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The Clash

Guest Angry Baboon

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Guest Angry Baboon

Wow, I'd forgotten the godliness of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones.

Go and obtain these songs (In order, 1 being the best :shuriken: ). Now. ANYHOW.

1: I'm so bored with the U.S.A <---GREATEST PUNK SONG EVAR

2: Rudie can't fail

3: Car Jamming

4: Deny

5: White Riot

6: Hate and War

7: Lost in the Supermarket

8: Guns of Brixton

9: Guns on the roof

10: Cheat

11: Hateful

12: Four Horsemen

13: Louie Louie

14: Should I stay or should I go?

15: Wrong 'em boy

16: Know Your Rights

17: London Calling

18: Brand new Cadillac

19: Police and Thieves

20: Julie's been working for the drug Squad

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Yes, yes, yes, a thread dedicated to the Clash. How much I love the Clash.

I have all of their CD's (including live and compilations). Plus, I have various vinyl's of the Clash including Combat Rock, London Calling, Self Titled, Black Market Clash, etc.

My favorite songs that I didn't see [which I may have missed] Angry list are : Brand New Cadillac, White Man In Hammersmith Palace, Clampdown, London's Burning, Rock the Casbah, Stay Free, Train In Vain, Complete Control and This Is Radio Clash.

Like Punk Rock Music? Wait, no, let me restate that... like Rock music? Listen to one of the greatest rock bands of all time, who deserve a spot on every top ten list.

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My favourite band. Have all their albums anyway.

No way is Rudie Can't Fail better than Hateful. RCF gets really boring after a few listens. Hateful is one of the best songs on an amazing album.

And it's 'Wrong Em, Boyo'.

It's kind of shame that both of Strummer and Jones went on to become a part of the shitty dance-rock explosion, with Strummer furthering idiot douche Shaun Ryder's career, and Jones forming Big Lamedio Dynashite. At least Strummer had the Mescaleros though, they were pretty good.

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Dead Kennedys version is better...

Some might prefer the original by the Crickets. Myself, I prefer the Clash version of that song. Overall though, I'm more of a Dead Kennedys fan.

I like the Clash quite a bit, but there not my undisputed number one favorite. There's a few bands I rate above them, but that's me. Some of my favorite tracks that weren't listed are Jail Guitar Doors, London's Burning, Know Your Rights, Brand New Cadillac (I also recommend checking out Billy Childish and thee Milkshakes cover of this), Jimmy Jones, and Clash City Rockers. I do have their Essential Clash DVD, and it has alot of great footage.

Yes, yes, yes, a thread dedicated to the Clash.

We definitely need more threads like this one.

Edit - A story my dad once told me about the Clash...

He saw David Johansen aka Buster Poindexter (the lead singer of the New York Dolls) open for the Clash. The story is, Johansen put on a great performance, and really had the crowd going. The crowd was dissapointed when he left, and booed the Clash once it was their time. They had things tossed at them, the people wanted Johansen back. It's a funny story, I can't picture the Clash getting besmirched like that. Although, an old friend of his who was also with him at the show, said it was an off night for the Clash. It happens.

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Guest homerjfry

"London Calling" is in the top 5 rock albums of all time. It is genius and beautiful all at the same time. Great times every time I listen to it.

Plus you all forgot "Card Cheat", which is a fucking great song too. The Clash rocks.

Check out Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, too. They are a great band as well. Don't sound too much like the Clash, but it is unique. His cover of "Redemption Song" is haunting and tragic, and the video is tear jerking as well.

And yes, the Clash is one of the top bands ever. Influencing the world over, whoever hasn't heard anything by them should go out and buy London Calling now, or tear out your eardrums, because you're just wasting them.

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Guest kijlhumt

I'm So Bored With the USA isn't in their top 50 songs ever...

Top 5:

-1- London Calling

-2- White Riot

-3- Train in Vain

-4- Guns of Brixton (the Dropkick Murphys did a very nice cover of this as well)

-5- Hateful

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