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Political Machine


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So I was watching Judgement Day on G4TechTV and I see a review for this game called Political Machine. It's basically Sim-President. You pick a canidate, and you try to get them to become president through ads and speeches and stuff.

It's kinda fun, But It would probably be much more fun for some political guru. *CoughSahydercough*

You can pick up a demo here: http://www.politicalmachine.com/downloads.asp

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Guest apeschris0

I think I saw this at Best Buy a while ago. I remember a cartoon John Kerry and George W. Bush standing next to each other on the box.

I'm guessing it's only around $10, since it's one of those indy-named titles.

I'd never buy it.

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There's a demo of this game? Thank Yevon! I've spent most of the day trying to download a game to simulate the election for an article in my school's paper (only to find both real "election sims" made so far didn't work.) Hopefully, this will manage to work for me...

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