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I wasn't sure which folder this went into, and since PS2s are good entertainment, well.

Anyway, do PS2s play DVD+R? I was at the official website for Sony, but didn't see anything about DVD+Rs. It did say it played DVD-Rs, but nothing about +Rs, but I wanted to make sure with someone here before going and buying a DVD+R off of eBay that I found.

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if you want to keep your PS2 running i would advise you to not even whatch normal DVD movies, same counts for musik (ps2 eats CD-r musik without a modchip aswell)

once every now and than, ok, but hey, a dvd player that eats everything and is a better dvd player than the ps2 can be bought for around 50 euro with no problem (you still pay more for a realy good one, but hey it already is better than ps2) wich is 49 euro cheaper than a new laser lens (not even speaking of the mechanic fees for replacing it)

i think Sony is replacing broken ps2´s fpr 99 aswell after the warrety, so you see what way is the cheapest to get out of this.

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I've played both DVDs and DVD+Rs on my PS2 a lot since I got it, which wasn't too long after it came out. I've had slight glitches with the PS2 (which I attribute to the high levels of dust it sits in) but never any real problems in how it plays.

I'd say go for it, though obviously if you've got a DVD player I'd use that first to be safe.

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