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  1. Stats for Yuji Okabayashi Remove Petey Williams from AJPW Hayato Fujita stats need improving, I'd suggest Brawling: 70 Speed: 64 Technical: 76 Stiffness: 75 Selling: 60 Over: 20 Tried to base his main stats off Nakajima but a litlle less high flying.
  2. Hey guys, has anyone made a split version of this months data?
  3. Yoshihito Sasaki needs to be moved from Zero-One > BJPW. Sasaki's stats need improving too as there pretty low, I'd probably have them around 70 Brawl, 65 Tech & 52 Speed. Kenny Omega needs to be moved from NJPW > WMF Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi need to be moved from BJPW > World Japan. There tag experience should probably be at about 50. The Osirian Portal should be removed from Zero-One. I think they worked 2 shows and haven't been back since. Ryan Taylor should be removed from World-Japan, he doesn't work there anymore. Isato Fujita needs to renamed Hayato Fujita Shinjitsu Nohashi is now Taro Nohashi Sean Morley needs to removed from NJPW Brodie Lee needs to be added to Toryumon Alex Payne needs to removed from NOAH

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