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Tiger Woods 2005


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I have not played 2004, but have seen it. What I want to ask is if 2005 has enough new features to be worth buying over 2004? I am wanting to buy one of them sometime soon, and I can't decide if I want to wait and get 2005 or just get 2004. I have looked up stuff on 2005 but didn't really get what all the new features were.

If you play Tiger Woods, should I just buy 2004?

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I own 2004, and it's a very good game. The real time events are fun and the career is long and challenging. Also it's a good multiplayer game.

On the other side of the coin, 2005 is going to have online. If you have online capabilities, it's a good thing

I say, get 2004 and if you enjoy it, buy 2005 when the price drops.

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OK well the skinny on this game is this:

I have '03, and '04. '04 I find to be waaaaay too easy, even with turning off all the options.

'05 has this feature that lets you "Tiger proof" the course. You can narrow the fairways, make them bumpier, make the greens harder (so they roll more), make the greens bumpier, make the rough a LOT thicker, basically anything to make the actual course harder. That right there makes it worth it.

As for the real golfers, I hear they're changing the setup of the World Tour mode. Instead, it's sort of a legends mode. In that you'll face the created golfers (Yosh, Mulligan, etc.) and at the end of an era, you'll face a legen (Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, etc.) until you get to Tiger himself.

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