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WWF: Trying To Make The Split Work

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WWF WrestleMania X8 Results:

- IC Title: Rob Van Dam d. William Regal to win the title

- European Title: Diamond Dallas Page d. Christian to retain

- Hardcore Title: Spike Dudley d. Maven to win the title

- Hardcore Title: The Hurricane d. Spike Dudley to win the title

- Kurt Angle d. Kane

- The Undertaker d. Ric Flair

- Edge def. Booker T

- Hardcore Title: Mighty Molly d. The Hurricane to become the new champ

- Steve Austin d. Scott Hall

- Tag Titles: Billy & Chuck d. The Dudley Boyz, the Hardy Boyz and the APA to retain

- The Rock d. Hulk Hogan

- Women’s Title: Jazz d. Lita to retain

- Hardcore Title: Maven d. Christian to win the title back

- Undisputed Title: Triple H d. Chris Jericho


WrestleMania X8 was a disaster. Hogan turned his back on the nWo while they just formed the nWo, so he ruined the nWo's chance to make an impact in the WWF. The Women's Division was so boring that even Vince McMahon started to think about destroying the Women's Title. After WrestleMania X8 the WWF had a new Undisputed Champion in Triple H, who just got back from a major injury and who wasn't even 100% percent yet but still he is representing the company. The WWF needed to spice things up a bit and so they decided to split the brands with Ric Flair as the owner of RAW and Vince McMahon as the owner of Smackdown!.

They each got to choose there wrestlers and this is the list after the picking:


Big Show

Booker T



Brock Lesnar

Bubba Ray Dudley

Crash Holly

D'Lo Brown



Jeff Hardy

Johnny Stamboli (has just been signed)

Justin Credible


Kevin Nash (nWo)

Lita (Manager of Team Xtreme)

Matt Hardy

Molly Holly (Manager of nobody yet)

Mr. Perfect

Paul Heyman (Manager of Brock Lesnar)

Raven (*Current WWF Hardcore Champion)

Ric Flair (RAW Owner)

Rob Van Dam (*Current WWF Intercontinental Champion)

Scott Hall (nWo)

Spike Dudley

Steven Richards

Tommy Dreamer

Triple H (*Current WWF World Champion, they decided to split the titles up)

Trish Stratus (Manager of nobody yet)


William Regal (*Current WWF European Champion)

X-Pac (nWo)


Al Snow


Billy (*Current one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions)

Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chris Benoit (since RAW got Triple H, Smackdown! got Benoit)

Chris Jericho


Chuck (*Current one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions)

Diamond Dallas Page

D-Von Dudley




Hardcore Holly

Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Jamie Noble

Kurt Angle

Lance Storm

Mark Henry



Perry Saturn

Planet Stasiak



Scotty 2 Hotty

Sean O'Haire

Stacy Keibler

Tajiri (*Current WWF Cruiserweight Champion)

TAKA Michinoku



The Rock

Torrie Wilson

Val Venis

Vince McMahon (Smackdown! Owner)

WWF United States Title: None (new title on SD!)

WWF Television Title: None (new title on SD!)



"The World Wrestling Federation has decided to release all the women except for the ones that are on the rosters. The WWF feels they need to change things to make the WWF more entertaining and the WWF feels they can make it more entertaining by only using men for wrestling. The WWF Women's Title is suspended and may return one day but right now don't expect to see any women wrestling on the shows any longer. The wish the women we released the best of luck in there careers..."

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Albany, New York

01 April 2002 Results


The show kicks off and the owner of RAW 'the nature boy' Ric Flair walks to the ring in a suit. Flair grabs a microphone and he screams 'whooooo' before he starts to talk.

Flair: 'Welcome to a whole new RAW! A RAW under the power of me, the Nature Boy, whooooo! As you may have noticed Triple H is on the RAW roster which means RAW already has a WWF World Champ. Which also means we need a no.1 contender for that title and tonight we will know who faces Triple H at Backlash for the WWF World Championship! It's going to be the man who beat me at WrestleMania, the Undertaker (*crowd boo's*) against Kevin Nash, against Scott Hall and against the Big Show (*crowd cheers*) in a Fatal 4 Way match to determine who will go to Backlash! Good luck guys! I also have 3 other announcements. 1st, tonight that English snob William Regal will defend his European Title against none other then Bubba Ray Dudley (*crowd cheers heavily*), 2nd, from now on the 24/7 rule for the WWF Hardcore Title is over because it creates to much chaos in my opinion and 3rd, tonight Paul Heyman's new client named Brock Lesnar will face Matt Hardy AND Jeff Hardy in a Handicap match. Why? Because Heyman wanted me to put him in a Handicap match and I always like Handicap matches and you guys probably know why, whoooo! An era just came to an end, a new era just began, an era with Ric Flair as the boss! Whooooooo!'

Ric Flair walks around in the ring Flair-style before finally leaving.


WWF Hardcore Title Match!

- Raven © vs. Bradshaw -

This is the first Hardcore Title match without the 24/7 rule. Bradshaw walks to the ring to some cheers but Jim Ross talked about Bradshaw as if Bradshaw is a freakin' main eventer, like he always does. Next up comes Raven and he runs to the ring. He throws the Hardcore Title into the referee's face and he starts hitting Bradshaw with some stiff shots. At 5.34 the big Texan grabs a chair and puts Raven through hell with three hard shots to the back. Bradshaw lifts Raven up and he puts Raven through the announce table! Bradshaw follows with a cover but amazingly Raven manages to kick out. Bradshaw rolls Raven into the ring where a big table is waiting for them. Bradshaw goes for a Powerbomb but Raven reverses the move at the last second into a DDT through the table! Raven and Bradshaw both get up after 30 seconds and Bradshaw immediately goes for the Clotheline From Hell but Raven avoids the pain and he nails Bradshaw right on his skull with a STOP-sign! Raven throws the STOP-sign on the floor and he nails Bradshaw with the Evenflow DDT onto the sign! Raven hooks Bradshaw's leg, 1....2....3!


Winner: Raven

Rating: :)


I Want It!

The crowd goes nuts as Triple H appears backstage and he walks around with the WWF World Title around his waist. Suddenly he bumps into the Big Show.

HHH: 'Hey man, how are ya doing? I heard you are going to wrestle in that no.1 contender’s match tonight and I gotta say...'

Show: 'Trips, you and I are friends but when I beat those three guys tonight we won't be friends anymore until I win the WWF Championship. Believe me, if I didn't have the change to become the WWF Champ I would want you to be the champion because you deserve it and you are my buddy but the thing is right now, I'm so damn close to the WWF Title that I will not have any mercy for ANYone, including you! I want to hold that title again, I need it, and at Backlash.....I'll have it!'

They look at each other for a while and then Triple H offers a handshake and Big Show accepts. Will the Big Show face HHH at Backlash for the WWF Championship? Who knows...


- The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. Brock Lesnar (w/ Paul Heyman) -

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring all painted again and he looks like he's been using drugs way too much lately. Matt Hardy looks normal, thank god, as I always liked Matt more then Jeff anyway. The lights fade a little and a music theme starts playing and out comes Paul Heyman with the hottest new wrestler in the WWF at this moment, Brock Lesnar! Lesnar dances from one leg to the other before he gets into the ring. This guy is HUGE! Jeff and Matt jump onto Lesnar when the bell rings but Lesnar throws them out of the ring!! At 4.55 Lesnar finishes the match with his finisher on Matt and then on Jeff which is called the F5! Very impressive move! Lesnar covers Matt, one.....two....three! Heyman's new client just beat the crap out of one of the most established tag teams ever! Lesnar and Heyman walk away with there arms held high!


Winner: Brock Lesnar

Rating: :mellow:



A video shown and a man appears on the screen.

Sanders: 'Hi, I'm "above average" Mike Sanders.....The reason I got the nickname "above average" is because I've always been, well, above average. It all began when I was a little baby. I started walking almost immediately when I was born, and I had the biggest vocabulary a baby has ever had when I started to talk. Hell, I even participated in adult conversations because I understood what they were saying and sometimes I was even smarter then the adults. At school I got straight A's, and when a bully wanted to make fun of me I was always stronger and I kicked his ass. I've had more girlfriends then most guys and when I began wrestling everyone around me said "hey, that guy will be a star one day because he is above average!". They were right, 'cause look at me, I'm here in the World Wrestling Federation and soon I'll make my debut and I guarantee it'll be Above Average!'

The screen fades and one has to wonder when he will make his debut.


Love Is In The Air

Rob Van Dam is backstage doing his Jean-Claude Van Damme thing and Trish Stratus appears to some big cheers from the crowd. RVD grabs the Intercontinental Title and he wants to walk away but Stratus stops him.

Stratus: 'Rob, since the Women's Title doesn't exist anymore I'll just have to focus on being someone's manager. So I started to think about the guys who didn't have a manager yet and then I thought of you and you are perfect. You are a great wrestler and probably a great lover too....Rob, I want to be your manager'

RVD: 'Uh....yeah, sure Trish. But dude...uhm I mean, dude.....dude-woman, I have a match right now against Goldust so I can't hang out with you right now'

Stratus: 'Oh but that's great. As of now I'll be your manager which means I'll walk you to the ring as well. Let's kick Goldust's ass Rob!'

RVD smiles and he slaps Stratus' ass before they walk away and his match is up next!


WWF Intercontinental Title Match!

- Rob Van Dam © (w/Trish Stratus) vs. Goldust -

And as always Trish was smoking hot and the men loved it and RVD got some big cheers too and the women loved RVD so they are a perfect couple. Goldust had another spectacular entrance and he looked certain to kick some ass. The bell rings and Goldust takes the upper hand with a European uppercut and a Side Walk Slam. Goldust locks RVD into a Headlock but RVD manages to get back to his feet and to kick Goldust away. RVD follows with a Spinning Kick to the face. At 7:23 RVD takes Goldust down with a Dropkick and he follows with the Rolling Thunder! RVD covers Goldust but he doesn't get a three count. Goldust rolls out of the ring and after 30 seconds he rolls back into the ring and RVD wants to grab him by the hair but Goldust gives him a low blow! Goldust whips RVD into the corner and he sets him up for the Shattered Dreams but suddenly Trish Stratus hops into the ring and she takes Goldust down with the Chick Kick! Trish helps RVD back to his feet and RVD jumps onto the top rope followed by the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! It's over; RVD takes Goldust into a Roll-up, 1....2....3! After the match Trish and RVD hug and suddenly they kiss each other to a big pop from the crowd! Love is in the air baby!


Winner: Rob Van Dam ©

Rating: :pervert:



The Coach is backstage with Bubba Ray Dudley.

Coach: 'Bubba Ray, how are you doing without D-Von by your side? You must feel very alone'

Bubba: 'No I don't feel alone Coach, I'm not a pussy. Of course it would be cool to have D-Von here on RAW but this was probably meant to be. We have been dominating the tag title scene for so long we need to do something new, something fresh, a new challenge, and I know we both have the ability to become big time players in the WWF'

Coach: 'Ric Flair put you in a match with William Regal for the WWF European Title. Your thoughts on this match?'

Bubba: 'I think it is great that Ric Flair, a legend, thought about me and that he has given me the chance to proof myself to the world as a singles wrestler. I know I can kick Regal's ass, the fans know that as well, even the whole world knows it! Regal doesn't deserve to be the European Champion because he is just so freakin' boring. The only thing he does is talk trash in English which always makes me laugh although he is being serious, he drinks tea all the time 'cause all British people do and he wrestles from time to time and he always uses his brass knuckles to get his way. Regal doesn't deserve to represent Europe. I know he is from Europe and I'm not but I've been in Europe and I can say that Europe deserves better then William "toe rag" Regal! But let's cut the crap, I'm going to the ring now because it's BUBBA TIME!'


WWF European Title Match!

- William Regal © vs. Bubba Ray Dudley -

Regal got some good heel heat from the crowd and Bubba got huge cheers. Regal started off good as he had Bubba totally under control using technical moves. Eventually Bubba managed to stop Regal's dominating of the match and he got the upper hand. Bubba looks more interesting as a singles wrestler then as a tag team wrestler in my opinion. Bubba showed he can do more then he has already shown in the years before. At 7:27 Bubba played with Regal and eventually he went for a Powerbomb but Regal pulled out his brass knuckles and he nailed Bubba with them in mid-air! Regal fell on top of Bubba, 1...2...3! And Regal retained the title! After the match William Regal does his usual wave to the fans but suddenly Bubba Ray gets back to his feet and he surprises Regal with the Bubba Bomb from behind! Then Bubba forces Regal to get back to his feet and then he crushes Regal with the Bubba Cutter! Bubba Ray grabs the WWF European Title and he walks away with the title around his shoulder.

Winner: William Regal ©

Rating: ;)


WWF World Title No.1 Contenders Match!

- The Undertaker vs. The Big Show vs. Kevin Nash vs. Scott Hall -

Oh my god, who is going to carry the others to a good match? Hall? No he is probably drunk. Nash? No he only knows 4 moves. The Big Show? He is too damn slow. Undertaker? Maybe, but he is past his prime and he has never really been a guy who carries others to a good match. The Big Show comes to the ring first and he is the only Face in this contest. The Undertaker comes second and he rides around the ring on his motorcycle. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, the Outsiders, come to the ring together and they'll probably team up in the beginning. The bell rings and they all look at each other, building up the tension. Suddenly Scott Hall starts to talk trash to the Big Show and Show doesn't tolerate it and he knocks Hall out of the ring with one big right hand! All hell breaks loose as Undertaker takes Nash down with a big boot but immediately he gets clothelined down by the Big Show. Nash pulls himself back up and he crushes the Big Show into the corner. Scott Hall comes back into the ring and he hits Undertaker with a DDT followed by a Flying Forearm from the top rope. Hall throws Undertaker out of the ring and he double teams the Big Show with Nash. At 15:20 all four men are lying in the ring. Suddenly they all pull themselves up with the ropes and they collide in the middle of the ring. They hit each other with big right hands and Hall is the first one to be thrown away. Nash manages to push Undertaker away and then Nash does the nWo sign and he offers Big Show a handshake as he probably wants the Big Show to join the nWo and Big Show accepts it and he grabs Nash's hand, but he pulls Nash towards him and he nails Nash with a huge Headbutt! How funny is that! The Big Show turns his attention to Scott Hall and he lifts him up for a Chokeslam but the Undertaker takes Show down from behind! Kevin Nash surprises Undertaker from behind with a knife edge chop to his back and Nash takes Undertaker into a Powerbomb position but Undertaker throws Nash over his back! Undertaker lifts Nash up, CHOKESLAM TO NASH! Scott Hall goes for a Clotheline but Undertaker grabs Hall by the throat, CHOKESLAM TO HALL! Undertaker turns his attention to the Big Show but Show grabs Taker by the throat! The crowd goes nuts but Taker manages to get out of Show's grib and he grabs Show by the throat. Oh my god, are ya serious?! CHOKESLAM TO THE BIG SHOW! Undertaker hooks Show's leg, one........two..........three!! The American Badass is going to Backlash to face Triple H for the WWF World Title! The Undertaker celebrates as the show goes to commercials.


Winner: The Undertaker

Rating: :thumbsup:


Where will Stone Cold go?

The owner of RAW Ric Flair walks to the ring and he has a microphone in his hand.

Flair: 'Moments from now the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin, will decide to which show he'll go. Of course I want him to be on RAW (*crowd cheers*) but you never know what Vince McMahon has up his sleeve. I'll do whatever it takes to make Austin sign this contract (*Flair holds up a RAW contract*) and then tonight Vince will cry because he lost to ME! Whooooooo!'

NO CHANCE IN HELL! Vince McMahon, the owner of Smackdown!, comes to the ring with a SD! contract in his hand. He goes face to face with Flair.

Vince: 'Just like my music theme says, Ric, you have NO chance in HELL!'

Glass shatters and out comes the free agent Stone Cold Steve Austin and the crowd goes wild! Austin gets a microphone and he laughs.

Austin: 'Isn't this funny Vince? You and I, we have always been enemies. We've screwed each other back and forth and now you want me on YOUR show?! That's just damn funny........but the bottom line is I will sign with the show who guarantees me the best things 'cause Stone Cold deserves the best! Both of you can say something that will make me sign with you. We'll start with Flair'

Flair: 'Whoooo! Steve, I want you to be on RAW because a RAW without Stone Cold is like America without Americans! Everybody backstage will treat you like a god and you'll have your own locker room as big as a damn house!'

Austin: 'Shut up, now Vince'

Vince: 'Steve, I know we've had problems but we've grown and be honest, we actually like each other. We are friends, partners, who just swear at each other for fun. If you sign with Smackdown! you'll get a WWF Television Title shot. That's a new Title on Smackdown!, it's basically the same as the Intercontinental Title'

Austin: 'I have to say Smackdown! sounds more interesting, and...'


Austin snatches Flair's contract out of his hand and he signs it immediately. Flair laughs at Vince but Austin hits Flair with the Stunner after he signs the contract! Vince offers Austin his contract and Austin acts as if he's going to destroy the RAW contract but suddenly Austin yells 'APRIL FOOLS' and he also nails Vince with the Stone Cold Stunner! Austin is now a part of the RAW roster and it'll probably be Triple H defending the WWF Title against Austin and the Undertaker at Backlash! BAH GAWD!

The show goes off the air with Steve Austin flipping the bird to the fans and they go nuts for the Texas Rattlesnake! What a night, see ya next week!


"We got a 6.48 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7017 people.

We made $280680 from ticket sales"


My thoughts:

- I really thought Bradshaw was going to win the Hardcore Title but surprisingly he didn't and Raven kicked ass!

- Brock Lesnar is the future of the WWF. I know he just entered the WWF but who cares!!

- RVD and Trish are the perfect couple

- I thought they fired Mike Sanders? Ah well, always nice to see an old WCW guy who isn't called Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Nash or Hall :shifty:

- I wonder if Bubba Ray could be a big time player in the WWF. I know he can do more then he did with D-Von

- The 4 talent less brawlers actually pulled off a quite entertaining match. Good to see Undertaker go for the WWF Title again

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WWF.com Injury Report

"Booker T and Kane will both be out for 1 month and strange enough, both because of a broken nose. Also Chris Benoit is scheduled to return again soon. Rhyno still has a couple of months to go until he returns from his injury"

WWF.com Development Report

"The WWF have decided to release Payne and Redd Dogg from there contracts. The WWF has signed new talents that will develop themselves at OVW. Those wrestlers are: AJ Styles, Carly Colon, Chris Harvard (from Tough Enough), Eddie Colon, Elix Skipper, Julio Dinero and Trent Acid. The WWF wants to build more stars for the future"

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WWF.com News

PPV's 2002:

April: Backlash (RAW & Smackdown!)

May: Judgment Day (Smackdown!)

June: Sunday Night Nitro *replaces King of the Ring* (RAW)

July: Vengeance (Smackdown!)

August: Summerslam (RAW & Smackdown!)

September: Unforgiven (RAW)

October: No Mercy (Smackdown!)

November: Survivor Series (RAW & Smackdown!)

December: Armageddon (RAW)


WWF Smackdown! News

"Michael Cole is back to being an interviewer again as the WWF has signed former ECW-announcer Joey Styles. Styles will be by Tazz's side from now on at Smackdown!"

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Rasslin' Insiders: WWF News

'Scott Hall has showed up late to one of WWF's photo shoots. Hall said that he forgot the time because he was having such a good time somewhere. Probably in the bar, drinking beer. Hall will be punished for his actions; it's expected that he'll probably will not wrestle on Backlash. Thank god, he would have shown up drunk anyway. It's not long until Hall gets fired'


'The other half of the Outsiders has been a bad boy backstage. A group of wrestlers have been complaining about Kevin Nash's behaviour backstage. Rumors are going around that Nash tried to get into a backstage fight with Ric Flair but Flair didn't want to and security told Nash to go away. Maybe he won't wrestle at the PPV either because of his actions....He probably will wrestle, the bastard'


'Faarooq wants a push. Faarooq is a former WCW World Champion and he was a main eventer in WCW but when he joined WWF everything changed for him. He has been with Bradshaw as the A.P.A and his best days in the WWF were with the Nation of Domination. Faarooq thinks it's time that WWF pays him back for what he has done for the company. I think Faarooq deserves a little push but I think he wants a push to the WWF United States Title (which is the new World Title-like belt on SD!), and I dont think Faarooq can be a good champ'

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WWF Smackdown!

Rochester, New York

04 April 2002 Results

SD! Is Jericho

The show starts and the former WWF Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho comes to the ring in his usual jacket. He grabs a microphone.

Jericho: 'All of you assclowns need to stand up, and give me a big ovation because I am the longest reigning Undisputed Champion ever! Triple H was lucky to defeat me at WrestleMania 18, but if we could do it over I would still have a title around my waist. Now I guess I'll just have to kick some ass again and win the biggest title on Smackdown!, which is the WWF United States Title. It's a new title, and the champion represents America. You all want me to be the United States Champion right? Because I'm a good citizen, but most of all because I....am.....Chris Jericho! (*crowd starts chanting "asshole"*) The brand split is a fresh new start, a whole new concept. And it gives me the chance to rule again in the WWF. No more Triple H, no more Big Show, Smackdown! is going to be all about me! Welcome to Smackdown! IS JERICHO!'

The crowd boos the crap out of Jericho while he slowly walks away with an evil smile on his face. Jericho always delivers the goods.


WWF Tag Teams Titles Match!

- Billy and Chuck © vs. Scotty and Albert -

At WrestleMania X8 Billy and Chuck retained the Tag Titles against 3 well established teams so big ups to Billy and Chuck for surviving the match and even winning it. Scotty 2 Hotty got some big cheers from the crowd as he danced to the ring, he was much better with Grand Masta Sexay then with Albert. I can't believe Albert is a Face, how can you like this guy?! Anyway, throughout the match it looked like we were going to see a title change tonight because Scotty and Albert totally dominated the gay couple. At 6:23 Albert irish whipped Chuck into the corner followed by a big boot to the face. First Chuck walked around the ring like a guy who is drunk and then he fell down; very bad acting. Albert knocked Billy off the apron and he tagged Scotty 2 Hotty into the match. Scotty dances towards Chuck, it's W.....O....R.....M time baby! Scotty hits the Worm and then he hooks Chuck's leg, but the stylist Rico runs to the ring and he breaks up the count. Scotty goes nuts and he talks trash to Rico. Chuck takes advantage of the situation and he low blows Scotty, followed by a roll-up, 1....2...3! Billy and Chuck do it again, with the help of there stylist Rico! After the match Albert and Scotty look shocked while Billy and Chuck hug Rico to death.


Winners: Billy and Chuck ©

Rating: -_-



NO CHANCE, THAT'S WHAT YOU GOT! Vince McMahon slowly walks to the ring to a chorus of boo's as the owner of Smackdown!. Vince has some announcements to make.

Vince: 'Hello my dear fans, thank you for that great ovation (*crowd boo's*). I'm here to book four matches for tonight's show. I didn't book them before the show because I felt I wanted to surprise you all. The first match we will see tonight is Tajiri defending the WWF Cruiserweight Championship with the beautiful Torrie Wilson by his side against our hero; The Hurricane! The second match will feature Sean O'Haire, and he'll be just another victim for TAZZ! (*crowd chants "E C DUB!*) The third match will be a 4 man elimination match, the winner of that match will go to Backlash to face the man who will win the other 4 man elimination match which will take place next week. They will fight at Backlash for our new title, the WWF Television Title! And in the Main Event tonight, The Rock (*big pop*) versus Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle, and The Rock's partner will be a man I hate with all my hart and soul, HULK HOGAN! (*crowd goes wild*) Enjoy your evening and let's pray Hulk and Rocky lose! Muwahahah'

Vince gives his mic to the referee and then he leaves with his head held high.


WWF Cruiserweight Title Match!

- The Hurricane vs. Tajiri © (w/Torrie Wilson) -

Cruiserweights always deliver good matches. Hurricane's music theme was changed back to his old one again because he doesn't have Mighty Molly by his side any longer. The bell rings and Tajiri tries to hit Hurricane with his vicious kicks but Hurricane manages to avoid them. After some fast mat wrestling Hurricane takes the upper hand with a Head Siccors Takedown. Hurricane irish whips Tajiri into the ropes and he connects with a Springboard Dropkick! At 5:23 Hurricane knocks Tajiri down with a Flying Clothesline. Hurricane grabs his cape and he jumps onto the top rope, what is he going to do? Torrie Wilson starts to distract the referee and Tajiri jumps back to his feet. He blows green mist into Hurricane's eyes and he after that he kicks Hurricane off the turnbuckle. Tajiri waits for Hurricane to sit back up....KICK OF DEATH! Tajiri covers Hurricane, 1....2...3! Tajiri has retained the title because of his green mist and the help from Torrie Wilson. After the match Torrie Wilson has mixed emotions, she is happy that Tajiri won but at the same time she looks at Hurricane as if she's sorry for what she has done.


Winner: Tajiri ©

Rating: :thumbsup:



The lights go out and some music starts playing....I AM A REAL AMERICAN...! The crowd goes ballistic as Hollywood Hulk Hogan makes his way out to the ring to his old music theme. In the ring Hogan is about to say something but the crowd worship Hogan and it gets totally emotional (*the crowd chants "Hogan! Hogan!" for almost 4 minutes long*) Then the crowd finally settles down.

Hogan: 'I love you guys!! Vince McMahon, you can hate me whatever you want brother but I'm not going anywhere as long as I still have the Hulkamaniacs behind me! (*crowd cheers again*) After WrestleMania, when I wrestled against The Rock I was planning on retiring. But then I thought about all you people out there and I thought....I can't say goodbye yet. I may be old, I may be crippled when I retire but I wanna run wild ONE MORE TIME! And when I heard Chris Jericho talk in the beginning of the show about how he is going to be the first WWF United States Champion ever and I thought....screw Jericho, I wanna be the Champ again! The man who is the US Champ represents America and as we all know I am a REAL american! Chris Jericho is a Canadian punk who doesn't know that when I have my eyes on something there ain't no stopping me!'

Hogan does his pose and then he talks again.

Hogan: 'Now before I go I just have one thing to say to the rest of the Smackdown! roster. WAT'CHA GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ONE MORE TIME?!!'

The crowd goes nuts as Hogan slowly walks away. I don't like Hogan because he sucks in the ring but you got to have respect for him for what he did for the WWF.


He's Back

Michael Cole is standing backstage with "The Crippler" Chris Benoit.

Cole: 'Chris Benoit, tonight you return to the ring. Are you 100%?'

Benoit: 'I'm going to be honest with you Cole. No, I'm not 100% ready. But I'm one of the best Canadian wrestlers ever to step foot in a damn ring. Hell, maybe I AM the best Canadian wrestler ever! (*crowd cheers*) You see I can fight and win matches even though I'm not 100% ready for it. It's been too long since I've wrestled in front of hundreds of people again, I miss it, I don't want to wait another week'

Cole: 'Do you...'

Michael Cole's sentence is cut off by Edge who shoves Cole away.

Edge: 'Hey, long time no see Chris! (*Edge offers Benoit a handshake and Benoit accepts it but suddenly Edge slaps Benoit in the face*) You need to realize Benoit that you are NOT the best Canadian wrestler to step foot in a ring! I saw the light yesterday when I talked to my dad. I said to him that I just can't manage to get to the top and then he said I needed to step up and do something about it. He's damn right Benoit, from now on I'm not going to be nice to everyone any longer, I'm not going to parade around in the ring with stupid glasses on anymore.....From now on I'll show everybody that I can also be serious and when I am totally serious....I am the BEST Canadian wrestler EVER! Now you get out of my face Benoit!'

Edge also shoves Benoit away and Benoit has a confused look on his face while the crowd chants "Edge is an asshole!". Cool, Edge turned Heel. I like Edge when he is a Heel!


Sean O'Haire vs. Tazz

O'Haire is back and I like it because O'Haire is a talented wrestler. Tazz looked like he has been working out just a little bit harder then usual and he looks really good and in shape. It's a pity Spike Dudley is on RAW because Tazz & Spike could have kicked ass in the tag team division here on Smackdown!. This was a pretty good match but the crowd seemed to have forgotten Sean O'Haire. Tazz pulled out some spectacular Suplexes but it was O'Haire who won at 6:10 by pulling Tazz's tights after a Roll-Up to win the match. O'Haire cheated to win the contest!


Winner: Sean O'Haire

Rating: ^_^


If Ya Smell...

The Rock is backstage and he has something to say.

Rock: 'FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO Rochester, New York! (*crowd goes wild*). Angle and Jericho, tonight The Rock and Hulk Hogan will run wild on you! Angle, you say you are an American Hero but WHY are you an American Hero? Because you won an Olympic gold medal? It's good that you won a medal but that doesn't make you a damn hero!! There is only one hero here in the World Wrestling Federation and that's not the Jabroni beatin', pie eatin', all around smacka down, the People's Champ the Rock..... but it's Hollywood Hulk Hogan! And to Jericho; you look horrible without the Undisputed Title, maybe you need to use more make-up! Yes Jericho, I've seen you standing in front of a mirror hiding all your scars and pimples! You are not the King of the World 'cause that's Nelson Mandela. Tonight, I'll open a can of whoop ass on both of you! IF YA SMELLALALALALALALA, WHAT THE ROCK......is cooking!'

The Rock does the People's Eyebrow before leaving.


Winners Goes To Backlash

- Chris Kanyon vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Christian -

Benoit got a warm welcome from the fans when he made his way out to the ring. Edge got boo'ed like crazy; his Heel turn was quite well done. Chris Kanyon got a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some were cheering, some were booing and some didn't even know him; the noobs. This match was at the same level as Hurricane/Tajiri with match quality. Kanyon was the first to be eliminated, as he tried to clothesline Edge but Edge nailed him with a big Spear, followed by the cover and the three counts. At 9:47 Christian just stood on the apron and Edge and Benoit fought against each other in the ring. Benoit made Edge incredibly mad because he reversed all of Edge's moves. Eventually Benoit and Edge collided in the middle of the ring with there heads against each other after they both bounced against the ropes. Christian saw his chance and he came back into the ring. Christian pulled Benoit back to his feet with Benoit's hair but he couldn't do anything because Benoit knocked him down with a big right hand. Benoit turned his attention back to Edge and he locked Edge into the Crippler Crossface.....and Edge tapped out!! Edge got eliminated by Benoit! At 12:12 Benoit had Christian under control but suddenly Edge came back to the ring with Lance Storm by his side. Storm threw a steel chair into the ring while Edge distracted the referee. Benoit quickly tried to kick the chair of Christian's hand but Christian just NAILED Benoit with the chair on his head! Christian quickly threw the chair away and he went for the cover, 1.....2.....3! Christian is going to Backlash because his brother Edge and Lance Storm helped him!


Winner: Christian

Rating: :lol:


Welcome Back

After the match Edge and Storm go into the ring. Christian and Edge go face to face but after 30 seconds they hug. Chris Benoit manages to get back his feet but Christian immediately hits him with the Unprettier. After that Storm orders Benoit to stand up and he hits Benoit with the Superkick! Then Edge grabs Benoit and he finishes Benoit off with the Edgeoctioner. Edge, Storm and Christian stand in the ring with there arms held high as the show goes to commercials.


- Hulk Hogan and The Rock vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho -

The "Real American" song started playing and the crowd erupted but Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle came out and they mocked Hogan while walking to the ring. Suddenly Hogan and the Rock run to the ring and they attack Jericho and Angle like maniacs. The bell rings. Hogan and Jericho start things off with a lock-up in the middle of the ring. Hogan overpowers Jericho and he whips Jericho into a corner and he follows it up with a big Clothesline. Hogan locks Jericho into a headlock but Jericho grabs the second rope. Hogan grabs Jericho and he hits him with a really bad looking Body Slam but Jericho sold it well so he saved the match. Hogan goes for the Legdrop of Doom but Jericho rolls away and he dropkicks Hogan down. Jericho tags in Angle and Angle starts dominating Hogan. At 9:12 Angle and Jericho tag each other quickly in and out to make The Rock tired. Eventually The Rock manages to break the domination of Angle and Jericho with two big Spinebusters on both men. The Rock lifts Angle up for the Rockbottom but Jericho low blows Rocky. Angle let's out a big "Whoooo!" before locking The Rock into the Ankle Lock. Suddenly Hogan starts Hulking Up on the apron and the crowd starts chanting "Hogan! Hogan!". After a minute of pure torture for the People's Champion Hogan enters the ring and he hits Angle with a big boot to the face. Jericho jumps onto the top rope and he goes for a Springboard Dropkick but Hogan catches Jericho in mid-air and he crushes Jericho with a nasty Powerbomb. Hogan surprised me there! Hogan drags The Rock to there corner and he tags himself into the contest. Hogan hypes up the crowd but out of nowhere come Angle and Jericho with a Double Clothesline to Hogan. The referee orders Jericho to get back to his corner. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Hogan manages to get out of the Angleslam and he hits Angle with a stiff Bulldog. Hogan hits Angle with the Legdrop of Doom and he pins Angle while The Rock takes care of Jericho; 1...2....3! Hulkamania and The People's Champ win!!


Winners: Hulk Hogan and The Rock

Rating: :rolleyes:


After the match Hulk Hogan and The Rock pose on the turnbuckles and stuff like that while Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho walk away in shame. This has been a great Smackdown!. Joey Styles and Tazz say: 'see ya!'


'We got a 6.86 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 7539 people.

We made $301560 from ticket sales"

Kevin Nash: Big Show would be a great opponent for me, how about putting us together in some matches?

Sophie: You overused Edge at the last show, the fans started to get sick of seeing him.

Hurricane: Tajiri and me don't have much chemistry in the ring. How about putting me in a program with a worker like Christian? I think our styles would really work well together.


My Thoughts:

- It's sad to see a guy who was really over in OVW be Billy & Chuck's stylist. Yes, I'm talking about Rico. They could have done something with his background

- Hurricane thinks he doesn't have much chemistry with Tajiri but still they rocked the house. I wonder what happens when he fights someone with whom he DOES have chemistry with :blush:

- Sean O'Haire is back! Yay

- Love the Edge turn. Just totally love it. Good see Chris Benoit return and he's immediately wrapped up into a feud which is great of course

- Angle = god, Jericho = god, The Rock = god, Hogan = really bad wrestler :P But this time he actually surprised me a couple of times. He didn't destroy the match quality really bad. His powerbomb was sick :unsure:

Edited by Flying Dutch Man
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Rasslin' Insiders: WWF News

'The World Wrestling Federation has signed three new wrestlers. Former WWF superstar Hakushi is back in the WWF as Jinsei Shinzaki;

user posted image

Also Sonny Siaki is signed. He is born in Pago Pago, American Samoa

Wilmington, North Carolina. He's 28 years old and he has the looks of a big superstar;

user posted image

Expect Siaki and Shinzaki to debut soon because they aren't send to Ohio valley Wrestling. On which show they will be is a mystery but there are rumors going around that they will be teaming up.

The third guy who is signed is the youngest wrestler ever to sign with the WWF at the age of 18. His name is Rene Gougin but he has been wrestling by the name of Rene Dupree. Rene is the son of legendary Canadian Wrestler/Promotor Emile Dupre, who also trained him. Rene Dupree is send to OVW but he will wrestle on Jakked so the WWF can see how far his skills are developed. Here is a picture of Rene Dupree, he looks like an upcoming superstar:

user posted image'

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WWF Jakked

06 April 2002 Results

The youngest guy ever to sign with the WWF Rene Dupree lost in a match here on Jakked to Doug Basham. Basham looked great in the ring and he deserved to win the match because he performed much better then Dupree.


Planet Stasiak has changed his name back to Shawn Stasiak again, thank god. Stasiak got defeated by old-WCW wrestler Jamie Noble!


A video is shown recapping what happened on Smackdown! between Edge and Chris Benoit.


Maven is backstage and he says that he isn't afraid of Mark Henry and he's going to kick Henry's fat ass.


Jinsei Shinzaki and Sonny Siaki debuted together as a tag team and they defeated Faarooq and D-Von in there debut. Faarooq got pinned by Shinzaki and after the match D-Von turned his back on Faarooq and he destroyed Faarooq. D-Von turned Heel


It wasn't easy but Maven managed to beat Mark Henry who just returned after being absent for a while in a very boring and bad match. Henry no sold everything, I hate that guy but Vince McMahon loves him!



"We got a 1.59 rating for 'Jakked'!

The attendance level was 7009 people.

We made $280360 from ticket sales"

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Rasslin' Insiders: OVW Report

Ohio Valley Wrestling: Spring Breakout

07 April 2002

* AJ Styles d. Afa Jr. in a fast paced match. Styles looked really good in this one.

* Lords of The Ring (Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore) d. The Colon Kidz (Eddie Colon & Carly Colon) in a pretty good match. Conway and Dinsmore look like they are ready for the WWF but the Colon kids are still very green.

* Shelton Benjamin/Randy Orton/Johnny Jeter d. Seven/Damien/Ron Waterman in a match where Damien blew up a lot of spots and Benjamin rocked the house with some awesome moves

* Trent Acid d. Chad Collyer with help from Julio Dinero

* Leviathan d. Mike Awesome d. Haku d. The Damaja in a major Hardcore bout

* The Prototype d. Steve Bradley to retain the OVW World Title with Hugh Morrus as the special referee


My thoughts:

- AJ Styles will be one of the greatest Cruiserweights EVER one day

- Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore both have a lot of potential. They have good in-ring skills and they have charisma too. I wonder when they will appear on WWF TV

- Randy Orton will be a big player in the WWF one day, just because of his looks. But Orton wasn't the most impressive wrestler in the 3 vs. 3 match, that was Shelton Benjamin. That guy rules!

- Trent Acid comes from CZW and I think that's why they'll keep him in OVW for probably 1 year just to learn him to wrestle WWF-style. He has a lot of talent.

- Leviathan is HUGE! This guy is just like Lesnar; he has a huge body. But Lesnar has really good skills too and Leviathan needs to develop himself in the ring more.

- The Prototype is the most hated wrestler on the OVW roster which is good because is supposed to be the top Heel of the company. He is a good OVW World Champ and thank god Steve Bradley didn't win it. Steve needs to pack his bags and leave!

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Guest killacam2006

Review so far

I was happy with Raven beating Bradshaw in the first show I hope you push him. The Mike Sanders promo sounded really really like Mike Sanders so ive gotta give you credit for that. Like whoa Rob Van Dam and Trish are so totally an item now. Now this I don’t know about but it should bring some funny segments. No one has ever pushed Bubba Ray as a singles and I think he has a lot of potential as a singles main eventer so I hope you push him. You released Rodney Mack Aww I always liked him.

Somehow I don’t think the Outsiders will last much longer because of their terrible behaviour. Hulkamania is still running wild you gotta love it. Edge is a cocky heel again wohooooo. Sean o’ Haire beat Tazz thas not kool. Haskushi and Sonny Siaki could be an awesome tag team.

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WWF Heat

07 April 2002

The happy-go-lucky pimp Godfather defeated Bossman in a surprisingly O.K brawl. I thought they would suck but I guess I misjudged them!


Spike Dudley was backstage and he talked about his match against Johnny Stamboli


Footage was shown of last week's RAW where The Undertaker beat Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and The Big Show to become the no.1 contender for the WWF Title


Johnny Stamboli had a impressive debut as he totally destroyed poor Spike Dudley


X-Pac talked about the nWo and about his upcoming match against Crash Holly


Everybody thought the returned D'Lo Brown would beat Stevie Richards but Richards pulled off the upset victory!


This match was really predictable as it would be weird if X-Pac didn't defeat Crash Holly. The match itself was pretty good though.


Jeff Hardy is becoming more worse in the ring every match but he is still pretty over with the crowd. In this contest he defeated Tommy Dreamer who is jobbing on Heat again, duh!



"We got a 1.77 rating for 'Heat'!

The attendance level was 7535 people.

We made $301400 from ticket sales"

Edited by Flying Dutch Man
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WWF RAW Preview

Last week we saw Raven succesfully defend his WWF Hardcore Title against the big Texan Bradshaw. This week Raven will defend the Hardcore Title again and this time in a Triple Threat match against the same Texan, who changed his name to John Bradshaw. The third man in this contest is the underdog in this match, he's the underdog in every match; Spike Dudley! Can Spike or John Bradshaw win the title?

Also we saw Rob Van Dam and Trish Stratus and they are dubbed the perfect couple. This week RVD goes one on one with none other then X-Pac with the WWF Intercontinental Championship on the line and he'll have his hot manager/girlfriend Trish Stratus by his side!

Also on Monday we will see the debut of Mr. Perfect's new show called The Perfect Show! We'll find out on RAW what Mr. Perfect has in store for us!

Last week Ric Flair said Steve Austin would get a WWF Title shot, but will he get it soon? Who knows?! Most people say he'll wrestle HHH and Undertaker at Backlash in a Three Way Dance but nobody is sure yet. What will Ric Flair's decision be regarding this matter?

In the main event Triple H, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and the Big Show team up to battle The Outsiders and The Undertaker in a huge tag match! Who will win this battle of the big dogs on RAW? Time will tell....

It'll be another exciting RAW, see you on Monday!

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08 April 2002

Phoenix, Arizona

The Perfect Show

The show kicks off with Mr.Perfect in the ring and he's sitting behind his desk.

Perfect: 'Welcome to RAW and welcome to the Perfect Show! (*crowd boo's*) It's been a long time since I've opened a show. It has even been a long time since I've talked in front of all of you people in a WWF ring. But I'm back, and I right now I'm hosting my new show called, how original, the Perfect Show! Why is it called like that? Well that's an easy question...because it IS the PERFECT show!'

Mr. Perfect gets out of his seat.

Perfect: 'The first guest EVER on the Perfect Show will be mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam!'

Rob Van Dam comes to the ring with Trish Stratus and the crowd goes wild for them. They sit down on a couch.

Perfect: 'It's good to have you here RVD but what the HELL is that slut doing here!?'

RVD: 'Wow wow wow dude, that's my girlfriend you are talking 'bout!'

Perfect: 'Fine, fine! Rob, you are the WWF Intercontinental Champion. Last week you defeated Goldust and this week you face nWo member X-Pac and again the Intercontinental Title is on the line. Aren't you scared you are going to lose it Rob?'

RVD: 'Dude, nobody can beat Rob.....Van.....Dam! And if someone manages to overpower ME, then Trish will save my ass. We are the.....'

Mr. Perfect: 'the perfect couple. I've heard that too many damn times lately! Quite frankly, I'm getting SICK and TIRED of it! Nobody is PERFECT.....only Mr.Perfect himself!'

Trish: 'You are just jealous!'

Mr.Perfect: 'You shut your mouth! You two think you are perfect, well.....YOU'RE NOT! I'll proof it to you! And Rob, you better watch out because I want that WWF Intercontinental Title back.....'cause that title just suits me PERFECTLY!'

Suddenly Mr. Perfect hits RVD with his microphone and he crushes Trish Stratus with the Perfect Plex! Mr. Perfect grabs the WWF IC Title and he stares at it for a while but then he throws it into RVD's face. No respect from Mr.Perfect at all!



WWF Hardcore Title Match!

Raven © vs. John Bradshaw vs. Spike Dudley

The Big Texan John Bradshaw comes to the ring with a rope and a sign which says 'TEXAS'. He gets some good cheers from the crowd before Raven makes his way out to the ring. Raven talks trash to John Bradshaw before posing on a turnbuckle. Spike Dudley received some cheers from the fans but it was quite pathetic. The bell rings and Bradshaw immediately knocks Raven out of the ring with his Texas-sign. Spike grabs a stick and he tries to hit Bradshaw with the stick but Bradshaw avoids and grabs the rope he brought to the ring and he starts choking Spike! At 5.45 Raven and Bradshaw brawl at ringside. Raven clotheslines Bradshaw into the crowd and he grabs a trashcan but from behind comes Spike Dudley with a splash over the top rope onto Raven! Spike pins Raven, 1...2...but Bradshaw breaks the count with the trashcan. Spike tries to snatch the trashcan out of Bradshaw's hand but Bradshaw nails Spike with the trashcan and after that he puts the trashcan over Spike's head; making Spike fall! Raven gets back to his feet and Bradshaw goes for the Clothesline from Hell but Raven pulls out the WWF RAW Magazine with Bradshaw on the cover and he hits Bradshaw with the magazine. He follows it up with the Evenflow DDT on the steel floor and the cover, 1...2....3! Raven retains the WWF Hardcore Championship once again!


Winner: Raven ©

Rating: :)


The Main Event of Backlash

Whooooo! The owner of RAW Ric Flair slowly walks to the ring to an ovation from the crowd. He grabs a microphone.

Flair: 'Hello Phoenix, Arizona! (*crowd goes nuts*) Last week we saw the Undertaker win the no.1 contenders match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship! But we also saw Stone Cold Steve Austin sign with RAW because I offered him something he just couldn't refuse. A WWF World Title shot.....and now I have to decide when Austin is going to have his shot at the gold. Not today, not next week, but at Backlash! Whoooooo! It'll be Triple H versus The Undertaker versus Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Triple Threat match! Who will be our WWF World Heavyweight Champion after Backlash? Will it be Triple H, Undertaker or Steve Austin? We will find out on April 28! (*crowd starts a "Austin! Austin!" chant*) Next up are William Regal and Stevie Richards against Bubba Ray Dudley and Tommy Dreamer and it's going to be off the hook. Goodbye and have a nice show! Whoooooo!'

Ric Flair walks away while Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler hype up Backlash.


- William Regal and Stevie Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley -

Last week William Regal retained the WWF European Title against Bubba Ray by using his brass knuckles. This week he faces Bubba again but this time in a tag team contest and he has Stevie Richards by his side. The bell rings and Richards starts the match off with Tommy Dreamer. Richards irish whips Dreamer into the ropes and he connects with a dropkick to Dreamer's face. Richards grabs Dreamer and he goes for a Russian Leg Sweep but Dreamer takes over and he hits Richards with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Dreamer tags Bubba Ray into the match and Bubba hits Richards with an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a big Side Suplex. At 7:23 Regal hits Dreamer with an Underhook Belly to Belly Suplex and he covers Dreamer but Bubba Ray breaks the cover. Regal then locks Dreamer into a Leg Lock but after 20 seconds he locks Dreamer into the Regal Stretch. Dreamer tries to get to the ropes while he is screaming in pain but he can't get to them. Bubba Ray enters the ring and he breaks the hold. Bubba whips Regal into Richards who was standing on the apron. Bubba drags Dreamer to there corner and he tags himself into the match only to get nailed by Regal with brass knuckles! Regal throws the brass knuckles away while the referee isn't looking and he hooks Bubba's leg, 1....2....3! William Regal has cheated to win again!


Winners: William Regal and Stevie Richards

Rating: :lol:


Another Backlash Match!

After the match William Regal and Stevie Richards walk away but Bubba Ray grabs a microphone and he demands Regal to stop and wait.

Bubba: 'Regal, you S.O.B, you did it again, you used your damn brass knuckles to pin me again! I would have walked away out of this ring in shame and I would have accepted the fact that I lost if ya defeated me in a fair way but ya didn't and I don't like that. Last week I was real close to your precious belt but you took that away from me by cheating......now I think I deserve another shot at that WWF European Title! Regal, show me you actually have balls and that English wrestlers do not have to cheat to defeat a real American like me.....I challenge you Regal to a match at BACKLASH FOR THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION European Championship!!'

The crowd pops for Bubba Ray Dudley while William Regal receives a microphone.

Regal: 'Alright you bloody pillock! You want your stinking match, then you got it! At Backlash I'll show you that I deserve to be a WWF Title belt holder and after I beat you at Backlash I want you to show me some damn respect and to bow for me! Hahaha, see you at Backlash you miserable toe rag!'

William Regal holds the WWF European Title high in the air while Bubba Ray is celebrating in the ring. Another match for Backlash, Bubba Ray Dudley versus William Regal and the WWF European Championship will be on the line!



I've got your back....for now!

Triple H appears in the backstage area and the crowd cheers heavily for our WWF World Heavyweight Champion. Suddenly Steve Austin appears and he goes face to face with Triple H.

Austin: 'Tonight Hunter, you and me and the Big Show will have to team up. And tonight I will have your back Hunter, for now. You see I'll do anything to become the WWF World Champion again! At Backlash it'll be Stone Cold Steve Austin walking out of the arena with the WWF Title around his waist and THAT'S the bottom line......'cause Stone Cold said so!'

Steve Austin walks away and Triple H smiles as he looks at the WWF World Title.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match!

- Rob Van Dam (w/Trish Stratus) vs. X-Pac -

X-Pac runs to the ring with a nWo shirt on that doesn't really have any effect on the fans. Rob Van Dam is welcomed to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd. RVD is followed by Trish and they kiss before RVD hops into the ring. The bell rings and X-Pac tries to kick RVD down but RVD grabs X-Pac's leg but X-Pac nails RVD with a Enziguri. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about Mr.Perfect attacking Rob Van Dam earlier on in the show and how that may effect the outcome of this contest. At 5:34 X-Pac arm drags RVD and then RVD arm drags X-Pac and then X-Pac arm drags RVD and then RVD tries to hit X-Pac with a wheel kick but X-Pac avoids the pain and then they do a stand off while the crowd applaud them. X-Pac hits RVD with two weak right hands before driving RVD into the steel post in the corner. X-Pac locks RVD into the Buzz Killer but RVD manages to get to the ropes. Then X-Pac covers RVD and he puts his legs on the second rope! One.....two....thre, no Trish Stratus breaks the count! X-Pac throws Trish out of the ring but and he turns around only to get knocked down by RVD with a spinning kick to the face. RVD crushes X-Pac with the 5-Star Frog Splash and the cover, 1...2...3! Rob Van Dam retains the IC Title here tonight! After the match RVD and Trish celebrate in the ring but suddenly Mr.Perfect comes to the ring and he hits RVD with a steel chair. Trish tries to kick Mr.Perfect but X-Pac grabs her from behind and he slams her down. Mr.Perfect picks up RVD and he hits RVD with the Perfect Plex! Mr.Perfect rips his shirt apart only to reveal that he's a part of the new World order! Mr.Perfect attacked RVD for the second time in one night and he joined the nWo! Scott Hall and Kevin Nash also come to the ring and they celebrate the fact that Mr.Perfect is a part of the nWo now!


Winner: Rob Van Dam

Rating: :rolleyes:


Human Wrecking Machine

Paul Heyman is backstage with Brock Lesnar and just moments from now Lesnar will face D'Lo Brown in a singles match.

Heyman: 'Brock, don't be afraid. Last week you showed the world that you are a human wrecking machine. You defeated not only Jeff Hardy, but also Matt Hardy in a Handicap match in your freaking debut! You defeated one of the best tag teams in WWF history without breaking a sweat which means Brock, that you are the future of this business. You are a future World Wrestling Federation World Champion and you can dominate the entire RAW roster by using just one hand! D'Lo Brown may be a multi-time WWF European Champion but he's nothing compared to you Brock. You are the human wrecking machine, Brock Lesnar. Now I have just one thing to say to D'Lo Brown; here comes the PAIN!'


- D'Lo Brown vs. Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) -

Watch out, here comes the pain! Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make there way out to the ring while Jim Ross and Lawler talk about Lesnar's life so far. D'Lo Brown comes to the ring all hyped up like always and the fans cheer for him pretty hard. What followed was a big squash and D'Lo just couldn't do anything. At 3:44 D'Lo finally managed to take control by avoiding a spear into a corner by Lesnar. D'Lo hits Lesnar with a Neckbreaker and then he jumps onto the top rope for the Lo Down but Lesnar suddenly gets back to his feet and he slams D'Lo off the top rope. Lesnar picks D'Lo up.....F5! Lesnar hooks D'Lo's leg, one....two....three!


Winner: Brock Lesnar

Rating: :thumbsup:


Hey Yo

The nWo, Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/X-Pac and Mr. Perfect are backstage hanging out before the big main event. The Undertaker walks by and Scott Hall stops him.

Hall: 'Hey yo....'

Undertaker: 'What do you want Scott Hall?!'

Hall: 'Nash and I want to win tonight and we are positive that we can win if you don't screw us. You are a loner, a guy who wants to be alone and that's fine but tonight we want you to be a real tag team partner and not some guy who doesn't tag his partners because he thinks he's the man. Hey yo, you feeling me chico?'

Undertaker: 'No. I'll do what I wanna do and tonight I wanna show Triple H and Steve Austin that I'll win at Backlash by beating the crap out of them. But don't worry, I'll tag you guys from time to time but expect ME to win the match!'

Undertaker walks away and Hall looks at Nash.

Nash: 'Don't worry about him Scott, we also got X-Pac and Mr.Perfect standing at ringside'

X-Pac: 'Yeah, there is noooo way you guys won't win your match tonight!'

Nash: 'Damn straight! nWo 4-life!'

They do the nWo sign before Nash and Hall walk away and there match is up NEXT!


- Steve Austin/Triple H/Big Show vs. Undertaker/The Outsiders -

WELL, WELL IT'S THA BIGGG SHOWWW! The Big Show walks to the ring really fast, which is slow for us of course :P Glass shatters and the crowd erupts as Steve Austin makes his way out to the ring. Austin does a pose on all four turnbuckles before The Game, Triple H comes to the ring. The Undertaker rides to the ring on his motorcycle and the Outsiders do there usual thing while they come to the ring. The bell rings and Undertaker starts things off against Triple H. Taker and HHH lock-up in the middle of the ring and Taker wins the battle and he pushes HHH into a corner. Taker goes for a Clothesline but HHH grabs Taker's arm and he locks Taker into a Arm Wrist Lock. HHH grabs Taker from behind and he gives Taker a big Back Suplex. HHH then tags the Big Show into the contest. At 10:23 Scott Hall hits Austin with a Bodyslam and then he goes for another one but Austin starts hitting Hall with big right hands. Austin eventually connects with the Stunner but X-Pac and Mr.Perfect roll into the ring and they clothesline Austin out of the ring! Suddenly The Big Show enters the ring and Kevin Nash too and they attack each other with stiff right hands. Triple H is still standing on the apron but the Undertaker enters the ring and he knocks HHH off the apron with a big boot. Meanwhile Steve Austin is fighting off X-Pac and Mr.Perfect at ringside. Austin whips X-Pac into the steel ring steps and he nails Mr.Perfect with the Stone Cold Stunner and Mr.Perfect sells it perfectly. Then Austin goes to Triple H and Taker. He starts brawling with Undertaker and eventually he rolls Taker back into the ring. Austin hits Taker with a Headbutt followed by a clothesline which sends Taker out of the ring. Everybody gets back to there normal places and Scott Hall tags Kevin Nash. Nash tosses Austin from one side to the other. Nash picks Austin up and he crushes Austin with Jackknife Powerbomb but what Nash didn't see is that Austin tagged Triple H in mid-air! Nash covers Austin but Triple H gets into the ring and he drops his leg onto Nash's neck. Triple H whips Nash into Nash's corner and he connects it with a big running Clothesline. Triple H grabs Nash and he sets Nash into Pedigree position, he roars and he yells something to the crowd and in the meanwhile Nash tags the Undertaker. HHH hits Nash with the Pedigree but before he can do anything Undertaker enters the ring and he picks HHH up, TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER to the champion! Undertaker pins HHH, 1....2.....3! It's over, Undertaker just pinned the champion! Will Undertaker pin HHH at Backlash too?!


Winners: Undertaker/The Outsiders

Rating: :w00t:


The show goes off the air with The Undertaker standing over Triple H's broken body and the nWo celebrating at ringside.


"We got a 6.86 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7548 people.

We made $301920 from ticket sales"

William Regal: "That bloody pillock Bubba Ray Dudley was working too stiff"

Bubba Ray Dudley: "How about putting me and Tommy Dreamer together in a regular team? I think we could get over, and use that to set up our singles careers later on"


My Thoughts:

- Why was Stevie Richards the tag partner of William Regal? Makes no sense. Ah well, I think they just needed someone to be his partner so they used Richards. I don't mind, I like Stevie :)

- Regal versus Bubba at Backlash, both are good wrestlers, should be good

- Mr.Perfect has his own show, he started a feud with RVD and he joined the nWo in one night! Lol

- Brock Lesnar IS a Human Wrecking Machine. But I like it :D

Edited by Flying Dutch Man
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Rasslin' Insiders

"Mark Henry is released. The WWF said that they didn't know what to do with him so they released Henry. The WWF wishes Henry the best of luck in his career. Henry will probably stop wrestling because nobody wants to book him for a wrestling show because he just has no talent! I'm glad the WWF released him, he was a useless piece of fat"

"Mark Jindrak is called up for the WWF roster. He will not be wrestling anymore at Ohio Valley Wrestling. The WWF has said that they will be looking to add more new wrestlers to the WWF roster. Jindrak is a former WCW wrestler and he has a superstar look. I think there is a chance he'll be pushed as a babyface with a gimmick as blue chipper. I see a bright future for him in tha Dub Dub F"

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Guest killacam2006

I’m loving this perfect couple thing with Trish and RVD. I hope RVD and Mr Perfect have a match that could be the perfect match. Raven beat Bradshaw wohoooooo. Undertaker to win at Backlash. That William Regal promo was gold, gold I say. I didn’t even see that coming Perfect joining the New World Order should be interesting. You released Mark Henry good decision. Oh noooooo I see Mark Jindrak has been called up please don’t push him!!!!!!

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WWF Smackdown! Preview

Last week saw Billy and Chuck retain the WWF Tag Team Titles against Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert. This week Scotty 2 Hotty will go for the Tag Titles again, but this time with someone else, a mystery guy. Albert will be by his side and Rico will be at ringside for Billy and Chuck. This tag titles match will be off tha hook!

This week we will have another 4 way elimination match, this time featuring Diamond Dallas Page, The Hurricane, Test and Lance Storm and the winner will face Christian at Backlash for the new WWF Television Title.

Tajiri is going to defend the WWF Cruiserweight Championship again, this time against the returned TAKA Michinoku! This match promises to have a high match quality but who will walk out of the arena with the Cruiserweight Title?

Rikishi, the fat man, goes one on one with D-Von. D-Von turned on Faarooq at Jakked and he's trying to change his career. Can D-Von pull off a victory over Rikishi?

Just like on RAW the main event will be a 3 vs. 3 contest. Hulk Hogan, The Rock and Chris Benoit team up against Edge, Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho!

Don't miss yet another exciting Smackdown! fans!

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