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WWE - Year 2005


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The show starts with a huge pyro display ending a huge year in the history - After thats ended Raw Announcers Michael Cole and The Rock introduce the fans

The Rock: Finally the Rock is back on SMACKDOWN!

Michael Cole: And what a show we have for you tonight starti....

The Rock: Hey Cole! Let the Rock speak!

Michael Cole: ummmmm.... Ok Rock but remember we are meant to be a team

The Rock: SHUT YOUR MOUTH COLE! Know your role and all that cause tonight we have some Cruiserweight Action to start with as ESSA RIOS (Cheap Pop) takes on that little piece of Crap X-PAC (Cheap Heat)

Michael Cole: and our main event tonight is....

The Rock: Its THE UNDERTAKER (cheap pop) and KANE (cheap heat) in a STEEL CAGE....

Michael Cole: .....O BOY WHAT A MATCH, Kane and the Undertaker have what you might call a strong sibli....

The Rock: .... You inturupted the rock, I like your style

Michael Cole: Ok Heres ESSA so sit back relex and watch the last SMACKDOWN (cheap pop) of the year, so Rock.....



Essa Rios vs. X-Pac

No Title

Single - No Stipulation


The Finish: X-Pac and Essa are getting a fair bit off reaction from the fans (Cheers when Essa does his high flying boo's when X-Pac actually gets a move!) Essa had hit Essa in a ddt and climbed the ropes and the crowd went wild (well not quite!) when he set up his Moonsault but that soon dissapeared as X-Pac had grabbed Essa legs into a small package using the ropes, The ref was none the wiser and started counting "1-2-3" X-Pac garbbed the batterd Essa and hit him with the X-Factor onto a chair an then walked away laughing as EMP's and Refs crowded round Essa.


A 2004 Video is shown hyping Evolutions progress through the year including Randy Orton who seemed left out a little compared to the rest!


Batista vs. AJ Styles

No Title

Single - Falls Count Anywhere


The Finish: Styles and Batista exchanged plenty of right hands and AJ got the upper hand (Rock: This boy could be the next version of me , Just not quite as good!) untill Batista gets an eye poke in and grabs a previosly used chair and plants a shot into his stomache and then hits a career freatining clothesline over the ropes into the table outside of the ring . AJ showed no sign of moving as Batista got a cocky pin and the ref had too count "1-2-3" Batista whipped AJ into the ring and he climbed in aswell only to find a bloody AJ Styles offering a handshake Batista accepts... OH MY GOD HE JUST BLINDED THE KID WITH ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE Batista walks off smirking as AJ rejects medical attention as he chases after Batista


The scene goes to a bloody and messed up AJ Styles limping backstage shouting "BATISTA COME OUT HERE YOU SLIMY PIECE OF CRAP" The crowd suddenly start booing as Evolution attack from behind and after a pedigree and a figure four leg lock batista shouts "YOU WANTED ME? SEE YOU IN HELL AJ!"


Haas and Van Damn vs. The Dudley Boyz

WWE World Tag-Team

Tag Team - Table


The Finish: With Haas planted through a table already but masking it that the ref didn't know was the highlight so far, ok so the Dudleyz should have won but the High Flyer and the Legitimate Athlete where fighting the best in the end D'Von swung a chair at RVD but hit Bubba instead and sent him crashing backwards into a table o well no 3-D but at least we saw a dudley send another dudley through the table and Haas and RVD kept there belts!


Kurt Angle is standing with a mic backstage

Kurt Angle: On Raw i won that world heavyweight title and nobody can get it off me! There has been romours that that mysterios WCW freak Sting has signed a contract to the WWE so next show on HEAT OF VELOCITY i will stand in that ring and wait untill sting comes out just too prove to you bunch of imbosiles that Kurt Angles title is safe, It'll be no title of course! (heat!!!)

The Rock comes up behind him

The Rock: My Wrestling career is over but i have become joint Commisioner with raw coulor commentator Shane-o-Man and i say if Sting comes and pins your ass next week (he points at the title) That will be on the line and if you dont show up next week i will personally give it to Sting (ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY! the classic Rock Pop!) The Rock Walked off leaving Angle looking scared


Billy Kidman vs. Shelton Benjamin

No Title

Single - No Stipulation


The Finish: Billy Kidman plants a huracanerana and then climbs the ropes slowly but surely after a hard match he sets up the shooting star press ,He jumps but Shelton moves out of the way and gets a quick pin "1-2-3" He celebrates when Paul London comes to the ring with a steel chair and cleans house He smash Sheltons head in and ddt's Billy onto a chair he rthen runs through the crowd as the bodys are sorted by EMT's (every single match EMT's have to come this is a bloody night!)


The Scene goes to a man walking backstage towards the arena (Michael Cole: THATS FRANK SHAMROCK!)


Frank Shamrock vs. John Heidenreich

No Title

Single - No Stipulation


The Finish: As soon as Heidenreich hit the ring he hit the mat with a move simular to sweet chin music hit by Frank he got the pin "1-2-3" He raised his arms and the crowed cheered!


The Scene goes to the rock and edge next to a bloody Kane

Edge: It wasnt me i swear

The Rock: Good but your going into that cage to fight The undertaker instead

The Rock walks off leaving Edge trying to wake Kane up but hell fight The Undertaker Next!


The Undertaker vs. Edge

No Title

Single - Cage


The Finish: Edge basically got slaughterd and yet again MORE BLOOD! Undertaker hit the tombstone then the last ride and then the chokeslam into the cage twice before he decided to escape um great i prefeerd the cruiserweight match thats why it has more description! So The Undertaker vs. Edge nice feud but also pretty uneven (sorry this is my filler text!)


Rating: 76%

Best Match: The Undertaker Over Edge

Worst Match: Batista Over AJ Styles

Best Angle/Interview: The Rock making Sting vs. Angle For Heat Is Velocity

Worst Interview/Angle: Shamrock walking backstage

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(Ill write the cage match again so its better)


The Undertaker vs. Edge

No Title

Singles - Cage


Edge threw the first punch but hit didn't even effect Taker who just pushed Edge away and then for the next few minuites Undertaker had managed to destroy Edge and even send him into the cage wall with a clothesline and hit the last ride. Then Taker had Edge in a familiar position .THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVE! Edge was very bloody when Taker Chokeslammed Edge into the cage again, All that was left to do and Taker did it easily!


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With Tazz and Shane McMahon

Tazz: Hello and Welcome to the first WWE Show of the year...

Shane O'Mac: ...And the start of a new Shane O'Mac and Rocky Era!

Tazz: Tonight we have a huge main event...

Shane O'Mac: ...Kurt Angle vs. Sting in a mystery stipulation!

Tazz: I Guess you thought of that?

Shane O'Mac: No Way! Rocky will be the one to tell the world that. Hell! i dont even know what it is!

Tazz: Can not wait for tonight!

Shane O'Mac: But first to start us of with a boom we have some cruiserweight action!

Akio vs. Rey Mysterio

No Title

Singles - Ladder

The Finish: Billy Kidman and Akio where both in the ring pounding mysterio's Chest and the Ref couldn't do a thing ,This countinued until Rey ducked a double clothsline and tripped Both of them onto the second ropes and then called out "619 TIME!" he bounced of the opposite rope and then hit a double 619 onto the two, He then walked over to the set up ladder in the middle of the ring and then hopped up it and grabbed the belt, The Bell rung and as Rey got down Billy and Akio where waiting to attack him with steel chairs they both beat him up and then Bily got the shooting star press on Rey who was lying on the Ladder, The two celebrated there work over a beaten Mysterio.

The Scene goes to AJ Styles and HHH who are both in a heated confrontation ,Batista and Ric Flair come from behind and Beat AJ Up

Tazz: Oh My God what a heated rivalry is building between Batista and Styles

Shane O'Mac: Yes ive got to sort this out ,Ejoy AJ Styles match next and god help that boy if he is too bad (Shane drops his head peice and then runs off backstage)

AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin

No Title

Singles - Hardcore

The Finish: AJ and Shelton exchanged heated blows - With steel and wood! It ended when aj was on the top of a ladder and Shelton a table AJ was about to jump when HHH came out and pushed him off the ladder ,Shelton got the pin but he was agry that he couldnt win fair and square so HHH gave him the pedegree and then Shane O'Mac and Eddie Guerrero ran to the ring and cleared house

Commercial Break

The Show restarts with Jericho standing in the middle of the ring in his highlight reel set

Chris Jericho:Hello ,Juniors (Cheap Pop) Chris Jericho who was cheated out of the championship this week on raw is back on JERICHO OF VELOCITY With his Highlight Reel! This weeks guest is the mysterios Intercontinental champion CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!

There is a large Thunder clap and no music fllows the light turns a blinding yellow and Christopher walks down to the ring and sits next to jericho

Christopher Daniels: Jericho...

Chris Jericho: What do you want junior

Christopher Daniels: Your really boring me

Suddenly Christopher throws his fist into Jerichos skull and then hits the Fallen Angel

(Second Part Coming Soon! Including A U.S Title defence a Edge Undertaker Rematch and will Sting arrive for his match?!)

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Evolution come down to the ring and the crowd give them tons of heat but Triple H seems to love the heat and so Do Ric and Batista, Ric dances around the ring while Triple H grabs a mic from Lillian Garcia and all 3 Stand in a line ,Batista flexing his muscles and Flair getting the crowd going with a couple of "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"'s!

Triple H: AJ STYLES! (The crowd go wild for a new hero of theres!) You walk round like you own the place with that U.S Title

well when Batista wins that match against Frank Shamrock hell come and KICK YOUR ASS! (Batista flex's his muscles and grins) And we see that "The best brawler in the world" Toto Garza is looking skillfull expessialy in the moster area because boy is he HUGE ,AND he is just what we are looking for so Will Toto please accept our request that you join EVOLUTION!

Toto walked to the stage with a microphone

Toto Garza:YES (the crowd booed) All my life ive been looking for success in the big leagues and Evolution is the Team to join for success!

Batista vs. Frank Shamrock

'#1 Contender Match For The U.S Title

Single - No Stipulations

The Finish: The Two exhange fists i a huge brawl between two great warriors And Batista wins with a POWERBOMB "1-2-3" HIS FEET WHERE ON THE ROPES! Batista ran away, BATISTA VS. AJ Styles

The Rock: Finally Commisioner Rocky is on Heat Of Velocity! And to get to the point Angle will Face Sting in a Barbed Wire Rope Match!

(Coming Soon! Sting vs. Angle and Edge vs. Undertaker!)

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Guest mroniimusha

If you start a WWE diary with AJ Styles in the main event and Shane McMahon commentating, people are going to want to know what the hell is going on. Otherwise you will not get any positive comments.

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The Undertaker vs. Edge

No Title

Falls Count Anywhere

The Finish: You can't get luckier than Edge who after recieving a tombstone managed to get a shot into Takers Forehead setting him up into a large spear witch sent him into the turnbuckle and then edge grabbed a sledgehammer and put his trust in it by plating it into takers head... His trust was rightly put, he got the pin "1-2-3" Edge ran away not waiting for Taker too get up

Commercial Break

Kurt angle comes to the ring looking very nervous he grabs a mic from Lillian Garcia but the Place goes darker and Stings music hits Kurt throws his mic away and gets ready for Sting...

Kurt Angle vs. Sting

WWE World Heavyweight Title

Barbed Wire Ropes Match

The Finish: Angle hit Sting in the Angle slam and got him into the irish wip into the Barbed wire but Sting reversed it and sent Angle into the Ropes and then set him into the Scorpion Death Drop but Angle reversed it into a small pakage "1-2-3" Angle grabbed his belt and celebrated outside the ring as Sting stared at him and made the belt signal

(Show ends!)

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Im completely lost with this diary, and i don't think im the only one.

What the hell is Heat of Velocity?

How did the Rock return to become commentator of Smackdown?

When did Daniels, Shamrock, X-Pac, Essa Rios and AJ Styles debut?

Damn too many obvious questions...

I like The Rock as commentator though.

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Im completely lost with this diary, and i don't think im the only one.

What the hell is Heat of Velocity?

How did the Rock return to become commentator of Smackdown?

When did Daniels, Shamrock, X-Pac, Essa Rios and AJ Styles debut?

Damn too many obvious questions...

I like The Rock as commentator though.

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what do you mean, what time you had, you dont have a time limit to do shows, do it in your own time and because you want to, not to impress the board, Its not always having an amazing diary that gets attention you can also get attention, good attention, by continuing it and being constant and that only works when you enjoy doing it.

An example of this for me would be doing a comical diary type because it entertains me and makes me want to continue.

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^^^ I a gree with everything that has been said if you need some help on how to improve your diary look in the questions and polls section there is a guide there and how to do promos etc...

Also how in the heck did sting get in WWE

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The WWE was known for being Hectic but the last mounth of 2004 seemed the most Hectic Raw and Smackdown did the unthinkable and merged back into the World Wrestling Entertainment to put on another unbelivable mounth. Heat And Velocity where losing the WWE money so they where merged into Heat Of Velocity witch would have a trial period at prime time on spike TV. the Rock and Shane O'Mac came back as commisioners as on Smackdown there where two survivor series match Theodor Long's Team vs. The Rock's Team and Shane McMahon's Team vs. Eric Bischoffs Team and the Faces Shane and Rocky Became Joint Commisioners and To make sure every thing went well they both became coulor commentators on Smackdown! and Heat Of Velocity. There where huge super star cuts including about 50 members of the roster including - Big Show ,Randy Orton and HBK Shawn Michaels (Who left after many of his students left!) but many where brought in including development deals with Greg Pawluck and Paul Birchall who looked prommising and Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and The Amazing Red where bought in as they looked very prommising and Tarzan Goto (Who Bacame Toto Garza) who was supposed to be the worlds best brawler and was a monster!. The most impressive debut was AJ Styles who beat Kane to get to the WWE World Title Tournament title only to lose against eventualy Tournament winner Kurt Angle. Angle beat a Jericho who was overly cocky after destroying John Cena in the Semis and The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit before that but angle was too much of an opponent. AJ Styles then went for fellow semi-finalist John Cena and won his U.S Title after a classical match where Aj won earning the fans respect but he made the mistake of insulting Batista after... And Christopher Daniels was spooking the fans out with his "Fallen Angel" ways and that included Shelton Bejiman who lost his IC Title too the Angel. Charlie Haas and Rob Van Damn made an unusual team but there styles was so different they could clash with everyone! They eventually won the new Tag-Team titles against the Dudley boyz!

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WWE Roster!

Face Tweener Heel

Main Eventers

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Eddie Guerrero

John Cena


The Undertaker


Kurt Angle

Ric Flair (!)

Triple H

Upper Mid Carders

AJ Styles

Booker T

Ken Shamrock (Injured)


Shelton Benjamin

William Regal




Mid Carders

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Christopher Daniels

Eddie Colon

Frank Shamrock

Jerry Lynn




Matt Hardy


Rey Mysterio




The Hurricane

Toto Garza

Ultimo Dragon

Billy Kidman

Bubba Ray Dudley

Carlito Caribbean Cool

Dustin Rhodes

D'Von Dudley



Molly Holley

Spike Dudley

Tito Ortiz

Trish Stratus

Lower Carders

BJ James

Essa Rios

Johnny Jeter

Mac Muscle

Paul London


Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Shawn Stasiak

The Amazing Red


CM Punk

Perry Saturn

Simon Dean




Stevie Richards



Miss Jackie

Stacy Keibler

Torrie Wilson


Dawn Marie


Shane McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

The Rock

Brock Lesnar

Don Callis

Vince McMahon

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Alexis Laree

Chris Cage

Chris Masters

Greg Pawluck

Jimmy Snuka Jr.

Matt Cappotelli

Paul Birchall



3 Live Kru (BG James and K-Kwik)

3 Live Kru II (Konnan and K-Kwik)

3 Live Kru III (BG James and Konnan)

Flair and Batista

Haas and Van Damn

HHH and Batista

HHH and Flair

Justice League (The Hurricane and Rosey)

Regal and Eugene

Rhyno and Tajiri

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley)


3 Luve Kru (BG James ,K-Kwik and Konna)

Evolution (Batista, Ric Flair, Toto Garza and Triple H)

The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley and Spike Dudley)


WWE World Heavyweight Title - Kurt Angle

WWE Intercontinental Title - Christopher Daniels

WWE U.S Title - AJ Styles

WWE World Tag-Team Title - Haas and Van Damn

WWE Cruiserweight Title - Essa Rios

WWE Woman's Title - Trish Stratus


January- Royal Rumble

Febuary- No Way Out

March- WrestleMania (XXI)

April- Backlash

May- Judgment Day

June- King Of The Ring

July- Vengeance

August- SummerSlam

September- Unforgiven

October- No Mercy

November- Survivor Series

December- Last Laugh

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I really think you should go back and rewrite that history. It looks EXTREMELY rushed, not to mention all the run-on sentences and typos. If you have access to a spellchecker and/or a grammarchecker, make use of them, please! They'll help improve your writing.

Why is Tarzan Goto (Toto Garza is kinda stupid) in Evolution (especially with Batista around)? Who is Y2Joy (is it Joy Giovanni? How is she connected with Jericho?)?

You might want to consider listing each manager's current clients, if they have any.

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