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WWE After Wrestlemania XIX


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Plankton coming back and revisiting and reviewing his own diary has reminded me of how much I enjoyed this Diary. It was my second Diary ever and my longest running and most successful one. The last boards ate the post so it's not on these boards I do not believe and I feel like I can continue that one and still put time into my Year of Foley diary. I Loved this diary for how I did make sure there were challengers for the World Title and IC Title and all the belts. I felt I did a very solid job though sometimes the writing needed some help but I felt the booking was pretty solid. Anyway I am going to recap problems and thoughts after each show. Mind you that the first two months were completely lost for the most part due to a collapse of boards long ago before I started saving them. So I didn't re-write those due to how long it had been since I had booked it.

If you want to judge this Diary. Do not on the first two months of recaps cause it gets better as we go cause of the fact I lost those shows and others are fully written.

The Kap Says This Diary Re-Begins Now!


Sunday Night Heat (April 6)

(This was back before I started doing RAW Brand Matches and Smackdown Brand Matches as a competition but merely just to get lower midcarders and under on TV)

Maven beat Chris Nowitski in a Tough Enough Matchup! (63%)

Video hyping Ken Shamrock's return to WWE (73%)

Nunzio beat up on Bill Demott via Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli! (61%)

Rico beat up on Spike Dudley with help from Rosey and Jamal (66%)

Video promoting the Bisch and a big announcement tommorrow night on RAW! (79%)

Bradshaw beat Kevin Nash clean but in a bad match (60%)

Tommy Dreamer beat Rodney Mack in a Hardcore Match to promote the Hardcore Championship 10 man over the top rope Battle Royale! (65%)

(This was the Worst Sunday Night Heat Show or Any Show in the Diary (55%)

I had to start here because of losing the first Smackdown completely so this is where the Diary originally began for the majority. It was the worst show I ever did ratings wise. I mean but who could think that would be the case with such great matches as Bradshaw beating Kevin Nash....What was I thinking :wacko:

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Monday Night RAW (April 7)

Tommy Dreamer Wins a 10 Man Battle Royale for the Hardcore Championship! (64%)

An angle between Booker and Jericho promoting their match later in the night after a confrontation! (84%)

This part has an Interview with Eric Bischoff about the edict laid down by Shane McMahon about Eric Bischoff's running of RAW and a promotion of a possible match at Backlash! (69%)

Goldust defeats Batista getting revenge for Batista electrocuting him a few weeks back (75%)

Bubba/D-Von and Spike end up defeating Three Minute Warning with Rico in a match that stemmed from Three Minute Warning beating down Spike on Heat! (66%)

This is a segment where Austin gets into the face of HHH challenging him saying he's got no balls anymore and HHH gets into his face as both men have to be seperated in their fury (87%)

Christian defeats Kane in a pretty solid match. Just competition here (77%)

Jazz Defeats Trish Stratus to Win the WWE Women's Championship legit (75%)

HHH cuts a long promo about how he's going to end the career of Stone Cold Steve Austin just like he ended Mick Foley's. (81%)

It's Rock Celebration night and to crash the party is Rob Van Dam who comes down interrupting the Rock. Rock gets pissed off but it ends up with RVD avoiding a Rock Bottom and hitting a kick to the mouth on Rock followed by a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! (91%)

Booker T defeats Chris Jericho in a very big Main Event that advances their feud greatly (88%)

RAW Rating: 78%

I Wanted Goldust to be a serious part of my promotion which is why he would get a victory over Batista. I wanted him out of the stuttering gimmick and into serious mode.

Here is a major booking mistake though when Christian beats Kane cleanly which would never really happen. It was a big mistake and I still regret that one but it was early on and I did need to get into the swing of things. I do like how I had RVD come in. I felt his feud with Rock would elevate him and Rock would benefit as well but I did not book this feud tremendously.

I Did feel Booker vs Chris Jericho was a very good main event choice and made for a strong finish to this RAW.

The Bischoff promo though is setting up what will come to be a very ill-fated match at Backlash between Eric Bischoff and Shane McMahon where Shane breaks his leg during the match. Made the match unwatchable because of the injury and the buildup and blow off was killed in that one injury.

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WWE Smackdown (April 10)

Angle involving Eric Bischoff showing up on Smackdown challenging Shane McMahon to a match at Backlash. It ends up being agreed upon. If Eric wins he gets full and complete control of RAW for however long he wants. If Shane wins. Eric is fired! (73%)

The debut of Psicosis on Rey Mysterio taking the champ down with the Psycho Stunner! (75%)

Brian Kendrick pulls a giant upset beating Big Show but receiving another post match beatdown from A-Train and Big Show! (63%)

John Cena defeated Chris Kanyon in the First Rd Match of the WWE American Championship Tourny with a low blow followed by a DVD (68%)

A backstage attack by someone in shrouds takes down Matt Hardy Version 1.0. Then revealing himself as Edge yelling at Matt Hardy screaming at how Matt tried to end his career backstage at No Way Out attacking him!! So that's who attacked Edge!!!! (83%)

Chris Benoit defeats Rhyno clean by tapout in a First rd Match of the WWE American Championship Tourny. (81%)

Tank Abbott beat down Tajiri in a squash match in the First rd of the WWE American Championship Tourny (72%)

Los Guerreros are seen backstage cutting an improptu promo about how they're going to bring the WWE Tag Team Championships home to la Familia tonight! (73%)

Undertaker beats Brock Lesnar clean in the last First rd match of the night advancing! (82%)

Los Guerreros beat Team Angle for the WWE Tag Team Championships legitimately. Eddie hit a Frog Splash for the win! (79%)

Smackdown Rating: 73%

It becomes apparent at this point that Smackdown is the stacked show of the two. With the Guerreros, Benoit, Rhyno, Lesnar, Angle, Taker, Edge, Hardy, Mysterio. Tank Abbott was signed the week before to come in and make an impact by Shane McMahon...this was my WORST signing to date ever in any game. He was crap and did nothing for the promotion.

This was also the beginning of the Los Guerreros/Team Angle feud over the Belts which was one of my favorite feuds in this 13 Month Diary. I always thought it was very strong but in the beginning you can't tell due to the very brief recaps which was unavoidable so I will do my best in describing the thoughts and plans behind everything. I really never know why Taker and Lesnar were in a first round match for the new American Title. They needed to be on the show I guess but neither were so low as to be in that division.

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Sunday Night Heat (April 13)

Jazz defeats Ivory to Retain her WWE Women's Championship (53%)

Jamie Noble defeats Billy Kidman by the distraction from Nidia giving Noble the upperhand to hit his Tiger Bomb (74%)

A Video promotiing tommorrow night's main event as HHH/Batista vs Stone Cold and a Partner of his choosing plays to help promote tommorrow night's Main event (73%)

Nathan Jones defeats Chuck Palumbo clean but Nathan again doesn't perform well in this match..one of Nathan's few matches in WWE infact (68%)

A Video begins to play promoting the coming of Scorpio..just a hint to anyone..this fails! (68%)

Al Snow beats the ingrate Chris Nowitski from Tough Enough I. (70%)

Tommy Dreamer defeats Test under Hardcore Rules to retain his Hardcore Championship! (63%)

Heat Rating: 55%

(This was that rare Event where things for some reason or another didn't click cause as you can see all the ratings were decent except the first)

I don't know what I was doing with Heat at first but it was just atrocious to start out with. Nathan Jones on that show?...argh why didn't I fire him earlier than I did!

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Monday Night RAW

April 14, 2003

Raw's intro hits and begins playing it's video to all the TV viewers, as well as on the Titantron. Then it cuts to the arena where huge pyro begins going off on the stage as Raw sets to start for the night. Then Lance Storm's music hits and Lance as well as Chief Morley come out onto the stage. They walk down to the ring. Storm rolls under the bottom rope and Morley steps through the ropes but before they can do anything at all the Dudley Boyz music hits. D-Von and Bubba Ray don't come out though as Morley and Storm lean on the top rope watching the ramp way. From behind the time keeper's table over the barricade the Dudleyz come and grabs a table from under the ring and slide it into the ring. They both get in the ring and as Morley turns back towards where the Dudleyz are...3D! 3D Morley is out! Storm turns seeing it happen, He and D-Von begin to slug it out as Bubba sets the table up. Storm swings with a fist but D-Von ducks it and D-Von lifts Storm up and Bubba grabs him by the neck. Reverse 3D Through the Table!! The Dudleyz leave Storm/Morley completely out in the ring!

Overall Rating: 68%

Rock laying the smack down on that Kicking Machine RVD!

Rock is backstage with the coach and he cuts one of his quite humorous promos at RVD and his whole hand motion thing. Rock then does his normal catchphrase but informs the fans whom he can hear throughout the arena that they can't singalong with the Rock anymore!

Overall Rating: 100%

Jazz vs Trish Stratus

(WWE Women's Championship, Falls Count Anywhere Match)

This match is one of those hard hitting impact matches that Trish and Jazz had last year. This is a very good match for a Women's match which are normally not very good quality wrestling. Jazz hits a big spinebuster in the middle of the match getting a long two count. Trish hits a Chick-Kick for a long two count. Trish tries a Stratusfaction but Jazz ends up sending Trish crashing down onto a trash can that had been brought into the ring. Jazz then quickly locks in her STF and Trish has to tap out! Jazz's music hits and she raises her arms in the air as the Championship is handed to her. Good solid Match by the women as Raw goes to commercial break.

(Winner and Still WWE Women's Champion: Jazz)(Trish Lost Overness)(Jazz Gained Overness)(WWE Women's Championship Gained Overness)

Overall Rating: 74%

Crowd Reaction: 78%

Match Quality: 68%

Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer

(Hardcore Championship)

Both men come out to a big pop. Tommy actully takes command early in the match. Dreamer lays in some punches and then nails RVD with a chair shot. Dreamer then hits..OH MAN Spinning Neckbreaker onto the chair!!! RVD holds his neck in pain as Dreamer covers him..1..2...kicSuckt! RVD hits several of his trademark kicks which is capped off with a Rolling Thunder and covers Dreamer..1..2...kicSuckt! RVD seems in control when The Rock comes running out onto the stage and running down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope into the ring as the crowd is erupting in boos and cheers as Rock stances behind RVD. RVD turns around..ROCK BOTTOM! Rock lays RVD out and leaves the ring as Dreamer lays an arm over RVD. Not even noticing what had happened..1...2....3! Tommy Dreamer gets a big win to retain his Hardcore Championship. He rolls out of the ring and staggers to the backstage area. Rock sets up the chair in the ring as if to sit in it. He picks up RVD and whips him to the ropes..DROP TOE HOLD DOWN MASHING RVD'S FACE OFF THE CHAIR! The crowd gives one of those gasp pops as Rock talks trash to RVD as he kicks the mat in pain holding his face. Rock raises his arm in victory and then walks to the backstage area as RVD looks at Rock leaving his face bloodied up!!

(Winner and Still Hardcore Champion: Tommy Dreamer)(Tommy Dreamer Gains Overness)(Hardcore Championship Gains Overness)

Overall Rating: 72%

Crowd Reaction: 66%

Match Quality: 78%

Backlash Is Gonna be All About the Money

A Video promo highlighting the career highlights of Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff and then showing the past couple weeks action between the two. Then it's showing the two of them facing off with the Backlash background behind them facing off..Does this mean the Match Is on!!!?

Overall Rating: 71%

Canadian Blondes (Jericho/Christian) vs Black Gold (Book/Goldy)

(First Hour Main Event)

Jericho and Christian come walking out to Jericho's music. They both get down to the ring and then Booker's music hits. Booker comes out with Goldust and Goldust goes down doing Booker's normal entrance with him. Once Black Gold are down to the ring Booker and Christian start the match in the ring. Great start up with Christian finally gaining control with a backbreaker DDT he does. Christian tags Jericho in. Christian holds Booker and Jericho hits a huge chop on Booker's chest. Jericho whips Booker to the ropes and hits a flying forearm knocking Booker down. Jericho yells down on Booker talking trash about him. Jericho hits his walking senton onto Booker and covers him arrogantly..1..2..Booker reverses it into a pin..1..2..kicSuckt by Jericho. Booker begins to crawl towards his corner but Jericho pulls him back towards his corner. Booker kicks Jericho away and gets to his feet. Jericho runs at him but Booker knocks Jericho down with a big spinning kick and goes down. Booker tags Goldust in and he's on a roll taking both Jericho and Christian down with punches and clotheslines. Booker clotheslines Christian over the top rope going over with him. Goldust tries to suplex Jericho but Jericho blocks it and hits an inside cradle on Goldust. He pulls the tights hard to hold Goldust down..1..2....3!! Jericho steals one for his team! Jericho rolls out of the ring as Christian comes around the ring. Both men back up the ramp holding their arms in the air having stolen the win as Raw goes to commercial!

(Winners: Canadian Blondes)

Overall Rating: 86%

Crowd Reaction: 87%

Match Quality: 84%

Scott Steiner vs Hurricane

This match is a squash for the most part but late in the match Hurricane after several near falls begins to come back and fights out of the domination by Steiner. Finally Hurricane completes the comeback by hitting a shining wizard on Steiner taking him down..1...2...3! Hurricane with another big upset! Hurricane gets out of the ring quickly and runs to the back having basically cleanly stolen a win!

(Winner: Hurricane)

Overall Rating: 70%

Crowd Reaction: 71%

Match Quality: 68%

Austin's partner?

A camera comes on backstage showing Stone Cold Steve Austin walking backstage and he walks straight into Kane's Locker Room!! Is he asking the Big Red Machine for Help!?

Overall Rating: 83%

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Batista and Triple H (Handicap Rules

The glass shatters with Stone Cold's music hitting as Stone Cold walks out onto the ramp and coming down to the ring. He does his four turnbuckles thing and then Triple H's Music blasts throughout the arena. He comes walking out onto the stage with Ric Flair and Batista behind him as the strobes go off. Batista and Triple H come to the ring and the match is underway. An awesome match ensues with Austin starting off early taking both Batista and Triple H down. Eventully HHH and Batista take control hitting several double team moves as this isn't a tag handicap match. The match begins to sway as Austin hits a stunner on Batista after he'd put HHH down with a spinebuster. He covers Batista after a slow crawl over to him and the count..1...2..HHH broke it up! HHH begins to overpower Austin and hits his Facebuster. HHH goes for his high knee but Austin ducks and Hebner catches it in the face going down. After that happens Booker T! Booker comes running down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. HHH turns and gets caught with a BOOK END! HHH is down! Austin picks HHH up and..STUNNER! Booker wakes Hebner up and pulls Batista out of the ring as the ref counts HHH down..1...2....3.! Austin wins! A hot main event as Austin stands up and does his usual celebration as Booker slides back in the ring. Triple H down in the ring and Batista on the outside looking on as Raw goes off the air!

(Winner: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)(HHH Loses Overness)

Overall Rating: 79%

Crowd Reaction: 81%

Match Quality: 76%

Administration behind HHH?

After Raw is off the air and Booker had just gotten backstage..WHAM A 2x4 straight to Booker's head by Chief Morley! What does that mean? Why did he do that?! The fans see it on the Titantron and are booing big time as they wonder what is going on!

(Chief Morley Gains Overness)

Overall Rating: 84%

RAW Rating: 78%

TV Rating: 6.06

Attendance: 6,530

Ticket Sales: $391,800

Ok so here's the one show I randomly saved out of all the early shows. Don't ask me how or why it happened that way but it did. Now to start with I thought the first half of the show was solid but it went downhill. Now Steiner being beat by Hurricane was not a mistake. I was getting rid of Steiner soon and I wanted to push Hurricane to IC Title level which does happen later. Why did I have Austin walk into Kane's locker room?

Well quite honestly I wanted a swerve for the main event and didn't think of writing it better. I Chalk it up to still being new at writing. It was a bad booking decision and then Morley attacking Austin after the show was a HUGE MISTAKE and it wasn't because of why. I intended someone else to do that attack but booked it and went through the show and found out I had Morley do it instead of someone else. A mistake which I covered up but it never really made a whole lot of sense other than Bischoff not liking Austin.

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WWE Smackdown (April 17)

Rey Mysterio retains his WWE Cruiserweight Championship over Brian Kendrick and Billy Kidman clean with the West Coast Pop on Kendrick (76%)

A confrontation between Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and Edge is shown earlier in the day but security and Shane McMahon keeps them apart. They tell them to keep it under wraps and under control till tonight IN the ring! (84%)

Chris Kanyon defeats Nunzio (66%)

John Cena beats Tank Abbott with a chain to the head knocking Abbott down and out early for the win (72%)

Rhyno Beats Brock Lesnar in a match all about competition (85%)

Eddie Guerrero beats the Wrestler for the New Millenium Sean O'Haire Cleanly with the Frog Splash! (80%)

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 won by getting Edge counted out by throwing him over the Barricade and slamming his head down into it each time he tried to get up until the count of nine and then slid into the ring and Edge was counted out..then Hardy fled after this (81%)

Just as Undertaker is getting ready for his big Semi-Final Match against Chris Benoit next. John Cena attacks Undertaker backstage!!! Cena popped out from behind a corner with that damn chain around his fist and busts Taker wide open hitting him in the forehead knocking him down. Then running off afterwards! (80%)

Chris Benoit defeats a weakened Undertaker in quick fashion by forcing Taker to tap out! (77%)

Smackdown Rating: 75%

This was the beginning of the new generation of Smackdown stars getting pushed and the old ones getting phased out. Alot of Benoit, Edge, Hardy and Rhyno. Hardy and Edge was another of those feuds I felt was doing alot for both guys in the end and I thought I did that feud pretty well though people can tell me otherwise if they want.

Lesnar losing to Rhyno was to show that Lesnar can be beat and that he's not unstoppable. Also to push Rhyno cause I wanted him to become a challenger for the WWE Title at some point because I feel he's under-used and can be done so much better.

John Cena advancing through the chain was just to push him past Abbott without having a horrendous match.

Kanyon and Nunzio on the show was just to get them on the show and to show that Smackdown was all about competition. I needed to do this because of the storyline with the WWE Title. Shane McMahon ruled on the first Smackdown after Mania that due to Angle's injury he would be out 4-6 weeks. (The controversial neck injury) But that he would waive the 30 day Championship rule since he did not want to take his belt away after he sacrificed so much at Mania even with his injury. So that is why nobody sees the WWE Title for the first month. It was very tough but with no PPV for Smackdown on their own. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it could've been. I didn't seperate the brands to ppv's till Bad Blood so the World Heavyweight Title carries the load for the first two months!

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Sunday Night Heat (April 20)

Maven beats Rodney Mack clean but gets nailed with a Double Underhook Powerbomb after the match (65%)

Nunzio beats A-Train with help from Chuck Palumbo (60%)

A video clip from Smackdown showing Cena's attack on Undertaker airs. (86%)

Chris Kanyon beats Tajiri by hitting his "I'm Betta Than You!" and then pulling the tights as well on the cover (79%)

A Video promotes a Rock vs RVD Main Event tommorrow night! (90%)

Tommy Dreamer defeats Jeff Hardy with the Dreamer Driver onto a Stop sign in a Hardcore Rules Match to Retain the Hardcore Championship! (63%)

Rey Mysterio ends up drawing Jamie Noble due to Psicosis's interference in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match but Rey retains due to the draw. (83%)

Heat Rating: 64%

I Felt this was the beginning of the better Heat's. When I was using interpromotional matches and more solid workers. Dreamer/Hardy wasn't very good but Mysterio/Noble was off the chain and would've been better if not for Psicosis knocking both men out with Pyscho Stunners.

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Monday Night RAW (April 21)

Tommy Dreamer beats Batista in a Hardcore Rules Match to retain his Hardcore Championship cleanly with the Dreamer Driver despite interference from Randy Orton! (61%)

Eric Bischoff cuts a promo from his office talking about how he's going to destroy Shane McMahon at Backlash and gain total complete control of RAW (67%)

Ken Shamrock makes his debut against Kane making him tap out to the Original man to use the Ankle Lock with that move! (70%)

Dudley Boyz defeat the Canadian Blondes clean in a match for top billing in the Tag Division. (72%)

Scott Steiner defeats Triple H after Stone Cold hits a Stunner on HHH while the referee was distracted with Ric Flair! (68%)

After the match HHH is backstage and talks to the coach who has a microphone. HHH talks about at Backlash he's not only going to end Austin's career..he's going to Kill the Rattlesnake! (80%)

Hurricane defeats Test in what could be considered an upset (62%)

Rock is getting prepared for his match with RVD in the main event. He is walking up towards the stage as their match is up next! (90%)

Rock ends up beating RVD With a kick to the groin followed by a People's Elbow. Pretty cheap! (78%)

RAW Rating: 72%

This RAW was not my best effort before a PPV in this diary. The Steiner/HHH match was meant to get both Austin and HHH on the show before Backlash and their Title match. They couldn't do something in the main event cause I needed to keep developing Rock/RVD so I had to put them as the RAW Main Event instead of building HHH/Austin more. Mostly due to the fact they have a history to work off of.

Hurricane defeating Test continues the kid's push beating another guy bigger than him. Now Rock wound up being RVD but it was with some heelish actions to hint at a possible turn. Wasn't sure why cause I wound up never turning Rock but I thought it might be cool to see a Heel Rock again. Just never came around.

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WWE Smackdown (April 24)

Charlie Haas beat Billy Kidman because of Shelton Benjamin's interference (64%)

Edge gets the jump on Matt Hardy backstage throwing him into a pileup of equipment including metal poles that end up crashing to the floor with Matt Hardy's body as he lays there hurting! (75%)

Brian Kendrick beat Jamie Noble Cleanly (69%)

Rikishi beat Shelton Benjamin due to Eddie Guerrero's interference. Chavo intercepted Charlie Haas before he could get down to the ring. (62%)

John Cena is rapping in this promo talking about how he busted open the Taker and tonight he was gonna plant the Deadman in the ground! (90%)

Rabid Rhyno draws the WWE Tag Team Champions Los Guerreros due to the interference from Team Angle with Steel Chairs cracking Rhyno and Benoit as well as Los Guerreros with those chairs! (77%)

Chris Kanyon beats Nathan Jones in a "Why did they sign this match" type deal. (63%)

Undertaker is on the mic this time backstage talking about how he's gonna make John Cena famous tonight by destroying him in front of all the fans across the world and in the arena tonight! (84%)

Rey Mysterio retains his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Psicosis by pinfall from a West Coast Pop (72%)

Shane McMahon talks about how the match between he and Bischoff has one final stipulation being it will be Falls Count Anywhere! (77%)

John Cena goes over the Undertaker but Taker wasn't selling much for the kid (Kinda like real life huh?) and it winds up being a much worse match than it could have been but with Cena winning in the end with his DVD on Taker! (71%)

Smackdown Rating: 70%

This was a decent show but I dread the Kanyon/Jones match and wonder truthfully why I ever kept him for a couple months. The Cena/Taker match was like real-life where Taker no sold the guy. I kept developing the Cruiserweight Title in this show too and got everyone ready for Backlash. Unfortunately Backlash is also Recapped cause I lost that too which is upsetting cause I really wrote it out really well but gotta wait for Judgement Day for a fully written out PPV.

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The Dudley Boyz capture the World Tag Team Championships over Lance Storm and Chief Morley. A pretty good match ending with a 3D to get the win and the Championships! (75%)

Eric Bischoff defeats Shane McMahon in the Falls Count Anywhere match after Eric ends up breaking Shane's leg on the stage! (60%)

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 defeated Edge cleanly with the Twist of Fate which is a change from the cheap victories Matt had gotten recently. (82%)

Los Guerreros narrowly in a very good match retain their WWE Tag Team Championships over Team Angle with a Brainbuster by Chavo followed by a Frog Splash from Eddie in the end! (84%)

RVD in what I suppose could be considered an upset defeats the Rock in a solid 15 minute match with his Five Star Frog Splash! (86%)

Chris Jericho makes Booker T Tap out to the Walls of Jericho after Booker had kicked out of the Lionsault. This is considered the Showstealer match of the night by the crowd reaction and the effort put in by both men (88%)

Chris Benoit beats John Cena after a Suicide Headbutt followed up shortly after by a reversal out of Cena's DVD into a Crippler Crossface!! Cena is made to tap out to make Benoit the first holder of the WWE American Championship and the winner of the tournament! (84%)

Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker for #1 contendership to Kurt Angle's WWE Championship. Lesnar ends up dominating a beatup Undertaker from the last few weeks. Taker gets a few shots in but overall didn't fair well. (81%)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin defeats Triple H to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. GOLDBERG Made his debut in this match while the ref was knocked out as was Ric Flair. Goldberg looked like he was going to spear Austin but Austin dodged Goldberg. Goldberg then speared a hole almost right through Triple H whom was behind Austin!!! Goldberg looks down in shock at what he just did..to be turned around by Austin..Stone Cold Stunner!!! Austin then picks up Triple H..STUNNER FOR HIM TOO!!! The referee rolls over to see Austin making the cover..1.....2.....3.!!! Austin wins the Title! Austin gets up doing his celebration with the Title but as Austin comes down off the second turnbuckle he went up. Goldberg was up by now..SPEAR! Goldberg, Triple H and Ric Flair begin to beatdown horribly on Austin. Backlash goes off the air with the three of them holding their arms high in the air over the fallen Stone Cold (87%)

Backlash Rating: 83%

This show tied up all the old storylines for the majority and started my new ones. Dudleys capturing the Tag Gold was to get the most credible Tag Team on RAW, the belts.

The infamous Shane McMahon/Eric Bischoff match where Shane breaks his leg on the stage was a horrible thing of freak bad luck for me. I was pissed when I saw what happened cause I knew that meant my Smackdown GM was out for a while. Wound up being several months before I brought him back to TV. So Smackdown was run from behind the scenes for a while. Shane had been playing the McMahon I control 25% of WWE card on Bischoff leading up to this match. After this match Bischoff had gloating rights and complete control of RAW with no interference.

Hardy and Edge had another solid match and I wanted to build Hardy some as a credible Heel but as a strong contender too so I had him beat Edge clean. Edgeheads do not dispare as Edge gets his time in this Diary too

Los Guerreros taking down Team Angle barely was to show that while the Guerreros could be beat. It would take a special effort cause the best from Team Angle which could be considered the most solid team in the WWE at the time from a workrate stand point could not take em down.

RVD upsetting Rock was to build RVD even more to show he could be at Rock's level on a PPV Stage.

Jericho and Booker T continued to throw down a great feud and great matches when they stole the show at Backlash with their huge match. (Match of the Night)

Chris Benoit forced Cena to tap out to win the American Championship Tourny and this setup for the next month where Benoit held the belt and had guys chasing him. The American Title Division was stacked for quite a while.

Lesnar defeating Taker for #1 Contendership to Angle's Title was a bad booking decision because I had these two fighting for advancement in the American Title tourny just 2-3 weeks before hand. This was the bad booking decision of the night as well as the worst match of the night due to Taker.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin capturing the World Heavyweight Title over Triple H was the big shocker of the night due to how it happened. With Goldberg joining Evolution but winding up costing HHH the Title. This storyline could've been good but I did botch this one but it setup for one brutal match at Judgement Day!

I felt my first PPV effort was a decent success but wasn't spectacular. I made sure I corrected that problem with Judgement Day

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Monday Night RAW (April 28)

Evolution talks smack about destroying Austin later in the night. About Triple H's return bout with Austin in a Triple Threat along with Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship! (92%)

Hurricane beats Jeff Hardy clean with the Shining Wizard to Hardy's head (72%)

A Video promoting tonight's Main Event with Austin vs HHH vs Jericho comes on with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line comes onto the screen. (81%)

Booker T beats Christian clean with a Scissors kick after a pretty good match (80%)

Dudley Boyz retain their World Tag Team Championships against Kane and RVD clean with a 3D on RVD late in the match. D-von then knocks Kane out of the ring while Bubba got the cover..1..2....3! (76%)

Austin in this promo talks smack about HHH and winning the World Heavyweight Championship last night and this belt won't be coming off him anytime soon. Surely not tonight! (87%)

Randy Orton beats Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Rules Match for the Hardcore Championship! (71%)

Lance Storm ends up defeating Goldust with a superkick to the jaw on Goldy! (76%)

Bischoff announces that next week's main event was Goldberg vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! (69%)

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin retains his World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall, pinning Chris Jericho to retain the Championship. HHH Was not involved in the decision (83%)

RAW Rating: 78%

Hurricane and Booker T had their pushes continue. Had to help Booker recover from his loss to Jericho on PPV. This is also the beginning of the ill-fated Orton push with the Hardcore Title. He wound up not being able to take the abuse of having to defend it every week (his condition wasn't recovering fully)

The main event was to give Jericho a bit of a push due to his win at Backlash while keeping the Austin/HHH feud going. I thought this RAW was pretty decent in continuing things out of Backlash and towards Judgement Day. Next up is Smackdown Recap

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WWE Smackdown (May 1)

Backstage the show starts with Kurt Angle approaching Brock Lesnar whom was turned around. Angle laughs smacking Lesnar in the face as he turns around and flees! Lesnar in a fury runs after Angle. Angle runs around a corner and then Lesnar does..CRACK! the camera following them comes to see Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin around the corner with chairs which had obviously hit Lesnar! (72%)

Jamie Noble/Psicosis defeats Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio when Psicosis hits the Psycho Stunner on Mysterio to get the pinfall! (82%)

Kurt Angle talks about how he will easily retain his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar. That Lesnar has fallen to him before and will again! (92%)

Scorpio ends up beating Big Show but this match really signed the pink slip for both men as it was "That!" bad (51%)

Chris Benoit retains the WWE American Championship by making Matt Hardy Version 1.0 tap out to the Crippler Crossface! (81%)

A promo video plays promoting the Lesnar/Angle confrontation and their Championship Match next week on Smackdown! (88%)

Kurt Angle in his return match beats Brian Kendrick with an Angle Slam after a pretty good match (81%)

Rhyno ends up beating Sean O'Haire with a Gore clean (79%)

John Cena raps about Edge cutting on him as well as Chris Benoit for getting lucky on Sunday! (87%)

John Cena defeats Edge by hitting Edge in the head with the chain/w lock knocking him down and out. Then finally hitting his DVD to put Edge down for the three count. (79%)

Smackdown Rating: 76%

This was continued the Smackdown New Generation as we see Sean O'Haire for the first time. He does lose but I wanted him against Rhyno and show he can keep with some of the big boys on Smackdown. Angle and Lesnar continue building their feud.

Cena and Edge was to push Cena with a big win over an established star like Edge and have him do it cheaply so it doesn't downgrade Edge. I thought this show was another solid one with not alot of holes. Though we come to see when the shows are written out fully how bad my Cena raps are.

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Sunday Night Heat (May 4)

Scotty 2 Hotty beats Scorpio with some help from Shannon Moore...Is Scotty a New MF'er? (77%)

Al Snow beats Rico with the Snow Plow! (74%)

A video promoting tommorrow night's main event with Goldberg and Stone Cold comes on as Heat goes to commercial (73%)

Bradshaw Beat Chris Nowitski with the clothesline from hell! (63%)

A-Train beats Rikishi with the Derailer since it would be hard to hit his (Razor's Edge into Backbreaker) (61%)

A Video promoting the debut of Ultimo Dragon to Smackdown comes on! (76%)

Another video package this time promoting the Main Event on Smackdown this week. Brock Lesnar challenging Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship! (85%)

Jazz ends up drawing Molly Holly for the WWE Women's Championship due to Lita's interference! (73%)

Heat Rating: 70%

This was another of the bad Heat shows. I mean Bradshaw and Nowitski immediately followed by A-Train and Rikishi....sorry

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Monday Night RAW (May 5)

Evolution attacks Stone Cold backstage beating him up real good before they walk off. Triple H pointing to the World Heavyweight Championship as he picks it up and tells Austin he'll be taking that back at Judgement Day! (82%)

Jazz defeats Lita to retain the WWE Women's Championship by submission from Jazz's STF (69%)

RVD cuts a promo on the Rock. It wasn't Rocky level but it wasn't an Ivory promo either (74%)

The Dudley Boyz retain the World Tag Team Championships against the returning team of Head Cheese with a 3D on Al Snow!!! (73%)

Christian pulls what could be considered an upset defeating Chris Jericho clean with the Unprettier! (72%)

Austin cuts a promo about getting attacked earlier and how he's gonna stomp a mudhole in Goldberg tonight! (88%)

Steve Corino makes his debut beating Scott Steiner by hitting a low blow followed by his Old School Expulsion! (72%)

Randy Orton beats Hurricane in a Hardcore Rules Match to retain his Hardcore Championship! (76%)

Rock ends up jumping RVD backstage beating him up. Finally a Rock Bottom to the Cement floor which keeps RVD down in pain. Later RVD is stretchered off from this! Is RVD hurt?? (81%)

Triple H defeated Booker T in a good match. Obviously some competition was wanted tonight because it wasn't a promoted match on the card. Booker had many near falls but in the end HHH gets the Pedigree for the win! (82%)

In the Main Event due to the interference by Ken Shamrock!!! Austin got nailed with a Hard Belly to Belly Suplex followed up by a Spear and Jackhammer allowing Goldberg to get the Non-Title victory over the World Heavyweight Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin! The rest of Evolution came down to the ring..Orton, Batista, Flair, HHH and shook hands with Goldberg and Shamrock. Then all the men raised their arms in victory over the fallen Stone Cold...6-1...Real Fair there! (72%)

RAW Rating: 75%

I thought that this show was another pretty solid one with a good main event showing the full Evolution coming to fruitition but it does end quickly and does not stick around. Hurricane falling to Orton was meant to push Orton's Hardcore Title reign but it didn't really work. Booker going one on one with HHH was meant to give him some rub but that didn't work either. The only match that truely pushed anyone on the show was Christian beating Jericho clean and legit.

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WWE Smackdown (May 8)

Charlie Haas defeats Half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Chavo Guerrero after interference from Shelton Benjamin while the referee was distracted by Charlie! (71%)

Backstage Kurt Angle arrives and Brock Lesnar is waiting.. He spins Angle around laughing and tells him "Here Comes The Pain Kurt!" Kurt seems a bit shaken knowing he's got to face Lesnar tonight for the Championship but walks off trying to regain his composure (92%)

Nova makes his WWE Smackdown debut beating Nunzio in a clean match. Not as big as we hoped but not horrible either. (65%)

Ultimo Dragon Makes his debut defeating Jamie Noble and Psicosis in a Triple Threat Cruiserweight Match! (71%)

Kurt Angle seems to be ok now as he cuts a promo on how tonight he's going to make Lesnar Tap!!!..it's True..Oh it's DAMN TRUE! (93%)

Shelton Benjamin defeats Eddie Guerrero due to Charlie Haas interfering in the match but after the match Chavo runs down and Los Guerreros clear the ring of Team Angle! (73%)

Mattitude confronts Edge backstage telling him that he's going to beat his ass at Judgement Day in a Last Man Standing Match!!! (79%)

Chris Benoit battles Rhyno for the WWE American Championship to a No Contest after John Cena interferes hitting both men with that fist..a chain wrapped around that fist!! (75%)

After the match Cena is celebrating in the ring holding the WWE American Championship in the air standing on the second turnbuckle. But..BENOIT JUMPS ONTO THE FIRST TURNBUCKLE AND SINCHES IN A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE SECOND ROPE!!!! Cena is down on the mat as Benoit still hurting picks up his Title yelling down at Cena telling him he'll never take this Title from him! (78%)

Kurt Angle defeats Brock Lesnar by cheating basically as late in the match he had grabbed his WWE Championship and as he did that Team Angle came walking down to the ring. Lesnar was distracted as was the referee but Angle had grabbed the WWE Championship and was back in the ring with it by now. He reared back and as Lesnar turned..CRACK the Title bounces off Lesnar's head putting him down. Angle then throws it out of the ring. He picks up Brock..ANGLE SLAM! Then Angle..picks Lesnar up mocking him..no don't do that..F5 On Brock!!! F5 On Brock!!! Kurt then hooks the leg covering Brock..1....2....3!! Angle retains the Championship but Brock when he recovers may kill Kurt Angle! (82%)

Smackdown Rating: 76%

This show begins to setup Judgement Day which includes some major blow off matches. Edge and Hardy, Benoit/Rhyno and Cena as well as Lesnar and Angle.

I feel that the Cruiserweight Division quietly carries Smackdown in this diary. They always throw down great matches and consistently. Continuing the big feud between Team Angle and Los Guerreros as well though. There is an ill-fated angle/stable coming up soon though that is probably my biggest mistake ever.

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Sunday Night Heat (May 11)

Maven beat Rosey with a Missle Dropkick which allowed him to get the pin (59%)

Billy Kidman beat Johnny Stamboli with the Shooting Star Press for the pin (64%)

Lance Storm defeats Spike Dudley with a superkick to the jaw! (63%)

Sean O' Haire beats Ultimo Dragon with the Cruel Intentions as Ultimo tries for a Crucifix pin and it was reversed! (69%)

Jeff Hardy beats Chris Nowitski with a Swanton Bomb! (58%)

Brian Kendrick defeats Psicosis with the Sliced Bread #2 (66%)

Batista defeats Test with a Sit-out Powerbomb! (63%)

Los Guerreros retain their WWE Tag Team Championships against the MF'ers (Scotty/Shannon Moore) (73%)

Smackdown wins the Heat Interpromotional Battle this week Smackdown (68%) RAW (61%)

Heat Rating: 63%

This was the beginning of the interpromotional Heats where each show got four matches and the best four matches would give that show the advantage. It helped me determine on things such as signings and roster bringups as to where people would go. It was a thing to help me more than anything.

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Monday Night RAW (May 12, The Return of the Intercontinental Championship!)

Hurricane beats Kane in an upset in one of the three matches to setup the Main Event for the IC Championship! (73%)

Randy Orton retains his Hardcore Championship against Tommy Dreamer and Goldust in a very tough Hardcore Rules Matchup! (72%)

Triple H cuts a promo about facing Austin at Judgement Day..In a BARBED WIRE MATCH! (93%)

Steve Corino beats Test when Stacy Keibler turns on Test to join forces with Corino! (71%)

Christian beats RVD in the second of three matches to determine the Triple Threat Match for the IC Title in the Main Event! (78%)

The Un-Americans (Soon to be Difference Makers) Cut a promo on their plans to destroy the Dudley Boyz and bring the World Tag Team Championships back into their hands! (74%)

Booker T beats Chris Jericho in the third of the three Matches to determine the Triple Threat later in the night. (Booker T vs Hurricane vs Christian) (87%)

Goldberg beats Scott Steiner in a match of the stiff men. Both men club each other but Goldberg hits a Spear and Jackhammer for the win! (69%)

Rock talks about how he laid the smackdown on RVD last week and will continue to lay the Smacketh down..no no no singalong everybody you boo the rock so you don't get to anymore! (94%)

Ken Shamrock beats "Stone Cold" Steve Austin due to interference from Triple H with the Barbed Wire covered Sledge Hammer that Triple H ran to the ring with while a Referee was down and clocked Austin in the head with it busting him open!!!..1...2...3! (77%)

Hurricane defeats Christian and Booker T in what has to be considered another upset to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship! A Giant win for this kid!!! (79%)

RAW Rating: 78%

This show was significant because it was the one night Tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion. Hurricane winning this was a way to push him to the moon in one night and make him an Intercontinental Champion and a threat. A real one. Goldberg vs Steiner...don't ask me cause I don't know why I booked that match.

This is also the beginning of the never-ending Steve Corino/Test Feud which ran like 4-5 months. Insanely long feud. Also when it was announced that Austin/HHH would be a Barbed Wire match. I Lost a bunch of sponsors cause I went through with the match.

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WWE Smackdown (May 15)

Team Angle retained their Tag Team Championships against the MF'ers (Shannon Moore and Scotty 2 Hotty) In a very solid match when finally Haas and Shelton hit their German Suplex/Superkick combo for a pinfall as Haas bridged the German into a pin! (76%)

Rabid Rhyno defeats John Cena and 2 Cool Scorpio in one of Scorpio's few appearances on Smackdown in a pretty good match. Chris Benoit ends up making Scorpio tap out as Rhyno hits a Gore on John Cena. Cena had been making like he was going to break up the submission when Rhyno intervened! (79%)

Backstage Scotty 2 Hotty after their opening match run back into Edge's locker room!! They bust in and attack Edge but Edge fights them off. They flee from his locker room with Edge in chase until as Edge comes out the door..CRACK WITH A CHAIR! Matt Hardy destroys the chair over Edge's head knocking him down as all three men flee afterwards! (74%)

Rey Mysterio retains his WWE Cruiserweight Championship via pinfall in a very solid match after hitting a "619" and West Coast Pop to gain the pinfall on Psicosis! (80%)

Brock Lesnar is backstage talking with Josh Matthews. He tells all the fans and everyone in the locker room that he is far from done. Everyone knows he should be the true champ and will become the NEW WWE Champion at Judgement Day when he takes his Championship back in a Hell in a Cell Match!!!!! (94%)

Al Snow defeats Eddie Guerrero via interference from Steve Blackman with his karate sticks! He knocked Eddie Guerrero in the head with one while the referee was distracted allowing Al to hit a Snow Plow on a staggered Eddie! (80%)

Chavo Guerrero ends up defeating Steve Blackman when Eddie comes running down to the ring right after Al Snow does! Eddie catches up to Al spinning him around. Then whipping him into the Steel Ring Steps HARD! In the ring Chavo hits his Brainbuster for the victory! (73%)

Edge is backstage to inform Matt Hardy that Shane McMahon granted him a wish to beat the hell out of him tonight in the ring..and guess what..WE'RE UP NEXT! (81%)

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 defeats Edge because of the interference from Scotty 2 Hotty and Shannon Moore distracting Edge at different key points before finally Matt hit a low blow late in the match and rolled Edge up for the cheap victory! (87%)

GONG.....GONG.....GONG and then the More Hardcore beats of the Ministry of Darkness music hit as Undertaker came to the ring as his old Deadman gimmick persona. He ends up defeating a shocked Kurt Angle after a good match along with interferences from Sean O'Haire, Al Snow and Steve Blackman! Undertaker then hit his "Last Ride" and covered the Champion in the non-Title match!...1....2....3! After the match the Ministry stayed in the ring as Undertaker slowly moved to the corner grabbing a microphone! (85%)

The NEW Ministry Has Come..And..Now EVERYONE SHALL SUFFER ITS REIGN!!! Then the music kicked in and everyone left slowly from the ring as the crowd cheered and boo'ed (76%)

Smackdown Rating: 78%

This is where the New Ministry debuted and it died soon after this because I Fired Taker for being a prick and putting down anyone I put against him. From there it disbanded thereby being the worst angle I ever booked. Edge and Hardy though continue to push their feud toward it's climax and at the same time. The Three Way Dance TLC Match at Judgement Day is being setup when Head Cheese vs Los Guerreros vs Team Angle for the WWE Tag Team Championships happens.

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Sunday Night Heat (May 18)

Shark Boy defeated Jay Lethal cleanly with the Shark Attack in a pretty good match to build both guys up as up and comers on RAW! (62%)

Chavo Guerrero defeated Charlie Haas cleanly with the Brainbuster after a fairly good match with no interferences this time whew! (77%)

Chris Kanyon beats Jeff Hardy with an "I'm Betta Than You!" after Jeff missed a Swanton Bomb! (74%)

A Video recap is shown of the NEW Ministry making it's presence felt for the first time on Kurt Angle on Smackdown! (83%)

Jimmy Yang makes his debut against Maven beating him with a unique reversal into a three count! (63%)

Randy Orton defeats Ken Shamrock in a Hardcore Rules match to retain his Hardcore Championship when he hit the Overdrive onto a trash can! Then getting a three count on Shamrock! (79%)

A video segment to build the Austin/HHH Encounter plays with some of their recent history thrown into the old clips of it (74%)

Eddie Guerrero defeats Chuck Palumbo clean with the Frog Splash. No interferences in this match either! (74%)

RAW wins the Heat Interpromotional Battle this week RAW (72%) Smackdown (71%)

This show kicked off the Shark Boy/Jay Lethal era at least I thought it would be in the WWE. I really wanted to push both to World Title Level and neither at this time or at the time the game ended last time were even close. Sharky had been Multi-Time Hardcore Champion and Jay Lethal was out for a year with a knee injury from Christian. Orton continues his Hardcore Title Reign as well in this show but by now he's beginning to suffer the effects of being Champ for almost 5 weeks.

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Monday Night RAW (May 19, Rock vs RVD)

Backstage Triple H and Ric Flair have Goldberg, Shamrock, Orton and Batista sitting across from each other. HHH is talking to them telling them what is going to happen tonight!

HHH: I don't care what bs is between you and Orton, Shamrock. But it will end tonight. You and Goldberg will go against Orton and Batista here and settle it in the ring. After that we'll handle the rest of our business later. We all need to be on the same page heading into Judgement Day so everyone make sure you don't f*ck it up tonight!

Then all the men except for HHH and Flair leave the room and Flair asks HHH something.

Flair: You think your actully gonna be able to take Austin on Sunday man. Barbed Wire Matches are known to end careers and while I know your a Career killer. Austin has always had your number man..WOO!

HHH: I will handle him on Sunday and get back my belt. I have to..It's everything to me!

The segment ends cutting to the ring for the first match to start (82%)

Goldberg and Shamrock defeat Batista and Orton when Goldberg hits a huge spear on Orton and follows it up with a Jackhammer hard to the mat. Shamrock knocking Batista down as Goldberg got the cover..1...2....3! After the match all four men shake hands like they were told to make buddy earlier and leave Goldberg's music. (72%)

Shark Boy is backstage and cuts an interview about this being the Year of the Shark and every superstar on the roster will have to fear the Shark Attack before it's all over! (77%)

Triple H was told he had to face Kane which was a surprise to him by Bischoff during the break. HHH then came out and put together a solid match with Kane which ended when Kane went for a chokeslam. The referee had been put out of position as HHH had pushed the referee away and then hit a low blow on Kane. Followed up by a MASSIVE Pedigree! HHH then covers Kane..1...2....3! HHH then leaves the ring as Austin comes running down to the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship in one hand and a 2x4 covered with Barbed Wire in the other hand. Austin makes HHH flee with it! (81%)

Christian and Jericho win their match against Booker T and Hurricane when Jericho makes Hurricane tap out to the Walls of Jericho after a very solid match. After the match Booker hit his Scissors Kick on both Christian and Jericho..Who will be the WWE Intercontinental Champion after Sunday though! (83%)

Backstage as Austin is yelling and screaming searching for HHH. Evolution attacks Austin in force. Austin nails Orton and Shamrock in the head with the 2x4 with Barbed Wire knocking them both down and busting them open but Goldberg spears Austin into a huge metal garage door. Then HHH comes up from behind all of them with his sledgehammer. The head of it covered in barbed wire and he tells Austin that Sunday will be HIS Judgement Day and he knocks Austin OUT! with a Sledgehammer Shot to the head that busts Austin wide open! (84%)

Steve Corino beats Test by countout when Test chases Stacy Keibler backstage after she had betrayed him last week! Keibler had distracted Test during the match and instead of going back after Corino. He chased her up the ramp and backstage. Corino stayed in the ring for the countout before going to find Stacy to get her out of harm's way! (74%)

Lance Storm defeats Bubba Ray Dudley because of the Brass Knucks that were apparently attached to the ringpost by ducktape but it was beneath the steel stairs. An odd spot for Knucks to be. But Storm wailed Bubba in the head knocking him silly to get the pinfall! (68%)

Another Video promo plays previewing the Barbed Wire Match between Austin and HHH for Judgement Day. It should be as JR would say a SlobberKnocker! (74%)

The Rock beats Rob Van Dam in a Table Match! Rock ended up avoiding the contact on a Five Star Frog Splash and stood RVD up hitting a HUGE Rock Bottom on him. Then Rock setup a table that had been put in the ring. He then picked RVD up standing him onto the table. Then ANOTHER DRIVING ROCK BOTTOM Through the Table for the victory! A PPV Caliber match on RAW! What a treat and a great match! (85%)

RAW Rating: 78%

This was the RAW before Judgement Day and therefore saw the match that couldn't make it on this ppv. Rock/RVD Tables Match as the Main Event of RAW. Also with a promo from Shark Boy to show he's coming to RAW. Every match heading toward the PPV was advanced on this show and the Fatal Fourway IC Title match was the most difficult for anyone to call mostly because I like to swerve people in my bookings sometimes and four wrestlers with an equal shot to win (Christian and Jericho and Booker have held it before and Hurricane is champ) Made for an interesting match but the show highlighted the Barbed Wire World Heavyweight Title Match for Judgement Day!

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