - a gigantic baby. I do like the idea, but it's one that needs quite a bit of work to operate consistently. Something like this doesn't even need pinpoint accuracy, just a reassurance that we're not unleashing diabolical basketball hellions not seen since Space Jam.

Don't know what the hell you were doing wrong, I've produced fantastic results


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Yeah I picked it up on PS3 today... Anyone else have MyTeam issues? Just keeps telling me it's down for Maitenance, or is it only a PS3 thing?

I started an offline career and it just seems like the same MyCareer mode for PS3, no upgrades or anything... Wasn't expecting much but it's really no different from last years...

Hope it at least had some upgrades for the new gen players...

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Oh and it still annoys me how even though you get drafted in somebody else's place in the 2014 draft, that player whose place you took is still on the roster...

I think it should simulate the first season with the current rookies and then throw you in the 2015 draft... Might be hard for them to do I don't know but kind of annoying when you get drafted as a PG and the guy they chose IRL was also a PG and now you are stuck behind him too lol

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I do like the customization of MyLeague. I've replaced all the NBA teams with Euroleague teams, then filled out rosters with legendary players and the best of the current NBA players, and will do a fantasy draft.

If only the game would stop crashing.

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I read somewhere that on the Next-Gen you are undrafted.

Yup, the next-gen game (PC too) makes it a whole story-mode kinda affair with drama and all that good stuff.

You start out undrafted and have to play yourselves into a team. Depending on what position you took, some teams are easier to get into as other.

I started as a PG, and the demands from the Mavericks where much higher because they already got two decent guys in Nelson and Harris.

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Nelson and Harris are not the worst to go up against!

I want to go SG first time around, hopefully land on a play-off team without a great SG starter.

It's an interesting system. You gotta have a try-out with a team you choose (not every team is on there), and depending on the general level of team and also competition, your expectations are going to be higher for the try-out.

Like the Hornets wanted to see a C from me, whilst the Thunder wanted an A+ performance.

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Gonna download this on PS4 sometime this weekend, heard there were some issues popping up with the game in terms of online or something but hopefully that's cleared up by the time I buy it. Might wait it out if not.

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      So who EWB? Who? Please help. Who's going to be a fun team to watch this year?
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