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Stampede Wrestling 2005: A New Beginning....


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Stampede Wrestling 2005:


It's February 2005 and Bruce Hart has been having problems with the booking of Stampede Wrestling. For years I have attended the shows. To the point that I actually became a trainee in the Stampede Wrestling Kid's training camp. For months now I have reviewed the shows on the Stampede board constantlly. I have always supported them. But now even I have realized Stampede is slowlly going downhill. It would not be so bad if TJ Wilson, Harry Smith, Randy Myers, Apocalypse, and others were walking across the line into the land of brighter feilds and more exposure. Good for them, but bad for Stampede.

So it was January 28th literally 1 month before my birthday which I would turn 15. Bruce and Ross came up to me. They said they could see I knew what I was talking about from my reviews. I told them I did know what I was talking about. I said I had been trained by one of their best wrestlers in Randy Myers and I have attended the shows long enough to see what is good and what is bad.

So thats when they asked me. If I would become the 4th booker. Now see Bruce had most of the say in the promotion. But the group of bookers was Bruce, Ross, An Unknown Extra, and if I agreed the forth would be myself.

I look straight in their faces. Then I extended my hand and said they wouldn't regret it. I told them I may only be 15. But I know what fans like and I will help Stampede give the fans what they want to see.

So I went home. Knowing the next show would be Friday, Febuary 4th 2005. This would be the first show that I help book. This will be the first show that we will actually have to put out EXTRA chairs for and not take away chairs that no one was in.

It's time for Stampede Wrestling to go back to the height it was at in the 70's. It's time for a New Beginning!

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Stampede Wrestling 2005:


Main Eventers:


Harry Smith

Johnny Devine

TJ Wilson

Teddy Hart



Dave Swift



Jack Evans

Randy Myers


Jardi Frantz(Just signed)


Duke Durrango



Dandy Myers

Greg Pawluk

Marky Mark

Pete Wilson

Phoenix Taylor


Chris Steele


Rising Son

Rod Rage

Lower Mid-Carders:


Belle Lovitz

Nattie Neidhart


Matt Richards

"Retro" Rian Evans



Tag Teams:

Hart Foundation #2(Jack Evans and Teddy Hart):

Experience= 7

Finish: Hart Attack #2

SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son):

Experience= 0

Finish: SoCal-Drop

The Funky Bunch(Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor):

Experience= 15

Finish: None

The Myers Brothers(Randy Myers and Dandy Myers):

Experience= 15

Finish: None

The Stampede Bulldogs(TJ Wilson and Harry Smith):

Experience= 75

Finish: Powerbomb Blockbuster Combo

The Stampede Darkside(Apocalypse and Dave Swift):

Experience= 0

Finish: None

Total Display of Karnage(Duke Durrango and Karnage):

Experience= 0

Finish: Powerbomb Neckbreaker Combo


Stampede Wrestling British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title:

Current Champ: TJ Wilson

Stampede Wrestling Internation Tag Titles:

Current Champs: Total Display of Karnage(Duke Durrango and Karnage)

Stampede Wrestling North American Heavyweight Title:

Current Champ: Harry "Bulldog" Smith

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Results for Stampede Wrestling Friday February 4th 2005:

Segment #1: Jack Evans d. Pete Wilson after a Corkscrew 630 for the 3 count:

Great match that see's alot of spots from both men. Pete Wilson hit his amazing Asai Moonsault at one point leaving both men out on the ground outside. Somehow Jack was the first up. He went for an Asai Moonsault but pulled out the full twist hitting an Asai Ode to Blitzkrieg. That was probablly the biggest spot of the match other then the ending. The ending saw a Corkscrew 630 a move Jack rarelly uses hit on Pete Wilson. For the 1....2....3! After the match both men were laying on the ground in pain as the crowd applauded. They then stood up and shook hands. They then walked to the back as we awaited the next match.

Overall Rating: 65%

Segment #2: Nattie Neidhart and Belle Lovitz challenge The Funky Bunch:

Nattie and Belle come down to the ring. They get in the ring and Belle gets on the mic.

Belle Lovitz: You know Nattie. For months on end we've teamed to battle The Myers Brothers. Us two women alone battling two men. But they seem to have seen the light and realize that we are to good for them. So Nattie tonight I say we finally go our seperate ways......

Nattie grabs the mic from Belle in anger.

Nattie Neidhart: NO BELLE! We are a team! But even more then that we are friends and friends are forever! I want to prove that to you Belle Lovitz. I challenge any team backstage to a match right now. I know me and Belle are the only women left in Stampede since that Crackwhore Anna Marie left the promotion. But I don't care. We've proven before that we can take the men on in this promotion. So any team right now lets go.

Nattie and Belle wait and eventually The Funky Bunch's theme hits. They come walking to the ring. They get in the ring and Marky grabs a microphone.

Marky Mark: You know Nattie thats a tempting offer. But i'm afraid me and Phoenix have to refuse. Like come on Nattie you're a women. Theirs no way you're taking on this team of testoserone.

Belle grabs the mic from Marky.

Belle Lovitz: You know Marky. All I see in this ring other then me and Nattie. Is a twig wearing a PWA shirt and a slightlly bigger twig wearing a PWA shirt. If you didn't get that. Me and Nattie are probablly bigger then the two of you AND why in the blue hell would you wear a Prairie Wrestling Assholes shirt to a Stampede Wrestling show?

A "Fuck PWA" chant starts as Phoenix Taylor grabs the microphone from Belle.

Phoenix Taylor: You know what Belle Lovitz and Nattie Neidhart? I Phoenix Taylor on behalf of Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch accept your challenge for a match RIGHT NOW!

Phoenix drops the mic and the bell rings.

Overall Rating: 52%

Segment #3: The Funky Bunch d. Belle and Nattie by pinfall after Belle turns on Nattie:

Pretty good match for what it was. Nattie pulled out an extremelly nice moonsault onto Marky. Which sent Marky wiggling like a fish through the ring yelling that he has been squashed. When Phoenix and Belle were in the ring Phoenix went for the Corkscrew Moonsault but it was not to be as Belle moved and Phoenix hit hard ground. This played into the ending. As Phoenix was lying on the ground Belle made the tag. Nattie went to the top and call for a Moonsault onto Phoenix. But suddenlly she got met with powder to the eyes from... BELLE! Belle started to look as if she didn't realize what she did. She holds Nattie on the top and starts to whipe the powder from her eyes. Phoenix and Marky both get up and in the ring. They each hook one arm around a leg of Nattie for a double powerbomb. Belle then smiles and climbs to the top. She hooks Nattie's head. Marky and Phoenix fall forward as Belle hits a neckbreaker on Nattie. The crowd starts to boo as Belle does her pose while Marky and Phoenix pin Nattie in the background. Belle then leaves as Marky and Phoenix do their dance. They then leave as Nattie stands and asks for a microphone.

Overall Rating: 51%

Segment #4: Nattie expresses her sadness and frustration towards Belle:

Nattie gets on the microphone in near tears. She looks around and begins to speak.

Nattie Neidhart: BELLE! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDS BELLE! WHY?! WHY BELLE?! All i've ever done was be a friend to you and this is what you do to me? What did I ever do to deserve this? I thought we were friends and friends are forever. So obviouslly you were never my friend. You know what I can't handle this. I'm officially leaving Stampede Wrestling. I'm sorry you fans. But theirs nothing else I can do aslong as Belle is still walking around here.

Nattie drops the microphone in tears and leaves the building.

Overall Rating: 42%

Segment #5 Internation Tag Title Match: Total Display of Karnage(Duke Durrango and Karnage)© d. SoCal Connection(Rising Son and Jardi Frantz) after interference from The Myers Brothers:

Good match for what it is. Good debut overall for The SoCal Connection. Could have used better opponents. Well Durrango's good but Karnage could have been diffrent. The biggest spot we see is both Frantz and Rising Son do a Super Asai Moonsault(spring to the top Asai) onto Durrango and Karnage. The ending see's Durrango and Karnage actually have the advantage. Karnage lifts Jardi Frantz for a powerbomb. He then yells at Durrangon to set up. Durrango grabs a neckbreaker and we get ready to see the Powerbomb/Neckbreaker Combo. Suddenlly though Randy and Dandy Myers hop the rail. They push Frantz off the shoulders of Karnage and Durrango. Dandy then dropkicks Durrango as Randy dropkicks Karnage. Karnage and Durrango fall through the ropes as the ref calls for the bell giving Karnage and Durrango the win. Afterwards Randy makes a point of telling the crowd that the Myers Brothers are the only long lasting team in Stampede and that they will hold those Tag Titles sooner than later.

Overall Rating: 49%

Segment #6 British Commenwealth Midheavyweight Title Match: TJ Wilson d. Randy Myers after a Dusty finish because of Dave Swift running in:

Great match. Randy stayed out after his interference. The biggest spot in this one was probablly TJ going for a springboard moonsault. But Randy caught him in a SICK tombstone. The match comes to an end when TJ is on the apron. Randy stands up and TJ goes for a springboard crossbody. But Randy ducks and TJ hits referee J. Edgar Hooper. Hooper goes down and TJ stands. Suddenlly Dave Swift comes from behind with TJ's British Commenwealth title. Swift cracks it over TJ's head. Randy doesn't see it and Swift gets out of the ring quick. He hops the rail and pretends he's a fan. Randy turns and see's TJ down. Randy looks around and sorta shrugs and makes the cover. The ref comes to and counts 1...2...3!!!! RANDY WINS! RANDY WINS THE TITLE! But wait Rene Richards running to the ring. He slides in and explains to Hooper what happened. Rene then points to the title on the ground by TJ. Hooper grabs the belt and slides out of the ring. He talks to the announcer and we then get the announcement that "Due to interference from Dave Swift. TJ Wilson has won the match by disqualification and is STILL the Stampede Wrestling British Commenwealth Midheavyweight Champion!" Randy looks shocked. He then looks around in anger and notices Swift in the crowd. Randy gets out of the ring. He hops over the rail clotheslining Swift. Randy starts to beat on Swift and eventually goes as far as to drive one of the legs to the non-foldable chairs the crowd sits on into the forehead of Swift. But lucky for swift his partner Apocalypse comes from behind. He grabs Randy and whips him into a door which swings open and Randy goes falling down as the door swings shut again. TJ then gets up and yells some obscene things at Apoc and Swift then leaves. Apoc and Swift then hop the rail and sit in the crowd to whatch the next match.

Overall Rating: 66%

Segment #7 Non-Title(not for North American Title) Match: "Livewire" Matt Richards d. Harry "Bulldog" Smith after unseen interference from Apocalypse:

Alright match. Matt isn't the best wrestler but Harry carried him well. The ending see's Harry holding Matt in a Running Powerslam position ready to hit it as an ode to his father. Dave Swift begins to distract referee Rene Richards though. Apocalypse gets in the ring and he kicks Harry in the back hard. Harry falls to his knee's with Richards landing on his feet. Apoc then grabs Harry and picks him up. He lifts him in a slam and.... JESUS DRIVER!!!!! Harry lands right on his head and Apoc rolls out of the ring. Richards makes the cover as Swift stops distracting Rene. Rene counts 1...2....3!!! Matt Richards wins and walks away as the crowd boo's and Apocalypse and Swift get back into the ring.

Overall Rating: 53%

Segment #8: Harry takes a beating from Stampede Darkside but is saved by TJ:

Apocalypse and Swift stay in the ring and they begin to beat on Harry. Harry holds his neck trying to protect it after that hellacious Jesus Driver as Swift and Apoc stomp away at Harry's head. Apoc lifts Harry and says "One more Jesus Driver Bitch!" Suddenlly from behind though comes TJ Wilson. He spins Apoc around and hits him with a hard and stiff forearm to the head. Apoc falls and rolls out of the ring. TJ then runs and dropkicks Swift. Swift then rolls out of the ring. Him and Apoc then walk to the back yelling obscene things at Harry and TJ as TJ helps Harry up. The announcer then wishes everyone a good weekend and says the next show is on Friday Febuary 11th. The show then ends.

Overall Rating: 73%

Overall Show Rating: 58%

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Current card for Stampede Wrestling on Friday February 11th 2005:

Main Event:

British Commenwealth Midheavyweight Title Match:

"Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson© vs Apocalypse:

After TJ Wilson made the save on Harry last week. Apocalypse asked the head of the booking commitee for Stampede Wrestling for a British Commenwealth title match. It was given to Apocalypse but only if TJ Wilson agreed. TJ said he was a fighting champion and will defend the title.

Semi-Main Event:

Randy Myers vs Dave Swift:

Randy made this challenge after Dave Swift interfered in his British Commenwealth title match giving TJ the DQ win to keep the title. Swift tried to get out of this one but to no avail as the commitee has forced Swift into this match.

Teddy Hart vs ???:

The opening bout for the night will be a rematch between Pete Wilson and Jack Evans. The winner will go on to face the returning Teddy Hart. This is rare as Jack and Teddy both rarelly compete in Stampede.

Dandy Myers vs Karnage:

Duke Durrango opted to take the night off from wrestling. Instead he will accompany Karnage to the ring as Karnage faces off against Dandy Myers. This coming off of the interference of the Myers brothers last week against Karnage and Durrango.

The Funky Bunch(Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor) w/Belle Lovitz vs "Livewire" Matt Richards and "Retro" Rian Evans:

After Belle turned on Nattie Neidhart last week. Nattie left Stampede Wrestling. Belle has now aligned herself with the Funky Bunch. Belle had this match made to see if her team is really as good as she wants them to be.

Pete Wilson vs Jack Evans:

This match has been made as a rematch from last weeks bout. Except this time the winner will go on to face Teddy Hart just before intermission.

Bell time is 7:30pm at the Ogden Legion of Doom right here in Calgary. Hope to see you all their.

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Results for Stampede Wrestling Friday February 11th 2005:

Segment #1: Jack Evans and Pete Wilson wrestle to a 30 minute time limit draw:

Great match that went for 30 minutes of spots. The first 5 minutes was chain wrestling but from their on we saw flip, after flip, after flip. It was crazy. At one point Pete went for his Asai Moonsault as Jack hopped on the rail. Jack ended up dropkicking Pete in the gut as he was flipping. Pete landed face first on the hard ground as Jack stood up laughing. Another big spot was Jack was gonna do a moonsault off the tope but he looked up at the lights. Which Jack is famous for hitting because of the low roof in Ogden. Jack looks up and pulls himself up onto the light. He's standing their with the light swinging. He moonsaults off and lands on Pete to a huge pop. Not Jack's best moonsault but understandable as he was on an un-sturdy platform. The ending see's us at just 30 seconds before the match ends in a time limit draw. Everyone is on their feet for the first time in awhile at Stampede. Jack runs at Pete and Pete catches him in a slamming tombstone. The crowd is cheering as Pete climbs to the top rope. About 10 seconds left in the time limit. Pete looks around and prays alittle...... 630 OFF THE TOP ONTO JACK! Thats the first time Pete's hit that in over 4 years. The crowd can't beleive it. 5 seconds left on the clock. Pete slowlly crawls. One arm over Jack 1.....2...... THE BELL RINGS! TIME LIMIT IS UP! Jack and Pete draw!

Overall Rating: 69%

Segment #2: Bruce Hart comes out and decides we will have Pete vs Jack vs Ted tonight:

The crowd is cheering as Pete and Jack slowlly get to their feet. They look at eachother puzzled not sure who Teddy Hart will face later in the show. Suddenlly Bruce Hart's old Stampede theme hits and the crowd starts cheering overlly loud. Bruce comes walking to the ring with Teddy. Bruce grabs a microphone and he begins to speak.

Bruce Hart: Uhhhhh. As you can see I have my nephew Teddy Hart out here with me. Teddy is to wrestle tonight. The original plan was Teddy vs the winer of Pete vs uhhh Jack. But because of this time limit draw. I have decided that uhhh. Tonight we will see Teddy Hart vs Jack Evans..... VS PETE WILSON in a Triple Threat match. I know alot of you miss Matrats but tonight you will get a taste of its return. Thats uhhh all.

Bruces music hits as him, Ted, Jack and Pete all go backstage.

Overall Rating: 61%

Segment #3: The Funky Bunch(Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor) w/Belle Lovitz d. "Livewire" Matt Richards and "Retro" Rian Evans after Belle interfers:

Pretty good match for what it was. Rian has alot to learn but isn't all that bad. Marky and Phoenix are slowlly adapting more to the Stampede style which is certainlly improving their matches. Richards isn't working to his full potential but he is working well enough to make this a good match. The match comes to an end when Richards has Phoenix up for a Stalling Vertical Suplex. Richards is near the ropes however. Belle reaches in and trips Richards. Richards ends up falling forward taking sort of a DDT from Phoenix. Phoenix then goes to the top and does his nice moonsault landing on Richards for the 3 count. Afterwards Richards and Rian left the ring as Phoenix and Marky did their usual celebration dance. However Belle stopped them and said that if it wasn't for her they'd be on their backs as Richards and Rian celebrate. Belle then tells them next time they have to win the match for themselves. Belle then leads Marky and Phoenix backstage.

Overall Rating: 48%

Segment #4: Karnage d. Dandy Myers after help from Duke Durrango:

Alright match. It's a good thing Dandy can take a beating or we would have got nothing. Karnage bassiclly beat the hell out of Dan for close to 15 minutes. But Dan managed to turn it around. Dan was actually getting a big comeback until he went for a dropkick. Karnage side stepped and Dan dropkicked the referee J Edgar Hooper. Hooper goes down and Karnage goes for a chokeslam. But Dan low blows him. Dan goes for a DDT but Durrango gets in the ring. He clotheslines Dan. Durrango then picks him up and hits him with a piledriver. Durrango gets out of the ring and revives Hooper. Hooper turns around to see Karnage Chokeslam Dan and make the cover. Hooper counts 1...2....3!!! Karnage wins and Durrango gets in the ring. They begin to beat on Dan. Quicklly though Randy comes running out with a chair. He cracks it over Karnages head as Durrango quicklly jumps out of the ring. Durrango then pulls Karnage out of the ring and they walk towards the doors leading backstage as Randy gets on the mic.

Overall Rating: 51%

Segment #5: The Myers Brothers talk:

Randy gets on the mic and he begins to speak.

Randy Myers: Well, Well, Well! It seems big old Garbage.... wait no sorry Karnage. Over their can't even beat my 185 pound brother without the help of Dirty Duke. O and beleive me Duke is Dirty.

Dandy Myers: Yea! Of course Duke is Dirty. Like he has herpe's man. Why do you think we call him Dirty?

Randy Myers: Alright Dan theirs kids here. Duke and Karnage you guys are just lucky that I have other business to attend to tonight. Cause I would kick your asses right here tonight. If It wasn't for my bout with Dave Swift. Cause as we all know Randy can kick your asses ANY NIGHT!!

Dandy Myers: So can I Randy! So can I!

Randy Myers: Yes Dan. But now because I'd rather focus on my match with Dave later tonight. Lets end this promo with a little dance and..... O-E-O-E-O!!!!!!!!

Randy and Dandy then do the Myers Dance and leave.

Overall Rating: 65%

Segment #6: Pete Wilson d. Teddy Hart and Jack Evans by Pinfall:

This was an elimination 3-way and by gawd was it a great match. You know its good when I decide to use a JR "By Gawd" quote! Lots of major spots. To many to name to be honest. The first elimination was of Jack Evans by Teddy Hart which shocked the entire crowd. Jack hit Pete with the backdrop suplex driver type move. Sending Pete on his head and rolling out of the ring. As Jack landed on his back slamming Pete though Teddy came off the top rope. Ted ends up landing with the Hart Attack #2(SSP Eblow) off the top rope onto Jack. Ted makes the cover 1....2....3!!! By this time Pete's managed to get up onto the apron. Ted rolls off Jack and lays their thinking he can have a rest before Pete gets up. But Pete springboards and does a MOONSAULT LEGDROP! Ted's holding his throat and chest as Pete continues to roll. Once Pete stops he crawls quicklly and gets over Ted. Referee Rene Richards quicklly jumps over to where the pin is taking place. He counts 1....2....3!!!! PETE WINS! PETE WINS!!! Jack Evans gets in the ring. Him and Pete shake hands and Jack lifts Pete's arm in the air. Pete then looks at Ted who stands. Pete extends his hand to Ted. Ted looks at Pete and just sort of slaps Pete's hand. Ted then hops out of the ring and leaves looking almost pissed off. Eventually Pete and Jack leave after Pete celebrates and intermission starts.

Overall Rating: 74%

During the 15 minute intermission Pete and Jack signed some autographs and took some pictures. The 50/50 draw was done and the winning number was 900143. Intermission ended and we awaited Randy vs Swift.

Segment #7: Randy Myers d. Dave Swift by disqualification:

Good match. Randy and Dave are both amazing athletes and 2 of the best wrestlers in Stampede. Right next to TJ, Harry, and Apocalypse. The match came to an end when Randy managed to backdrop Dave over the top rope. Dave grabbed one of the only folding chairs in the building however. Randy reached through the grab Dave but Dave swung the chair up and hit Randy in the face. Referee J Edgar Hooper saw this however. Randy falls to his back and Hooper calls for the bell. The announcer announces that Randy Myers has won the match by disqualification. Swift gets angry and gets back in the ring. He grabs Hooper. He picks Hooper up and hits Hooper with a Death Valley Driver. Security helps Hooper out of the ring and takes him backstage as Swift begins to beat on Randy. Swift hooks Randy and calls for a Swifty Buster(right shoulder powerbomb). Just as Security swing the door open for Hooper though TJ runs out. TJ jumps to the apron. He springboards and ends up dropkicking Swift. Swift falls rolling out of the ring. TJ helps Randy up. Apocalypse comes to the ring and TJ says that because his match is next up that Randy can be in his corner and Swift can be in Apocs.

Overall Rating: 70%

Segment #8 British Commonwealth Midheavyweight Title Match: "Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson© d. Apocalypse by disqualification after interference from Dave Swift:

Great match. These two are quite possiblly the best technical wrestlers Stampede has to offer. The end see's TJ hit the Springboard Frontflip Guilotine Legdrop on Apoc. TJ goes for the cover but Swift runs around the ring. He punches Randy in the face and Swift gets the attention of the ref. How? By handcuffing Randy to the turnbuckle post. Swift gets in the ring and he begins to kick at TJ. He hooks TJ up and goes for a Swift Buster but Randy yells at referee Rene Richars to "Turn your ass around and see whats happening" Rene see's and calls for the bell giving TJ the DQ win. Swift lets go of TJ for a second. He boots Rene in the face and Rene falls to the ground. Randy manages to get out of the handcuffs but Durrango and Karnage come running. They grab Randy and drag him backstage. In the ring Apocalypse and Swift begin to beat on TJ. Apoc tells Swift to go to the top rope. Apocalypse grabs TJ and hits him with a Jesus Driver. As soon as Apocaylpse moves Swift comes flying off the top with a Swifty Star Press on TJ. Swift bounces off TJ after hitting the move. Swift and Apoc then stand up. They hold their arms in the air and leave to a barrage of boo's. Eventually TJ gets to his feet and leaves in pain with the title. The announcer just like last week then wishes everyone a good weekend and says that the next show is Friday February 18th right here at the Ogden Legion of Doom!

Overall Rating: 70%

Overall Show Rating: 64%

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Current card for Stampede Wrestling on Friday February 18th 2005:

Main Event:

Hardcore Match:

Randy Myers vs Duke Durrango:

Randy said last week he could kick Karnage and Durrango's asses any time. So he's living up to his words and has proposed a Hardcore Match to the booking commitee. It was accepted and they said Randy would face Durrango.

Semi-Main Event:

Dave Swift and TJ Wilson will be handcuffed together in the corner:

Harry "Bulldog Smith vs Apocalypse:

Because of Harry's absence last week Apocalypse managed to get a match booked between him and Harry this week. If Apoc wins he will get a NorthAmerican Title shot at the following show. The board proposed that to make this fair the wrestlers partners would be handcuffed together in the corner to make sure their would be no interference.

Pete Wilson vs "Hotshot" Johnny Devine:

Teddy and Jack could not be here this week. So we're bring in the next best thing to face Pete Wilson. All the way back from TNA is JOHNNY DEVINE! Finally Devine is back in Stampede and him and Stampede's New Sensation Pete Wilson will duke it out.

The Funky Bunch(Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor) w/Belle Lovitz vs The SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son):

The Funky Bunch won their match last week. But with help from Belle Lovitz. Belle has told them that this week when they have their match they must do it themselves or Belle will leave them. So tonight The Bunch will take on the SoCal Connection.

Special Guest Ref-TJ Wilson: Rod Rage vs Red Thunder vs Greg Pawluk vs Dave Swift:

This match was made by the booking commitee as a way to see who the true #1 contender for the British Commenwealth Midheavyweight title is. Although Rod, Red, and Greg haven't been seen in Stampede in Calgary for about a month they have had succesfull outings at out of town shows. The commitee also gave TJ Wilson the right to be the special guest ref for this bout aslong as TJ is a fair ref.

As usual a 7:30pm bell time at the Ogden Legion of Doom! BE THEIR!

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Results for Stampede Wrestling Friday February 18th 2005:

Segment #1 #1 contenders match for British Commenwealth Midheavyweight title, Special Guest Referee-TJ Wilson: Greg Pawluk d. Dave Swift, Red Thunder, and Rod Rage:

Great match here. One of the better 4-ways i've seen. The first eliminated was Rod Rage after Swift hit the Swifty Buster on him for the 3 count. Well so far TJ's been fair. The second out was Red Thunder after Pawluk hit the Pistol Whip(Sliced Bread #2) but Swift being the ass he is quicklly jumped infront of Pawluk and pinned Thunder. TJ counts the 3 again and he's still being fair. We get about 10 minutes of world class wrestling including chain and spots from Pawluk and Swift. The end see's Swift go to the top rope. He fly's through the air landing a Swifty Star Press on Pawluk. TJ makes the count 1....2..... PAWLUK KICKS OUT! The crowd is cheering like crazy hoping Pawluk can pick up the win. Swift gets up and gets in TJ's face. He starts yelling how that was a 3 count and TJ is a cheap slow counting son of a bitch. Eventually Swift slaps TJ. So TJ answers back with a punch to Swifts face. Swift turns around holding his Jaw and ends up getting hit with a Pistol Whip. Pawluk then goes to the top rope. He pulls out a rarelly seen Moonsault. Pawluk lands it and stays ontop of Swift for the cover. TJ make the count 1....2....3!!! PAWLUK WINS!!! Pawluk gets up and him and TJ shake hands. Pawluk goes backstage and TJ starts to walk to the back. Swift stands up and starts yelling how this is not right and he should have won. TJ looks back and just yells "You hit me, I hit you. It's only fair!" TJ then walks to the back and after a bit more of a temper tantrum Swift goes to the back aswell.

Overall Rating: 56%

Segment #2: SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son) d. The Funky Bunch(Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor) w/Belle Lovitz by Pinfall:

Pretty good match. Mark and Phoenix got to show their stuff against the top SoCal talents. The end of this one see's Phoenix down on his back with Jardi on the top ready for a 450. But Belle holds the leg of Jardi. Eventually Rising Son runs and actually kicks Belle off the apron. Rising Son picks up Phoenix on his shoulders like a Doomsday Device. But they are facing backwards from Jardi. Jardi jumps and wraps his legs around the head off Phoenix...... REVERSE RANA TO PHOENIX OFF RISING SON'S SHOULDERS!!!! We find out that the move is called the SoCal Fall. Jardi makes the cover 1...2....3!!! The crowd is marking out for that move as Jardi and Rising Son leave. Phoenix slowlly stands and him and Marky begin to argue as they're afraid of the reaction from Belle.

Overall Rating: 55%

Segment #3: Belle gets angry at The Bunch and rips into Nattie as she does it:

Belle gets in the ring holding her face after getting kicked off the apron. She asks for the "GODAMN MICROPHONE!" and it is given to her. She then begins to speak.

Belle Lovitz: WHAT......THE HELL.......WAS THAT?! You two call yourselves big stars here in Calgary? Seriouslly I don't think you are! Calgary produces some of the greatest wrestlers in the world. But somehow someway you idiots lose to two retards from California! You guys are almost as bad as Nattie Neidhart. Phoenix, you really piss me off. I wouldn't be mad at you if you weren't the one who got pinned. But guess what? YOU WERE THE ONE WHO GOT PINNED! Phoenix i'm giving you next week off.... WITHOUT PAY because I truly beleive you arn't good enough YET to hang with Belle Lovitz. So I think you need atleast and extra day of training next week. Marky, you're lucky you didn't get pinned. So next week I am going to wrestle you MYSELF to see if your as good as I need you to be if you want to be in the Lovitz Clan! However Marky when I beat your ass into the ground be sure to blame Nattie Neidhart. If that bitch never left this promotion you guys might actually be getting a break because i'd be too busy with Nattie. But no that bitch up and left here. So Nattie I dare you to come back, I dare you to return, and I dare you to actually wrestle ME in a one on one match! Womano on Womano, Estrogen against Estrogen, The Beautiful Belle Lovitz vs The Nasty Bitch Natalie Neidhart!

Belle then drops the microphone and orders Phoenix and Marky to follow her backstage which they do.

Overall Rating: 58%

Segment #4: Pete Wilson d. Johnny Devine by pinfall:

AWESOME MATCH! This was everything I hoped for when I heard these two were being put against each other. At one point Johnny Devine actually hit his TNA partner Petey William's finisher the Canadian Destroyer(front flip piledriver) onto Pete. The end see's Devine hit Pete with a tombstone. Devine climbs to the top and begins to sing the Canadian National Anthem. Scary thing is he actually sings the entire thing. Which may be what gave Pete the time to move out of the way. Devine goes for the Devine Interventions(Frogsplah Moonsault). But Pete manages to roll out of the way. Devine bounces to his feet holding his gut. Pete springs to the top rope and he does a Phoenix Splash. But Devine's on his feet..... O MY GOD! Pete caught Devine in a DDT. PHOENIX DDT! Think of Ted doing his jump from the top DDT but with a Phoenix Splash flip before. Devine takes a sick head bump on it and Pete makes the cover 1...2....3!!! The crowd cheers as Pete celebrates. Devine stands up in pain. He looks Pete straight in the eyes and shakes his hand as the crowd cheers. Devine holds Pete's hand and says "Next week Petey! Next week i'll be here. Rematch!" they then let go of the handshake and both leave to the backstage.

Overall Rating: 68%

During the intermission Devine signed a few autographs as he left the building. He told some fans that he had to leave to get to take his flight to Orlando for an IMPACT taping so he could be back here by next Friday. Belle came out to get a drink but kayfabed and was telling the crowd they're morons and that she wouldn't sign an autograph for fear of getting disease from these people in Ogden. Eventually intermission ended and we awaited Harry vs Apocalypse.

Segment #5 Dave Swift and TJ Wilson are handcuffed together at the ring post if Apocalypse wins he gets a NorthAmerican title shot next show: Apocalypse d. Harry Smith by disqualification after TJ interfers:

This match was awesome. Each of them hit their finishers Harry hitting the Running Powerslam on Apoc and only getting a 2. Apoc hitting the Jesus Driver and also only getting a 2 count. The end see's Harry on one knee. Apoc runs and goes for the Shining Wizard but Harry ducks his head after Apocalypse pushes off his knee. Apocalypse ends up flying over Harry and kneeing referee Rene Richards right in the face. Rene falls down right infront of the corner. Dave reaches through Rene's pocket and grabs the key to the handcuffs. He pokes TJ in the eye with the key then takes his side of the cuffs off. He then hooks his side to the turnbuckle chain locking TJ their. Swift gets in the ring. He quicklly grabs Harry and hits him with a brainbuster. Swift goes to the top and hits Harry with a Swifty Star Press as the crowd boo's. However Swift drops the key. TJ grabs it and unlocks himself. Rene begins to get up as TJ gets in the ring. He throws Swift out then goes to work on Apoc. TJ gets Apocalypse down and goes to the apron. TJ springboards and flies through the air. He lands hitting Apoc with the elbow just in time for Rene to see. Rene calls for the bell. He then rolls out of the ring and talks to the announcer. We then get the announcement that the winner of this match by disqualification is Apocalypse! Apocalypse then quicklly rolls out of the ring. Him and Swift walk towards the backstage doors as TJ gets a microphone.

Overall Rating: 76%

Segment #6: A challenge:

TJ gets the microphone and he begins speaking.

TJ Wilson: Quit pretending like you worship the lord of Darkness for a second. By the way I say pretending cause we all know you worship the lord of the Gays. Anywho. I'm sick of you idiots either interfering in our matches or screwing us over. As evident in this. The crowd will tell you that the first one who interfered was Dave Swift. Seriouslly you guys are retarded!

Harry grabs the microphone from TJ.

Harry Smith: Apocalypse you son of a bitch! You think just because you won this match you're going to win the North American title? You got another thing coming because I plan on talking to my uncle Bruce and i'm going to make sure theirs a way for you to not get help next week. I'm going to ask for a LUMBER JACK MATCH!

the crowd cheers as TJ grabs the microphone back.

TJ Wilson: There you go Apocalypse now your screwed. But you know my lan is to challenge you guys. To a tag match The Stampede Bulldogs vs Stampede's HomoSexual Duo! However this can't be next week. It will have to be when me and Harry have some freetime. Because next week Apocalypse your getting a title shot against Harry cause of your partner in life Dave Swift their getting me aggravated enough to get Harry disqualified. By the way sorry Harry. But also next week, I have to defend my British Commenwealth title. Against Greg Pawluk because god knows Dave Swift couldn't get the job done for that #1 contendership tonight. So how about the first show of March The Stampede Bulldogs vs Stampede's HomoSexual Due?

TJ drops the microphone and waits for an answer. But Apoc and Swift just yell "Fuck you!" at TJ and Harry. Apocalypse and Swift then turn around and go backstage. Harry and TJ then do the same after getting the crowd riled up alittle more for the main event.

Overall Rating: 69%

Segment #7 Hardcore Match: Duke Durrango d. Randy Myers after interference from Karnage:

This was an awesome brawl. Imagine Foley vs Terry Funk's legendary hardcore matches. But if they were wrestling in a low budget promotion with bad equipment. Both men bled in this one. Randy bled insanelly after blading and getting his nose broken. Lot of chair shots, garbage can shots, and a Singapore Cane was actually brought into the ring and used by both men. Randy I think getting the brunt of the Cane though as Randy's back was bleeding when it was over sort of like Dreamers did after his Cane match with Sandman. The match comes to an end when Randy has Durrango set for The Spin Cycle(Tiger Suplex twisted into a Downward Spiral) but suddenlly Karnage comes running into the ring. Sadlly this is legal in a hardcore match. Karnage grabs Randy and turns him around. He kicks him in the gut POWERBOMB! Karnage just powerbombed Randy. Karnage then picks Randy up again and this time Durrango grabs Randy's head. POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER COMBO! The crowd is booing as Durrango makes the cover 1....2....3! Karnage and Durrango then continue to beat on Randy after the bell.

Overal Rating: 61%

Segment #8: The Myers meet The Table:

Karnage and Durrango continue the assault on Randy. Karnage gets out of the ring and he walks towards the back of the building near the doors going backstage. He grabs a table that people use to eat on during intermission. He takes it back to the ring and he slides it in. He sets it up and puts Randy onto it. Durrango goes to the top rope and the crowd is booing. Suddenlly Dandy Myers comes running down to the ring thank god. He pushes Durrango off the top. Durrango goes throat first onto the top rope then falls to his back. Dan looks at Karnage. Dan begins to punch Karnage rapidlly in the chest. Karnage starts to yell and Dan just looks up with a look on his face saying "O shit that didn't do anything". Karnage boots Dan right in the face and Dan goes to the ground. Karnage helps Durrango up. Durrango gets onto the table and actually stands on Randy's chest. Randy begins to cough from losing air. Karnage picks Dan up in a powerbomb. Durrango grabs the head of Dan at an odd angle cause of the height diffrence this time. Durrango then jumps forward and lands sitting infront of the table as Karnage powerbombs Dan. Dan goes crushing Randy's chest and through the table. At the same time Dan's neck snaps over Durrango's shoulder. Durrango and Karnage then stand up and pose. They then leave as the EMT's and Security rush to the ring to help Randy and Dandy to the backstage area. Then as usual the announce wishes everyone a good weekend and says that the next show is Friday February 25th right here at the Ogden Legion of Doom.

Overall Rating: 58%

Overall Show Rating: 62%

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Current card for Stampede Wrestling on Friday February 25th 2005:

Main Event:

NorthAmerican Title LumberJack Match:

Harry "Bulldog" Smith© vs Apocalypse:

This match has been brought on after Apocalypse defeated Harry last week by Disqualification when TJ entered the ring to save Harry from a beat down by Dave Swift. The referee only noticed TJ. However this week Harry has asked for a LumberJack Match to keep both Swift AND TJ away. The only extra rule is neither Swift or TJ will be lumberjacks.

Semi-Main Event:

British Commenwealth MidHeavyweight Title Match:

TJ Wilson© vs Greg Pawluk:

This match comes from the 4-way match win by Greg Pawluk. Giving him the #1 contendership to TJ's BCMH Title. Theirs not much to say about this match other then both of these men are technical wonders and you can expect to be whatching something that can be compared to Benoit vs Angle. Lets just hope Dave Swift or Apocalypse don't play a factor in this one.


Pete Wilson vs "Hotshot" Johnny Devine:

This is a rematch from last week as Devine told Pete he would be here for a rematch as they shook hands. Hopefully this is every bit as good or BETTER then last weeks bout between these two.

Marky Mark vs Belle Lovitz:

Belle has given the other half of her team the night off because Phoenix lost the match. So tonight she will face the half that is wrestling, Marky Mark. It will be a test to see if Marky is as good as Belle hopes he is. Belle says this will also be a message to that "Nasty Bitch!" Nattie Neidhart.

SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son) vs "Livewire" Matt Richards and "Retro" Rian Evans:

This is a #1 contendership match for the tag titles because of the Myers Brothers have the night off due to injuries suffered last week. The tag champs Duke Durrango and Karnage will be observing from ringside. The winning team will face Duke and Karnage at the next event.

Bell time is as usual 7:30pm at the Ogden Legion of Dume this Friday February 25th 2005. This will be the final show of February. SO BE THEIR!

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Results for Stampede Wrestling Friday February 25th 2005:

Segment #1: Duke and Karnage get some mic time:

The show begin with Durrango and Karnage walking down to the ringside area to whatch this #1 contenders match. Karnage however grabs a mic and begins to talk.

Karnage: HAHAHAHAH! Those MOTHER FUCKERS the Myers Broth.....

Duke grabs the microphone from Karnage.

Duke Durrango: Man. You're a good partner and all. But enough with the swearing in promo's. From now on leave the talking to me. Like their are little shits of children in this audience you know. Myers Brothers, I laugh at you! You could have had the chance to win a shot at our tag titles tonight. But unlucky for you me and Karnage had a table on hand last week and now where are you? Well Randy's at home with busted ribs and Dandy is at home with strained neck muscles after our Neckbreaker Powerbomb finish. So now we have Jardi Frantz and Rising Son vs........

The crowd starts to chant "Durrango is a homo" Durrango stops and he looks back to the crowd.

Duke Durrango: Shut the hell up. First you go from chanting that I have herpe's to chanting that i'm a homo. You know I might have herpe's i'm not sure but i'm sure as hell not a homo. You know how I know i'm not? The reason I may have those herpe's is because of when I was with all of your moms the other night during that ummmm Gang Meeting. Yea thats it a meeting... ANYWAYS! As I was saying. So now we have Jardi Frantz and Rising Son vs Matt Richards and Rian Evans. Seriouslly who wants to see this? Better yet, who wants to see us face either of those teams? You've got Jardi and Son who should be called SoCal Shits.

The crowd boo's and Durrango just stops talking and looks around to acknowledge the boo's.

Duke Durrango: Come on... we all know that anything that comes from the SoCal area has to be shit. Plus what do I care about your guys opinions? All we have here is the same 50 retarded fans we get EVERYWEEK. Maybe if you guys brought some more fans that were alittle smarter i'd bother listening to your opinions. But until then shut up. Anyways. Then we have Matt Richards and Rian Evans. Seriouslly I have no idea what the bookers see in these buffoons. They're almost as bad as The Myers Brothers. Keyword.... ALMOST! Because god knows The Myers Brothers have the wrestling skill of a half dead rat! I'm actually glad we hurt the Myers Brothers because if they won the shot at our titles and we defended against them next week. The credibility of the Internation Tag Straps would only go down! Either way next week me and Karnage will keep these titles because all we have to face are either SoCal Shits or idiots who shouldn't be here. Because god knows the Myers are never going to step foot in this building again. They know we will take them out because I am a Total Display of Ability and my partner is well.... KARNAGE! So together we are a true Total Display of KARNAGE!!!

Duke finally hands the mic back to the announcer as him and Karnage sit down to whatch the match.

Overall Rating: 61%

Segment #2 #1 contendership to the Internation Tag Titles Match: SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son) d. "Livewire" Matt Richards and "Retro" Rian Evans after interference from Randy Myers:

Pretty good match. Frantz and Rising Son are always a treat to see when they can work Stampede now. Richards actually pulled alot more out tonight. Rian Evans is definatelly improving. Frantz and Son were bassiclly put over alot as they did alot of cool stuff and Duke and Karnage acted like they were now scared to possibilly face them. The end see's Rising Son holding Rian Evans on his shoulders for the SoCal Fall. But Karnage is holding onto Frantz's foot on the top as Durrango distracts the ref. Richards gets into the ring when suddenlly Randy Myers taped ribs and all hits the ring. He dropkicks Richards sending him out of the ring. Myers then slides out of the ring and pulls Karnage away. He starts to punch away at Karnage as Randy beats on Karnage Frantz comers off the top and catches Retro in the Reverse-Rana off Rising Sons shoulders officially hitting the SoCal Fall. The crowd goes crazy as Frantz makes the cover 1....2...3!!! Randy dropkicks Karnage on the outside. Randy then gets in the ring. Him, Frantz and Son stare at Karnage and Duke then leave to the backstage area. Karnage and Duke then get in the ring. In anger they grab Rian Evans. Karnage lifts Evans and Duke sets up....... POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER! Duke and Karnage then stand up and leave. After a minute of selling by Rian, him and Richards finally leave as we await the next bout.

Overall Rating: 50%

Segment #3: Belle Lovitz d. Marky Mark after a roll up and her feet on the ropes:

Alright match for what it is. The end see's Marky actually giving Belle a pretty good fight. He goes a SSP off the top but Belle moves. Marky lands hard but he manages to still stand. He turns around and goes to clothesline Belle. But Belle ducks and grabs the leg and rolls Marky up. She puts her feet on the ropes though 1....2.....3!! As soon as the ref stands her feet come off the ropes and the ref calls for the bell giving Belle the win. Belle then looks down at Marky. She beings to kick at him. She continues until she is handed a microphone.

Overall Rating: 48%

Segment #4: Belle rips into Nattie:

Belle gets the microphone and just like last week she begins to speak. First with some talk about Marky then some ripping into Nattie.

Belle Lovitz: Marky.... Marky.... Marky. You put up a pretty good fight. But not good enough Mark.

Belle kicks Marky in the head a few times before continueing.

Belle Lovitz: Marky I think you need next week off. So next week you will be training while Phoenix wrestles me and because of your performance tonight. You will not be paid. But now onto my real problem.... Nattie Neidhart. You Bitch! You still don't have the guts to come out and face me. Nattie this is your 3rd week of not showing up here. You truly are a nasty little bitch. You don't even have the gull to come here and confront me because you know I can kick your ass. COME OUT HERE NATTIE! COME OUT HERE NOW!!!!

Belle waits and after about a minute no one comes out.

Belle Lovitz: Ok Nattie. Don't come out here. Stay wherever you are being the scared, nasty, little bitch that you are! Just remember that Belle Lovitz has your number and when you come back I won't hesitate to kill you!

Belle drops the mic and she lifts Marky up. Her and Marky then go backstage as we await the final match before intermission.

Overall Rating: 65%

Segment #5: Pete Wilson d. Johnny Devine by pinfall:

AWESOME MATCH AGAIN! These 2 really work well together. The match comes to an end when Devine goes for the double underhook piledriver. But Pete swings himself upwards and ends up hurrican-ranaing Devine. Devine's on his back and Pete goes to the top rope. He looks back and waits for Devine to stand. Devine stands......PHOENIX DDT! Just like last week Pete hits it. But this time Pete goes to the top again. He looks down.... MOONSAULT LEGDROP!!! HOLY SHIT!! Pete makes the cover 1....2....3!!! The crowd is going crazy as Pete starts to celebrate. He has done it. He has beaten Devine twice in two weeks. Devine eventually stands up. He looks at Pete and Devine extends his hand. Pete shakes his hand again. But suddenlly Devine pulls Pete into him. Knee to the gut of Pete. Devine hooks him up.... DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DRIVER! The crowd is booing as Devine stands. He spits on Pete and then walks backstage. Pete then stands up holding his neck and looking in shock. The crowd stands and claps for Pete as he walks backstage.

Overall Rating: 73%

During Intermission Pete came out and signed some autographs. Randy Myers came out and talked to some of the fans with his hurt ribs and all. They did the 50/50 draw and some guy won. Don't care who it was but he won so whatever. The intermission finally ended and we awaited the next matchup.

Segment #6 British Commenwealth Midheavyweight Title Match: TJ Wilson© d. Greg Pawluk by Pinfall:

This match was just amazing. Seriouslly it truly was comparable to an Angle vs Benoit match. Suprisinglly no interference form Dave Swift. Both men got cheered for most of the match. Except one masked fan who continuelly heckled TJ. The end see's Pawluk go for the Pistol Whip. But TJ holds the top rope so Pawluk just lands on his feet. TJ springs to the top rope. He pulls out a moonsault press knocking Pawluk down. TJ then goes to the apron... SPRINGBOARD FRONT FLIP GUILOTINE LEGDROP! The crowd cheers as TJ makes the cover 1....2....3! Afterwards Pawluk and TJ shake hands. Pawluk then goes backstage as TJ walks around shaking hands with the crowd for a bit. At one point TJ and the masked person get in each others face. But security holds TJ back from hitting the fan and TJ goes backstage.

Overall Rating: 60%

Segment #7 North American Heavyweight Title Lumberjack Match: Harry Smith d. Apocalypse by DQ after interference from Dave Swift:

The lumberjacks came out which was the whole roster at the show that night excluding TJ as apparentlly Swift didn't even bother going to the show. Good intense bout. Lots of Harry getting beaten on by the heel side of the lumberjacks when Apocalypse would throw Harry outside. At one point their was a brawl betwene the face side and heel side of lumberjacks. Once the brawl ended we got back to the regular match. The end see's Harry beating on Apocalypse as we notice the heel side talking to that masked fan. Harry hit Apocalypse with a running powerslam. 1.....2..... that masked fan is in the ring. He kicks Harry in the head and Harry rolls off of Apocalypse. The bell rings and Harry is declared the winner and STILL champion by DQ. Apocalypse goes to hit the masked man but then stops right before he hits him. Apocalypse smiles and the masked man takes his mask off revealing Dave Swift. The face side gets in the ring to save Harry from a beat down. But then the heels get in and a huge brawl begins. TJ Wilson then comes running down and eventually the Heel and Face lumberjacks are out of the ring and they all brawl to the backstage. TJ hits Swift and Apocalypse both with the British Commenwealth title. Swift and Apocalypse roll out of the ring and TJ grabs a microphone.

Overall Rating: 80%

Segment #8: The Bulldogs challenge again and eventually have to be held apart from a brawl with Stampede's Darkside:

TJ gets on the microphone and he begins to speak.

TJ Wilson: You stupid Stampede Gays! I'm sick of this! Next week. Me and Harry vs you two! What do you say?

Dave Swift gets on the mic to answer.

Dave Swift: You know.... Alright we will face you two. But the match has to be our rules.

Harry takes the microphone from TJ.

Harry Smith: Fine! Fine! I just want to kick your asses!

Dave Swift: Alright then. The rules will be Darkside Rules. Me and Apoc have been talking about this. Bassiclly it will be a hardcore match. But the main thing is the ring will have no ropes on it. No ropes to block you from taking a slam off the ring to the outside.

Harry Smith: FINE!

Dave Swift: Just make sure you don't kill us like you killed your DAD. Because we all now Davey died of shame from having such a shitty son like you!

The whole crowd gasps as Harry just gets a odd look on his face. He looks to TJ. TJ and Harry both slide out of the ring. They run up near the doors to the backstage and they try to go after Swift and Apocalypse. But security gets in the way and hold Harry and TJ back. Harry manages to get one nice hard punch on Swift and legit breaks his nose. Swift and Apocalypse go backstage quicklly after it and eventually Harry and TJ do aswell. The announcer then as USUAL wishes everyone a good weekend and says the next show will be Friday March 4th 2005 right here at the Ogden Legion of Doom.

Overall Rating: 73%

Overall Show Rating: 64%

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WWE talent Chris Jericho has left the company. Jericho who was a main player on the RAW brand of WWE has been working this past 2 months without a signed written contract. Jericho was offered a position in TNA with a signed written contract that would pay him less than WWE but would be guaranteed. Jericho was also offered a contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling sending him on tour with the company atleast twice a year. Jericho asked for his release and it was given to him as he was not under signed contract.

However their has been a 90 day no compete clause put into Jericho's contract. He may not compete in the USA for atleast 90 days. Because NJPW currentlly has no work for Jericho he will be making a return to Stampede Wrestling in Calgary for the 90 days. It is not known at this current time when he will debut for Stampede Wrestling. What we do know is that Stampede is very excited about this. Ross Hart was noted as saying "Jericho is a top talent that was made right here in Stampede's dungeon. I can only hope this will help bring in business. Jericho will be a great asset to Stampede even if only for 90 days."

This is huge news and be sure to check back here at Grapplefanatics.net for anymore news on this astonishing turn of events.

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Main Event:

Darkside Rules Match(Hardcore Match with no ropes on the ring):

The Stampede Bulldogs(Harry Smith and TJ Wilson) vs The Stampede Darkside(Dave Swift and Apocalypse):

This match has been brought on by weeks of Swift and Apocalypse assaulting Harry and TJ. The Bulldogs have finally had enough and this friday will face The Darkside in a Darkside Rules match.

Semi-Main Event:

International Tag Title Match:

Total Display of Karnage(Duke Durrango and Karnage)© vs The SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son):

Last week Frantz and Son wrestled in a #1 contenders match for these tag titles. After trying to be stopped from getting the win by Duke and Karnage the SoCal team managed to pull out the win with the SoCal Fall after help from Randy Myers. Tonight SoCal Connection get their title shot!

Pete Wilson vs Randy Myers:

This will be a #1 contendership match for the NorthAmerican Heavyweight title. These two may not be heavyweights but they surelly deserve a shot at the belt. These two are both amazing athletes and should have a great match.

Belle Lovitz vs Phoenix Taylor:

After defeating Phoenix's partner Marky Mark last week in a test match for Marky she will not face her other client. Phoenix Taylor this friday in a test.

Dandy Myers vs Greg Pawluk vs Teddy Hart vs Jack Evans:

Jack and Teddy have been gone for 2 weeks at a Wrestle-Aid and Matrats show. But now they are back and will be competing in a 4-way matchup. The winner of this one will get a British Commenwealth Midheavyweight title match at the next event.

PLUS! We will see the return of now former WWE superstar Chris Jericho to the Stampede Ring. Jericho has left WWE to go on tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling and to wrestle with TNA. Due to a agreement in his WWE contract saying he may not compete in the US for 90 days. Also the fact that New Japan has no work for him at this time. Jericho has decided for those 90 days to compete right here in STAMPEDE WRESTLING!

Bell time is 7:30 at the Ogden Legion of Doom. Be sure to be their!

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Results for Stampede Wrestling Friday March 4th 2005:

Segment #1 British Commenwealth Midheavyweight title #1 Contenders Match: Jack Evans d. Teddy Hart, Dandy Myers, and Greg Pawluk:

Awesome match. It was elimination as all of the 3 and 4-ways in Stampede seem to be. The first one out was Greg Pawluk who many actually considered the favourite of this one. He was bassiclly triple team and lost the match after Dandy powerbombs Pawluk over Jacks knee setting up for Jack and Ted's tag team finish the Hart Attack Double Team #2(opponent over Jacks knee takes the SSP Elbow). Ted made the cover knocking Pawluk out. It then turned into a 2 on one onto Dandy. However at one point Dan pulled off a springboard double DDT onto Jack and Ted followed by a 450. The crowd went crazy as Dan isn't known for those kinds of things. However Dan fell victim to an Open Hart Surgery(jump off the top DDT) followed up by Jack hitting the 630 for the 3 on Dan. The final 2 were Ted and Jack who pulled out everything they had including Ted doing an Asai Moonsault into the crowd onto Jack. The end see's Jack on his back in pain. Ted goes to the top and calls for the Triple Bypass Surgery(Spiral Tap/Twisting Front Flip Press). Ted went for it but Jack rolled out of the way. Ted lands on his back hard and Jack springboards to the top.... CORKSCREW 630!!! Jack hits it! Jack makes the cover 1....2....3! JACK WINS!!!!! Jack gets up and so does Ted after about a minute. Jack extends his hand and Ted just gets out of the ring and walks to the back as Jack gets a microphone.

Overall Rating: 61%

Segment #2: Teddy Hart turns on Jack Evans:

Jack gets the microphone and he begins to speak.

Jack Evans: Teddy thats two shows in a row that we have been on that you have walked away from a handshake from me! One from me and Pete and another just now. Whats wrong with you Ted? You're my trainer. You should be proud of me when I beat you or even when Pete beats you. But no your ego is to.....

Ted comes walking out. He gets in the ring and grabs the microphone from Jack. He begins to speak.

Teddy Hart: Ja......

Ted swerves and doesn't even finish saying Jack before he punches Jack right in the head with the microphone. Jack goes to his back and Ted picks him up. He hooks him in the straight jacket position...... STRAIGHT JACKET PILEDRIVER! HOLY SHIT! Jack just lays their with his neck all bent weird in pain. Ted then goes to the outside. He grabs a chair from the crowd and brings it into the ring. He stands on the chair then picks Jack up with him...... PILEDRIVER OVER THE CHAIR! Jack begins to bleed and Ted stands over top of him yelling. Eventually Ted leaves to the back again as Security help Jack out of the ring and to the back.

Overall Rating: 65%

Segment #3: Belle Lovitz d. Phoenix Taylor by pinfall:

Good match for what it was. This stuff with Phoenix and Marky actually seems to be getting over with the crowd. The end see's Phoenix miss the Phoenix-Sault(Moonsault Elbowdrop) on Belle. To bad he missed it considering he rarelly does it. Belle stands and rolls him up and puts her feet on the ropes just like she did with Marky last week. The count is made 1...2....3! Belle gets the win. She stands and up and starts to celebrate and then begins to kick the hell out of Phoenix yelling about how he doesn't live up to her needs. Suddenlly though from behind is... NATTIE NEIDHART! She spins Belle around and kicks her in the gut. She then lifts Belle and begins to spin... SPINNING SITOUT POWERBOMB! Belle bounces and rolls out of the ring coughing as Nattie stands up and the crowd is going crazy in excitement.

Overall Rating: 47%

Segment #4: Nattie speaks:

Nattie gets a microphone as Belle walks towards the back holding her gut and coughing. Nattie begins to speak in anger.

Nattie Neidhart: LOOK WHOSE WALKING AWAY NOW BELLE! For 3 weeks since I left I have been getting told by my Uncles how much of a bitch you've been and how you've been acting towards me! You wanted me to come back to face you? Well here I am! I'm ready! LETS GO!

Belle looks and then just walks through the door backstage.

Nattie Neidhart: Fine Belle Lovitz. But remember I Nattie Neidhart am back in Stampede Wrestling. So as soon as I can get it booked we will see Nattie Neidhart vs Bitchy Belle Lovitz! You just wait Belle I will get my revenge One on One!

Nattie drops the microphone and leaves the ring. She walks backstage as she shakes the fans hands.

Overall Rating: 52%

Segment #5 NorthAmerican Heavyweight title #1 Contenders match: Pete Wilson d. Randy Myers after interference from Duke Durrango and Karnage:

Awesome match. These two are both amazing wrestlers and its shocking they haven't been put together before. The match comes to an end when Pete goes for the Phoenix DDT. But Randy side steps and Pete lands face first on the mat. Randy picks him up and hooks him. Randy hits him with the Spin Cycle and makes the cover 1....2..... Randy gets pulled from the ring by Karnage as on the other side Duke Durrango trips referee Rene Richards. Karnage kicks Randy in the gut and picks him up in a powerbomb. Duke runs over to the other side of the ring. He grabs Randy's head. They call for it...... POWERBOMB NECKBREAKER ON THE FLOOR! The crowd boo's as Karnage throws Randy back in the ring. Karnage and Duke wait as Pete and the ref stand. Pete goes to the top and hits a 450 1.....2.....3!! PETE WINS! Karnage and Durrango get in the ring and throw Pete out of the ring. They then begin to beat on Randy until Dandy comes running to the ring with a chair. He hits both Karnage and Durrango with it. Karnage and Durrango go rolling out of the ring as SoCal Connection come walking out.

Overall Rating: 58%

Segment #6 Internation Tag Title Match: Total Display of Karnage(Duke Durrango and Karnage) d. The SoCal Connection(Jardi Frantz and Rising Son) by cheating:

The first thing that happened were that Randy and Dandy were told if they interfered during the match they would be suspended without pay. They refused to go back to the backstage area so they were held away from the ring by security for the match. The match was pretty good. Bassiclly like the last one they had which was SoCal Connection's debut. The end see's Durrango on Rising Son's shoulders and Jardi Frantz on the top rope ready for the SoCal Fall. Karnage grabs a tag title however and cracks it over Frantz's head. Frantz falls off the top onto his back as Durrango punches his way off of Rising Son's shoulders. Durrango hooks Rising Son and hits him with a Dirty-Plex(Leghook Northernlights Suplex) with Son landing right on Frantz's stomach. Durrango lets go and Rising Son rolls out of the ring. Durrango pins Frantz for the 1....2....3! Karnage and Durrango begin to celebrate as Security continue to hold Dandy and Randy back for whatever reason.

Overall Rating: 53%

Segment #7: The Myers steal the titles:

Karnage and Durrango continue to celebrate as Randy and Dandy yell to be let go because the match is over. Security continues to hold them until they just bassiclly say "Screw it" and push Security out of the way. Randy and Dandy get in the ring. Randy begins to punch at Karnage as Dan does the same to Durrango. Eventually however Randy gets hit with a title by Karnage. Karnage then grabs Dan and picks him up in a powerbomb. Duke hooks the head and calls for the Powerbomb Neckbreaker. But from behind comes Randy with a title to the back of Karnage. Karnage falls to his back putting Dandy on his feet. Dan does sort of a twist ending up with him holding Durrango in a DDT. Dan DDT's Durrango onto a title belt. Dan and Randy kick Karnage out of the ring. Randy picks Durrango up and hooks him for the Spin Cycle as Dan goes to the apron..... SPIN CYCLE FOLLOWED BY A SPRINGBOARD 450! The crowd goes crazy as Randy and Dan pick up the tag titles. They hold them above their head then actually leave the BUILDING with them. Eventually Karnage and Durrango get up yelling for their belts. Once they are told Randy and Dandy stole them Durrango and Karnage go walking backstage still yelling.

Overall Rating: 56%

During intermission Pete and Jack came out to sign autographs. Aswell as Frantz and Rising Son who were on their way out of the building signed an autograph or two. The 50/50 draw was done and as soon as that was over security unhooked the ropes and turnbuckles from the ring setting up for our Darkside Rules main event. Eventually intermission ended and we waited for the main event to begin.

Segment #8 Darkside Rules Match: The Stampede Darkside(Apocalypse and Dave Swift) d. The Stampede Bulldogs(Harry Smith and TJ Wilson) after interferend by Johnny Devine:

This match was all that was hope for. Only real problem was a few rope spots were taken away from this one by the ring having them unhooked. However it was made up for by the other spots. One of the biggest ones I think was saw was Apocalypse picking TJ up in a powerbomb over the edge of the ring. A table was set up where the end of the ring was and Dave Swift got a bit of balance on the turnbuckle post while holding the lights above the ring. Swift jumped off the post with a rather crappy legdrop considering their were no ropes to spring with. He ended up legdropping TJ through the table as Apocalypse powerbombed TJ. Their was also a table set up on the other side. Right after Apocalypse finished that spot he turned around and ran at Harry Smith who was just getting to his feet. Harry hooked Apocalypse and managed to give him a British Bulldog-esqu powerslam off the edge of the ring through the table. Another cool spot was Swift pulling off the Swifty Star Press off the apron onto Harry at one point. But by far the biggest spot we saw was when all 4 were near a 20 feet high room extension in Ogden where they could just barelly stand on the top of. Harry and TJ along with Swift and Apocalypse ended up not even realizing stacking a 2 row set of about 2 tables stacked on each row. TJ and Swift ended up fighting back to the ring as Harry and Apocalypse ended up fighting in the backstage. For about 5 minutes we had Swift and Harry pull off some cool spots including TJ using the guardrail as a springboard for a springboard elbowrop onto Swift on the floor. After about 5 minutes we see Apocalypse and Harry ontop of the extension 20 feet in the air. They begin to punch at each other and finally they grab each others heads and jump both crashing through the tables. TJ in the ring hits Swift with a version of the Rolling Stampede except off a chair since their are no ropes. TJ looks up in shock at the bump Harry and Apocalypse had just taken. However once TJ turns around he gets clocked with a chair shot from Johnny Devine. Devine then gets on the chair and does a not as good looking version of the Devine Interventions off the chair onto TJ. Devine then picks TJ up and hands him over to Swift. Swift grabs TJ..... SWIFTY BUSTER THROUGH ANOTHER TABLE AT THE EDGE OF THE RING!! Swift then looks down at TJ and pulls out another Swifty Star Press off the apron this time onto TJ. He makes the cover 1....2....3!!! STAMPEDE'S DARKSIDE WIN! The crowd boo's as Devine and Swift put TJ back onto the ring. They get onto the ring and begin to beat on TJ and suddenlly we hear a version of a familiar theme from WWE. The crowd lets out a loud roar of cheers as we hear the words "BREAK THE WALLS DOWN" and Chris Jericho comes running from the back. He jumps onto the ring area and he begins to punch at Swift and Devine. He knocks Swift down and he goes rolling off the ring. Jericho then backdrops Devine right infront of the chair they were using for the flying. Jericho looks at it. He runs and jumps on it then moonsaults doing somewhat of a Lionsault. Devine holds his ribs and rolls out of the ring as Jericho grabs a microphone.

Overall Rating: 67%

Segment #9: Chris Jericho is here!:

Jericho gets the microphone and he gets ready to speak. But he stops to acknowledge the cheers as pretty much EVERY fan is on their feet cheering. Eventually Jericho begins to speak.

Chris Jericho: Welcome everybody to RAW Is..... Wait a minute. This is Stampede Wrestling! This is the greatest promotion in the world. This is a place thats ten times better than any place with a TV show called RAW. And guess what? The King of the WORLD Chris Jericho is BACK right here in this Stampede Wrestling Ring. I'm back and better then ever BABAY! I'm here to help The Stampede Bulldogs in this little war with these buffoons known as the Stampede Darkside. Seriouslly don't rip WWE off with their Darkside bullshit. I'm also here to get one thing settled and thats between me and Johnny Devine. You know Devine for years people have compared you to me. But to be quite honest I don't know why. What some people seem to not realize is you are a ASSCLOWN and I am not. Devine I've read how you don't like me cause of this and to be honest I don't care. I'm the King of the World! I have more fans in one city then you will ever have throughout the whole world in your whole life! Seriouslly though Devine. I'm here to kick your ass and finally show the world that you can't be compared to me in the slightest bit...... But I think its time these people get hom its 12:00AM. So all i've got left to say is DAMN it feels good to be back in this ring.... Even if it is ropeless right now. I LOVE YOU ALL! AND I AM BACK!!!!

Jericho drops the microphone and him and TJ go help Harry up and leave as the crowd cheers. The announcer as usual wishes the fans a good weekend and says the next show will be Friday March 11th 2005 right here at the Ogden Legion of Doom!

Overall Rating: 99%

Overall Show Rating: 66%

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Current card for Stampede Wrestling on Friday March 11th 2005:

Main Event:

British Commenwealth Mid-Heavyweight title match:

"Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson vs Jack Evans:

After Evan's victory last week in the #1 contenders match he will get his shot tonight! Hopefully their will be no interference from Dave Swift or Johnny Devine.

Semi-Main Event:

Ladder Match:

Pete Wilson vs Johnny Devine:

Because of injuries putting Harry and Apocalypse out till the event after this upcoming one Pete who is #1 contender for the NorthAmerican title has asked for any match. So to make the fans and Pete happy we will have Pete Wilson vs Johnny Devine in their third match. This time however a ladder match. What will they be fighting for? Pete has agreed to put his title shot on the line. The first person to climb the ladder and grab the contract will win and immediatelly afterwards sign it. The winner to face Harry for the title next week.

Belle Lovitz and Total Display of Karnage(Karnage and Duke Durrango) vs Nattie Neidhart and The Myers Brothers(Randy and Dandy):

Nattie made her return to Stampede Wrestling last week and this week has decided to team up with her former rivals The Myers Brothers to face Belle Lovitz who Nattie has feuded with and to face Karnage and Duke who the Myers have feuded with recentlly. Belle Lovitz has given Marky and Phoenix the night off as she has decided it will be more beneficial to team with Karnage and Duke. This should be a good one.

Dave Swift vs Greg Pawluk:

Pawluk has asked for this match with Dave Swift as a way to help TJ Wilson. Pawluk says that TJ and Swift should be on a level playing feild having the same amount of matches during this little war they have. So neither one is in better condition then the other. Pawluk was granted this match up. On the condition that if Pawluk is to lose he will be suspended without pay for 3 months.

"Livewire" Matt Richards vs "Retro" Rian Evans:

In our opener these two who have been recent partners will go one on one against EACHOTHER. In what is bassiclly a filler match to keep the fans happy. The winner of this one will surelly become a main player in Stampede Wrestling. While the loser will have to prove himself to the promotion all over again.

Also Chris Jericho will be here again this week for the enjoyment of you fans!

The new special belltime for tonight will be 8:00pm due to a special event being held before hand as usual we will be at the Ogden Legion of Doom.

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Results for Stampede Wrestling Friday March 11th 2005

Segment #1: "Livewire" Matt Richards d. "Retro" Rian Evans by pinfall:

Good match for what it was. Nothing really big to comment on as of course this was mostlly filler so the crowd could get their usual 5 matches. Rian actually pulled out a Asai Moonsault which didn't look great but was pop worthy. Richards got the winner after hitting a Triple Jump Moonsault using a fans chair for the 3 count. Afterwards Rian went crazy and started to have a temper tantrum yelling about how he won the match until Security dragged him backstage.

Overall Rating: 41%

Segment #2: HARRY IS HERE!:

The crowd awaits the next match when suddenlly Harry Smith's music hits. Everyone jumps to their feet mostlly because Harry was thought of as to not be their tonight. Harry eventually comes out and gets in the ring. He asks for a microphone and begins to speak.

Harry Smith: Well fans... I AM HERE! I know I wasn't supposed to be here but I am. Saddlly however I can still not wrestle because of a concussion. But I will be back in action next week. But I want to talk about Apocalypse. Apocalypse you tried to through me off of the extension in this building through a stack of tables. But you forgot my strength. I grabbed your head and pulled you down with me and you ended up getting hurt much more then I did. For weeks Apocalypse you have tried to tear me down and I know exactlly why. It is because you want this title..... you wants my NorthAmerican Championship. But you see Apocalypse you have to do alittle more to earn a shot at this belt, especially after you have already lost it. So I have talked to the booking commitee and next week we will have a 6 man tournament. What this means is 4 matches. The final being a 3-way. The only participant confirmed right now is You, Apocalypse. The commitee will choose the other 5 when the card is posted on our website. Apocalypse I will be proud to give you a title shot. Hell I will consider it an honor to defend my title against you if you win this one night tourney. BUT! If you don't win I expect you to stop going after me because quite honestlly i'm SICK OF IT! So next week we will have our 6 man, 4 match tourney AND Me vs Pete Wilson for the NorthAmerican title. I hope to see you all their. As for why I am here tonight. I am here to whatch the back of TJ Wilson. I'll be backstage whatching his match and if anyone steps out of line. Such as Dave Swift or that turncoat Johnny Devine interfering. I will be out here within seconds to make the save. So thank you to all you fans who are here and enjoy the rest of the show.

Harry puts the microphone back outside the ring where the announcer is. He then leaves backstage as the crowd is waiting for the next match.

Overall Rating: 68%

Segment #3: Greg Pawluk d. Dave Swift after interference from TJ Wilson:

Really good match here. Some nice spots including a Pistol Whip from Pawluk from the apron to the outside which looked really weird but cool. Their was actually a scary moment in this one where Swift went for a springboard Swifty Star Press to the outside. However his foot hit the roof and he just sorta shot down head first to the ground. But he got lucky and Pawluk caught him softening the blow to the head. The match ends when referee Rene Richards has been knocked down. Swift bring in a chair and goes to bash it over Pawluks head. But TJ Wilson comes out from behind and turns Swift around. TJ dropkicks the chair into Swifts face and Swift falls down. TJ throws the chair out of the ring then helps Pawluk up. Pawluk goes to the top rope..... MOONSAULT! Pawluk makes the cover TJ gets out of the ring and referee Rene begins to regain composer. He makes the count 1....2....3!!! TJ gets in the ring quicklly after. He throws Swift out of the ring then looks at Pawluk. TJ and Pawluk shake hands and hold their arms in the air. TJ and Pawluk then leave backstage as Swift stands and starts yelling. Eventually Swift goes backstage aswell.

Overall Rating: 64%

Segment #4: Belle Lovitz and Total Display of Karnage(Duke Durrango and Karnage) d. Nattie Neidhart and The Myers Brothers(Randy and Dandy) after Belle pins Nattie:

Really good match here. Randy and Dandy took a hell of a beating when they were in their with Karnage. Randy did lots of nice work with Durrango while they were in their. Its always a treat to see Nattie and Belle in the same ring against each other. Dandy pulled out the springboard 450 which got a major pop. The end see's Durrango gone like literally we can't find him anywhere. Randy and Dandy are trying to keep Karnage out of the ring as Nattie and Belle fight in the ring. Nattie hits Belle with a nice release german suplex as we see Durrango crawl out from under the ring with a Tag Title in his hands. Referee J. Edgar Hooper is trying to get control of Randy, Dandy, and Karnage. Durrango gets in the ring as Nattie gets up. Durrango cracks the title over Nattie's head and Belle rolls over the makes the cover. Durrango slides out of the ring and yells at Hooper to make the count. Referee Hooper turns around and makes the count 1....2....3! Belle and Total Display of Karnage win! Belle rolls out of the ring quicklly as Karnage gets away from Randy and Dandy. However Randy and Dandy make sure they grab the titles they stole before Karnage and Durrango walk away with them. Karnage, Durrango and Belle walk up towards the back with Durrango and Karnage yelling for their titles. Randy and Dandy get the microphone and gets in the ring. They help Nattie up and then begin to speak.

Overall Rating: 60%

Segment #5: A challenge from the Myers:

After the Myers help Nattie up Randy begins to speak.

Randy Myers: SOOOOOOOOOO...... You idiots think you're all that because you could help Bitchy Belle Lovitz get the pin over Nattie in our 3 on 3 tag match? Well then thats pretty stupid. Seriouslly it took a title shot to a woman's head to knock her out. Belle you stupid bitch why don't you and Nattie actually face each other? You've been wanting it for so long....... just like you've wanted alittle Randy for so long......

Randy winks as the crowd laughs.

Randy Myers: But see I don't feel like talking about you Belle Lovitz. I want to talk about the sissy boys behind you. Herpe Durrango and Garbage. O sorry I meant Duke Durrango and Karnage. You guys want to take these titles back with you so much? Then i'll tell you what. Next week Me and Dandy vs Durrango and Karnage and you two idiots put the Tag Titles on the line. If you beat me and Dandy we will gladlly give you the titles back.... BUT if you two lose. Well we can hold these titles without feeling bad for stealing them. What do you say?

Durrango and Karnage begin to talk and then Durrango eventually looks up and yells "Yea Fuck You" to Randy. Durrango and Karnage then go backstage with Belle.

Randy Myers: Well then if thats how you wanted. Lets get this Party Started. O-E-O-E-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy, Dandy, and even Nattie begin to do the Myers dance. Eventually they all stop and leave to the backstage area.

Overall Rating: 61%

Intermission was pretty boring this week. No one really came out and we just sorta waited for the next match. The 50/50 draw was done. 2 ladders were brought out. One was put on the side of the ring where the music crew were. The other put on the side of the entrance.

Segment#6 Ladder Match Pete's North American title shot on the Line: Pete Wilson d. Johnny Devine:

This was just an awesome match. It's hard to put this one in words but i'll try. At one point Devine was on the outside. Pete sprung to the top rope and the crowd got ready to cheer. But then he jumped to the top of the ladder and honestlly I think he hit his head on the roof pretty hard. Stupid low roof. Anyways though. Pete then moonsaulted off the Ladder and actually ended up going inbetween the roof and the top of one of the light fixtures landing right on Devine as the whole crowd went crazy. The two actually went outside at one point which was shocking considering its still covered in snow out their. But it was good cushioning for them. Anyways. Devine sets the ladder up ontop of the ring truck outside. He hads Pete down in the snow. Devine climbs the ladder and pulls out the Devine Interventions off the ladder as Pete gets up and runs out of the way. Devine lands hard and legit busted himself open when he hit his forehead on the ground abit. Pete then looked around and noticed 4 tables on the ring truck. He grabbed them and stacked them. He then managed to get Devine on them. Pete climbed the ladder on the ring truck then looked to the roof. He jumped and lucky for him he made the foot long jump and caught the roof. He pulled himself up and looked behind him. By now the whole crowd was outside so he had to yell to them "MOVE OUT OF THE FUCKING WAY!" he then prayed for a second and went flying off the roof..... MOONSAULT 450 FROM THE ROOF THROUGH 4 TABLES! HOLY SHIT! With good reason Devine and Pete were down on the ground holding their ribs and heads for a good 3 minutes. Eventually they got up and fought back into the building where their was only one ladder left. Pete piledrove Devine on the floor outside. He began to climb the ladder when Dave Swift came running down the entrance. Pete noticed and did another one of those moonsaults off the ladder landing on Swift on the outside. TJ Wilson came running down and he grabbed Swift and brawled with him backstage. Pete sold for a bit as Devine got in the ring and began to climb the ladder. Pete got up and pushed the ladder backwards. Sending Devine backwards as our announcer and music crew had to move. Devine goes right through the music table and through the mini-stage at Ogden.... thats gonna cost a bit. Pete eventually climbs the ladder after that and grabs the contract. He signs his name. Then goes backstage. Devine eventually gets up and grabs a microphone.

Overall Rating: 70%

Segment #7: Devine blaims it all on Jericho:

Devine gets the microphone and almost in tears begans to speak.

Johnny Devine: JERICHO YOU SON OF A BITCH! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! The whole match I was thinking about what I was going to do to you once we got in this ring together...... AND LOOK WHAT IT DID!!!! Why did you just stay in WWE and collect your 300,000 dollar a month pay cheque? Huh? I know why! You wanted to come to my territory and ruin everything for me. Well you assclown.... yea thats right I called you an assclown. Thats not gonna happen. Because I am Johnny Devine. I am a god amongst men. And if you don't like that Jericho.... then learn to love it cause its Positivelly DEVINE!

Devine drops the microphone and goes and sits in the crowd to whatch the British Commenwealth title match.

Overall Rating: 70%

Segment #8 British Commenwealth Midheavyweight title match: TJ Wilson d. Jack Evans after botched interference from Dave Swift:

Good match. Some nice spots. Jack pulled out the Corkscrew 630 and shockinglly only got a 2 count. The first site of interference saw TJ go for the springboard guilotine flipping legdrop. But as he jumped Devine got up and pulled his leg. TJ's face just barelly missed the apron and he landed on his feet. He began to literally punch the hell out of Devine. He then threw Devine into the post and knocked him out. The ending saw the second bit of interference. TJ went for a Tiger Suplex on Jack but Jack flipped over onto his feet. Dave Swift was suddenlly seen with something in his hand. Swift hopped onto the apron and Jack pushed TJ towards Swift. Swift threw whatever it was right as TJ ducked. It ended up being the powder and it went right into Jacks eyes. TJ sorta baseball slides out of the ring after the momentum from ducking. He grabs Swifts leg and pulls him off the apron. Swift lands face first on the ground. TJ then gets on the apron. He springboards..... SPRINGBOARD ELBOW! He pins Jack 1....2....3!!! TJ WINS!!! TJ RETAINS!!! But from behind comes Devine. Swift then gets in the ring and throws Jack out of the ring. Devine and Swift begin to beat down on TJ until CHRIS JERICHO comes running to the ring. He tries to help but it doesn't help as Swift low blows Jericho and Jericho begins to get beaten down by Swift and Devine.

Overall Rating: 76%

Segment #9: Harry Smith saves TJ and Jericho:

TJ and Jericho continue to get beaten on. It gets so far as to the point that Swift lays a chair over Jericho's face and Devine lionsaults onto it. Swift also Swifty Bombs TJ over an unfolded chair. The crowd is booing as suddenlly Harry Smith comes running down the entrance. He slides in the ring and Swift runs at him. Harry swings him up and hits him with a Bulldog-esqu powerslam. The crowd goes crazy as Swift rolls outof the ring. Devine runs at Harry now and Harry swings him up right into a sick and quick Emerald Frosion. Devine rolls out of the ring and him and swift hightale it backstage. Harry helps TJ and Jericho up. They all shake hands and hold their arms in the air. They eventually head backstage as we get the usual wishing of a good weekend from the announcer and he then announces that our next event is Friday March 18th right here as usual at The Ogden Legion of Doom.

Overall Rating: 72%

Overall Show Rating: 68%

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Current Card for Stampede Wrestling on Friday March 18th 2005:

Main Event:

NorthAmerican Heavyweight Title Match:

Harry Smith© vs Pete Wilson:

Pete Wilson is the current #1 contender for Harry's NorthAmerican championship. Because Harry could not compete last week he has granted Pete the title shot this week. This one should be a good one granted their is no interference.

6 Man Min Tourney #1 contendership for the NorthAmerican Heavyweight title:

Semi-Main Event:

Winner of Tourney Match #1 vs Winner of Tourney Match #2 vs Winner of Tourney Match #3

Tourney Match #1: Apocalypse vs Greg Pawluk

Tourney Match #2: Randy Myers vs Teddy Hart

Tourney Match #3: Jack Evans vs Duke Durrango

The background on this whole tourney is bassiclly a feud that has gone on between Apocalypse and Harry in recent weeks. So Harry decided to hold a tournament. Apocalypse and the other 5 workers the booking commitee though deserved it the most.

Plus Johnny Devine, Dave Swift, TJ Wilson, AND CHRIS JERICHO will all be here this week.

Special bell time again is 8pm this week as usual at the Ogden Legion of Doom!

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Results for Stampede Wrestling on Friday March 18th 2005:

Segment #1 NorthAmerican Title #1 Contenders Tourney Match #1: Apocalypse d. Greg Pawluk after interference from Dave Swift:

Pretty good match here. Not much to note. Their was one really cool spot where Apocalypse somehow reversed the Pistol Whip(Sliced Bread #2) into a Jesus Driver. As Pawluk flipped Apoc just sorta threw him forward and caught him then hit him with the Jesus Driver. The end see's Pawluk go for the Pistol Whip again but as he pushes off the second rope Dave Swift comes from nowhere and cracks Pawluk in the head with a baseball bat or some form of wooden foreign object. The ref somehow doesn't notice and Apocalypse ends up dropping Pawluk on his head from their. Apocalypse makes the cover and referee Rene Richards makes the 3 count. Afterwards Apocalypse and Swift begin to beat on Pawluk yelling something along the lines of "This is what the Stampede Bulldogs are gonna get!" Eventually TJ Wilson comes running out with a chair. This sends Swift and Apocalypse dashing out of the ring and walking to the back.

Overall Rating: 72%

Segment #2 NorthAmerican Title #1 Contenders Tourney Match #2: Randy Myers d. Teddy Hart after Karnage "Botches" his interference:

Good match. Randy took all of Teddy's signature spots including the Open Hart Surgery, The Triple Bypass Surgery, The Hart Attack SSP, Hart Attack SSP Elbow, and the behind the back tombstone. But Randy just kept kicking out. Ted called for some new move but saddlly we never saw it as Ted went to irish whip Randy off the ropes for this move. But Randy reversed. Karnage just happened to be on the other side with a chair obviouslly waiting to hit Randy. Karnage not noticing the reversal swung and hit Teddy. Teddy then staggered towards Randy in pain. Randy hooked Teddy and hit him with the Spin Cycle. Randy made the cover for the 1...2....3!!! Randy ADVANCES!!! Teddy looks at Karnage as Randy runs to the backstage. Teddy gets pissed and starts to beat on Karnage. Eventually Bruce Hart comes out and says if this is whats gonna happen then we might aswell have Teddy Hart vs Karnage RIGHT NOW!

Overall Rating: 68%

Segment #3: Teddy Hart d. Karnage after interference from Dandy Myers:

Not that great a match here. Ted got alot of spots in but not many as i'm not sure Karnage can take them all. Also Ted just did most of his spots in his match with Randy so he really didn't feel the need to pull them out again. The end see's Teddy go for the Open Hart Surgery(Jump off the top DDT) but once Karnage catches him he turns and throws Teddy away. Ted ends up hitting the ref and knocking him down. Karnage shurgs and grabs Teddy by the throat on the ground and picks him up. Karnage holds him in the air in a chokeslam and yells "CHOKE SLAM BITCHES!!!!" suddenlly from behind though comes Dandy Myers holding one of the tag titles him and Randy stole from Karnage and Durrango. Dan slides into the ring and cracks the title over Karnage's head. Karnage drops Ted onto his feet as Karnage falls face first on the canvas. Dan slides out of the ring and slaps the ref in the face a few times to wake him up. Ted rolls Karnage over. Ted goes to the top and pulls out a TWISTING 450(Regular 450 with the 360 twist) Ted makes the cover 1....2....3!!! TEDDY WINS!! Ted looks at Dan and Ted just walks away sorta pissed looking. Dan gets in the ring and Randy comes running out they begin to kick at Karnage until he rolls out of the ring.

Overall Rating: 55%

Segment #4: Another unaccepted challenge:

Karnage is slowlly walking to the back as Duke Durrango comes out the door on the way to the back. Durrango and Karnage stand next to each other as Dandy gets a microphone and begins to speak.

Dandy Myers: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm 185 pounds. I'm 17. I'm barelly 6 feet tall and you Karnage are SCARED OF ME!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! You just went running out of the ring to Duke like a sissy. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Randy grabs the microphone from Dandy as Dan continues to laugh.

Randy Myers: Haha. Thats right Dan, Karnage is scared of us. He's atleast 100 pounds more then us and 8 inches taller and he's scared of us. You know guys we still have these Ravenous Tag Titles with us. Whcih sadlly rightfully belong to you. So let me ask you this again. Me and Dan vs You two if you win we'll give these belts back. If we win we get to keep them cause we will be the rightful tag champs. So what do you say?

Karnage and Duke look at Dan and Randy. Duke then yells "Nah no way Randy..." Duke and Karnage then walk through the door to go backstage.

Randy Myers: So thats 2 weeks in a row now that you two of pussed out and not accepted our challenge. Thats fine. Now everyone say it with me.... O-E-O-E-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy and Dandy then do the Myers dance before leaving with the stolen tag belts.[/color

Overall Rating: 60%

Segment #5 NorthAmerican Title #1 Contenders Tourney Match #3: Duke Durrango d. Jack Evans by pinfall:

Pretty good match. For some reason Duke has good matches with spot workers even though Duke isn't a spot worker himself. Jack pulled out a few big spots like the Phoenix Splash, the Asai Moonsault, and a few other spot type moves. The end see's Jack go for a 450 but Duke moves. Jack lands on his feet. Duke ends up on his knee's behind Jack. He quicklly catches Jack with a low-blow and Jack goes down in pain. Duke picks him up and lifts him..... PILEDRIVER!!! Jack holds his neck as Duke makes the cover for the 1...2...3! Sending him to the finals of the tourney.

Overall Rating: 73%

Segment #6: Johnny Devine challenges Jericho and gets an unexpected acceptance:

As soon as Durrango and Jack leave Johnny Devine's music hits. He comes walking down to the ring and eventually gets in. He calls for a microphone and one is handed to him. He looks around and begins to speak.

Johnny Devine: I never get bored performing for you 50 fans!

the crowd boo's as Devine stops and looks around for a second.

Johnny Devine: Shut the hell up and let me speak. I want to talk about Chris Jericho. After my brutal match with Pete Wilson last week I was told i'd be out till the end of this month. What does this have to do with Jericho? I truly blame it all on him. I beleive that if it wasn't for him pissing me off and me thinking of ways to kick his ass. I would have won that match and Pete would be the one out until the end of this month. So with that Jericho. I challenge you to a match on the first show of April. What do you say?

Devine waits and no one comes out. He continues waiting and after about a minute of waiting he begins to speak again.

Johnny Devine: Well its quite obvious th.......

Suddenlly we hear the countdown and the words "BREAK THE WALLS DOWN!!!" The crowd is cheering loudlly as Chris Jericho walks through the doors. He walks down the entrance way and asks for the other microphone proclaiming that he is afraid of Devine Germs. Jericho sigve the microphone and he begins to speak.

Chris Jericho: Well Johnny I can tell you didn't realize I was here tonight. As usual I stayed away from you in fear of your Devine Germs. So that would be why. But Johnny if you want to challenge me. Go ahead. Challenge all you want a try and pretend I'm not accepting. Because i'll tell you right now and I am right now ACCEPTING YOUR CHALLENGE! The first show of April. Chris Jericho vs Johnny Devine. Be their. It's your ass kicking assclown!

Jericho hands the microphone back to the announcer. Jericho then walks backstage as Devine has a tantrum in the ring. Eventually we get to intermission as Devine walks backstage.

Overall Rating: 82%

Intermission like last week wasn't really that fun saddlly. No one came out and we just sorta waited for the next match. The 50/50 draw was done and then the people in the 3-way for #1 contendership made their way to the ring.

Segment #7 NorthAmerican Title #1 Contenders tourney final 3-way: Randy Myers d. Apocalypse and Duke Durrango after interference from Harry Smith:

Awesome for a 3-way match. Really didn't know how this would go over. The best part was it built up Randy and Dandy vs Duke and Karnage feud along with Apocalypse vs Harry. The first elimination was Randy actually pinning Duke cleanlly while Apocalypse was out on the outside. Randy managed to reverse a piledriver and in some odd twist away type thing hooked the Spin Cycle and hit it on Duke. Randy made the cover and got the 3. Eventually after a nice stiff battle between Apocalypse and Randy we see Randy get the win when Apocalypse grabs a chair. Apocalypse gets ready to crack it over Randy's head but Harry Smith comes from behind. He spins Apocalypse around and kicks him in the gut. Harry then DDT's Apocalypse onto the chair. Harry rolls out of the ring and through all of this somehow the ref doesn't notice. Randy looks down and shrugs. He kicks the chair out of the ring and then climbs to the top rope. He goes flying off with a senton. Randy makes the cover. Referee Rene Richards counts 1.....2.....3!!!!! RANDY WINS!!!! RANDY VS HARRY!!!

Overall Rating: 71%

Segment #8 NorthAmerican Heavyweight title match: Harry Smith© d. Pete Wilson:

Good match here. Pete did a few flips and Harry actually pulled out the rarelly seen Harry-Sault. The end see's many attempts at screwing Harry out of the win. Even Apocalypse who stuck around to whatch tried to interfer but Harry backdropped him over the top. After Apocalypse was out on the outside Johnny Devine came running to the ring. Devine tried to beat both Harry and Pete down actually but Pete and Harry double suplexed Devine and Devine went rolling out of the ring. Dave Swift then came running to the ring and tried to take Harry out. However Harry picked Dave Swift up and hit him with an Emerald Frosion and Swift went rolling away. We then see Pete on the top as Harry stands. Pete moonsaults as Harry turns around. Pete lands.... BUT HARRY CATCHES HIM!!! Harry holds one arm up.... RUNNING POWERSLAM 1...2.....3!!!!!!!!! HARRY WINS!!!!! Harry shakes Pete's hand. Pete then leaves as Harry celebrates. Suddenlly from behind Devine, Apocalypse and Swift all get up and slide into the ring. They continue a 3 on one asault on Harry for a few minutes.

Overall Rating: 67%

Segment #9: The Great Save:

Devine, Apocalypse and Swift continue the asault on Harry. Actually going as far as Apocalypse hitting Harry with a Jesus Driver off the second rope. Right after Apocalypse lands Swift hits a Swifty Star Press on Harry. Then just seconds later Johnny Devine hits Harry with the Devine Interventions. By this time Harry was pretty close to coughing up blood. When TJ Wilson and Chris Jericho came running down to the ring armed with chairs. They slide into the ring. TJ cracks a chair over both Apocalypse and Swift's heads. Apocalypse and Swift fall down and roll out of the ring as Jericho grabs Devine. Jericho irish whips Devine. When Devine ends up back where Jericho is Jericho cracks the chair over Devine's head. Devine does the whole backflip bump and then rolls out of the ring. Devine, Apocalypse and Swift go walking to the back as just like last week Jericho, Harry, and TJ stand dominant in the ring. Eventually they leave as well and as usual we get wished a happy weekend and told the next show is Friday March 25th 2005 right here at the Ogden Legion of Doom.

Overall Rating: 83%

Overall Show Rating: 71%

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