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Herr Matzat

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i found this on a german board without source given so don´t take it as 100% confirmed, sounds like the big deal they planed on bringing sinc forever now, maybee there even are songs in that we realy don´t know, not like you know your right wich every nirvana nerd had years before ^^


Street Date: Nov. 23, 2004

Features the hits, live performances, previously unreleased rarities and b-sides

Over 50 unreleased recordings including Kurt Cobain's demos

Hours of unheard music and unseen footage

Features a 60 page booklet. DVD with first edition only

3-panel digipack, front cover is a metal plate

Closed size is 26cm x 14.5cm x 2.5cm. Open size is 81cm x 14.5cm

I don't have pricing, artwork or tracklistings at this time but hopefully that will be available soon. I also don't know yet, if any singles, promos or videos will be released in connection with the box. All I do know is that what millions of Nirvana fans have been waiting for since 1997 or so is finally here. I really have no idea what recordings they have used to compile this set. Indeed, some of the Cobain demos must come from all the cassette tapes that he apparently left behind. The band also did a number of studio sessions which yielded songs that have yet to be released - although much of this material is already circulating amongst fans. It will certainly also be interesting to see what the DVD has to offer; perhaps Nirvana's music videos and some live stuff. It seems unlikely from the description that an entire concert is presented on the DVD. It's probably clips from various shows. In any case, this is a great day for Nirvana fans!

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Guest Angry Baboon

Yes, The demos are crap anyway, I've heard a lot of them. That Seasons in the Sun cover is so rubbish, and the Fecal Matter tapes? EURGH. What a tit wanking turd he was.

8. The Sex Pistols: 'Never Mind The Bollocks'

"A million times more important than The Clash"

"HOW do I explain that? Hmm. Both were the original punk bands, but The Clash were always a bad imitation of The Rolling Stones, in love with America. But at least they took their girlfriends with them (The Slits). Their music was terrible, though. I blame 'Sandinista!' for not letting me get into punk, years after I should've done - it was so bad.

"The Pistols album has the best production of any rock record I've ever heard. It's totally in-your-face and compressed. All the hype The Sex Pistols had was totally deserved - they deserved everything that they got. Johnny Rotten was the one I identified with, he was the sensitive one.

"The only reason I might agree with people calling our band 'The Sex Pistols of the Nineties' is that for both bands, the music is a very natural thing, very sincere. But in terms of influence, f***, no! Rock is too exhausted for that. We haven't produced a totally original sound like that. We might be uncompromising, but that's about it. We're an obvious metamorphosis."

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In 2000, when there were first rumors about the boxset, my mother promised to get me it.

Four years later and I still clearly remember that promise, but no longer really want the boxset. Hnnnn.

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Guest seattlebandfan9

I remember when I was a huge Nirvana fan a few years back and this was all that I thought about. It was in talks for a long, long time. And now that this official, or may not even be, and I'm not the biggest fan of Nirvana anymore.....I will still pick it up.

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