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Need For Speed: Underground 2

Miami Vice

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So, the game came out yesterday and I got a copy. I was a little disapointed when I started to play as the city seems too epmty. There isn't a lot of traffic and not a single person out walking around. I guess I've just been spoiled by San Andreas. What has to be the worst part in the game is all the dialouge. The terms some of the characters use are just stupid. Instead of calling money "cash" they refere to it as "bank" all the time. Apparently I'm a "bro", "dawg" and "cous'" because I've been refered to using all three names. The racing is still top notch and the new features for upgrades and races are cool. I guess once you get past all the boring city driving and get into a race the game is a lot of fun.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the game?


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I don't have the game, but I played the demo. I hate the idea of having to drive everywhere to do stuff, it reminds me way too much of Midnight Club II, which was a really, really bad game. I know I'll buy it though, just so I can customize the cars.

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I will probably get it someday, but I am too busy with San Andreas right now. Plus, I have Smackdown vs Raw and Metal Gear Solid 3 in my must buy list as well. Underground was awesome and I am a big fan, but after reading reviews of the second one I am kinda dissapointed and not motivated enough to buy it right off the bat. I remember that I was so exited when the first one came out that I was in line 3 hours on the day the game came out to buy it. But with the second one I am not that interested...mainly because the reviewers feel that it has too much boring stuff in between the fun stuff

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It is supposed to have been, so far I haven't unlocked any upgrades though (I've been too busy fighting my shitty graphics card...thank god I get my new comp in 3 weeks!!) but I've read that there is something like several billion possible part combinations and instead of choosing Greddy for your turbo upgrades you can go in and say you want Greddy turbos but an HKS intercooler and stuff like that.

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