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Good Martial Arts Movies

Farmer Reil

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Does anyone know the name of the Bruce Lee film with the multi-level temple, and on each level Bruce has to defeat someone with a special ability or style? Is it game of death? If it is, get game of death (or whatever it's called), very awesome, great fight scenes (obviously) and it's funny watching bruce fight Kareem the 7'ft kung-fu master.
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Drunken Master

Legend of Drunken Master (its actually Drunken Master 2)

Snake Fist Fighter (aka Master With Cracked Fingers)

Fists of Fury

Enter The Dragon (DUH!!!!!)

Wing Chun (Its a Michelle Yeoh movie, but its good some great fight scenes)

Five Deadly Venoms

Return Of The Five Deadly Venoms (mis-named; its not a sequel. It just has the same actors in it)

Bloodsport (about the only Jean-Claude Van Damme movie that's any good, besides Timecop)

Enter The Ninja

:shifty: And most episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger. :shifty:

And incidentally, Twin Warriors is the international release name. According to my copy of Asian Cult Cinema (which I need to see if there's an updated version of - mine is from 1998, I think), it was originally called Tai Chi Master.

Can't remember the name, but there's a Bruce Lee movie you should track down that has a scene where he fights (and kills) Chuck Norris.

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Kung Pow!

Yes, a movie so stupid, I find myself laughing and even quoting it. Class.

"Look! My finger points!"

"Hah! Face to Fist style! How do ya like it?"

"From this moment on you shall all refer to me by the name...Betty."


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