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Guest Brandon9967

Does anyone know any trick plays that are good for easy yardage, etc? Anything? I am playing a guy for money today and want to have the upper hand, though I think my game is better.

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I've found with most football games (EA Sports in particular) that if you have 2 receivers next to each other on crossing routes:


\ /



| |

| |


One of the two will usually be open. Man, zone, doesn't matter. The defenders either get confused (run the wrong way), or run into somebody (another defender or a receiver) and that leads to somebody being open.

Hot route In/Out

----> | sidelines



If the defender is not on the line at the snap, usually they'll be too far back to stop the completion if you throw a bullet pass.

One play I tend to use a lot is basically any 4WR pass play with hot routes:

Both outside receivers run anything that's away from where they are (line of scrimmage, near the sidelines) They can head towards the middle of the field, deep, etc. as long as they don't stay where they are and they don't go to the sidelines.

Both inside receivers run out patterns (the 90 degree turn and head to the sidelines).

Somebody's going to get open. Usually the inside receivers on the out pattern. Bullet pass it to them, and you've basically got one man to beat; depending on the speed of the player you got the ball too (and the defense you're facing).

Once they catch on to that, there should be a play that has 2 receivers running outside posts, and 2 running out corner patterns. Launch the ball to the post receiver and again, one man to beat.

Oh yeah, and try to run a few trick plays. HB Pass, Triple Options...classic college football.

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