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WCW 2005


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December 25th 2004

The McMahon’s family Christmas party with everyone there, Shane, Stephanie, Triple H, Vince and Linda. Vince looks a bit depressed due to the lack of good WWE in the past year but he’s hoping that will turn good in the new year coming, but nothing can stop Vince from remembering the good years where WWE shows we’re being praised a loved by all fans, causal or hardcore. Shane noticed this bit of depression on Vince face, so Shane decided to take his dad into the office the next day and talk to him about fixing the WWE up.

December 26th 2004

Shane met Vince at WWE headquarters he asked Vince what was going on.

Shane: Dad, what’s been up lately? You look depressed

Vince: Don’t be foolish Shane, I’m fine.

Shane: Dad, I know you better then you think I do.

Vince: Shane, trust me there’s nothing wrong.

Shane: Is it because Raw and Smackdowns ratings are struggling? Or because Internet fans are ripping into you worse then ever before?

Vince looks a bit shocked

Shane: Come on dad you can tell me

Vince: It’s just that we’ve been struggling ever since we killed WCW. TNA is coming up on us but they just don’t have the money or the booking team to do anything.

Shane: Well we could bring WCW back.

Vince: Eric Bischoff will just run it back into the ground.

Shane: What if I took control of it? I could be owner and head booker.

Vince: It could work, but you being head booker and owner doesn’t sound like the best idea. I took that role and it took way too much out of me. I think it would be best if you brought someone along to be head booker, someone pretty close to you though so they don’t screw you over and no one that is currently booking for us.

Shane: My friend Cole could do it. He booked RoH for a month or so and he used to work as an intern in WCW before it folded.

Vince: If that’s who you want. Now I’m also allowing you to take 4 people from Raw or Smackdown but they can’t be holding a title as of right now.

Shane: Okay Big Show, Shane Helms, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit.

Vince: Okay and by the way, you can have all the trademarks and stuff. Now we should go and tell the press.

Shane: Yeah. Oh and Dad, may the best man win

Shane and Vince shake hands and then head to deliver the news to the press.


OOC: So, thats the backstory? Any comments, suggestions? All Welcome :)

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You seem to have fallen into a trap that many EWBers have come across before when writing a backstory or behind the scenes segments. You see, you know what you want to say and you know what needs to be said, so you do just that, you just have the characters come out and say whatever needs to be said straight off and get the job done. The problem is however, that that isn't realistic. Re-read your backstory and ask yourself if you could ever imagine two people having a conversation like that, particularly when they are talking about restarting a worldwide federation. Its not something that they would decide to do over a glass of mulled wine while picking apart day old turkey, its something that needs proper thought put into it and lots of decision making, you have to remember that the WWE is not just Vince's company anymore, its a public one, any decision like this would at least need to be run past a board of shareholders first.

Next up, the reasons behind WCW's return seem a little flimsy. Vince is upset because a medium that he treats as a joke, the internet, is criticising him? Vince doesn't care about the internet or the twelve year olds that write on it. On top of that RAW and Smackdown's ratings have been increasing recently, so that isn't really an issue either.

I think you missed out on a good idea here, as you could of had Shane recruiting guys for a new project of his on a month's worth of RAW and Smackdown's before revealing that he had signed away five big stars for his brand new WCW, or something along those lines, which would of helped in the hype for the new company. I mean, if it just comes out of the blue and five guys jump ship there is no real impact as no one cares and it just seems like a rushed angle to try and spike the ratings.

The five guys you picked are a random bunch, Test was fired months ago and is currently injured, Big Show is about to start feuding with JBL, Benoit is feuding with Edge in the lead up to Wrestlemania and Helms and Jericho aren't exactly anything at this point.

It'll also be interesting to see where you pick up the rest of your roster from

I may have cut into the backstory a lot, but continue this, the backstory isn't the be all and end all of a diary, shows are, so lets see what you've got in that department.

Good luck


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Oh, Sorry I forgot Test was fired, that will be changed just a bit ;)

I'm writing out something that could hopefully help the pain of my backstory a bit :)

Edit: Here it is


December 27th 2004

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Monday Night Raw

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler here to take you through the action

The King: Tonight only two weeks away from New Years Revolution were there’s going to be the huge 6-man Elimination Chamber match!

JR: It’s going to be a huge nig-

Here Comes The Money Hits

The King: JR? It’s Shane McMahon? What’s he doing here?

JR: I’m sure he’s got something big, as we haven’t seen him in some time.

Shane walks down doing a few taunts. He then picks up the microphone.

Shane: I don’t know if all of you have heard but, my dad and I opened a new business this past weekend, some of you may have heard of it before. WCW? Does that ring any bells?

Crowd pops but is still trying to figure out what’s happening.

Shane: Dad is looking for something big to make this whole industry better. So I suggested bring back WCW, the force that almost took this promotion out of business. Just think if the “Monday Night Wars” went the other way. This would be Monday Night Nitro and instead of JR sitting over there we’d have A Professor sitting over there. Instead of having Triple H reigning it would be Booker T or Scott Steiner.

Cheap Pop

Shane: But you see, my dad trusted me but he shouldn’t have. My dad has had one weakness in all his time and that weakness came from taking peoples word. My word meant a lot to him and he thought he could trust me but he couldn’t since now, I’m going to put the WWE out of business an-

Break The Walls Down hits and Chris Jericho walks out with a microphone in hand

JR: Chris Jericho is here to stop the madness, Shane McMahon has lost it.

Y2J: Shane, have you lost your mind?

The fans and Shane McMahon all look puzzled

Y2J: How the hell are you going own a wrestling company? You need fans

Shane: I got those

Y2J: You need a TV slot

Shane: Got it

Y2J: What about PPV time? Do you have that?

Shane: Of course I do

Y2J: But, do you have any superstars?

Shane: Well, no Chris I don’t

Y2J: What a funny thing since I want out of the WWE

Shane: Oh my, looks like this is perfect timing for me

The two shake hands as the fans are beginning to get restless

JR: They’re mocking us.

The King: This is total B.S, Shane McMahon and Chris Jericho are mocking us

Shane: Well Dad? Where are you? Why haven’t you come out here and told us off?

Y2J: Yeah Vince? Those Grapefruits haven’t gotten small have they?

Whatever hits and Chris Benoit comes out. Benoit hits the ring and takes Y2J’s microphone.

JR: Business is about to pick up!

Benoit: You two must be joking me? Going on about WCW, this is WWE!

Crowd Pop

Benoit: This is the WWE that gave me a title run then gave me the Tag Titles and had me facing La Resistance at a PPV. This is the WWE that feeds people to Triple H to make him a bigger “Star” all that it’s doing if feeding his ego and making him a bigger jackass.

Half the crowd begins throwing things into the ring and the other half start chanting WCW

Shane: I guess all the smart people in here have made the right choice, WCW is were it is, and where you should be. I got Chris and Benoit here and we’ll see you in two weeks time on Nitro. Same time, same place.


OOC: Okay, So hopefully this helps now :) I tried i new style with bold rather then color do you like?

Edited by Cole37
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December 28th 2004

Shane McMahon's phone rings

Shane: Hello?

Cole: Hey Shane, It’s Cole

Shane: Hey man.

Cole: Saw you last night, what was that all about?

Shane: I got dad to let me have the rights to WCW

Cole: Everything?

Shane: Logos, Trademarks. So yah everything

Cole: Wow, do you have a TV show?

Shane: No, were going to start with the “Weekly PPV” then move on to a TV Show when we can get a network

Cole: Cool, well you know how I’ve been troubled with work right? Do you think you could maybe hook me up with a job?

Shane: I think we could work something out

Cole: Thanks man

Shane: Here I’ll send my jet down to Canada and it’ll bring you up to Georgia and we’ll meet here at “Headquarters”

Cole: Dude, you’re the best. See you soon

Shane: Bye


OOC: A bit more of a "normal" conversation?

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Guest The Real Deal

No its ok.

I'd advise you to read other folk's diaries to get a grip of the conversation bits.

They could still be worked. But my advice sucks as im hardly the "best" myself.

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I'll take a look at some but i'm really only have the Conversations away from the ring action stuff for the start. After i post the first preview there will only be End of the month updates and maybe the odd other thing. So there would only be 1 to 3 of these each month.

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OCC: Thanks for some of the comments :) They're what kept me going!


December 29th 2004

WCW Headquarters (Atlanta, Georgia)

Cole steps out of the limo that picked him up from the airport and walks into the building. There’s a receptionist at the front desk that tells him to go upstairs and see Mr. McMahon. Cole knocks on the door and Shane answers.

Shane says well shaking hands

Shane: Good to see yah

Cole: Hi Shane.

Shane: I’m pumped up man. It’s a big time.

Cole: I can imagine.

Shane: You seem a little sad, what’s wrong?

Cole: They took my house away back in Canada.

Shane: I see

Cole: So, I’m basically living out of my car, which of course isn’t up here.

Shane: Don’t worry you can stay in your office here until we go on the road with events, where you’ll stay in hotels.

Cole: An Office? Wow, what’s my job anyway?

Shane: Oh yeah forgot to tell you. I was thinking about how you’d successfully booked RoH after the incident there and how you were in the program for WCW interns when it folded originally and then it struck me. You could be the new head booker!

Cole: Whoa!

Shane: I know it sounds a bit too much to start but I have the faith in you, and I’ll be there to help you along the way.

Cole: Man, this is totally un-excepted. You can trust me with this honour of becoming WCW head booker.

Shane: Well, we should talk about some new signing and ideas.

Cole: Lets get to it

Cole and Shane go on to talk about the company and some people that they’ll show off on the first Monday Night Nitro of it’s kind on PPV and in the new existence of WCW.


OOC: I know it's still a bit far fetched and been done to death, but everyone starts somewhere.


As always comments and suggestions are very welcome :)

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Good job so far Cole, I told you some of the things I didn't like about the diary around the time when you first started it, but I feel I'll right a bit more into it.

The Shane-Cole relationship could be elaborated on a bit, as them knowing each other seems a bit coincidental. I know that some don't care, but it would make the diary a bit better if we knew HOW Shane and you knew each other. It's no real big deal though.

Post a show, and you'll be fine in my eyes. If I were you, I'd use a summary-style for writing matches, as WCW's TV shows seldom had matches that deserved play-by-play. However, if the quality of the match is that that you feel the story you're trying to tell requires play-by-play, then by all means. I'd write interviews word-for-word though, as WCW was definitely about promos and such.

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January 4th 2005

WCW Roster (As Of January 4th)

Face = +

Heel = -

Main Eventers

Chris Benoit (No Gimmick Needed) +

Chris Jericho (Fun Baby face) +

Scott Hall (Bad Ass) –

Scott Steiner (Monster) –

Big Show (Giant) +

Upper Midcarder

Brian Lawler (Fun Baby face) +

Chris Kanyon (Old School Heel) –

Jerry Lynn (No Gimmick Needed) +

L.A. Park (Masked) +

Low-Ki (Martial Artist) +


Michael Shane (Egomaniac) –

Sean O’Haire (Monster) –

Shane Helms (Old School Face) +

Spanky (Fun Baby face) +

Authority Figure

Shane McMahon (Authority Figure) +


Scott Hudson (Staff Member) +

Tune into Nitro live on Pay Per View and see the rest of the roster and WCW personalities!

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user posted image

WCW Nitro Preview

Nitro and WCW return with a bang tonight. Scheduled matches are as follows.

WCW World Heavyweight Title: 3 Man Elimination Match. Big Show vs.??? vs.??? (Surprise Entrant and the winner of Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho will get the last spot.)

WCW United States Title: Scott Hall vs.???

WCW Television Title: Chris Kanyon vs. Sean O’Haire vs. Low-Ki

WCW Cruiserweight Title: Michael Shane vs. Spanky vs. Shane Helms

Nitro is on PPV on Monday January 10th 2005 for the return of WCW! Tune in to find what surprises are in store.


Edit: OOC: Next time it will be a much better preview but what do you expect for the first show?

Edited by Cole37
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*spits out water*

Opps theres a mistake by me. He was only ment to be in the US title.

I'm not that stupid :shifty: I'll edit it :)

I ment to put someone else in there but i've edited it so it's only a 3 man now as i have other plans for the one person.

I put Jericho and Benoit in a match together to set up a fued since i don't want them to screw each other over in the match and have Big Sho...er..read the show and find out :mellow:

Edited by Cole37
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Guest Superbeagle

VDP2006 Knows his wrestling well, and thats always a good thing. Hall was a pretty good wrestler, but not really "Legendary". Instead of going completely off topic, I would like to say this is a pretty good diarie that will probably/hopefully will get better over time.

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