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*SPOILER*The Shield Season Four Could Be The Last?


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Next Season... The Last?

No, that's not a typo. Word from Fox Studios is that the next season may be the final season, as early story-lines submitted weeks ago show that the series may not have enough "shock-value steam" to press on for a 5th season. Not to mention one executive has recently said he would rather see Rescue Me take the Tuesday spot after last season's so-called "brawl with the mob" storyline went in the standard format of "Vic Mackey doing whatever he wants with no consequences." Whether this story is true or not has yet to be seen, as fans are having an even more difficult time getting a hold of script-work this year than previous years.

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Guest Bluesman

If they felt they had taken the show as far as they could (without it going in the crapper), I could understand that. I wouldn't like it, but I'd understand it. However, them looking at ending it because it's losing "shock value steam" is pure bullshit, given the fact that isn't what the show is based upon. As you said, the show is full of quality acting and storylines, and that is what the show revolves around. It isn't like Nip/Tuck, which is heavily reliant upon shock value for character and story development. Sadly it seems as if the Fox execs operate like Vinny Mac when it comes to determining quality programming and what draws ratings.

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More news on the Fourth Season as they announce who the new police captain will be. And no, this isn't a spoiler as they already announced on Season Three that with Aceveda winning the election, and Aceveda telling Wyms that she was not getting the job anymore that someone else would be coming in for the job.

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) "The Shield" is getting a new boss, and she brings a pretty hefty list of credentials with her.

Emmy winner and five-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close will be a regular on the fourth season of the FX series, playing the new captain of the Farmington precinct. It's her first regular role on a TV series.

"Glenn is flat-out, hands down one of the very best actresses on the planet," series creator Shawn Ryan enthuses. "We think this is an extremely unique, dynamic character that shakes our 'Shield' world upside down over the course of the entire season.

"We wouldn't have been comfortable pursuing this storyline if we hadn't gotten an actress of Glenn's undeniable abilities."

Close will play Capt. Monica Rawling, who takes over the Farmington precinct after David Aceveda (Benito Martinez) is elected to the City Council and Detective Claudette Wyms (CCH Pounder) is passed over for the job. The character has some controversial ideas about policing and puts Detective Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) in charge of carrying them out.

Close earned an Emmy nomination this year for her work in the Showtime production of "The Lion in Winter." She's been nominated nine times in her career, winning in 1995 for her role in the NBC movie "Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story."

Her film credits include Oscar-nominated parts in "Dangerous Liaisons," "Fatal Attraction" and "The Big Chill," along with "Air Force One," "101 Dalmatians" and this summer's remake of "The Stepford Wives."

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