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WWE Regeneration

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WWE Board Meeting 11/09/2004

Vince McMahon called an Urgent Meeting scheduled for 14:00 hours at Titan Towers. Many of the Share Holders in the Company were invited as well as Staff, some known and some unknown although it was understood that the whole of the McMahon family was present, including newly joined family member Jean Paul LeVesque aka Triple H. After 4 hours of deliberation, a press conference was later held with the following statement fronted by a WWE Press Officer William Embry

"After 4 hours of debate with the Major Shareholders of the Company and all those that are involved in the organization and production of the World Wrestling Entertainment Corporation have decided that there needs to be a major reshuffle in the booking and writing due to the large decline in ratings over the recent period."

It is rumoured that the new staff, while backed up by many more experienced and personal friends of the McMahons, are relatively inexperienced but highly thought of as personal to take the industry forward. While no personal statement has been made by the McMahon's regarding how the reshuffle of the WWE, it is understood that while Mr. McMahon feels the need to Utilize the Talent More Efficiently and Shape Up the Inadequacies, that it is important to use the current situation as backbone from which to build on rather than scrap everything and start affresh.

Unforgiven will go ahead as planned but it will be interesting how things will change as a result of this evenings events

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WWE Raw's Unforgiven

Main Event

Randy Orton© Vs. Triple H World Heavyweight Championship Match

Christian Vs. Chris Jericho Ladder Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship

La Resistance© Vs. Rhyno and Tajiri World Tag Team Championships

Shawn Michaels Vs. Kane

Chris Benoit and William Regal Vs. Batista and Flair

Trish Stratus© Vs. Victoria WWE Women's Championship

Heat Main Event

A-Train vs. Val Venis

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WWE News

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It is thought that WWE Unforgiven is going to be a turning point in WWE. It is thought that a lot of Wrestlers have already been prepped on the Raw Roster including the Non-Wrestlers.

It is also rumoured that there will be some sort of Suprise Heading for the PPV as the Writers and Technical Teams have gone on lock down in regards to what is going to be happening on Future Shows.

Also, people who have already bought tickets to see Monday Night Raw on the 13th of September will be happy to know that THE ROCK is scheduled to be at the show

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While it is Already known that John Cena is fighting Booker T in the Fourth Fall on Thursday in the Best of 5 Competition for the WWE United States Championship (Booker is 2 v 1 up), Kurt Angle has had his request accepted by GM Theodore R. Long to make a Statement following the Return of Big Show on Smackdown's previous installment

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We Have Exclusive News that Brock Lesnar could be returning to the WWE sooner rather than later. After being Cut from the Minesota Vikings, a return to the WWE has looked inevitable and it is thought that he has had some close contact with Vince McMahon over the past couple of days

There have been many negative reports about the misuse of Chris Benoit over the past month after he dropped the World Championship to Randy Orton at Summerslam.

The consensus regarding Benoit is that many while many were excited about the huge push that Benoit got at the start of the year, that the aftermath of his title run has left him looking a very mediocre and very likely to be absent from any title storyline for the forthcoming months.

Backstage sources have expressed extreme concern about the circumstances and that they hope that the backstage staff shuffle will create some genuine main event wrestlers and not people who are just there to carry the belt between Triple H title runs.

It has also been thought that Eddie Guerrero maybe taking some time off wrestler after No Mercy due to the inreasing concern over his mental health for the last months. However there has been no confirmation of the validity of this news nor of the time that Eddie would be way for

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WWE Unforgiven

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Live from Portand, OR

JR - Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Sunday Night Heat, we are now only moments away from WWE Unforgiven, presented by Monday Night Raw. But before we kick, we have a little Sampler for all you fans out there

Lawler - Thats right JR, because Tonight on Heat, The Monster A-Train is going to take on one of my favorites Val Venis tonight!

JR - And then After that We have 3 hours of programmed events including Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Lawler - Not forgetting of course, Christian vs. Chris Jericho in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship as well as the Women's and Tag Team Championships online also!

JR - King I really cant tell you how pumped up I am about tonights Matches

Lawler - Me Either Tonight! Oh I Just can't wait to See Trish! Ha!

Sunday Night Heat Main Event:

A-Train vs. Val Venis

Val Venis came out first to a mediocre pop from the crowd wearing his towel around his waist. Val Venis grabbed hold of the mic and pretended to interact with the crowd before A-Train's music hit and he stormed out to a solid boo sliding into the ring before raising his arms increasing the boo rate. Maybe they smelled his armpits. Val Venis started off the attack before the bell chocking A-Train with his towel before the ref took it off him and the bell sounded. Val tried to get hold of the match by taking A-Train to the corner, but A-Train's power and all round hairyness meant that A-Train took control quickly. After a solid beat down, A-Train through Val Venis to the outside. A-Train threw Val Venis in the steps making a huge crash and getting the crowd more into the match. A-Train continued the beat down by slamming Val Venis onto the crowd barrier cracking his mid-section before rolling back into the ring and telling the ref to count. The ref got to the count of 7 before Vel Venis got into the ring again. A-Train went back on the attack by Val Venis blocked the moves pushing A-Train back before running against the ropes and getting hit with a huge Scissors Kick. A-Train then grabbed hold out of Val Venis before hitting the Derailer for the win A-Train has an evil grin on his face after the match. (64,65,80)

JR - A-Train really showing some intensity tonight King

Lawler - JR, A-Train is one of the most mis-used wrestlers on this roster. I mean, that guy is just screaming dollars!

JR - I agree, A-Train seriously is a monster!

Lawler - Just think about how much money he'd make on Personal Hygeine Stuff though? Deoderant, Shavers! Haha, would be the biggest money making wrestler since The Rock

JR - Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just moments away from Unforgiven! Get your drinks, get your food, Get comfortable!, We Will be RIGHT back!

A Opening Package for Unforgiven is shown before the Cameras go back to JR and Jerry Lawler

JR - Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to WWE Unforgiven, Tonight we have a huge night ahead of, including Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Lawler - Oh My God JR, the time is here and I am so Excited about tonight's events, and we are only moments away from the first match of the night.......

Back In Black hits by James Johnston and Eric Bischoff hits the entrance ramp with quick pace sliding into the ring and requesting a mic angrily off the ring announcer

Bischoff = Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Eric Bischoff's Unforgiven. Now I know you are all prepared for the Opening Match of Tonight, between the teams of Rhyno and Tajiri and La Resistance but before we get right to the action, I have a very important announcement to make

The crowd are totally unwelcoming to the Eric Bischoff Speil

Bischoff - My Smackdown Counter Park, Theodore Long has just got off the phone with me, and after a long deliberation, we have agreed that due to the arrival of Carlito Carribean Cool on Thursday Night Smackdown, that, in exchange for the Survivor Series Main Event Contract, that Monday Night Raw will welcome tomorrow night, the ONE, the ONLY, Billy Gunn to the SHOW!

"Bischoff sucks" chants fill the arena


The Crowd continue to rip into Bischoff

Bischoff - FINE FINE! You know What? If you Don't Like That! Then Try this on For Size! Tomorrow on Raw, I guarantee, No I GUARANDAMNTEE,

*Bischoff Smiles* That The ROCK, is going to sign a Contract, Guaranteeing him to participate At Survivor Series!

The crowd cheers but this is blocked off by the Sounding of the Bischoff Music as he leaves the ring looking furious

JR - Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to WWE Unforgiven, Tonight we have a huge night ahead of, including Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Lawler - Oh My God JR, the time is here and I am so Excited about tonight's events, and we are only moments away from the first match of the night.......

JR - Strong Words from Mr. Bischoff there King

Lawler - Bischoff is really starting to feel the pressure now! Personally If he makes it to Christmas with a job! I will be suprised!

JR - You know what that boil on the face of humanity is like though King, I'm sure he'll slither his way into saving his own ass somehow

Lawler - What Bischoff needs to do is hope and Pray Triple H wins the World Championship back JR, Raw was better when Triple H was Champion!

JR - If you say so King, Anyway, the First Match up is Rhyno and Tajiri vs. La Resistance!

Lawler - What do you mean If you say so?!

Match 1 - World Tag Team Championships Match:

La Resistance© vs. Rhyno and Tajiri

La Resistance come out first to a large boo from the crowd. Grenier gets on the microphone first and begins to sing the Canadian Anthem before Rhyno and Taijri run in and break up the pain. Tajiri and Grenier start off the match, Tajiri taking Grenier down with sharp kicks. Aftter a good start by Tajiri, Conway comes out and starts the offensive with a clothesline. Conway brings Grenier back to the corner and tags himself in. Conway suplexed Tajiri hard to the ground and told the crowd where to stick it. Conway knows how to piss the crowd off well. Conway continued the offensive with a Randy Orton chinlock on Tajiri. Grenier got tagged back in quickly and threw Tajiri to the outside before taking the referees attention away from the outside. Conway blindsided Tajiri and threw him into the steps while Rhyno remained on the apron yelling out the Ref to turn around. Conway hit a snap suplex on Tajiri working on the back of Tajiri before rolling back in the ring. Grenier went back choking Tajiri with his boot before getting the 3 count and having to break before choking again. Grenier lifted up Tajiri before bodyslamming him to the ground. Tajiri looks weak. Grenier tags in Conway who goes up top. Conway signals for the elbow drop. Conway however misses it as Tajiri rolls out of the way. Conway looks as he got hit by a bus though. Tajiri crawls over to the corner of Rhyno, who is desperate to get in, but Conway scouts Tajiri and grabs him by the leg. WAIT Enziguiri. Tajiri tags in Rhyno. Rhyno runs in like a freight Train knocking Conway to the ground with a forearm smash. Then again! Grenier comes in but gets backdropped onto Conway before rolling out of the ring. Tajiri climbs up top. Grenier is down on the outside, he looks up. Flying Crossbody by Tajiri. Rhyno is still in the corner. Conway gets up slowly. GORE! Rhyno hooks the leg of Conway and covers Rob Conway for the 3 to become the NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Rhyno and Tajiri grab the title belts and hug each other while La Resistance regroup on the outside looking dismayed by losing the title belts.(63,67,76)

While Rhyno's music is still playing, the cameras go backstage to outside to a room saying "VIP" with the door is ajar

Bischoff' - Look Nick, this is really not a good idea that you here!

Nick ? - Eric, with all due respect, enough is enough, I'm not taking this crap anymore!

Bischoff' - Tonight is not the night! You can't do anything tonight! Just keep cool, enjoy the PPV!

Nick ? - Eric! You Sit Back! Tonight! Someone is going to be shown, why nice guys finish Last!

JR - What the Hell was that about King?

Lawler - I I, have No Idea JR? But Tonight, Someone is going to make an impact!

JR - Well someone else is hoping to make an impact tonight is Victoria, as tonight, she steps toe to toe with Trish Stratus for the Womens Championship

Lawler - IOh Baby!

Match 2 - WWE Women's Championship:

Victoria vs. Trish Stratus©

The Challenger Victoria comes out to the ring first with her usual dancing routine that no one likes and gets a few cheap pops from the fans. Finally, Trish Stratus's Music hits and she enters the arena accomponied by Mr. Tyson Tomko, your friendly neighbourhood problem solver. Too bad he can't solve the problem of his in ring ability. Trish and Victoria start off the match equally with punches either way. Victoria, who is evidently the more powerful of the two pushes trish into the corner before slapping her over her mammory region. Victoria then swings Trish round and throws her to the Mat. Trish then gets hit with a drop kick to the face busting up her pretty lips however fake. Victoria picks up Trish and goes for a suplex but Trish counters and pushes Victoria into the ropes into the right place for Tomko to grab her leegs and stop her momentum. Victoria turns around but as she is stopped, it allows Trish to hit a beautiful Chic Kick to the side of Victoria's face. Trish covers but only gets a 2 count. Trish hits a neckbreaker on Victoria taking her down to the mat again. Trish tries for another cover but again gets the 2. Trish is getting frustrated now. Trish gets out of the ring and goes over to the announce table. She has mischief on her mind as she looks grinning at the Women's Title Belt. Trish walks back to the ring but the Ref screams and shouts "No! No! Put it Back Trish" The Ref climbs out to confront Trish and get the belt as Victoria slowly gets back to her feet. Wait, Victoria is Spun Around. Tomko hits a HUGE POWERSLAM on Victoria. Trish drops the belt and quickly climbs into the ring and makes the cover....1...2...3 Trish Stratus wins the Match via Interference. Trish and Tomko meet up on the outside with the referee who hands her title belt! A succesful screw job by the Problem Maker! (65, 81,56)

JR - Damn It Kindg, Damn It! Why Can't Tomko mind his own god damn business?

Lawler - He's Trish's problem Solver JR, He Solves her problems! I wish I could be her problem solver!!

JR - Can you keep an eye on the wrestling for just a moment?

Lawler - I'm Just saying JR that I think I could solve a lot of problems like what clothes to wear..answer..None!

JR - Oh Dear Lord!

Lawler - What?!

JR - Well Folks, We are Moments Away from the Tag Team Match between Regal and Benoit and Batista and Flair of Evolution

Lawler - That's right, hide away from Trish's good looks!

JR - I'm not trying to hiii......

Lawler - Look JR, here comes Lilian Woooohooo!!

Match 3 - None Title Tag Team Match:

William Regal and Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair and Batista

Batista and Flair hit the ring first Ric Flair in his stereotypical blue robe. Good heat from the crowd before Regal and Benoit came out to the Cripplers Music, Regal looking the more fired up of the two ready for this big match, in the honor if everyones favorite (or so they tell me) Eugene. Batista and Regal start off the match with Batista knocking the bejesus out of Regal with his technical hard punches. Batista Slams Regal to the ground a few times in a row before dragging him to the corner by his nose and mouth and tagging in the Nature Boy. Flair Woo's to the crowd before dropping down to the Mat and starting to choke Regal. Flair chokes Regal twice in a row breaking for the count before choking once again. Flair tags back out to Batista who hits a huge elbow drop down on Regal. Batista throws Regal into the adjacent Ring Post and cracks his head into the side before raising his arms and screaming to the crowd. Batista hits a huge suplex on Regal and then covers him for the 2 count only. Batista tags in Flair. Flair woos once again before going for the figure 4. Regal however makes a quick counter and goes for a roll up getting a quick 2 before the 14 Time Champ gets out of it. Regal tries to make the tag but Flair wont let him go, he's so close. Batista gets into the ring and pulls Regal back to the center with Flair this time locking in the Figure 4 this time. Regal is in a lot of trouble and swings his arms back and forward. Chris Benoit runs in for the save but Batista blocks Benoit and the two of them go on the outside brawling. Regal is turning the Figure Four Over. Regal has it. Flair is in real pain. Batista throws Benoit into the steal steps before going back into the ring and pulling the referee down from behind knocking him down. Batista climbs back into the ring and breaks up the Regal hold on Flair. Batista grabs hold of Regal, SITOUT POWERBOMB! Benoit is back in the ring, he attacks Batista from behind, hits German Suplex on Batista. Flair is back up, German on him. Another German on Batista. Batista stumbles out of the ring and Benoit follows him. Batista is running, leaving through the crowd and Benoit continues the chase. Flair hits Regal with a Slap as he is getting up. Regal retaliates with a left hand. Flair its another slap, followed by another Left Hand. Regal hits an exploder suplex out of nowhere. Wait...look whose here, its Eugene. Eugene waves at Regal and Regal looks concerned at why Eugene is even here. LOW BLOW from Flair. Flair hits the roll up.......1.......2......3. Ric Flair and Batista bt. William Regal and Chris Benoit via Roll up Flair gets out of the ring looking knackered while Eugene looks on looking as if he didnt even realise what had happened. (72,83,79)

JR - Evolution make me sick to my stomach King!

Lawler - Evolution? If It hadn't have been for Eugene getting involved, Benoit and Regal would have won this match!

JR - Eugene? Eugene was just an innocent bystander who got caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time! Ric Flair cheated King! CHEATED!

Lawler - Innocent Bystander! I bet Eugene didn't even know what he was bystanding!!

JR - King!

Lawler - What?!

JR - You make me sick sometimes!

The cameras go backstage to Todd Grisham who is with Christian while JR and King continue to bicker

Grisham - Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here with Christian, Christian how do you feel coming into your Intercontinental Championship Match coming up Next?

Christian - Well Todd, its quite simple. Tonight, The peeps area going to be in for a treat as Mr Charisma himself, Christian, becomes the 3 time Intercontinental Champion

The Crowd boo Christian

Grisham - How do you feel about being in a Ladder Match against Y2J here tonight though? After all this is your first match back since your back injury against the man who put you out!

Christian - Well Todd, Y2J is a good wrestler! After all he is a Former WWE Champion. However Tonight, Chris Jericho is coming into my home turf. Don't Forget Todd, I am a 2 Time TLC Match Champion. And Those Matches were as Hardcore As you Could get. So Chris Jericho Can bring whatever he wants tonight to the ring, but tonight, Mr Charisma is bringing the Gold Back to his Peepulation.

Christian Walks Away from the Microphone heading towards the ring

Match 4 - Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Christian hits the ring Immedietly after the Promo shot and gets a lot of heat from the Fans. Chris Jericho Countdown then Starts down and the Crowd go Silent for the big Boom! The Crowds Scream as the Former 6 Time Intercontinental Champion approaches the ring with Many Y2J Chants. Jericho gets into the ring but while the Cameras were on Jericho, Christian dissapeared somewhere. Christian then appears from behind Jericho cracking him over the head with chair and the bell rings. No DQ match after all. The Ref can do nothing here. Christian goes right to work at Jericho by precisely hitting closed fist punches to the face of Jericho knocking him down to ground. Christian whipped Jericho into the corner and then dropkicked him right in the face. Christian goes outside to collect the ladder, with the intention of finishing it early but Jericho dropkicks the ladder into the face of Christian. Jericho climbs up top with the intention of Jumping on the Ladder but Christian quickly rolls out of the way and Jericho gets down. Jericho gets out of the ring and follows Christian round the ring before Christian stops and blind sides him with an eye rake before whipping Jericho into the steal steps. Christian goes to continue on the step beating but Jericho avoids it by countering the head smash and throws Christians face straight into the steal steps. Jericho goes for the nearest ladder. and throws it into the ring before getting attacked from behind by Christian who chucks him into the guard rail. Christian gets back into the ring and starts to set up the ladder. Jericho gets back into the rings and pushes Christian into the ladder before hitting a roll up on him, but Jericho isnt going for the pin...WALLS OF JERICHO! Christian is tapping. But it makes no difference here. After about a minute, Jericho lets go and starts to go to the ladder. Jericho climbs the ladder but Christian is up, and pushes the ladder side ways hanging Jericho on the ropes. Christian folds up the ladder and charges connecting with Jerichos head. Christian rests the ladder in the corner of the ring and whips Jericho into it, but Jericho reverses it and the ladder the falls back down on Christian on the floor. Jericho picks up the Ladder and lays it down the middle of the ring and then grabs hold of Christian before lying him on top of it. Here it comes...LIONSAULT! But Christian moves and Jericho goes ribs first into the ladder. Christian gets up and grabs hold of Jericho before hitting the Unprettier onto the Ladder. Christian rolls Jericho who is bloodied to the side before slowly trying to set the ladder up in the middle. Christian holds his back in pain evidently still feeling from the injury he had previously. Christian slowly climbs the ladder. Christian is at the top, he is touching the belt. He just cant unclip it. Wait, Jericho kicks the ladder. Christian goes flying onto the outside face first into the security barrier. Y2J Chants start as Jericho tries to straighten up the ladder. Christian isnt moving. Jericho is up the first couple of steps, now he's at the middle. Christian is moving now, he has noticed the danger but Jericho is nearly at the top. Christian grabs onto the apron trying to lift himself into the ring. But Jericho has his hands on the gold. Can Christian Make It? Jericho is unclipping JERICHO WINS! But Christian pushes the Ladder away as holds the belt. Christian is furious. Christian grabs hold of Jericho, before HITTING A second Unprettier. Christian gets out of the ring holding his back in the ring as the new WWE Intercontinental Champion is out in the middle of the ring. Chris Jericho beats Christian by getting to the Title Belt first for the WWE Intercontinental Championship (81,90,91)

JR - Y2J is Our New Intercontinental Champion!

Lawler - You know, all I can think about is poor Christian! He must be so down, letting down his Peepulation and all!

JR - Oh yeah, I am sure the fans are real down about Christian losing the title!

Lawler - Look at them! Miserable!!

JR - Well all you folks out there who are truely sad, get ready to cheer up because we are moments away from Kane vs. Shawn Michaels, a match which in my opinion folks, is going to be a slobberknocker!!

Match 5 - Grudge Match

Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels hits the arena first to a huge pop from the fan, evidently happy that the showstopper has returned. Midway through Michaels stripping of his pointless entrance attire, the pyros blast and Kane's music hit. However as Kane's music plays, there is no sign of the Big Red Monster. A few seconds later, out comes Lita shaking her head. Michaels confused, does not notice that commanding figure of Kane sneak in behind him and blindside him down to the ground. The bell rings as Kane starts off the match. Kane throws the Heart Break Kid straight into the corner and smashes him with huge right hands making his mark on the match. Michaels, totally stunned, then gets hit with a huge forearm smash knocking him down into the corner. Kane looks at Lita with this evil grin on his face before going right back to work on Michaels chocking him with his big boot. "1-2-3" Shouts the Ref, "Break it Up!" Kane lets go and he is smiling at the ref as Michaels gets up. Kane grabs hold of the hair of Michaels and he flings him into the centre of the ring Stephanie McMahon style. Kane, controlling the pace of the match picks up Michaels only to knock him straight back down again with the illegal closed fist. Kane picks up Michaels again and whips him into the ropes, before bending down to back dropping him but Michaels kicks him in the chest. Kane shoots up angrily and Michaels starts to fight back tothe screams of the crowd, one, two, three punches. Michaels driving Kane back. Michaels bounces against the ropes oooooooh only to get Kane's size 18 boot straight in his face. Kane drops to cover straight away but only gets the 2. Kane stands and walks over to Lita, shouting something to her but whatever he says, Lita isn't impressed. Kane grabs hold of the almost bent Shawn Michaels and hits a huge sidewalk slam on him before going straight back to the cover but once again gets a 2 count. Kane is not impressed with the referee this time. "TWO?" screams Kane, before shaking his head. Kane grabs hold of Michaels and throws him to the outside, Michaels landing hard and flat on his face. Lita runs over to him but when Kane notices this, Kane gets out of the ring and tells Lita to stay out of his business! Kane then turns to Michaels but LOW BLOW! Michaels hits a cheap low blow. Michaels gets back to his feet and is trying to take Kane down to the ground. Michaels hits Kane with hard fists but Kane isn't budging. HBK looks behind him, and tries to whip Kane into the steal steps but Kane reverses CRASH! Michaels goes knees first into the steps! Kane laughs and grabs hold of Michaels rolling him into the ring. Lita is back on Kane shouting "STOP! Kane PLEASE" Kane continues to smile at Lita evily before turning to Michaels to see his boot go shooting into his face, schoolboy style. Kane balls back against the security barrier. Michaels shouts at the crowd something incomprehensible before jumping over the top rope and hitting a huge crossbody on Kane. Lita cheers Michaels on but both men are hurt. Michaels is busted up somehow as well. Michaels desperately is trying to get up when Kane Sits Up! Oh My God Kane sat up. Michaels crawls back up into the ring but Kane is ready. Kane gets back in and he gets into the ring and Michaels tries to get some momentum by attacking Kane with kicks and punches. Michaels dropkicks Kane's knee taking him down before rushing to the turnbuckle. Michaels climbs but Kane is right back on him and slams him back down to the canvas. Now Kane goes up top. Kane stands on top waiting for Michaels. HBK is up, not aware, FLYING Clothesline. Kane covers HBK its got to be over....1.....2.....HBK kicks out. Kane slams the ground hard. He is so angry now! Kane climbs out of the ring and grabs hold of a steal chair. It looks as if Kane has resorted to weapons to win this match. But Lita is pleading with him. Lita grabs hold of the chair and follows Kane onto the apron. Kane is trying to pull the chair off Lita when wait look at Michaels he's up, tapping his foot, Kane look out! Sweet Chin Mus...Wait...Kane moves...Lita got hit with the Music! Lita goes flying off the apron. Kane looks really pissed off...Michaels turns...Kane grabs him by the Neck...CHOKESLAM! Kane covers....1......2.....3Kane bt Shawn Michaels via. Chokeslam After the match Kane goes straight to Lita and screams for some paramedics to get down to the ring immedietly. Paramedics come down to the ring and they carry Lita off followed close by, by Kane. (77,90, 79)

Cameras backstage go to Triple H, Batista and Flair talking..Triple H looks to be giving the orders

HHH - You know What to do right?

Flair - Hunter Man, Chill Wooo you know tonight, Wooo, its gonna be huge night, and you know WHY? cos Tonight, Triple H, is gonna be come not the 5 time, not the 6 time, not the 7 time not the 8 time, but the NINE TIME WOOOOO Heavyweight Champion of the World Man!

Val Venis is laughing

Flair - HEY!! VENIS! What you finding so funny MAN?

Venis - I just think it's funny how you are making this big speech Flair, and that at the End of the Night, you are gonna come away empty handed!

Flair - Haha, Hunter do you here this?

Triple H smiles

Flair - A Porn Star Wannabe telling us how things are gonna BE! How Stupid Are you? Haha! We're Evolution! Wooo! And We got more money, more power, more talent and more better looking women than you!

Flair grins at the rest of Evolution

Venis - You know what Ric! You're right! Sure! My Films May Suck! Bur Evolution, you Just BLOW!

The fans cheer with Venis but it is short lived as Flair attacks Venis. Venis fights off Flair before Batista takes Val down with a huge clothesline. Batista then picks up Venis and throws him down with a huge spinebuster. Triple H stops Batista before kneeling over Venis and smashing his face in with a few huge punches before grabbing his head and making him look at as his face

HHH - Val Venis! You think you are so special just like everyone else! But you'll just have to face the fact, like every other person in this arena, that evolution has passed you by!

Triple H punches Venis again in the face before Evolution laugh over him and then walk off supposedly to the ring

JR - Hideous King! Hideous!

Lawler - You know, Triple H was right, Evolution has passed Val Venis by. And Val Venis should have done the correct thing and kept his mouth shut and gave Evolution the respect they deserve!

JR - Respect? How can you respect someone who does the sort of acts Evolution do?!

Lawler - Because if you don't you end up like Val Venis, and very shortly, Randy Orton!

JR - Thats right folks, we are moments away from this the Main Event between Randy Orton and Triple H! This is how it started

A Promo Video for the Main Event is shown recapping the past weeks including Randy Orton spitting in the face of Triple H and the Evolution turn

Match 6 - World Heavyweight Championship Match

Randy Orton© vs. Triple H

Triple H enters the arena first accomponied by WWE's very own dynamic duo, the Nature Boy Ric Wooo Flair and the animal Batista. Triple H gives the two men orders before Orton's music hits the arena getting a mediocre response from the crowd. Orton gets into the arena and HHH and Orton have a face off. HHH tells Orton the belt is his and the smart thing would be to hand it over now, but Orton once again, handing the belt over, spits in HHH's face. While the ref is raising the belt, Triple H attacks quickly from behind with a lot of huge punches knocking Orton to one end of the ring. Orton fights back with huge punches of his own, pushing Hunter back before trying to go quickly for the RKO but Triple H pushes him away with ease Randy falling to the ground. Triple H stands over badmouthing Orton as he gets up screaming that the title should be his! Will be his! And there is nothing Orton can do about it. Orton gets up and the two lock up. Triple H knees Orton and Orton drops back and Triple H clotheslines him down. Triple H then picks up Orton and throws him out of the ring before distracting the referee. Batista and Flair stop putting the boots into Orton while the ref isnt looking but then the ref pushes Triple H out of the way and Ric Flair and Batista stand back. Triple H climbs out of the ring and grabs hold of Orton and throws him back into the rnig before starting something with one of the fans. Flair goes H, and Triple H turns around to get a big boot in the face from the school boy by Orton. Batista quickly goes to try and help Triple H up with the helf of Flair but Orton tries a risky move and goes for the crossbody off the apron (lol risky) and takes all three down with it. The crowd cheer. Orton grabs hold of Triple H and tries to whip him into the steps but Triple H counters and Orton goes straight in. Triple H rolls in and out of the ring to break up the count before going back to Orton. Triple H throws Orton into the announce table and then pulls off the tops before throwing Orton onto it. Triple H then climbs on himself screaming "you should have listened" before attempting the pedigree but Orton counters with a back drop and Triple H goes crashing onto the table and it collapses. Flair and Batista slowly approach a struggling Orton but the ref jumps out of the ring. Flair is pointing at Orton shouting that he needs to pay but the ref then tells them both to leave. Orton smilng as the two are arguing then gets hit with a huge low blow by Triple H. Triple H gets back into the ring again and then the ref starts to count with Flair and Batista now absent. Triple H gets to a 7 before realising that he can't win by count out so he climbs out in an attempt to bring Orton in but Orton is ready for him and starts punching him back. The two go at it before returning into the ring. Orton takes HHH down with one clothesline, then another, then a back drop. Orton covers...1...2. HHH kicks out., Orton goes straight into a chinlock. This is no ordinary Chinlock though, its a modified chinlock! After a while, Triple H starts to get up and walks backwards ramming Orton into the turnbuckle until he let go, before turning round and then and hitting a hard DDT on Orton. Triple H covers..........1........2....Orton kicks out. Triple H picks up Orton shouting its over and grabs Orton for the pedigree, here it goes, Orton pushes Hunter straight into the ref, the ref goes down and RKO! Orton hit the RKO on Triple H. Orton covers....but there is no ref. Orton, look out, Batista out of nowhere knocks down Orton with a clothesline. Batista hits the sit out powerbomb on Orton. It's gotta be over now! Batista rolls the referee back into the ring and runs through the crowd. HHH puts an arm over Orton, it cant end this way....1....2.....ORTON KICKS OUT! Triple H can't believe it. Triple H goes back outside the ring slowly and folds up a steel chair. Triple H says something to the crowd and then gets back into the ring. Triple H walks over to the struggling to stand Orton, and then...DROPKICK by Orton into the chair, to HHH's head. Triple H head bounces off the chair and then into the ropes, into a RKO! Another RKO by Orton. Orton has this match won.........1..............2....................Orton gets pulled out of the ring....The referee calls the bell.Randy Orton retains the World Heavyweight Championship by DQ through interference IT'S X-PAC! X-Pac picks up his nunchucks and waits for Orton to get up before cracking Orton over the head with them busting him open. X-Pac picks up the busted open Orton and throws him back into the ring, HHH looking completely stunned. X-Pac tells him to "Pedigree his ass". Triple H grabs hold of Orton before hitting him with the Pedigree. Triple H's music hits but he can't believe what he is seeing. The Camera fades to black with Triple H and X-Pac starring at each other! What will happen Next? (78, 91, 78)

Overall Show = 75

Crowd Responses (Biggest First)

Biggest Pops: Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and then Shawn Micheals

Biggest Heat: Triple H, Ric Flair and Kane

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

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Raw Preview

The Rock is scheduled to be On Raw tonight! Bischoff guarantees that The Rock is going to participate at Survivor Series but in what shape and what form? who knows?

As Well as this, what will the aftermath of the World Championship Match bring to the table? Was it planned? Who Knows?

And With Billy Gunn also set to debut on Raw, Monday Night Raw is set to be explosive! Tune in to find what happens!!

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Guest Prototype

Really good show! I liked Rhyno and Tajiri winning the titles. Im interested to see what you do with Billy on Raw and the appearance of the Rock. I was surpised Kane beat HBK. Im glad Orton retained, and the return of X-Pac was a big surprise. I wonder if HHH even knew he was coming? Could be an interesting angle. I also hope Val Venis gets a push, even a mini one, after his confontation with Evolution. Ive always liked Venis for some reason.

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

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Wrestling headlines

The Final Results from Unforgiven are in with a buyrate of 1.50. The attendance was 17786 people and $3750000 was made from PPV Revenue. $1067160 was made on ticket sales.

It is expected that both Rico and Chavo Guerrero Jr will be a part of the Smackdown brand show on this coming Thursday as both have been booked for house shows.

2 Matches Have Been Booked for Raw. First off, the Women's Champion Trish Stratus and the Problem Solver has been booked to go against Tough Enough 1 Champions Maven and Nidia and Billy Gunn is set to make his Raw debut fighting against William Regal. As well as this, it is known that Triple H has an announcement to make regarding the finish of Unforgiven and The Rock is set to be on the show

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

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Binkster's Backlash

Welcome to the First ever Edition of Binkster's backlash. If you hadn't guessed, my name is Binky and I'm here to give you my views and the views of the people of the shows. First off, let me tell you how this is going to work. Binkster's Backlash is an interactive column. Therefore if you have a question that you would like to appear in the next threads, all you have to do is email the Binkster at binkster202@yahoo.co.uk. The Column will either go up after Smackdown, so emails will be disregarded that come in any later than 2 days after the Smackdown show has been done.

Now to the Nitty Gritty.

La Resistance© Vs. Rhyno and Tajiri World Tag Team Championships

A Solid Match. The fans were NOT impressed by the Rob Conway gimmick and the match suffered overall because of the gimmick. Many glad to see Rhyno and Tajiri win the belts at the end

Trish Stratus© Vs. Victoria WWE Women's Championship

About all you can expect from a Women's Championship Match. Solid, but was not up to the standard of previous Trish vs. Victoria encounters. Poor interference from Tomko at the end cost the match some of its credibility also.

Chris Benoit and William Regal Vs. Batista and Flair

The battles with Evolution and the major faces of Raw continues over Eugene and such. With rumours that Eugene is likely to be out of the picture, how will they maintain the storylines in the future. It was also clear to me that after Batista and Flair won, it was unlikely that Triple H was going to win his match.

Christian Vs. Chris Jericho Ladder Match for WWE Intercontinental Championship

Most Probably the best match of the night! Good to see Jericho as 7 time IC Champion although it would have been great to see Christian with the strap again. I feel that it is highly possible that there will be a rematch

Shawn Michaels Vs. Kane

Great to see Kane win, although, this maybe the end of the Kane push and it is not impossible to think that Shawn Michaels could be very soon back in the main event picture. It will be also interesting to see who the next put up against Kane as I'd be suprised to see a return match

Randy Orton© Vs. Triple H World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Return of X-Pac provided interesting food for thought. It seemed that Triple H had no clue that X-Pac was coming back, however it seemed somewhat that Triple H and X-Pac were on the same page. It will be interesting to see whether X-Pac joins evolution or whether the return of DX is on the cards. As Long as Triple H fronts Raw, it doesnt matter who with right?

In regards to the forthcoming Raw, apparently the return of the Rock is to show the fans that The Rock is still with the company and is an attempt to destroy the current Rumours that The Rock is going to quit the company for a full time acting career.

Thanks everyone for the feedback, remember, anyone who wants to have an question answered here next time, email binkster202@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks for your time

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

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The show starts going backstage. The fans boo as the Opening Pictures show Evolution Chatting amongst each other.

Ric Flair - Man Triple H, I just spoke to Bischoff Woo, he said that Orton has promised Michaels a Match tonight! Can you believe that?


Ric Flair - Wow Hunter Man! Bischoff Said he was gonna sort it Wooo! Tonight Main Event....Triple H wooo, soon man, that World Heavyweight Title is going to be around your waste once again!

HHH - *grinning* Tonight! with Evolution by my side, this night is ours!

Ric Flair - Can't Do Man Can't Do! Bischoff said that we can't be with you at the ring tonight! Legitimcy things you know! Apparently, the man upstairs isn't happy about Evolution interefering in all the matches!!

HHH - What, NOW I'M A GOD DAMN CHEAT! Do I have to remind Bischoff that I AM THE 8 TIME WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Do I have to remind him that I alone put THIS SHOW on the God Damn MAP!

Ric Flair - Hunter Hunter Man, Bischoff told me to remind you that he appreciates the fact that you are hte reason but YOU and I both know Evolution is no longer your Only Option Anymore

HHH - What does that mean Ric?

Ric Flair - X-Pac man, thats what I'm saying!

HHH - That's it, I am sorting this out once and for all!

Triple H looks angrily at Ric Flair and walks off. Batista walks up beside Flair and looks at him

Ric Flair - What?!

The Raw Opening Video Starts to 'Across the Nation' by Union Underground. After the video, the pyros go off and the sound goes to Jim Ross and Jerry 'the King' Lawler

JR - Hello everyone to the NEW Edition of Monday Night Raw, I am Jim Ross, along side me Jerry, The King, Lawler, Jerry.

Lawler - Thank you JR and What A....!

'TIME TO PLAY THE GAME' blasts out of the PA System as the Motorhead song sounds off around the arena.Triple H hits the entrance wearing his suave suit pants and black shirt as he makes his way to the ring. HHH orders Garcia to hand him the mic before prancing up and down the ring looking at the arena

HHH - Ever Since Last Night! All I have heard was! "Hunter, Well Done bringing X-Pac back!" and "Hunter, great choice for a new member of Evolution", "X-Pac this, X-Pac that!".And While, I am glad that X-Pac, a guy who once I considered to be my brother, a man that was part of the famous Degeneration X is back in the WWE, I WAS NOT responsible for his return.

The Crowd boo Triple H after the comments

HHH - X-Pac, Sean, I know you are back that! Why Don't you come down to the ring!

The Entrance remains blank as the crowd await his arrival in the arena.

HHH - Fine, you know what X-Pac, that fine, since you are not man enough to come to the ring, I will tell it out straight. Last night Pac, Last night, you stuck your nose in where it wasn't belonged! Last Night, you interefered in my WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH! MY MATCH! Last Night Pac! Last night! I had the match WON! You hear me! WON! And then you came into the arena and you got me disqualified and look now! Look! RANDY ORTON is STILL the Worlds Heavyweight Champion!

Boring Chants Start in the Arena

HHH - I Don't Expect you to Understand though Sean! After all! After all, you are NOTHING but a LOUSY DEGENERATE! and I am the head of the EVOLUTIONARY LADDER! You here me Sean! I AM THE EVOLUTION of PROFFESSIONAL WRESTLING! My Warning to you Sean! Step Asside! Or Feel the Burn! Because Evolution is a Cheque that your Ass Can't Cash!

Triple H drops the microphone and climbs the turnbuckle posing for the crowd as the lambast him with insultive remarks. Triple H eventually leaves the arena and the commentary returns to the commentators

JR - Welcome back Folks After Some Very Strong Words from the Game! He Seem's Very Fired Up Tonight!

Lawler - Fired Up Is Right! Triple H Looks Furious after that degenerate X-Pac interefered in his match last night!

JR - But X-Pac Helped him King!!

Lawler - X-Pac wasn't trying to help Triple H, he was trying to help himself!

JR - From my point of view King, and It's just my own view but it seems to me that Triple H can't be man enough to admit that he lost to Randy Orton!

Lawler - He's not ashamed because he didn't lose fairly! He was Cheated! Boy JR, do you pay attention? Do you even know that there is a match coming up now?

JR - Thats right folks we are moments away from the intergender tag match between Nidia and Maven and Trish and Tomko.

Lawler - Ahhhh Trish, I love Trish!

JR - Steady now King!

Intergender Tag Team Match

Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus vs. Maven and Nidia

Tomko and Trish come out first to Trish's Entrance. Tomko gets in the ring and poses while Trish choses to ignore the fans as she takes off her coat and hat. Maven's Music hits next and Maven and Nidia hit the music they were familar to when on Tough Enough 1. Trish and Nidia indicated that they wanted to start the match. Nidia and Trish locked up for a few seconds, which seemed that Trish had the clear advantage. Trish steps back smiling at Nidia only to recieve a huge slap from Nidia which makes the fans go "oooooh". Trish responded with a slap but Nidia blocked it and started throwing some wild punches that was eventually stopped with a kick to the gut of Nidia. Trish grabbed hold of Nidia and went to the turnbuckle to bash her head into the turnbuckle but she counted and through her into them instead. Nidia then chocked Trish in the corner with her boot for the three. Nidia runs up to Maven and tags him in to a big cheer by the crowd. Trish stands up and she slaps Maven straight in the face. Maven laughs at the slap but then Trish kicks him directly in the place that brings most tears to the face of you and I and tags Tomko in. Tomko takes the head off of Maven with a huge clothesline. Maven gets up and then gets hit down with a forarm smash. Tomko then grabs hold of Maven and hits some sort of mutated bodyslam onto the floor. Maven then gets hit with a vicious elbow drop from Tomko who then goes for the cover only to get a 2 count. Tomko gets up and starts to beat down hard with closed fists at Maven till the referee tries to pull him off. Tomko tells the ref to screw himself and picks up Maven and bodyslams him again. Tomko goes over to Trish and she tells him something. Tomko grabs hold of Maven and picks up him up slowly mouthing off to the crowd "that the problem is solved" or something like that and lifts Maven up for a Powerbomb but Maven smacks Tomko straight in the face making him drop Maven. Maven gets back his feet and dropkicks him Maven then goes up to the top rope and hits a missile drop kick on. Tomko trying to regroup tags Trish back in and Trish looks worried at the sight of Maven. Maven however grabs hold of Trish blocking the slap and throws her to Nidia who he then tags in. Nidia, working at lightening pace. Nidia then hits a great DDT on Trish. Nidia looks at the crowd and points to the top rope indicating the end is near. Nidia goes over to to the turnbuckle as Maven gets dragged off the apron by Tomko smashing his face on the floor. Tomko gets back into the ring as Nidia climbs up the turnbuckle. Tomko grabs hold of Nidia, POWERBOMB! Trish covers Nidia as Tomko knocks Maven off the apron as he tries to get back into the ring......1.....2......3. Trish and Tyson Tomko win the match via a Powerbomb on Nidia (54,61,61)

JR - That Tyson Tomko is one SOB, who quite frankly King, I cant stand! And Trish, What a Jezebel!

Lawler - I'll admit, The Problem Solver went a little over the top there, but don't blame Trish JR, Trish did nothing wrong!

JR - Nothing Wong? King, She instirgated this whole attack? can't you see that?!

Lawler - Thats Slander JR, utter Slander..Trish, she's an angel...straight from heaven! I bet she'd even know about Randy Orton's baby Jesus Push

JR - King, you disgust me!

Lawler - What? I didn't say Anything about T&A?!

The Cameras go backstage to Eric Bischoff...Bischoff is on the phone

Bischoff - Hey! No! What! Wait! Kane! Kane! Listen!

Bischoff takes the phone away from his face

Coach - Is Something Wrong Boss?!

Bischoff - Is Something Wrong? Is Something Wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong Coach! I've got a booked Match between Val Venis and Batista not advertised, I've got somewhere around, a Wrestler who is interefering in matches, who interefered in our brand PPV, unaccounted for and besides that, I've got an angry Triple H and Kane now, as a result of Randy Orton, you know, our World's Champion handing out title shots to SHAWN MICHAELS! Well It Stop's here tonight!

The Crowd Cheers as Orton walks into the picture

Orton - Hey Bischoff, I hear you wanted to see me?!

Randy Orton removes the gum from his mouth

Bischoff - Yeah I wanted to see you!

Orton - And?!

Bischoff - I wanna know why you are booking matches without my concent?

Orton - Booking Matches?

Bischoff - You know what I'm talking about? that little agreement you had with Michaels about a World Title Shot Tonight?

Orton - Well I am the Champ!

Bischoff - Well you see Randy, there has been a slight change of plans. And As I am the General Manager of Raw and I have the power to chop and change matches, this is what I will do!

Orton - Sure....

Bischoff - Tonight! You Will Face Shawn Michaels, and Triple H in a triple threat match for the World's Championship. Now if you pin, Triple H or Shawn Michaels, then as far as I am concerned, you are legit! You are the Worlds Champion and you don't have to fight the two of them ever again for the World's Title. They are immune from it if you will. If Shawn Michaels pins Triple H, or Triple H pins Shawn Michaels, then at the next PPV, it will be, you vs. Shawn Michaels, or you vs. Triple H in a stipulation match of their choice. However, if Triple H, or Shawn Michaels pin YOU! then, at the next PPV, Triple H will face Shawn Michaels and you will be ineligable to get a World's Heavyweight Title Shot, until it changes hands again! You understand Orton!?

Orton - Crystal!

Bischoff - Let this be a lesson to you! Now you can leave!

Orton - Don't you want to shake on it Eric, to seal the deal and all?

Orton puts out his hand with the gum in it and Bischoff shakes it. All of a sudden the face of anger on Bischoff changes. Orton the leaves as Bischoff goes into a fit, the cameara then cuts to the arena

JR - My God King! Val Venis vs. Batista!

Lawler - Let's not forget ORTON vs. HHH vs. HBK! Now that's some booking by our Esteemed General Manager!

"Im An Ass Man...Yes I'm An Assssss Maan" blasts out of the PA System getting a small pop from the crowd

Gunn - Cut the Music! Cut the MUSIC! For the Love of God Cut the Music!

The crowd stop the cheers a little as Billy Gunn enters the arena suprised at the commentary

Gunn - Do you know how sick I am of this music? For God Knows How Many years, I've had to come out to this arena shaking my ass and getting cheap pops from fans who don't even appreciate me! It's Crap Sheer Crap!

Billy Gunn walks down the ramp and gets into the ring facing the crowd properly...

Gunn - But No More you hear!! You see! Finally! I got a chance! You see 2 maybe 3 weeks ago now! I confronted that bastard Theodore Long! And you know how hard it is to confront a GM of Smackdown! Hell the change more often than songs in the US Pop Charts! I told the man, I told him that I felt unappreciated! After all, I am a loyal hard working wrestler. And after the time I've been in this company, a man, like myself, hey! Lets be honest! A guy, of my stature and all, I should be MAIN EVENTING! Ask Vince Russo! Hell I told Long that if I told TNA I was on the market, I'd be facing Jeff Jarrett just like THAT! But you know what happened? He laughed in my face!

A 'Billy Sucks' Chant Starts

Gunn - Then I had a vision! A vision of a great man! You know which one I mean! Perfect Smile! Bleached Black Hair! Eric Bischoff! And hold me the things I wanted to here! He Told Me That Within a Year! Within ONE YEAR! I would be the World Heavyweight Champion! YOU HEAR THAT! WORLD CHAMP! The Era of Billy Gunn is at hand and It all starts tonight! William Regal! Bring It!

Singles Match

Billy Gunn vs. William Regal

Regal's music hit and Regal got to the ring post haste. Both men squared off in the ring as the ref told him how it was and then, the bell rang, both men locking up. Gunn broke up the lock up with a rake to the eye, before driving his knee into the abodomen. Billy Gunn hit a huge uppercut getting a sound off from the crowd before clotheslining Regal down with a forearm smash. With Regal down, Gunn took a moment to flex off to the crowd as Regal got up, with mad stare on his face. Gunn looks back and is a bit put off by the Regal stare but they quickly lock up again. Regal this time gets the start with some good hard british south paw bunches on Gunn. Regal drives Gunn to the ropes before trying and Irish Whip on Gunn, but Gunn reverses. On Return, Gunn misses the clothesline and Regal counters with a Neckbreaker taking them both to the ground. Regal and Gunn get up quickly and Regal hits a german suplex on Gunn before going for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Regal goes for a second pinfall attempt quickly but this time Gunn kicks out immedietly. Regal gets up and goes for an Underhook powerbomb on Billy Gunn, but Bill counters before Regal can even get him off the ground with an uppercut. Gunn goes fro a quick roll up on Regal but Regal kicks out before the 3. Gunn is back up and hits Regal down with a clothesline. Bill Gunn grabs Regal back up and whips him straight into the turnbuckle. Regal comes bouncing down and gets knocked down with a splash into the corner. Regal comes out of the corner and gets hit with a big back body drop. Billy Gunn signals for the Fame-Ass-Er. Regal gets up slowly and Gunn hits it...its got to be over! 1.......2..........Regal kicks out. Gunn looks shocked at the ref as if that should have been three. Gunn covers again and the refs count is quicker this time.......1..........2......Regal kicks out again. Gunn slams his hands to the ground and climbs out of the ring. Gunn orders Lilian Garcia to get up and picks up the beautiful looking blue chair. Billy Gunn gets back into the ring with a chair but he is held up by the referee who tells him to hand the chair over. Regal blind sides Gunn making him drop the chair and pushing the ref out of the way. knocking Gun into the corner. Regal hits some huge chops to Billy settling him in the corner before climbing up the turnbuckle and hitting shots to the head of Gunn...1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10. Regal backs off and Billy Gunn falls flat on his face Nature Boy like to a huge cheer from the crowd. Regal drags Billy Gunn into the middle of the ring, he says it's time for the STF...but then.........Eugene's Music hits the Arena. Regal stops everything and looks at the Titantron as Eugene steps out onto platform. Eugene Isn't Even supposed to be here tonight! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Billy Gunn hits Regal with a low blow before going for a roll...1....2...He's got the tights...3! Billy Gunn beats William Regal with a roll up Regal gets up looking shocked as the Brave Billy Gunn scatters from the ring with a smile on his face. Regal looks back at the entrance but there is no Eugene! What the hell is going on? (67, 70, 80)

There is An Advert Break Where WWE Advertise the WWE House Shows

When they come back, William Regal is seen walking backstage calling out for Eugene...The cameras then go to Bischoffs office, with Bischoff on the phone

Bischoff - Hey Nick! Nick, you there...

Bischoff walks around his office

Bischoff - I don't want to care if you've got a real bad phone signal in the building! What the hell is going on? Didn't i tell you to keep it cool?

There is a knock at Bischoffs door

Bischoff - HOLD ON! No No Not you Nick! Someone is at the God Damn Door! Yeah, thats a good Idea! Stay away from the building for the rest of the night, go and have something to eat or something! What a match? Err I don't know, I'll talk to you next week on Raw k?

Hangs up the phone

Bischoff - Come In!

William Regal walks into the room

Bischoff - Yeah, What Can I do for you William?

Regal - Now I know how Much you Hate Eugene! but the young boy has gone!

Bischoff - Missing?

Regal - Yes, but how in the bloody hell did you....!

Bischoff - Well William, his career has just picked him up!

Regal - What Carer?! I never knew the lad had a carer

Bischoff - Yes William his carer, the one my Sister has to help take care of him with?

Regal - But why was the boy here?!

Bischoff - I don't know! I guess he wanted to see some of his friends! Triple H for example *laughs* Now if you dont, would you please leave, I have got to prepare my speach for The Rock! Go on Regal! Bugger Off!

Regal - One Day Bischoff! I'll....!

Bischoff - You'll what Regal? You'll What? HUH?

Regal turns around and slams the door with a goofy grin on Bischoffs' face

JR - Something's not right here King, I smell a rat!!

Lawler - It's your pants JR, really you should wash more often!!

JR - WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY PANTS! I am taking about this Eugene business! I think Bischoff has someone out impersonating Eugene! Something is wrong here!

Lawler - Impersonating Eugene! i swear to god JR all that time with Stone Cold, really meant you Not trust Anyone!

JR - All Im saying is....

Lawler - WHAT?!

JR - Is...!

Lawler - WHAT?!

JR - My God King, WIll you stop that! Anyway folks, we are moments away from Val Venis versus The Animal Batista!

Lawler - WHAT?!

JR - Stop That!

Singles Match

Batista vs.Val Venis

Batista comes out first to the ring to his standard music rather than the Evolution one looking rather pumped up tonight. And Why Shouldnt he? Tonight, he is fighting the man that his group pummeled the night before, Val Venis. As Batista gets into the ring, all of a sudden "The Brawl for All theme" blasts out of the PA system and out steps Val Venis, with a new video and new black and red tights. Val Venis gets into the ring and goes face to face with Batista both men trying to stare each other down, there heads look like they are about to explode. The referee quickly seperates them and speaks to them about the fair play rules and then rings the bell. Venis and Batista lock up quickly, Batista driving Venis back into the turnbuckle showing who has the power. Venis tries to push with his might but Batista cracks him in the abdomen with a knee. Batista then slaps Venis across the face with a huge slap telling Venis who is boss. Venis responds quickly with a huge slap of his own to the face of Batista, which wasnt the best of moves. Batista quickly throws Venis back into the corner and beats down onto him till he is on the foor, fist after fist to his head. Batista then starts to choke Venis in the corner with his boot until the ref counts to the 3 and Batista backs off. Batista tells the ref to "shut up" and then goes back to choking him a second time with a 4 count this time. Batista picks up Venis who isn't looking the best for where and whips him straight into the opposite corner going face first into the turnbuckle before collapsing backwards. Batista grabs hold of Venis again and he hits a huge bodyslam on Venis before going for the cover....1....2....Venis kicks out. Batista grabs of Venis and and whips him against the ropes before hitting a huge Spinebuster on Venis. Batista stands up and growls at the arena before going down for a cover but once again only getting a two count. Batista looks furious at the referee but says its over anyway and tries to pick up Val Venis again. Venis fights back with some punhes but Batista drives his knee into Val again stopping his movement. Here it comes, Powerbomb time, but Val is fighting back cracking Batista in the face with fists. Batista drops Venis back down to his feet who hits Batista with a clothesline, then another, then another. Batista continues to get back up...DDT! Batista is down. Venis gets a huge cheer from the crowd as he looks to the top rope. Here it comes! THE MONEY SHOT ON BATISTA! It Connects! Val covers.......1......2......3 HUGE UPSET! Val Venis beats Batista via pinfall (66.66.83)


Lawler - I..I Can't Believe It!!


Lawler - except thist time David lost...you know...David Batista!!

After the match Batista stands up face to face with the referee, Batista intimidating the ref. The ref tries to reason with the referee but Batista is having none of it. Batista then flips and takes the head off the referee with a huge clothesline. Batista then grabs hold of the referee and screams out something before hitting a Sitout Powerbomb on the referee. After the damage, Batista gets up and growls to the audience before getting out of the ring as EMTs come out to check on the referee. The show goes to a commerical break. "Don't Try this at home kids

An Unforgiven recap is shown showing Randy Orton retain the WWE Championship and the return of X-Pac

JR - Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for rejoining us! If you have just tuned in, this is what happened before the break..

A Caption shows Batista destroy the referee and then him get carried away on a stretcher with a neck brace

Lawler - I admit JR, Batista really overstepped his mark here!!

JR - That guy is an Animal! Sick! SICK is what this is!

Lawler - I hear you JR

The cameras return to the ring for Y2J Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel

Y2J - Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Highlight Reel! I am your host Chris Jericho! And tonight! We have a huge night ahead of us! But before I introduce my guest, I know that your 7 time Intercontinental Champion isn't fighting tonight, Chris Jericho doesn't want to upset all of his Jerichoholics! Thats why next week on Raw, Chris Jericho puts an open Challenge to any wrestler backstage that wants a shot at the title, then its on!

The crowd cheers for Jericho

Y2J - Hey you never know, It may even be Triple H as after tonight, he won't be able to get another shot at the World Heavyweight Title, for a long long time..but now, now it's time for my guest tonight. He is a native of Edmonton Alberta Canada, he was trained by the legend that is Stu Hart, he wrestled in Japan, ECW, WCW, a former World Champion, gave me some of the greatest matches of my entire life and is without a doubt one of the toughest SOB's in the WWE, ladies and gentlemen, CHRIS BENOIT!

'Whatever' by Our Lady Peace hits the arena and out comes Benoit to a huge resposne from the crowd. Benoit walks down the ramp and gets in the ring before hugging Jericho and shaking his hand

Y2J - Hey Chris Benoit, and welcome to the highlight reel

Benoit - Thanks Chris! It's a pleasure to be here!

Y2J - So tell me Chris Benoit, why did YOU request to be on MY highlight reel?

Benoit - Well it's quite simple really Jericho! You see, I just wanted to get a few things off my chest!

Y2J - Uh huh Go On..

Benoit - This year has been a year of tremendous ups and downs for me! At the start of the year, I won the royal rumble! Something that I never imagined would ever happen. 2 Months later, I was main eventing at Wrestlemania and I became the World Heavyweight Champion. And I was on cloud 9, I really was, but then, then it got to Summerslam, and the title was taken from me. And since then, since then, I haven't got a legitimate return..since then, I have been sidelined to fighting in tag team matches...since then, I have been completely pulled out of the picture. And I wanna know why Chris? I know why I am out of the picture? Was I not a good enough Champion? Did I not put the belt on the line enough times? Was I not a fighting enough Champion? Did I not entertain the fans enough? What Jericho What did I do wrong?

'Benoit' Chants start in the arena

Y2J - I'm not a genius Chris Benoit, but what I think the fans are saying is that you were a pretty good champ! Hell No, What they are saying, is Chris Benoit was a GREAT Champion! But hey Chris, you know how it is, you know how all those assclowns are backstage! You know, if you are not blowing Eric Bischoff, then you are Not gonna get a shot! And Hell! I'd rather rip off my own arm then do anything like that to Bischoff you know what I'm saying?

Y2J chants now hit the arena as Benoit and Jericho smile in the middle in the ring.

Y2J - But you know what Benoit! If you ever want to have a shot at my Intercontinental Championship! Just say the word and the shot is yours man! Thats if you don't mind me whooping your ass of course!

Y2J puts his hand out to shake Benoit's but just as he about to do it......


A-Train climbs into the ring and cracks Benoit over the back with a steal chair before hitting Jericho over the head with a steal chair! A-Train then goes back to Benoit! THE DERAILER!!!!!!! Jericho is getting back up! BICYCLE KICK! A-Train then turns back to Benoit, and then HE PICKS UP AGAIN! ANOTHER DERAILER ON BENOIT! A-Train's music hits as he looks down at the destroyed men in the ring

JR - MY GOD! A-TRAIN just Destroyed The People in the RING! There is UTTER Carnage!

Lawler - A-Train is sending a message Loud and Clear to the WWE JR! The Train has left the depot and its not stopping on its Run to the Top of the WWE

JR - With a display like that King! I don't know who in the World is gonna stop him

Lawler - Triple H could JR, just like he is going to beat HBK and Randy Orton tonight and become the 9 Time World Champion!

JR - We'll find out Soon King Because THAT MATCH IS NEXT!!

A Raw Rewind is Shown Showing Randy Orton meeting Eric Bischoff earlier!

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

Randy Orton© vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

The Self Proclaimed 'Holy Bible..I mean Heartbreak Kid" enters the ring first with his usually jig and praise to the o'Mighty Lord before stepping into the ring and dancing for the crowd. Michaels music was quickly cut out for the presence of The Game Triple H, who came down with a mean face shouting words of obsenity to HBK. HHH and HBK quickly squared off in the ring, nose to nose, toe to toe, just about ready to go waiting for Orton. It didn't even get to Orton's music though, when HHH through a punch at HBK and the two men started brawling in the ring.HHH through a few punches taking Michaels to the side, the whipping him only to get returned with a flying clothesline. As the brawl continued. Orton's music hit and Orton ran to the ring dropping the title mid way before slidding in and knocking Triple H off his feet with a huge clothesline. Orton took the fight away from HBK with some huge shots one after the other. Orton tries to irish whip the Game but HHH counter whips and Orton goes into the ropes and back. Hunter kicks Orton into the gut, here it comes a pedigree, no wait, Orton counters and goes for the RKO but Triple H pushes him away...and then Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels on Triple H. HBK quickly goes for the cover....1....2....Orton pulls Michaels off Triple H after 2. and Orton goes for the cover on Triple H but that is also interupted at the 2 by HBK.Both men get back to there feet and they go nose to nose. Orton pushes HBK, HBK, then pushes Orton. The two stop and more words and thrown between the two of them. HBK tells him to spit on his face, almost daring him. But then, Triple H clotheslines them both down to the ground and the fans start booing. HHH looks between the two of them on who to punch and picks Orton kneeling over him and punching him with hard shots in the face. HBK kicks HHH off Orton and the two of them go back at it. HHH gets whipped into the ropes by HBK but then gets a knee smash to the face before Triple H hits a huge DDT on HBK. HHH goes for the cover on HBK but Orton breaks it up with his boot. Orton climbs up the turnbuckle. Triple H gets hit with a crossbody and Orton goes for the cover on Triple H but he only gets a two. Orton gets up onto to get hit with a dropkick by HBK. HBK covers Orton only to get a 2 count as HHH breaks it up with an elbow drop but HBK scouted that and moves out the way and Orton feels it. HBK gets back up and he clotheslines Triple H out of the ring. HBK goes back to Orton but Orton low blows Michaels and Michaels goes to the ground. Orton gets up but his foot gets grabbed by Triple H, who drags him out of the ring. HHH picks up Orton and tries to throw him into the steps but it is countered and HHH goes into them. Orton gets up grinning only to get hit with a diving Splash from the ring by Michaels taking Orton down. Michaels is punching the hell out of Orton who is now busted open. HBK gets off Orton to get hit with a steel chair by Triple H. Micheals gets a second one on his head busting Michaels open. Orton grabs hold of HHH by the leg and tries to get some offensive but Hunter beats him down. HHH goes under the ring and brings out a table and starts to set it up but Orton comes back with some more fists. Triple H hits him back before rolling him onto the table. Triple H cracks the head of Orton onto the back of the table.and tries to keep him still. Triple H turns around only to get with a second sweet chin music. Triple goes straight down onto his back. HBK looks at Orton on the table and he gets into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Here it comes! ELBOW DROP OFF the turnbuckle through the table. HBK did it .HBK is getting back his feet, but there is Triple H with the chair once again. Triple H picks up HBK and DDT's him onto the chair. HHH snorts at the crowd as they boo him. HHH throws HBK back into the ring and climbs in himself. HHH goes straight away for the cover and the ref counts....1......2......HBK kicks out. HHH is furious. He grabs hold of HBK, who is bleed profusely on the mat and its pedigree time. Here it comes...PEDIGREEE "SOOO YOU THINK YOU CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO? all of sudden blasts out of the PA System. Triple H drops Michaels and stands back up looking at the Green Flashing Lights at the front. No Sign of No One. Triple H sends a B-line to the entrance....and then the lgihts come back on...LOOK ORTON IS IN THE RING...RKO RKO RKO!!! Orton covers Triple H..........1..........2........3. Randy Orton pins Triple H via Pinfall Orton quickly grabs the belt off the referee and holds it in the air before getting out of the ring and leaving post-haste. (79. 93, 79)

JR - Orton did it AGAIN King! My God! Randy Orton is Still the World's Champion!

Lawler - I Can't believe it! That Damn X-Pac again!!

JR - Did Triple H turn another friend into an enemy tonight King? Was that what did this? Did Triple H's mouth finally get the better of him!

Lawler - X-Pac was never a friend to Triple H. X-Pac just got lucky off HHH's success and this is how he repays him?!

JR - With Michaels and HHH out of the way? Who is going to be the New #1 Contender King?!

Lawler - I don't give a damn, as far as I am concerned, Randy Orton has just killed the company. He should have done the honorable thing and dropped the damn title tonight!!

JR - Maybe It Could be The Rock King??!!

Lawler - It could Be! Still, It will not be anyone of the Game's Stature! Thats for sure!!

JR - Well Find Out!!! NEXT!!

There is one final commercial break. When the cameras return the cameras return to the ring announcers

The camera goes to the entrance of the arena as Bischoffs Music hits the arena. Bischoff appears at the entrance with a file in hand as he walks down to the ring now carpetted in red with a brown desk and 2 chairs. Bischoff gets into the ring and then takes a microphone from the ring announcer and starts talking

Bischoff - Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Moment of Truth! So I hope all of you losers in the crowd have your asses firmly on your seats because this moment, THIS MOMENT! Was done for the benefit of YOU! Last Night! I told you that the Rock will sign a contract, to guarantee an appearance at the next PPV, and I guaranteed that The Rock would sign. Now on that desk, is a Contract, an Open Contract, a Contract that gives the Rock the ability to choose whatever type of match he wants, and against whoever he wants. All he has to do is sign. So without further a due, Ladies and Gentlemen, THE ROCK!

"IF YOU SMEEEEEELLLL WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKING" hits the arena and out comes the Rock to a huge ovation from the crowd. The Rock, in a white basketball shirt and tracksuit pants, walks with pace down the ramp and gets into the ring before climbing the turnbuckle and saluting the fans. The Rock climbs and eyeballs Bischoff as he goes to the opposite turnbuckle. Bischoff grabs another microphone afterwards and hands it to The Rock as the Brahma Bull is about to talk


The fans scream at the Rock's trademark phrase

The Rock - Now Eric Bischoff! Let The Rock get this straight! Last Night, The Rock was at home, drinking some beers, watching the PPV, when The Rock notices this pathetic little man come into the arena. Lets call that man, Eric Bischoff. And then, The Rock, obviously bored, was about to turn the TV over to watch something more interesting on tv like Miami Vice Re-runs when The Rock hears these words "I guarantee that The Rock will be on Raw tomorrow night!"

The fans start the "Rocky" Chants

Bischoff - Yeah thats Right

The Rock - Now Don't Get the Rock wrong, don't get The Rock wrong, because The Rock loves to entertain the Millions and MILLIONS of the Rock's fans, but what in the blue hell was that about? You guarantee The Rock's presence without even asking The Rock?

Bischoff - Yeah Rock, what's your point?

The Rock - The Rock wants to know Who the Hell you think YOU ARE?

Bischoff - I'M THE GEN...


The "Rocky" Chants start to get louder

Bischoff - Rock, if you are quite done, as I was saying, I AM the GENERAL MANAGER of Raw, and When I, Eric Bischoff demand that one of MY SUPERSTARS should be on MY Show or My PPV! Then that Superstar appears on the Show or PPV, you understand...Rocky?

The Rock - Yeah I understand, Now Let the Rock make you understand something Eric Bischoff! Let The Rock make this Crystal Clear! The Rock tells you Eric Bischoff that if you ever, and the Rock means ever disrespect the Rock like this again, the Rock is going to take his boot, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDYASS!

Laughs from the crowd erupt as Bischoff looks slightly stunned

The Rock - Now Let The Rock tell you something else, Eric, The Rock doesn't work for you, The Rock doesn't work for Theodore Long, hell The Rock doesn't work for Vince McMahon! The Rock works for the PEOPLE!! And right Now, the Rock is giving the people want they want, The Rock is giving the people, Lights, CAMERA, ACTION, the Rock is giving people Romance, Comedy, Action Adventure, Thrillers! The ROCK is MAKING Movies Baby! You May have seen them! Scorpion King....The Rundown....Walking Tall and soon to be Spyhunter! Thats Right, The Rock is a Movie Star! And The Rock does it for the People! You get me? Eric?

Bischoff - Rock, Its You who doesn't Understand Me! Because Tonight, you are getting to sit your ass on that chair on the Chair and sign that Contract Rock! And you wanna know why? Because if you dont, then Eric Bischoff will make sure your career is OFFICIALLY OVER! Because Rocky, you and I both know that the WWE financially supports your movie career...yeah if you fans haven't noticed, it's a little thing called WWE Films. And you know what Rock, without the financial backing, without your name, The Rock, you'd be a nobody! Just like everyone else in this pathetic arena! So what's it gonna be?

The Rock looks down at the Contract and then looks back at Bischoff with the fans booing Bischoff

Bischoff - Come on Roooooocky? What's it gonna BE?

The Rock - Yeah, The Rock will sign..sure!

The fans have a mix feeling and there are some boos and cheers while Eric smiles smugly as The Rock fills in the contract

Bischoff - Yeah, I knew you were smart Rock, I knew it....

The Rock stands up and hands the contract to Bischoff

The Rock - Yeaah, there you go!!

Bischoff - Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Official, The Rock, at Survivor Series will face Eric Bischoff....WHAT?

The Rock - Go on Eric...Read the rest...!

Bischoff - In a CAGE MATCH! Come On Rock, Come on!

The Rock smiles before grabbing Eric..ROCK BOTTOM! The fans go wild as Eric crashes to the floor

The Rock - See you at Survivor Series! Eric

The Rock's music hits again

JR - The Sins of a General Manager King!! The Sins of a General Manager Have just come and bit Eric Bischoff in the ASS! It's Rock vs. Bischoff in a steel Cage Match at Survivor Series!!

Lawler - Eric Bischoff needs to pack his bags and get to the nearest airport out of this place..he is in Rock Country tonight JR!!

JR - Thank you for Joining us Folks! Goodnight!

The Rock salutes the fans one more time before getting out of the ring making his way back up smiling as a distraught looking Eric Bischoff gets back to his feet before the show fades to black


Overall Show Rating - 78

6.04 Rating

The attendance level was 8025 people.

$321000 made from ticket sales

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

user posted image

Show Preview

It has already been made aware that Booker T will fight John Cena in the Fourth Fall Match of the 5 Series Tournament this week on Smackdown.

As Well as this, it is now known that Hardcore Holly will be facing John HeidenREICH

Bradshaw has also announced that an Under-rated WWE Wrestler will get a WWE Championship shot tonight!

It should be still noted that Kurt Angle's ring time regarding the return of the Big Show is still on for Smackdown!

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Guest Prototype

Good show! I liked the Rock segment and the HHH/X-Pac angle, although the stips to the main event were kind of confusing. Glad to see Val getting a push, and Gunn shooting on the WWE and TNA was surprising. Maybe a rebel gimmick will work for him. Surprising to see A-Train put in an apparent angle with such top stars as Benoit and Jericho. Interesting ideas!

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nice work man... just read the diary from the start... loved Unforgiven & RAW... glad to see you kept the belt on Orton and are not allowing HHH to challenge for the belt as long as he's got it... Triple H/X-Pac feud is something i can smell at the moment... Val Venis' push is awesome, i think you should turn him heel against Jericho and have him join Evolution in the process... The Rock vs Eric Bischoff in a steel cage would be amusing to watch... Keep it up Concrete...

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