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Fixtures for the new Premier League season will be released tomorrow morning, so let's make some bold predictions for the new season ahead: 

  • Leicester will only manage a top-ten finish.
  • Chelsea will only make the Europe League spots at best.
  • Top 4 of Man City, Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal. In what order I have no idea. Liverpool will just miss out towards the very end of the season.
  • Watford to continue to struggle under a new manager, particularly if one of Deeney or Ighalo leave, and get relegated. Bournemouth build on last season and do well again.
  • Hull to straight back down to the Championship with Middlesborough. Burnley to just scrape survival, at the expense of... let's say Crystal Palace.
  • Koeman's Everton to finish below his old club Southampton despite spending a metric fuckton of money.
  • Pulis (WBA) or Guidolin (Swansea) to be sacked first.
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Just want the season to start now. You're all fucking boring.

Nerf's rattled. 

Its amazing that you've only just got teletext 

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  • Ranieri sacked after hookers and drugs scandal (dilly ding, dilly dong, pass me the bong), Vialli takes charge and wins The Foxes a second PL title
  • Steve Bruce gets Hull into Europe and is then made England manager
  • Liverpool to get relegated, Klopp earns key to the city of Manchester
  • Berahino doesn't move to Spurs
  • Arsenal finish 2nd; Arsenal fans hang Arsene Wenger
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Spurs will still finish beneath us. I certainly expect Chelsea will bounce back fairly well. And I hope man u are still shit.

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2 minutes ago, MDK said:
  • Kaney to get shock Scotland call up; scores hat trick on debut

Scotland to still lose 4-3 to Faroe Islands.

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4 minutes ago, Executive Kaney said:

Scotland to still lose 4-3 to Faroe Islands.

  • Kaney scores all seven goals 
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In all seriousness here's my predictions. 

Top 4 (not in any order) Man City Arsenal Chelsea Spurs

I think we'll just miss out on 4th despite not having any European football. It'll be a battle for 5th between us and Man.Utd

Leicester and Everton to battle for 6th and 7th with West Ham, Southampton and Stoke rounding up the top 10. 

All the promoted teams will go straight back down, Sunderland will finish 17th and be involved in a relegation battle all season. 

Liverpool will win one of the cup competitions this year. 

Berahino will leave West Brom for fuck all due to being shit and West Brom not selling when they were being offered silly money for him. 

First team to sack their manager: Crystal Palace. 

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So we get our usual tough start with United, Leicester, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs as part of our opening 8 games. 

Stoke at home on boxing day and City at home on New Years Eve. 

I'll be in gran canaria for the Leicester game and then in Prague for the Chelsea game afterwards. 

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Struggling to find anything noteworthy about Chelsea's fixtures. We begin and end the season at home. We have back-to-back games against Arsenal and Liverpool twice (lovely). We're at home on Boxing Day AGAIN which annoys me...considering the travel difficulties when I have my season ticket already paid for.

But hey, since I will no doubt have to give up my season ticket next season due to baby costs I guess I'd better enjoy it as much as I can. :(

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Very tough christmas period and the April run-in sees a lot of the reverse.

Get off to a good start and we could be set up nicely to challenge at the top end.

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Leicester v Swansea    Sat 27 Aug   
Swansea v Chelsea    Sat 10 Sep   
Southampton v Swansea    Sat 17 Sep          
Swansea v Man City    Sat 24 Sep         
Swansea v Liverpool    Sat 1 Oct      
Arsenal v Swansea    Sat 15 Oct    

That isn't a very fun start to the season but Guidolin has some good results against top teams. Burnley makes a nice change for the opening day fixture as it's usually a Manchester team.

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    • By metalman
      I thought it would be appropriate to start this thread because the season starts one month from now (on 12 September) and because we have also found out that the fixtures will be announced on 21 August.
      We don’t know much at this stage, but I think it is safe to say that each team will play 38 games, coming up against each of the other 19 teams once at home and once away. There will of course be the standard 26 December game and exhaustive festive run, because tradition > common sense.
      Apart from when it comes to introducing VAR, of course.
      I hope all your teams exceed expectations this season, even though such an occurrence is impossible given that if one team is to perform better than expected, another must, sadly, fall up short. I can only pray that those of you who find their team in this position will not take this disappointment too hard.
      Finally, I want to say a little bit about why I have started this thread, despite not really supporting any one Premier League team (although I am of course happy to see West Brom and Fulham returning to the top flight after a lengthy absence; these giants of the game have been away for too long). I have started this thread because we all need to chip in and help Lineker. We sit idly by while he starts all these threads and it’s just not on. The poor boy isn’t getting any younger and I’m starting to worry that he might burn out. I wouldn’t want to see that, so get your shoulders to the wheel everyone.
    • By Lineker
      Wild and bold predictions, ahoy.
    • By Lineker
      Regarding that line about us - I imagine that we will be refused that by the Premier League and we'll end up on the road for the first four games - which is fine.
      Predictions! Some seemingly obvious, some bold and unlikely to actually happen...
      Top 4 - Man City, Spurs, Man Utd, Liverpool. In a lot of ways I see it being a re-run of last season at the top. Emery improves Arsenal but they still fall short of cracking back into the CL spots. Chelsea struggle due to being so delayed with everything this summer (Conte's prolonged goodbye, unknown futures of Hazard and Courtois). Wolves finish in the top half of the table. Cardiff, Huddersfield, and Southampton to go down. Warnock wins the sack race; dismissed by Christmas
    • By Lineker
      Fixtures for the new Premier League season will be released at 9am tomorrow morning, so let's make some predictions for the new season which will probably look stupid in six months or so: 
      Spurs will only scrape top-4 due to the Wembley effect. Pep's Man City will struggle again due to Ederson failing to settle. Arsenal to finish 6th. Huddersfield and Brighton will survive. Newcastle will be relegated with a different manager in place by Christmas. Watford will be relegated. Bournemouth will finish above Southampton. Bilic or Puel will be the first manager to be sacked. Talking of Newcastle...

    • By Kyle.
      So yeah, it was kind of getting lost in the talks of actual football, but if you'd like to join the EWB Fantasy Premier League, the code is below. Use this thread for fantasy team discussions and such.
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