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Figured since the first big move of the off season just happened and with the draft tomorrow, it would be ok to start a new season thread. 

The Hornets have agreed to trade Dwight Howard to the Nets for Timothy Mozgov. 

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This may just be a rumour but I've heard the Cavs are set to announce that Tyronne Lue will be assuming LeBron's role as their head coach.

Nothing more Knicks than that.

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"Charlotte traded Dwight Howard to Brooklyn for Timofey Mozgov, two second-rounders and cash considerations."

I think this puts further stock into the possibility of Kemba Walker being traded too, between him and Batum they really don't have anyone that could elevate the team beyond the bottom of the east. Kemba especially is in his peak years, so I imagine he'll want to actually be with a team that has upward mobility, and the Hornets aren't that team.

In other news, Luca Doncic is unreal! A step-back one-legged floater for three.

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In other news, Pop is meeting with Kawhi today. On one hand, I want them to patch things up and for Kawhi to be the star of the team again. On the other hand, I'm weirdly intrigued by a potential LeBron and Leonard team-up.

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2 hours ago, Tyrone said:

In other news, Pop is meeting with Kawhi today. On one hand, I want them to patch things up and for Kawhi to be the star of the team again. On the other hand, I'm weirdly intrigued by a potential LeBron and Leonard team-up.

Weirdly just want this Leonard saga over and done with. Don't see him staying for long, what with Pop retiring in a couple of years and he himself wanting to go to LA.

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I don't think Dwight getting traded for shit players is indicative of his basketball ability and his on-court value, but more importantly indicative of him being a 32 year old being paid 24 million a year. At the same time, he's had the unfortunate luck of choosing to sign on with the Hawks which promptly went into rebuild mode, causing the Hawks to trade him for pennies, then arrived at the Hornets, had a near full season (81 games) of being a damn good center still, but then the Hornets promptly chose to go into rebuild mode too. The Nets are also in a state of flux right now, but he'll play well with Lin and Russ.

At the same time, whilst he's still a phenomenal player under the boards the game has evolved in such a way that a dominant big guy such as him isn't the most interesting player to put at the five anymore. The center position is becoming more and more focused on smaller more mobile players that stay in the mid-range to 3pt position to keep space to run in. Dwight is very much a classic center capable of being a beast still, but there's not many teams looking for that kind of player right now.

Also, nobody wants to pay 24M for an aging center with an old-school skillset that also has a wonky injury history AND personality issues with teams he's been on.

Dwight's like the last samurai, he's fucking deadly with a sword, but everyone's carrying rifles.

But I personally think that Dwight can be a star on any team still, but he's a white elephant in that he's simply too expensive for teams to want his contract dragging the rest of the team down.

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Reports are Dwight was not well liked in the Hornets locker room. Basically same song, different city. And Nets don't want him either, they just wanted to unload Mozgov. Nets are buying Dwight out now.

Dwight Howard and the Brooklyn Nets will begin discussions on a buyout.

Howard will join the 2018 free agency class on July 6th when the trade becomes official.

The Nets acquired Howard on Wednesday from the Charlotte Hornets.

For the Nets, acquiring Howard was about unloading the contract of Timofey Mozgov to become a free agent destination with cap space in 2019.

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20 minutes ago, Tyrone said:

Knox over Porter?

That medical report on Porter must be the drizzles. I'm bummed by Knox over Porter. The lame thing is I don't know if it's for medical reasons or if we just continue to suck ass at drafting. 

11 minutes ago, Maxx said:

Mavs get Doncic woooooo

Yeah, my buddy is a huge Dallas fan, and he's annoying the hell out of me about it. Yeah, yeah. Good for you. <_< 

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Just now, The Chiksrara Special said:

Maybe I missed something by not watching but why select a guy at 11 and then trade him for the guy selected 12th? Why not just select that guy you wanted in the first place?

Because the team with the 12th pick is likely giving you something extra in return for the guy you took at 11. 

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On 20/06/2018 at 10:01, livid said:

What a weird move by the Hornets but I guess Kupchak just really, really loves Mozgov?

Howard is a cancer. Kupchak probably couldn't wait to get rid of him. No surprise the Nets are buying him out.



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Well, needless to say as a Mavs fan I'm about as excited as i've ever been bar maybe the 10/11 finals. After getting DSJ last season, and now getting Luka this year it's a really weird experience to know that we also retained Harrison Barnes in the process.

Dirk/DSJ/Doncic/Barnes is a pretty exciting lineup for a team that a few years ago really had little to no upward mobility, and now the future seems very secure granted if Doncic can translate into the NBA and doesn't become a rich man's Hedo Turkoglu. But having a Eurobasket Finals MVP who is 19 years old hopefully means the sky's the limit for Luka.

So yeah, great times! 

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We can't really compare him to Turkoglu. A lot of people feel he's not that good, because "see what happened to this other european player", not realizing he's one of the very best players in european basketball history at the time of arrival on the NBA.

There was only one, imo, that was definitely more dominant at the time of arrival, Sabonis, but he was 29 at the time and already had some knee issues way before reaching the NBA. I still think he had a good, albeit short, career before injuries made him way too slow to compete at that level.
The only one I can think of who had an amazing year right before moving across the pond and still went on to fail in the NBA was Jasikevicius, who was also 29 at the time. He was at his peak at the time and failed to adjust to the NBA game. Most players often mentioned as failures weren't that great in Europe either so why should they be great in the NBA? 

Toni Kukoc was very good in Europe, but far more inconsistent than those 2. He did appear when it was needed the most, though. He was 25 and not going to improve too much either.

Unlike these 3, Doncic is 19 and he can still improve loads, none of the young europeans who went on to have very good NBA careers were as good as he is when they arrived (not even Nowitzki or the Gasols).

He can fail to adapt. Sure he can, but I think people who are comparing him to other europeans who have failed (or at least kind of) in the NBA really don't know the gap between his talent and those they compare him to. He started playing for one of the top teams in Europe, aged 16, was starting at 17, was its best player at 18 and was the league (best national league in Europe) MVP, and the EuroLeague (best teams in Europe) MVP at 19. Who else did that? Nobody.

I still feel he may have problems facing athletic guards and all of that. The NBA has many of those. He'll have to adjust. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, because it won't, but I really feel he has what it takes to be one of the best european players ever by the time his career is over.

As for the rest of the draft i wouldn't say there were many lottery pick surprises, but I have to admit I wasn't expecting Porter to fall that much, despite his injury. The Nuggets are entertaining. I hope he gets to play a bit.

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They really need to sort the trade stuff out, it's so unnecessarily confusing for the team to be announced as drafting someone that they've already traded away, and then for the same thing to happen with the other team involved in the trade. It's a scary situation when the NFL actually has the jump on the NBA on something in 2018, at least their draft trades are sorted before they're announced. 

And the Mikal Bridges trade was a heart-breaker. I'm sure his mom understands what happens in sport given her role at the 76ers, but it can't be nice to probably be involved in the paperwork that sends your own son away from the team you work for.

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