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  1. Really enjoying this more than any other smackdown game ive played. Love the universe mode. Did a total draft and have played as characters I never would have without this mode. At Backlash in 1st year R-Truth beat Dolph Ziggler and Vance Archer to win the US championship. I edited the tag title match as didnt want r-truth fighting twice in the night and had a6 man battle royal between Cena, Sheamus, Triple H, Edge, Christian and CM Punk which Edge won. Alicia beat Mccool to retain, Miz beat Kofi to retain IC title, Swagger won world heavyweight gold beating masked Kane and Randy Orton retained against Rey. In the couple of weeks since then my caw and santino beat the newly formed team of jericho and ziggler and orton beat jericho punting him in the head and removing from the roster until summerslam when he will return to get his revenge. Next Raw, Cena v Punk in no1 contenders match. Does anyone know anywere with good caw formulas?? i havent ever gone online on the xbox and dont really know how to and would really like to add nexus into my universe but not very good at creating myself. Thanks
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