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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

Riceman 4K

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Damn, this game is hot. I just love the whole "throwback" feeling when I play this game.  Mega Man Anniversary Collection is another one.  I wish they would make more of these.  Back to the topic, for those who don't have this, go out right now and buy this game.  It's that fucking good.

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I was disappointed. I was hoping for all the games, not all the gamesmerged into one big game. Like having an original fighter face a character from a different game. Seems a bit retarded.

Meh, it's probably only because I got the Sonic Mega Collection in the same day. Sonic > Street Fighter. (¬_¬) *ducks flying fruit*

EDIT: Yes, Xand.

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I feel ya Kraig. But its not that bad, I enjoy messing around with all the characters and what not. And SF >>> Sonic. Believe dat :)

I also posted this at another board but decided to post this here at well. Enjoy.

I'm 19 years old and have been a gamer for about 13 years now. For me, nothing beats the classic games. I'm a sucker for NES and SNES games. In fact the SNES is my most favorite system followed by the PSX, but I digress. I have SFAC and MMAC and just love the nostalgic feeling that I get. The next-gen games just really don't do it for me anymore. So with the releases of those two collections, I was wondering what do you guys think should be released as a "anniversary collection" for the PS2? Here are mine...

TMNT - TMNT 1 (IMO, greatest game ever), TMNT 2, TMNT 3, TMNT 4, TMNT:TF

Castlevania - Include all the games from the NES and SNES and throw on the PSX version as well

SMB - 1,2,3,World, World 2, Mario 64, Mario RPG

SMB: Sports Edition - Kart, Kart 64, Tennis, Golf

DKC - 1,2,3, Kong 64

MK - 1,2,3, Ultimate

MMX - 1,2,3,4,5 + Mega Man Soccer

Metroid - Metroid, Super Metroid, and the GB ones as well

FF - 1,2,3,4,5,6,Mystic Quest, and the GB ones as well

Tekken - 1,2,3

Ninja Gaiden - 1,2,3

SFA - 1,2,3 and throw on EX and SF1

Squares Greatest Hits - Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, + some more (I just can't think of any right now)

DW - 1-7

Yeah, that's my list. I know that some of them aren't really anniversary collections but it'll be sweet if they just released them as a package. So yeah, that be it right there.

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Meh. The only Street Fighter Anniversary Collection I want to see has more to do with Sonny Chiba, and less to do with M. Bison. :shuriken::ph34r:

Street Fighter II was one of the first fighting games that I played a lot. (Not necessarily the first fighting game I played, however) But still, none of the games even rank in my top 5 list of best fighting games.....

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Guest Meatwad

Meh, it's probably only because I got the Sonic Mega Collection in the same day. Sonic > Street Fighter. (¬_¬) *ducks flying fruit*

EDIT: Yes, Xand.

There's a Sonic Mega Collection for the PS2? :blink:

Or is it another console?

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