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The Return Of Greg The Bunny?


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LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) In a huge victory for fabricated Americans everywhere, Greg the Bunny is returning to television. The star of FOX's short-lived comedy "Greg the Bunny" will do a half-hour special on IFC.

Fans will recall that Greg got his big break hosting a movie showcase on IFC in 2001 (after debuting on New York public access in 1999). The bunny's FOX series, which co-starred flesh-and-blood actors Seth Green, Sarah Silverman and Eugene Levy, was cancelled after only seven episodes, a decision that still rankles dozens of viewers.

The IFC special, which could evolve into a new series run, will feature appearances by Green and Silverman as well as Adam Goldberg, Lou Ferrigno and IFC regular Jon Favreau, host of the channel's "Dinner for Five." The special will pick up two years after the end of Greg's series, finding the bunny humiliated and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, seeking solace with fabricated friends Warren the Ape and Count Blah in Las Vegas.

"'Greg the Bunny' was this tiny thing on IFC that became this huge series on FOX," says Alison Palmer Bourke, IFC's vice president of development and production on original movies and specials. "We always kept up our relationship with the creators, so when the opportunity presented itself, we thought 'Why not?'"

Bourke will join "Greg the Bunny" co-creators Sean Baker, Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano in executive producing the special.

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I liked greg the bunny, and was kinda pissed off when it got cancelled. I wish that some other stations would buy the rights to some of the shows that Fox cancels, because alot of them were really good, or could have become very good, but Fox just cancels them and kills the chance.

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