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Ok, wasn't sure whether to put this in the sports bar or not. If its in the wrong place i apologise.

Anyhoo, I need some kind American/Canadian/All-knowing hockey guru to explain some of the rules surrounding hockey. Just the more complicated ones, not during games but stuff like drafts and that. Being english we never get that stuff explained over here.

so yeh, if someone can explain the whole draft system and explain waivers to me it'd be greatly appreciated.

EDIT ~ Also, to avoid starting a new topic, i'm looking to buy Battle Royale the book, but I'm unsure what it looks like (And I can't find proper info on them on Amazon) Basically I wanna make sure i'm buying the original novel and not the manga. So if someone could show me what the novel looks like or something then that would really help

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The draft is held in the offseason. The draft order is based on the record from the previous year. You can follow the progress of potential rookies all season long within the game.


Players after certain amount of games/years (someone clear this up....I think I'm forgetting off the top of my head) players have to clear waivers before being demoted to the minors. Putting players on waivers gives the rest of the league to take the guy without having to trade anyone. If they take the player however they are responsible for the rest of his contract.

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EHM 101 is a great place to go for information regarding the game.

But if you're looking for stuff related to the actual game of hockey..

The Draft [in EHM]

The EHM draft is different from the real life draft, so I'll just explain the games version.

There are 30 teams in the league. The team that finished last in the league gets the first over-all pick in the Rookie Draft.

To find out where you're drafting, open the Draft Central menu, and click draft order. Find your team's call letters, and that'll be where you're drafting.

To find out the rankings of rookies available in the draft, click CSB [Central Scouting Bureau] Rankings.

EHM's CSB Rankings are very biased towards forwards. Rarely will you see a defenceman or goalie in the top 10 rankings - and if you do, chances are, that player is extremely talented, and will blossom into a great player.

EHM 101 has more info on drafting prospects, as well as scouting them.


Waivers work very oddly in EHM.

Once a player plays a certain amount of pro games [meaning playing for an NHL team or their AHL affiliate], he will have to clear waivers before he can be sent BACK down to the minors. The amount of games, I'm not sure of, but I do believe it's three years pro - although the amount of games that constitutes a year, again, I am unsure of.

When a player appears on waivers, you can claim him. It'll cost you $50,000, but otherwise, it's a free transaction.

Players on your team who must clear waivers will have a strike through their name.

Players with less than three years pro experience, and who are over the age of 20, should not have to clear waivers to be sent to the minor leagues [your AHL team]. Players without a strike through their names do not have to clear waivers.

Players under the age of 20 do not have to clear waivers - but you cannot send them to the minor league, as they are still junior aged. You have the option of either playing them on your NHL team, or sending them back to juniors for the ENTIRE year. Once they are sent back, they cannot be called up until next year's training camp.

There are certain instances when a player does not have to clear waivers, but they are special cases.

The waiverdraft comes up once a year, after pre-season, and before the regular season begins. Players with less than three years pro experience are exempt from the waiver draft, however, players with over three years are unprotected - until you protect them.

You can protect the equivalent of one NHL team [2 goalies, 6 defencemen, 12 forwards] from your crop of NHL and AHL players. After you reach the maximum number of players, the remaining unprotected players are eligible to be picked up on waivers by other teams. There are five rounds in real life, I believe, but in EHM, there are only two.

Obviously, you can choose two players from other teams that are unprotected, but it's an option - you can protect your 20, hope that none of your unprotected players get taken, and sit back and relax, if you want.

Also, if you DO claim a player in the waiverdraft, you must either protect him and UNprotect another player on your team, OR unprotect the player you've just chosen.

Okay I'm spent.

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