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Chart Wars 3


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Rising from the ashes of the freshly defunct CW2, Chart Wars 3 arrived. Written entirely from scratch in a new language the game developed quickly and I was eager to make use of the hard lessons learnt during the development of the failed prequel.

Rather than moving to a new language being a hinderance instead it proved a somewhat liberating experience. In the previous games Pascal had severely limited what I was able to achieve, with the new title being written in Visual Basic (although I had never used this language before it was chosen over Java for compatibility purposes) I was able to really set about creating the game I had envisioned from the start. Similarly, free from Pascal's memory restraints CW3 could also have the scope I felt was required to accurately simulate the music business

CW3 is the first game i’ve written that I’m pleased with, development has been pretty smooth and the backbone of the game is well written. The game’s datatypes have been designed from the start to be as flexible as possible as well. I hope this will not only make the game as immersive as possible but also I hope it will encourage a large modding community to grow up around the game.

Release Date :- TBA 

Game Features :- 

- All new image feature - now how your artist looks is just as important as how well they sing - choose from images ranging from Rock Chick to Gothic to Girl Next Door.

- Increased staff interaction - Your personnel now present you with monthly scouting reports, image analysis results and even keep an eye on your artists for you!

- Overhauled events system - things which happen to artists are now no longer one-off events, instead complex storylines can develop e.g. your artist could start dating, then years later they could get married, have kids etc or artists could find themselves trapped in career long battles with drink etc.

- Artists now generate personal wealth from their careers which affect the choices they make in the future - can you propel your unknown artist from the gutter to the top of the rich list? 

- New visual features - Install photopacks and be able to actually see photos of your favourite artists in action.

Visit Osiris Games for more info.

It looks awesome, I didn't know it was going ahead until a few seconds ago when I stumbled across the site, Chart Wars was good, this looks much better.

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Nah, CW2 had an error about the program being to big, which is also the same error that I believe Adam Ryland had so instead of releasing an incomplete game, Rob Cooper moved to Visual Basic.

The game WAS in it's final beta testing stage before a release would have been announced but one of the testers released a copy of the game to someone else. Luckily for Rob, this copy of the game had a major bug in it which prevented you from do almost anything.

Now Rob is working through bugs by HIMSELF without any beta testers, which has moved the release date back a few weeks at the least.

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Yes, he does. That's the point.

Jennings had "a memory error", that caused him to not be able to finish PW2, so he released the incomplete version anyway. That's what Paidy was reffering to.

Edit: Although why Rob switched "To VB instead of Java" without even considering C++ confuses me :P Although I guess Pascal -> VB is easier than Pascal -> C...sortof. But anyway, I'm guessing most people here don't care about the last paragraph, so I'll shut up :P

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Guest The Real Deal

Too late so here we go guys its been released -- The Release Date that is.

Many apologies to those of you who have just had to endure my rather sub-standard attempts at flash! I just kinda felt like after a year of hard work the announcement of a release date merited more than just a simple post. And hey, it's the best i could do at short notice.

Well, just to confirm, Chart Wars 3 will be released on Thursday Spetember 23rd, probably around 6PM GMT. On the day I will likely be creating a chatroom which you will be able to access from this site as well, i'll be hanging around in there for a few hours after release probably in case anyone has any problems etc.

And that's basically the news, as always post in the forum with your thoughts and be sure to keep the news section of this site as I will be adding several articles running up to release date.

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