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UK Gran Turismo Soundtracks


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Trying to make a playlist on my iPod to play in the car, but I can't remember much of the first two games. There was definitely a Garbage song on, but I forget which, and I've no idea for the rest (apart from Lose Control by Ash, the seminal GT song). I've looked all over, so if anyone can help it'd be appreciated.

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What a coincedence! I just found my Gran Tourismo album (the first one), so I can help you out matey.

Track listing

As heaven is wide//Garbage

Scary monsters and super creeps//David Bowie

Lost control//Ash

Chinese bombs//Blur

Bruise Pristine//Placebo




Atom bomb//Fluke

Wide open space//Manson

Not if you were the last junkie on earth//Dandy Warhols

A film for the future//Idlewild

Richard III//Supergrass

Whoosh//Bently Rythm Ace

Sister sister//Philadelphia Blutz



Sweet 16//Feeder

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Thing is though, although those are all on the CD, I dont think all are on the game. I dont remember Film for the Future or Chinese Bombs being on the game, although I could be wrong. Has anyone still got the actual game to check? Sorry to be annoying.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Weren't there a couple of Feeder songs on the first game? I know Sweet 16 was on one of them...

Uh-Huh, there was another version of "Just a Day", which was much better than the original as well.

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Just a Day was on GT3, and as far as I can tell its the same as the single version. Sweet 16 was on GT1, as well as instrumental versions of Chicken on a Bone, Tangerine, and possibly Shade. I mentioned the Ash song earlier (kicks ass from the opening TIE fighter noise to the end), Everything must go was the opening credits theme. Might just leave it for now, a few of the songs in MDK's list are already on the ol' pod, so might shift em over.

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