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Premier Wrestling Alliance - 1990


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[Ted Turner is at his desk with a new letterhead about his National Wrestling Alliance. Someone is in his chair, sitting, but we can not see as the view is from behind him.]

Ted: This company needs a turn around here in late 1990, and you know that I am busy with other things and don't have all the knowledge to conduct proper business. I need you to take over, take control, and make us big.

Man: I know Mr. Turner. That's why I am here today. I know we need changes and I've seen others plans about this company. I've seen the possible name change to 'World Championship Wrestling'. But I find that is a big stretch as we need to grow as an American company first and I am grateful for everything the NWA has done for us to this point, but we need to strive forward in a new direction.

Ted: I like this instinct you show Kyle, it's refreshing. I understand what you are saying, and I give you my full support and hope to turn this thing around and I hope that you are the man to do it.

Kyle: Does that mean...

Ted: That's right. Mr. Mock, you are in charge of the NWA now.

Kyle Mock: Well, that's the first thing I'd like to change Mr. Turner. The NWA name is great, but we aren't the NWA anymore. I would like to honor them and uphold the Alliance portion of the name because I feel that they are still a huge part of this company. But I'd like to suggest a name change I had been rattling around in my head since I knew we'd have this interview. Premier Wrestling Alliance!! We offer Premier Wrestling, and we still have a strong Alliance and need to honor the NWA's across the globe.

Ted: Ok, I am on board with you all the way and have confidence in you.

Kyle: I'm estactic to hear about this and I am hoping to do you proud and work with the talent we have and bring in new talent down the line and produce quality shows, but there is one more thing I'd like to let you know. Cancell our schedule TV shows on your network. We need to earn our respect, and we still have one show on a local network and we can send out tapes until one is accepted. I feel this is a respect thing, and not allowing you to hand us stuff.

Ted: If that is what you have to do, I'll call and put something on syndication until we find new programming.

Kyle: Thanks, I'm happy to join your team here.

[Ted picks up the phone after they shake hands and says, "Katie, put Mr.Mock on the payroll. Kyle smiles as he walks away set to takeover at the next big show.]

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Main Event:

Lex Luger

Ric Flair


Upper Mid-Card:

Sid Vicious

The Great Muta

Arn Anderson

Ole Anderson

Terry Funk


Bobby Eaton

Buzz Sawyer

Dan Spivey

Doom #1

Doom #2

Mark Callous

Stan Lane

The Dragonmaster

Tully Blanchard


Brain Pillman


Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Steve Williams


Lower Mid-Carders:

Cactus Jack Manson


Jimmy Garvin

Kevin Sullivan

Michael PS Hayes

Mike Rotunda

Rip Morgan


The Samoan Savage

The Super Destroyer

Eddie Gilbert

Johnny Ace

Norman the Lunatic

Owen Hart

Ranger Ross

Shane Douglas

The Junkyard Dog


Jinsei Shinzaki

Kendall Windham

The Iron Sheik


Lance Storm


Tommy Rich


Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker



Gary Hart

James E. Cornette

Paul E. Dangerously

Sir Oliver Humperdink

Teddy Long


Missy Hyatt

Paul Ellering

Devolopment Deals:

Booker T

Christopher Daniels

Jean-Paul LeVesque

Lion Heart

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Shane McMahon

Steve Austin

Stevie Ray

Ultimo Dragon

Wild Pegisus

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excerpt taken from Kayfabe Express - Dec. 1990

Bobby Fresko: So, a lot of buzz has been from you recent hirings, including son of competitor Vince McMahon.

Kyle Mock: I figured that would have been a hot topic of the wrestling world, but Shane came to me because Vince would not take him seriously. I still have my doubts, but told him to go to our devolopmental territory to work with Dominic DeNucci and Killer Kowalski to get help. Shane has some natural athletic ability and great mic work we are trying to mold into a good, solid in-ring competitor. I've spoken to Vince about this situation, and he's contacted me back wondering how Shane has been doing, Vince is of course a father first and intrested in Shane's pursuit of this dream. I'll be getting my first written reports on Shane at the end of the month, his first full month working with our trainers.

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excerpt taken from Kayfabe Express - Dec. 1990

Bobby Fresko: When will the reign of Kyle Mock begin over PWA?

Kyle Mock: Well, when I was hired by Ted we discussed all of this and he offered to let me take over immediatly. I spoke with him letting him know that I wanted to scout some young wrestlers and staff, then take over at Starrcade as it is considered the big show for NWA, now PWA. Where as it it will be matches that I book, I'll be using previous storylines and end them here to start PWA off. Starrcade will be an akward event in a way as it is a transition of power on the biggest day for us.

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Wrestling Review - Jan. 1991


Last week PWA's first pay-per-view 'Starrcade' debuted in Atlanta. A little over 11,000 people filed in to witness the event live. The Buyrate was a mere .96 collecting 2.4 million in revenue, but we expect that to raise over the next couple months if they keep preforming like they have been lately.

Dark Match: Hayabusa v. Owen Hart

The dark match saw two young superstars get the chance to impress the new boss, Kyle Mock. Owen Hart and Hayabusa battled it out as the fans prepared for the start of the ppv. This was an outstanding match in quality, but with little over 6,000 fans in their seats and having Hayabusa who is unknown really hurt their reaction to the match. Owen Hart picked up the victory over Hayabusa using the cresent kick when Hayabusa was flying off the top rope. Hart left to a seemingly well recieved ovation. And this being our first match, I think it's only fair to tell you how we judge our match-ups. Match Quality plus Crowd Reaction equals Overall Score. With that being said we give the match itself a 91, crowd reaction 38, and overall we'll give the dark match a 64. Not bad for an unknown and a newcomer to the limelight of PWA.

Small Pyro went off to single the start of Starrcade 1990. Recently fired from the WWF, Sean Mooney was in the ring with the microphone awaiting his first interview. Ric Flair's music hit, and the champion strutted out to a thunderous ovation by the fans. Mooney asked Flair about his match, and Flair suddenly turned on the crowd and drew all 11,000 plus fans boos in the course of this interview about fan favorite Sting. Overall this interview was a 95, excellent setting up tonights match.

Once Flair made it to the back, and Mooney to his seat, Teddy Long was atop the stage and stated and he had two new clients. Fans boo'ed as he stated that his new Tag Team, were infact Doom #1 and Doom #2. They took each side of Teddy and Long stated that they will overcome the Steiners for the tag titles tonight in Atlanta. Coming off the Flair interview, this was a disappointing segment, 65.

Cactus Jack Manson v. The Junkyard Dog

The first match of the night was scheduled to take place. The Junkyard music played and the crowd was all smiles as JYD made his way to the ring, greeting fans down the runway. His opponent, Cactus Jack Manson was already in the ring awaiting JYD. The match got underway and you could tell JYD lost a small step, but was seemingly decent in this match against Manson, whose style is different from Junkyard. This match suffered by the lack of promotion of Manson and by the mix of styles. Junkyard picked up the victory in a little over 7 minutes. 73 + 56 = 64. Not that bad, but you can tell it suffered.

PWA Tag Team Championship: Doom w/ Teddy Long v. The Steiner Brothers ©

Teddy Long brung out Doom to the ring, and the boo's commenced as they walked with power and force to the ring. The tag team championship was on the line, and The Steiner Brothers came out to a great ovation. The match got underway and these two teams worked well together, and Teddy really brings something to Doom. Doom isolated Scott Steiner and used their power to dominate on him while he couldn't reach Rick. Scott finally made the hot tag and the Dog Face Gremlin unleashed fury upon Doom. Doom #1 got a thumb to the eye and Scott came back in to the ring dsitracting the ref while Teddy passed him some brass knuckles. One shot to the head, and a powerslam later we have new Tag Team Champions. 83 + 76 = 79, in this good match-up. I enjoyed it, but Doom still needs to be promoted more.

After the match, Sean Mooney was on the runway with Lex Luger who drew boo's from across the arena. Luger said that he was infact the number one contender to the championship, and whoever won would face the consequence of the best body in pro wrestling. We'll give him an 82 for a decent interview.

PWA Television Championship: Arn Anderson v. The Great Muta ©

The next match people stood up for, as Arn Anderson marched down to ringside to cheers and he stood in the corner. Music played, boo's came, and The Great Muta got to the ring. Muta and Anderson worked well with each other, and this was a nice match-up to watch. Anderson worked on Muta's head most of the match. Piledrivers, headlocks, and elbows to the back of the head was all apart of the onslaught. Muta used his speed and martial arts ability to stun Anderson. Muta got off the Green Mist behind the refs back and finished Anderson off with the Shining Wizard. As the ref went down for a 3 count, he noticed Anderson's foot was on the bottom rope, and the ref told Muta that it was only a 2 count! Muta irish whipped Anderson into the ropes and lowered his head for a backbody drop, but Anderson stopped and DDT'ed Muta in the center of the ring. The ref dropped and counted the three and Anderson is the new Television champion of PWA. 84 + 81 = 82, this was a fine match-up that the crowd popped for.

Mooney was once again atop the runway, with Sting this time, who patted Arn on the back for congrats and Arn smiled at him and walked away. Sting responded to Flair with all the fire inside him and really shined in the sub-par interview. Sting, we'll give you an 85 for showing promise.

PWA World Heavyweight Championship: Sting v. Ric Flair ©

Sting's music played and he walked to the ring, crowd was going nuts. The great and timeless theme of Ric Flair played, and of course there were woo's and boo's as he came down the ramp to meet Sting. The crowd was so up for this match it was hard to stay in your own seat. Sting and Flair battled for 30 plus minutes in the ring, and Sting had the match in control late. With face paint wearing off, and the crowd getting ready for the new reign of champion, Ric Flair pulled the ref in front of him when Sting was airbourne with the Stinger Splash. Sting tried to revive the ref, but he went back to pummeling Flair. Arn Anderson ran from the back, and Flair gave a low blow to a confused Sting who was looking eye to eye with Anderson. When Sting bent over in pain, Anderson delievered the DDT and Flair crawled on top of a motionless Sting. Arn revived the ref and he counted the three. Flair retained the world championship, and Arn turned his back on Sting. 89 + 98 = 95, this was a classic that no one will soon forget.

Overall, this was a great first show for PWA, and the main event lived up to what my expectations were and made me forget about the JYD/Manson contest. I'll give the overall show an 83, with the worst match being JYD/Manson, and of course the main event took the cake. This has been Gary Bowden with the PWA pay-per-view report for Wrestling Review.

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excerpt taken from Kayfabe Express - Jan. 1991

Premier Wrestling Alliance has recently been picked up for a full year by CBS in the prime time slot on Sunday Evenings. PWA is reportedly going to infact call the show PrimeTime.

In other PWA news Gary Hart was fired after finding out that he has a drug problem. Kevin Sullivan has been suspended for one month after becoming increasingly difficult to work with, Mock has been said to say that Sullivan will be put into the Power Plant to knock off any ring rust before returning to action...

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Wrestling Review - Feb. 1991


Coming off the heels of Starrcade and recieving the television show on CBS was and will be a big boost for PWA. The show came on with small pyro, rimenisent of Starrcade and we are joined by Gordon Solie and young announcer Joey Styles, Styles shows promise, and Solie compliments his youth and excitement. Styles chimes in with a few one liners and asks questions to Solie who is a well known voice to the PWA fans. After the short intro and breakdown of Starrcade the first PrimeTime got underway.

Cactus Jack Manson v. Owen Hart

Owen was waiting in the ring, who we have noticed to been getting some early air time on television to show his stuff. Cactus Jack Manson came out to boos, and he did his 'bang bang' slogan down the ramp. Hart shows a lot of promise in this business, coming from the Hart family, and him and Manson did work well together, but were like oil and water at times. Manson put Hart away early with a double arm DDT, and picked up the victory. 88 + 62 = 75, not bad, not good either.

Sean Mooney was at the top of the rampway with Lex Luger who jumped right in to the interview before fans could boo, after he begin talking we realised why, to catch the fans off guard and to turn. Lex cut a decent promo about how Ric Flair needed Arn Anderson to help retain his title belt against the Stinger, and how it won't matter now because he is the number one contender. Lex said no matter what obstacle was in the way he'd run through it and capture world championship gold. We'll give that effort an 85.

A short clip of Ric Flair arriving plays before break. Flair gets out of his limo with ever present World Title and airplane sunglasses. 93, it was Flair.


World Tag Team Championship: The Samoan Swat Team v. Doom w/ Teddy Long ©

Fatu and Samu got over powered by Doom. Doom isolated Fatu and used a wide range of power moves to put Fatu on the mat. Doom #1 caught Samu running in after the hot tag with a spinebuster to end the squash. Doom with Teddy Long stood in the ring after the match pummeling The Samoan Swat Team, or the Samoan Squash Team. They tossed them out of the ring, and Teddy Long grabbed the mic.

Teddy Long rambled on the mic about how Doom controlled the match against the Steiner Brothers, and was contacted by management that the Steiners will get a re-match at Clash of the Champions. Doom went outside and put Samu back in the ring, Teddy instructed them to show what Rick and Scott are in for at Clash. Now for our ratings, the match, 79 + 64 = 71. The interview, sorry Teddy, you need work, 55.


Paul Ellering was standing atop the rampway with the mic hyping the upcoming match against the Freebirds. He stated that Hawk and Animal are angry that they will be snubbed of a shot at the tag titles for yet another month so they will take out their frustration. Animal grabbed the mic and started screaming about how the Freebirds will be locked in a cage and the Road Warriors will throw the cage into an oven, and on and on. Hawk was last on the mic, and with the crowd behind him said the ever so famous, "What a Rush!" slogan. 70 for Animals bad analogies.

The Fabulous Freebirds v. The Road Warriors w/ Paul Ellering

The Road Warriors made their way to the ring, and then the Freebirds came out. Michael PS Hayes and Garvin got in the ring met with two nearly decapitating clotheslines. The crowd erupted when Garvin was put on Animals shoulders and Hawk went atop the rope. Doomsday Device and that was all she wrote, the Road Warriors are starting a path of destruction on their way to meet the Tag Champions. 88 + 71 = 79, I loved this squash.

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson waited for the Road Warriors and Freebirds to make it back to the lockerrooms and came out. Courses of boo's filled the arena and Flair got on the mic, "WOOOOO." He was talking about his and Arn's Starrcade wins and that they had a very special guest. Music played and people arose, Tully Blanchard made his way down to ring side and met up with his two long time friends. Arn Anderson and Tully embrased, and this is bringing back old memories if you get my drift. 90 for the memories.


A short, almost nausiating clip is shown of Lex walking into Stings lockerroom during the break. 100 for the use of this backstage work, but I'm knocking off 18 for bad camera work and almost making me seasick. 82.

Shane Douglas v. Sting

Shane Douglas was in the ring, and Stings music fired up. Sting came out flamboyant as ever. Shane and Sting started off with some basic moves, and progressed during time. Shane still needs some work, but Sting gave the crowd the Stinger Splash followed by the Scorpin Death Lock. Shane tapped out, and showed a lot of respect by shaking Stings hand after the match, I look forward to Douglas' future in PWA. 79 + 66 = 72, Sting or no Sting, Douglas needs to be used like the other youngster Owen right now.


Lex Luger is on the stage again, talking about Flair and thier match at Clash. Midway through the speech Arn and Tully attack Lex and start pummeling him, Flair comes out and waits until his bidding is done, and applies the figure four. Lex is obviously in pain and Flair is applying pressure as the first PrimeTime goes off the air. 83, Lex didn't sell all that well.

Overall, PrimeTime did just fine for being the first ever PWA show in Prime Time on CBS, I'll give it a respectable 78. It did however pull in a very nice 5.44 rating when they were released which CBS did not complain about. Owen and Shane are showing promise as young studs, and may be sent down to the new PowerPlant in exchange for two other youngsters. Road Warriors are going to start a path of destruction I expect until they get their shot, and lastly, Flair, Arn, and Tully, familair isn't it. As for week two of the PrimeTime, turn the page to read my report on it.

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PWA World Heavyweight Championship

Lex Luger v. Ric Flair ©

PWA Television Championship

Sting v. Arn Anderson©

PWA Tag Team Championship

The Steiner Brothers v. Doom w/ Teddy Long ©

The Road Warriors v. The Midnight Express

Cactus Jack Manson v. Shane Douglas

And More.....

Wrestling Review - Feb. 1991


This was going to be COTC one..... but I'm just posting results

Jinsei Shinzaki d. Hayabusa in the Dark Match


Ric Flair Arrives


Cactus Jack Manson d. Owen Hart (Douglas was sent down)


Road Warriors d. Midnight Express


Steiners Interview about Doom


Doom d. Steiners


Arn Anderson d. Sting via cheating


Flair promo


Flair d. Luger


Overall: 85

Buyrate: .86

11,268 in attendance

2,150,000 PPV Revenue

676,080 in ticket sales

Next PPV was scheduled to be WrestleWar.... changed to

Andrew 'KyKy' Ellington Memorial Battle of Doom

Please Request Matches for this event, and this will be annual.

For you Kyks......

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Wrestling Review - Feb. 1991


One day after the first Clash of the Champions on pay-per-view we arrive at only the second PrimeTime. We open to some sparkler showers and some familar music to the fans' ears. Flair walks out in a nice suit followed by Arn and Tully in their tights and shirts. Flair gets into the ring, and grabs a mic.

Flair starts bragging about his victory over Lex Luger and Arn's over Sting. Flair talks about how no one can stop this force, no one in the past has done it, and no one in the future will. Tully got on the mic and states that he is ready for his first match back into the PWA and is set to fight anyone next week on PrimeTime. Anderson got on the mic and gloated about his Television championship, and about Flair. The three left the ring after the speech and once PrimeTime went to break. I am giving this a 99, yes, a 99.


Dan Spivey v. Owen Hart

Young Hart was already in the ring awaiting Spivey. Spivey entered and was checked for weapons by the ref. Owen and Dan locked up, and Dan started early on Hart by kneeing him in the gut. Owen started a rally and set up Dan in the corner for a splash, but he pulled the ref in the way. Owen remained dominant over Spivey, until the other SkyScraper 'Mean' Mark Callous ran out and almost decapitated Hart, he pulled Spivey on Hart as the ref revived to count the three. 77 + 64 = 70, average match, glad to see the SkyScrapers getting television time.


Terry Funk is in the ring with the mic, saying that he was told to welcome newcomer Steve Austin to PWA, and he plans on doing that with a good ol' fashion whippin. Funk took off his shirt and told Austin to come on out and recieve it.

Steve Austin v. Terry Funk

Funk hammered Austin from the time he stepped through the ropes. Funk pounded on Austin for most if not all of the match. He ended the match with a piledriver picking up the win, then continued his attack after the match ended saying 'Welcome to the PWA,' as they went to break. 87 + 62 = 74, decent, liked the styles these two used in the welcoming match for Austin.


The Road Warriors were in the ring, stating that they were the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship, and that they were ready to handle Doom, and finish off Teddy Long as well.

Teddy Long interrupted the promo, standing at the top of the rampway saying that they were not ready for Doom, and that they weren't even ready to handle him! The Road Warriors exited the ring and pointed to Teddy, Long egged them on. As the Road Warriors grabbed ahold of Long's suit Doom appeared from the sides of the rampway laying waste to the Road Warriors, and they exited from the rampway. Road Warriors promo, 68, Doom Attack, 69, neither were great.


The Steiner Brothers were in the ring, saying that they were going to rebound from the defeat to Doom, and climb the ladder back to the top of the Tag Team Divsion, and that it starts tonight.

Samoan Swat Team v. The Steiner Brothers

Samu and Fatu came to the ring, but couldn't hold the Steiners' jockstraps. Rick and Scott dominated and squashed the Swat Team, Scott finished them off with a Frankensteiner. 74 for the promo, and the match earns a 88 + 66 = 77, not bad overall.


Bobby Eaton is in the ring with James E. Cornette and Arn Andersons' music blares throughout the arena. He has a mic and signals for his music to be cut. Anderson says that Bobby Eaton is nothing and that isn't his concern at this moment, he mentions Sting trying to say that he cheated. Arn says that he never cheats, and it isn't cheating if the ref doesn't catch you. He said more about Sting, then said he'd pretend that Eaton was Sting during thier match.

Arn Anderson © v. Bobby Eaton w/ James E. Cornette for the PWA Television Championship

Arn stepped through the ropes and Eaton attacked. Cornette was outside with his tennis racket telling Bobby what to do, but Arn got a thumb to the eye and didn't look back. Arn focused on the head and neck region of Eaton and wore him down. It was an outstanding match, Eaton and Anderson mixed together very well. Arn ducked a clothesline and booted Eaton in the stomach, which was followed by the ddt for the win. After the match Anderson knocked Cornette off the apron, and layed the boots to Eaton.

As Anderson booted Eaton, Sting rushed from the back and slid in to the ring to attack Arn. Numerous wrestlers and staff members rushed out and seperated the two hot heads as PrimeTime went off the air. So, where do I start. The Arn Anderson promo about sting, 91. The match itself will earn a 94 + 61 = 77. The post match near brawl, 82.

The second PrimeTime was quite enjoyable, best thing all night was the opening bit with Flair, Tully, and Arn rambling on in the ring. The worst, Road Warriors interview, oi was that unbearable. The overall rating for PrimeTime was a 79, pretty good in my eyes, and the ratings that CBS got back read 5.49, effective in their timeslot. I like the new young gunz entering the PWA, and I am enjoying Sting and Anderson's fued heating up.

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Will Sting Extract Revenge?

Last week saw the beginning of a heated rivalry, Sting and Arn Anderson. Anderson has already picked up a cheap win over Sting to retain the Television Championship, and this week will see Anderson's friend, Tully Blanchard, do battle with Sting in one on one action. Will we see Arn try to attack Sting? Also, where are Doom and The Road Warriors headed? All this and more, live Sunday, only on CBS.

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Wrestling Review - Feb. 1991


The last PrimeTime of Jan., was set to begin with the fued between Arn Anderson and Sting really heating up. The fans filed in to see the show, knowing that Tully Blanchard v. Sting was on the card for the night. As the show began, Sting was at the top of the rampway with Sean Mooney.

Sting kicked off the show with a pretty good interview about Arn Anderson and how that when he finally gets the guts to stand in the ring to face him one on one, how the Stinger will lock him in the deathlock, and win the Television title. The crowd erupted and settled back down when he was talking about Tully Blanchard and thier match tonight. Overall I'd give Sting an 87, nice.

'Flyin' Brian Pillman v. Owen Hart

As Sting left the rampway 'Flyin' Brian's music hit and he strutted out. Owen was already in the ring and the two locked-up to begin the match. Fast paced match, Pillman and Hart exchangeing the momentum. Pillman fired back with a back handspring elbow to Hart's chin. Pillman controlled the match from there on out, snap suplexed Owen, and then waited for him to get up. When he got up Flyin Brian took flight with a flying body press for the one, two, three. After the match the two shook hands. 90 + 57 = 73, the match itself was good, the people involved are still a bit new to us and the crowd.


Sting v. Tully Blanchard

Sting starts to make his way down the ramp when Tully Blanchard comes from behind with Arn Anderson to attack Sting. The laid him out on the rampway, then the Great Muta came from the back and cresent kicked Tully almost out of his boots and watched as Arn backed away, this puzzled the crowd who then cheered for Muta for the save on Sting. 73, Muta is a babyface now I'd say after he helped Sting.


Teddy Long is in the ring with Doom, and they basically just continue their fued with The Road Warriors. 62

Doom w/ Teddy Long v. The Samoan Swat Team

Squash alert. The Samoan Swat Team is apperently the squash team for the PWA as they haven't won, and only get squashed, and the sad part is, they aren't a bad team. Doom #2 finished off Samu with a powerslam, 82 + 64 = 73, decent, but we can find better uses for this.

As Doom made their way to the back a video tape aired from an earlier interview by Sean Mooney with the Z-Man, Tom Zenk. Zenk was fuming about not being on PrimeTime yet, and challenged Lex Luger to a United States Championship match. The match is to take place later tonight. 65.


The SkyScrapers are with Sean Mooney when we come back from break on the rampway, they put themselves over, and mention that Sid is waiting to come back and capture gold and the SkyScrapers will be the dominant force in the PWA with his arrival. 69, keep the mic away from Spivey, the youngster Callous wasn't bad though.

Cactus Jack Manson v. 'Mean' Mark Callous

This was a good contest between two big bruisers. Cactus Jack Manson was seemingly out there alone while Spivey did provide an extra edge to Callous' arsenal. Manson had Callous where he wanted him when Spivey tried to trip him when Manson hit the ropes. Manson turned around to say a few words to Spivey then Callous clotheslined him when he turned around. Callous picked him up and chokeslammed him for the three count. 87 + 43 = 65, no crowd reaction at all for this decent contest.

Lex Luger © v. The Z-Man - for the United States Championship

After Callous, Spivey, and Manson made their way to the back, The Z-Man ran out with energy knowing his wish was granted. Lex Luger came out next and the crowd rose to their feet for him. When Lex entered Zenk charged him and caught Lex off guard. Zenk sent Lex into the ropes and Lex fired off the ropes with a vicous forearm, then pointing to the crowd to do the Torture Rack! Lex picked up Zenk and racked him, Zenk gave up after about nine seconds into the Torture Rack. Lex helped him up and shook his hand, 75 + 71 = 73, decent but serving no point.


Tully Blanchard is talking with Sean Mooney atop the rampway on his way to the ring, and he cuts a short interview about why Sting will not win tonight, 74, average and short.

Sting v. Tully Blanchard

Sting came to the ring, with a nice reaction, but he was on a misson to send a strong message to Arn Anderson. The two locked-up in the middle of the ring adn started the bout. Tully side headlocked Sting and Sting shot him off into the ropes and Tully shoulder blocked Sting down. The match was slow paced when Tully had momentum using a variation of suplexes, and when Sting had momentum he would keep is mid tempo and run around. Sting reversed a Tully suplex, and got up and locked in the Scorpin Death Lock. Tully tapped after about twenty seconds, Arn ran down the rampway and attacked Sting after the bell rang, the show end with Arn ddt'ing Sting and helping Tully to the back. 76 + 83 = 80, nice way to end the show.

The Jan., editions of PrimeTime are through and I enjoyed this month espically with Arn and Sting's fued building up for what is sure to be an excellent rivalry. The Best thing of the night was the Sting interview which set the tempo, but the worst no doubt was Teddy Long and Doom's interview. Overall i'd give the show a 72, average, they could have done better.

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excerpt taken from Kayfabe Express - March 1991

Kyle Mock: Dominic DeNucci sent along these stats of our youngster in the Power Plant.

Shane McMahon in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Brawling (1 point); Speed (1 point); Charisma (1 point); Over (5 points); Technique (2 points);

Christopher Daniels in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Technique (1 point); Over (2 points); Brawling (3 points); Speed (2 points); Charisma (2 points);

Jean-Paul LeVesque in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Speed (1 point); Over (5 points); Brawling (4 points); Technique (4 points); Charisma (4 points);

Ultimo Dragon in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Over (1 point); Technique (1 point); Charisma (1 point); Brawling (2 points);

Paul Roma in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Speed (1 point); Technique (1 point); Over (4 points); Brawling (3 points); Charisma (2 points);

Dean Malenko in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Over (4 points); Brawling (2 points); Speed (3 points); Charisma (4 points);

Rey Misterio Jr. in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Over (3 points); Brawling (2 points); Technique (2 points); Charisma (4 points);

Stevie Ray in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Speed (1 point); Technique (1 point); Over (4 points); Brawling (4 points); Charisma (4 points);

Chris Benoit in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Brawling (1 point); Over (5 points); Charisma (3 points); Stiffness (-3 points);

Booker T in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Over (3 points); Brawling (2 points); Speed (3 points); Technique (4 points);

Chris Jericho in Power Plant has improved in the following areas: Over (2 points); Brawling (4 points); Technique (2 points);

They are improving and coming along nicely.

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Wrestling Review - March 1991


Muta's turn to help Sting has set up this weeks main event as he'll battle Ric Flair one on one, in a non-title bou tonight. Fans are happy to see others step up to help Sting in his fight. As PrimeTime hit the air Sean Mooney was with Blanchard, Anderson, and Flair.

Flair took the mic and told Muta he shouldn't have been sticking his nose in thier business, and now he will suffer the same fate as Sting. Anderson cut a short promo on Sting and how he thinks that he is the best wrestler on the planet, and Anderson points to Flair saying that he is the best wrestler. Blanchard took the mic and talked about his loss last week, and then gave the mic back to Flair who finished it up. You can blame Blanchard for the 88 rating I'm giving this.

After those three made their way to the back Owen Hart took the mic for the first time with Sean Mooney saying that tonight he will win. Hart then took off for the ring, to wait for his opponent. He shows promise, 82.


Hayabusa v. Owen Hart

Owen was already in the ring, and to little reaction Hayabusa made his way down the ramp and entered the ring. The two locked-up and kept a nice fast paced match up. Hayabusa took to the high early and often, as well as Hart did. Owen dropkicked Hayabusa coming off the top rope, and then went to the top and perfected a Moonsault, which got him the three. 93 + 43 = 68, crowd reaction will get better in time, they are both young. Hart celebrated as we went to break.


Doom v. Hawk

Hawk made his way down the aisle, and got in the ring. Teddy Long came out from the back with Doom to make thier entrance for this handicap match. Doom kept quick tags going, but Hawk was a strong fighter and fought back. Hawk was just getting his big momentum going when Teddy Long got on the apron, and got Hawk's attention, when Hawk grabbed him, Doom #2 hit him from behind and tagged out. That was about the last of the offense from Hawk. Doom won easily, and sent a message to Animal, the other Road Warrior. 79 + 68 = 73.


As everyone got backstage, Sean Mooney was on the rampway and stated that he is waiting for the return of someone. Music sounded and the crowd new, Sid Vicious has returned. Sid grabbed the mic from Mooney, and Callous was behind Sid, and Sid said that the reign of terror starts now, because he is back, 75.

Eddie Gilbert v. Sid Vicious w/ Mark Callous

Sid dominated this match from the opening bell, Vicious at one point sent Gilbert into the ropes and nearly decapitated him on return with a boot to the face. Sid picked Gilbert up and powerbombed him for the win. Mark Callous attacked Gilbert after the match as Sid watched on, then the two rose their hands in victory. 76 + 72 = 74, medicore.

Sean Mooney is on the rampway with Arn Anderson who begins talking about Sting already. Their fued is heating up, and looks like it may be coming it a head soon. Arn talks about his false wins over Tully, and that he has an idea for next week. He says next week, Arn Anderson and Ric Flair want a tag match versus Sting and The Great Muta. Oh My, 95 for mentioning this main event.


Ric Flair v. The Great Muta

The Great Muta makes his way to the ring to a nice roar from the crowd, as he is in the ring waiting the oh so familiar music plays and 'The Nature Boy' struts to the ring. The two lock-up and Flair gets Muta in an arm bar, the two exchange a few shots and chops and Flair got a thumb to the eye. Flair took the brawl outside and continually broke up the count by rolling in and out of the ring. Flair tried to clothesline Muta against the steel pole, but Muta ducked and Flair hit his shoulder on the post as we cut to break.


Upon returning to PrimeTime Flair has Muta in a headlock on the mat. Muta fought to get back to his feet and Flair sent him into the ropes and he exploded back off with a back handspring elbow. Muta picked up Flair and sent him in the corner, going for another back handspring, Flair pulled the ref in between them and the ref got taken out. Flair low blowed Muta and locked in the figure four while the ref was out. Muta was struggling to get to the ropes, and his back fell to the mat as he was trying so hard to get out of the Figure Four. The ref was starting to revive, but still had his back to the guys and there was a loud cheer, Muta came back up and sprayed Red Mist in Flairs face. Flair was trying to rub his eyes out and staggering around, Muta got up and Cresent Kicked Flair almost out of his boots. The ref counted the three and the crowd were estatic as PrimeTime ended. 94 + 91 = 92, purely excellent, and this should make the Tag Team match even more exciting.

Wow, what can I say, the main event definatly surpassed the hype. Overall the PrimeTime gets an 82, dragged down by Doom, Hawk, and Sid. Without a doubt the best thing all night was the main event, the worst was Owen v. Hayabusa but only because the fans seemed out of it. PrimeTime pulled in a 5.46 rating, and shall definatly have a great week next time.

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Arn Anderson and Ric Flair versus Sting and The Great Muta

Double A issued the challenge last week, and the match is on. Muta defeated Flair last week on PrimeTime and now Flair can try and extract a bit of revenge. Sid Vicious does battle with Owen Hart, while the rest of The SkyScrapers are barred from ringside. Tune in to CBS on Sunday to catch the exciting action of PrimeTime

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Wrestling Review - March 1991


Arn Anderson and Ric Flair made their way to the ring to open yet another PrimeTime. Anderson had on his tights but a black shirt on, and Flair was in his suit with the mic.

Flair and Arn talked trash about Sting and Muta, telling them that they will not make it to the pay per view. Arn focused on Sting, and his Television title. Flair said that The Enforcer will take Sting out, and Muta will be left alone. 84, I'm tired of seeing them open.

After Arn and Flair exit, and Styles and Solie run down the past few weeks, Owen Hart makes his way to the ring, about halfway down the rampway Sid Vicious attacks him.>

Owen Hart v. Sid Vicious

Sid threw Owen into the ring and the match began. Sid used his overall power to dominate Hart. Sid sent Owen into the rope and tried give him a boot to the face, but Owen ducked, and dropkicked his knee. Owen tried to keep right on top of Sid, keeping his off guard. Vicious was set up for a Moonsault, but moved out of the way. Vicious picked up Hart and set him up for the powerbomb. Hart went up, but reversed it into a hurricanrana pin, Owen got the three count, and a shocked Sid watched The SkyScrapers run down the aisle to attack the celebrating Hart who saw them and took off and ran to the back. 65 + 79 = 75, medicore, glad to see a shocking win.


Teddy Long and Doom are with Sean Mooney on the rampway, Teddy Long says the Road Warriors are going to get their title shot, but not at the pay per view, tonight, on PrimeTime. Mooney asks why he came to this conclusion and Long replied that The Road Warriors need to be put in their place.

The Road Warriors came out, and got in the face of Doom, and accepted. Mooney looked like he was going to poop himself standing in the middle of Doom and The Road Warriors. I'll slap a 68 for the interview and a 65 for the confrontation.


The Road Warriors v. Doom © for the Tag Team Championship

The Road Warriors made their way to the ring, the crowd cheered and they took off thier Spikes and waited for Doom. The boo's came with Teddy Long appearing and Doom following behind. The match begin after Doom #1 elected to start against Animal. The match was a quality tag match and had plenty of good parts. Doom #2 sent Hawk into the ropes, but Hawk reversed and Doom #2 ran into Doom #1's boot. The Road Warriors attacked immediatly, and stayed on top of Doom #2. He fought back, and made the tag, but Teddy Long got up on the apron so they could double team a now beaten down Hawk. Doom #1 and Doom #2 joined hands to double clothesline Hawk, but Doom #2 didn't and picked up Doom #1 and gave him a running powerslam. Teddy Long, the crowd, and even the Road Warriors were shocked. Hawk crawled over Doom #1, and got the three count, and as we went to break with all this mess, Paul E. Dangerously was seen peaking his head out from behind the curtain.


Lance Storm v. Paul Roma

I barely noticed this match, I was definatly excited about what just happened. Roma defeated Storm with a Brainbuster and walked away with the crowd still buzzing about Doom#2. 76 + 33 = 54, killer of the night.

Sting was on the rampway with Sean Mooney, and he was excited, pumped, and ready to go for the tag match that was next. The Main Event, he talked about how Muta was going to beat Flair, and about Arn thinking that he is better than the Stinger, but the Stinger is the top dog in PWA. Sting said now he was going to get Muta, and prepare to show Flair and Anderson who is truely the best. 85, good, solid... now just get me to the Main Event.


Arn Anderson and Ric Flair v. Sting and The Great Muta

Sting and Muta came out seperatly, both to much appaulase, and they gathered in the corner to discuss strategy. Flair's music played and the two friends strutted out and looked at the crowd in disgust. Anderson squared off against Muta to begin the match, the two locked up and Arn got Muta in a side headlock. Muta shoved him into the ropes, and Arn shot back with a shoulder block, Muta nipped up and they stared face to face again. The two exchanged blows, and Muta reversed Arn's attempt to send him into the ropes, Arn made the blind tag and ducked the Muta clothesline who got hit with a stiff chop from Flair. All four men were in or out at some point during this fantastic contest. Arn and Sting, Flair and Muta, Flair and Sting, and Arn and Muta, generally just an excellent bout. Muta was pounding on Flair, but when Arn came in, so did Sting and the ref forced Sting back out, while Arn and Flair exchanged positions, without a proper tag. Flair sat on the apron, and got up slowly, when he reached his feet Muta was being sent into the ropes and Flair kneed him in the back, Arn kicked Muta in the stomach and DDT'ed him for the three. Sting ran in after the three count, but Flair and Arn pummeled him, as PrimeTime faded out Arn and Flair had thier titles raised in thier hands. 99 + 92 = 95, excellent contest, a five-star winner here. Easily the match of the year at this point in the early beginning of 1991.

This PrimeTime was very good, despite my rating of a 78. I gave it a lower score because of the Doom and Road Warrior segments, not the match which had a very nice suprise in it. The Roma and Storm match was a filler, and no one payed much attention to it, and got the low score of the night, while the Main Event takes home the best. CBS garnered a 5.42 rating for PrimeTime this week, and I must say, I want another Flair/Arn v. Muta/Sting tag match soon.

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Aftermath of Last Week

Last week Arn Anderson and Ric Flair defeated Sting and Muta, after Flair knee'ed Muta in the back. After the match they beat them down. Are Sting and Muta healthy? Will they try to extract revenge? Also, what got into Doom #2 last week, and why was Paul E. Dangerously watching? All this plus the number one contendership for the Tag Team championship is on the line between the Steiner Brothers and the Midnight Express.

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Wrestling Review - March 1991


PrimeTime opens with The Midnight Express, 'Beautiful' Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane, and their manager James E. Cornette. Cornette talked about the match for the number one contedership and that The Midnight Express would be taking on The Road Warriors at the next pay-per-view. 73, nice to see Cornette on tv, just kind of akward to open the show with people that haven't been seen in the limelight for awhile.

Midnight Express v. The Steiner Brothers

Cornette dropped the mic and the Steiners came out to a nice cheer from the crowd. Rick and Stan started the match off, the styles of both tag teams mixed well and was a treat to watch. Bobby and Stan cut the ring in half on Scott and worked him over for the better part of the match. Scott fought back with variations of suplexes on both Midnight Express members, and fought his way to the corner, and made the hot tag to Rick. Rick came in, Steinerlining everyone and he even nailed Cornette. Scott caught a second wind and all four men battled it out in the center of the ring. The ref tried to seperate Stan Lane and Scott Steiner, when Shane Douglas rushed from the back, and Cornette tossed him the tennis racket. Shane took an Andre Agassi like swing and clocked Rick Steiner. Bobby rolled over for the pin, as Shane held on to Scotts legs on the apron. The Midnight Express and Shane Douglas then attacked Scott Steiner and grabbed the mic.

Cornette grabbed the mic and proclaimed that Camp Cornette needed someone else, so they contacted one of the best up and comers in the business, Shane Douglas. Cornette told the crowd that he is not only announcing Shane's entrance into Camp Cornette, but his entrance into the 10 man battle royal to determine the number one contender to Lex Luger's United States Championship next week on PrimeTime. Ok, now for the ratings, the match will get a 91 + 87 = 80, yeah so what if the math doesn't add up. The second interview is an 82 because Shane in Camp Cornette is very nice addition to them.


In the ring is Ron Simmons with Paul E. Dangerously. Paul E. tells the fans how he saw the oppurtunity to promote the future of the business in Ron Simmons when Butch Reed deliberatly booted Ron in the head. He went on to say that Simmons is stepping out of Reed's shadow and that Reed will be dealt with in time. 76 for this, still some work to do.

Ron Simmons v. The Super Destroyer

Fans saw a quick win for Ron, and were still hyped from the Tag Match, so they preceeded to find their way over to the food stands and merchendise dealers. Simmons won in under two minutes, with little fan reaction. 68 + 25 = 41, like I said, little fan reaction.


In the ring with Sean Mooney was our World's Champion, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Flair told Muta that if he wanted the world's championship, it was going to be a long road to travel, because he was not ready to recieve a shot at the title. Flair stated that at the next pay-per-view, he would defend his championship against, the legendary Terry Funk in a No Holds Barred match. Flair said Terry has proved himself through the years, and Muta would have to travel a long and windy road, to the world championship. Flair swerved Muta into taking a longer road to a match with him, 95.


Cactus Jack Manson v. Owen Hart

Owen Hart and Cactus each made their entrance to the ring, and locked-up. This was a good bout between the two PWA superstars. Owen and Cactus exchanged momentum and pleased the crowd. Owen bodyslammed Cactus and was going to the top rope, when Sid Vicious came down the rampway. Sid threw Owen off the top rope and the ref called for the bell. Sid irish whipped Owen and delievered a big boot to his face. Sid then looked to the crowd, and powerbombed Owen. 90 + 68 = 71, nice match, crowd wasn't really into it as they didn't see the point until the end.


Arn Anderson v. Paul Roma

Arn Anderson made short work of young Roma. Anderson used a variation of suplexes and headlocks. Roma caught a short stint of offense, that was broken up by an eye gouge. Anderson ducked a clothesline attempt and caught Roma off the return in a spinbuster for a three count.

Anderson grabbed the mic, and looked into the camera, and told Sting that this is his future, this is his fate. As PrimeTime went off the air, he sent another message to Sting by DDT'ing Roma for good measure. The match 57 + 72 = 60, nothing spectacular. Styles didn't mix well, but Anderson keeps getting this fued built up with the Stinger. The interview was pretty good, an 86 rating for that.

PrimeTime was sub-par this week. Anderson and Sting is a match that I hope will draw very good praise from me, as I anticipate this match very much so. Flair's interview tonight was the best, by throwing a wrench in the plans of Muta and the worst was the match that the fans had no intrest in, Simmons v. The Super Destroyer. Overall the show garners a 75 rating.

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One Week Left

One week left until the Memorial Battle of Doom. Terry Funk and Ric Flair are set to square off, as well as the Anderson, Sting match. Expectations are high, wearing the emotions on their sleeves, this weeks PrimeTime should be quite amazing with the 10 man battle royal and the prelude to the pay-per-view.

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Wrestling Review - March 1991


Arn Anderson comes out and enters the ring and grabs a mic. He talks about Sunday, when at the pay-per-view Sting and himself will headline the event for the Television Championship. Anderson mentions the old days of the Horseman, and how he has never felt like he needed to be 'tough'. Excellent promo leading into this Sunday. 92, good job Arn.

The Road Warriors v. The Samoan Swat Team

Nice match, it was quick and off course Warriors won, but it was nice. Hawk and Animal put Samu in the Doomsday Device and pinned him. After the match the Midnight Express, Eaton and Lane, ran down and attacked The Road Warriors. 92 +65 = 70, decent, but not very intresting.


Flair is the statue of what this business tries to be. Flair broke out another excellent interview about Muta, and about how at this Sunday Terry Funk gets the shot and not The Great Muta. One can say he may be over looking Funker and just mainly focusing on Muta, and keeping the strap away from him. 97 rating from me, near perfection.

Brain Pillman v. Jinsei Shinzaki

Pillman and Shinzaki worked a nice match, their chops and kicks were very hard and loud. Fast paced match and the crowd kind of got into it after they saw what the two were doing together. The chemistry was there, and Pillman won with a Flying Body Press, but this was very entertaining for me. 86 + 55 = 63.


The 10 Man Battle Royal

The participants were:

[*]Shane Douglas

[*]The Great Muta

[*]Ron Simmons

[*]Tully Blanchard

[*]Dan Spivey

[*]Owen Hart

[*]Mark Callous

[*]Michael PS Hayes

[*]Jimmy Garvin

[*]Kevin Sullivan

Douglas eliminated three of the ten from the beginning, and Muta eliminated Tully Blanchard as these two paired off for most of the match. The final four in the match were Shane Douglas, The Great Muta, Ron Simmons, and Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan went first, and then Muta cresent kicked Douglas out of the ring. Simmons and Muta squared off, and Flair ran down the aisle distracting Muta long enough to be eliminated. Wasn't a big fan of the battle royal to be honest, and neither were the fans. 60 +63 = 55.

Paul E. grabbed the mic and pronounced that Ron Simmons was in fact the next thing to hit the PWA and would start climbing the ladder with Luger. 87, Paul E. knows how to get me pumped.


Luger hyped himself, and his US Strap before his match. 70.

Eddie Gilbert v. Lex Luger

Luger didn't act like any of Gilbert's moves hurt him, and seemingly was just unstoppable. Fans weren't impressed, but the match ended when Luger put Eddie in the Torture Rack. 73 + 58 = 58, Luger needs to learn how to help his fellow wrestlers, even if Eddie was going to lose.

On that note PrimeTime ended, not much to do with the pay-per-view, just an Arn and Flair interview. Need to work on the booking in that aspect. This PrimeTime is a 72 overall, Battle Royal wasn't what I expected and the Flair interview was class. We do have a sound byte of Arn Anderson's promo if you want to hear it, tune in to the re-cap show on the radio (ATTACHED). PrimeTime scored a 5.45 rating for CBS this Sunday.

Arn Anderson Sound Clip ---- About Sting.

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