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The Next Movement

A new momentum based gameplay system that gives gamers a complete difference in control between various types of players. Now a player’s ability and physical makeup will determine how fast they can run up the court on a fast break, how well they can cut to the basket off their opponent, and more, creating a new level of realism and natural team movement.

Visual/Graphical Supremacy

Graphical realism has never come this close with new lighting effects, hyper-realistic court reflections, self-shadowing on the players, and the most lifelike player faces and expressions - gamers will think they’re sitting on the courtside seats!

Reactive Court Sense

Pioneering a new standard in artificial intelligence, computer-controlled players now have the ability to decide independently how they can best help their team and realistically react based on each human players’ actions. CPU players determine the best way they can help win in accordance with each team’s philosophy and distinct play sets.


Beyond the Next Movement, IsoMotion2 improves upon the exciting dribble system of last year. Deftly perform spins, crossovers, and fakes outside the perimeter and now, in the post. Use enhanced IsoMotion2 on the defensive side to contain overaggressive ball-handlers and force turnovers.


One of the most innovative features in sports games gets twice as big with over 100 new items, new timed mini games, and multi-player games. New respect level determines which player will answer your call for 24/7 games.

Presented by ESPN

New press camera angles, follow cams, and stat overlays all in the style of the worldwide leader in sports. The captivating Michelle Tafoya reports from sidelines while Hall of Fame legend Bill Walton dissects the action.

Play Online

24/7 multi-player, real-time stats, buddy lists, and friend connection updates, all add to our seamless online play for the ultimate community experience.

Big Ben Gets In The Post

J'Neal Wit A Baby Hook (in throwbacks)

Artest Changed His Shot With Contact

Answer vs. Starbury

Finley Avoids The Block

Isomotion2 With Boozer In The Post

Mr.Okafor Sportin The Bobcats

Spin Step By Starbury

Big Ben vs. Shaq

Feeat The 'Fro

Big Ben Goes Up For The Jam

TMAC Lays It Up

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Fear the Fro Friday - 09/03

While many think that the NBA is dominated by flash and style, it’s proven once again - by the World Champion Detroit Pistons - that team work, passionate play, and relentless defense wins championships. Highlight dunks and jaw-dropping crossovers look great on TV, but when it comes down to it, it’s about team chemistry, stubborn defense, and controlling the boards-- it all comes down to the basics.

When it comes to these elements, no player exemplifies these qualities better than Detroit Piston Center Ben Wallace. Demonstrated through his hard work ‘in the paint,’ tenacious defense, and winning attitude, Wallace led his team to capture the 2003-2004 NBA Championship. Given that the ESPN NBA 2K5 team and Ben Wallace personify passion for excellence, there is no more complete basketball video game than ESPN NBA 2K5.

Every "Fear The ‘Fro" Friday will reveal new information, screenshots, and videos, that showcase all the new features and enhancements in ESPN NBA 2K5.

Stay tuned - next week we hit hard (throughout the week) with lots of new material, developer question/answer sessions & more!

Fear the Fro Friday - 09/10

Realism to the game is the rule of thumb in ESPN NBA 2K5. There’s plenty of style and flash in streetball, but to truly capture the realistic play of pro basketball, ESPN NBA 2K5 adds new gameplay features and enhanced game mechanics to the virtual court.

Smooth and realistic movements are easily visible in ESPN NBA 2K5 with the Next Movement. At the basic level, players will notice the small details in animations as players protect the ball while dribbling, footplant when changing directions, sprint when accelerating in the lane, and much more. When players look closer, they will experience The Next Movement, adding a natural element to ESPN NBA 2K5.The Next Movement emphasizes realistic momentum, contact-sensitive moves and actions dependent on opponents, and control that is more fluid than ever before.

ESPN NBA 2K5 expands upon the IsoMotion dribble system with IsoMotion2. Now, players can use IsoMotion to expand their game in every area of the floor. In the backcourt players can use IsoMotion2 to get past defenders with wicked crossovers and spins. In the paint, IsoMotion2 empowers post-up players with new head-fakes and up-and-under moves. Players can also use IsoMotion2 in the air to make last minute adjustments to layups and dunks.

seeing as we missed the 1st 2 Fear The 'Fro Fridays.

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Guest BacknBlackHoez

Fear the Fro Friday - 09/24

Much like playing basketball, running a basketball franchise is a team effort. In ESPN NBA 2K5, gamers will realize all the joy and pain of running pro basketball operations through several key features found in ESPN NBA 2K5’s new franchise mode, The Association.

Every NBA team has their scrubs, rookies, role players, and superstars, and as a general manager in ESPN NBA 2K5, to maintain a winning record means keeping tabs on Team Chemistry. Each NBA franchise has a different Team Chemistry rating -- higher Team Chemistry means greater benefits to the team. Several factors can affect the increase or decrease of Team Chemistry including win/loss record, making the playoffs, intensity of weekly training, and player trades. But one of the biggest factors in maintaining good Team Chemistry is managing Player Personalities.

Almost every week in an NBA season when playing The Association, a team player will visit the general manager with a specific question or situation that he would like addressed. Every virtual athlete in ESPN NBA 2K5 has a different Player Personality and depending on the general manager’s response, Team Chemistry can increase or decrease dramatically. Players can come asking for more playing time, for more time off, or even just to blow off some steam to see you’re the general manager’s response. As the general manager, it’s not just about managing the budget but also dealing with different player behaviors.

When it comes to managing games, ESPN NBA 2K5 introduces a brand new simulation system, Full Authority, giving the user ultimate control in simulating games during the season. In a Full Authority sim, each quarter is divided into two different periods and the gamer must select different offensive and defensive strategies and abilities for each player. After strategies and abilities are selected, the user is treated to highlights based on the decisions made. Depending on the success of decisions, gamers can increase the number of shots to specific players, open new special abilities, make substitutions after each simulation period, and much more. Through Full Authority, players retain full control of simulated games like never before.

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Wow, those screens are making me want the game even more. I'm already waiting for it to come out, and the Franchise, or whatever those screens are from looks hot.

But, it seems like they went back to regular pictures..which I think is better. (A month or two ago all the 'profile pics' were animated sort of like the legends were in 2k4) Although they need to change Shaqs pic...he still has on the lakers jersey..

But it looks as if there'll be an 'EWR factor' with players bitching from time to time about something, which is all the more better. or something like that

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