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In the Arms of Providence


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So I went to the Cd release show for In the Arms of Providence. In The Arms Of Providence swims in the vein of Glassjaw and Every Time I Die while integrating the band’s own experimental, emotional, hugging and moshing atmosphere.

During the very last song of their set, the leadsinger came out onto the floor where the pit was and everything slowed down and as the song hit a real emotional point. Suddenly he stopped singing and he looked right at me and said, 'When this song breaks out, kick my ass.' Then turned to someone else and said the same. Once the song broke, the entire pit imploded on him, and it was chaos.

I ended up knocking him down, but then I picked him up and he literally finished the set with me holding him up and singing as people nailed us. It was such an intense moment.

After the song finished he was like, 'That was fucking beautiful.' Hugged me and then the show ended. It was pretty god damn cool.

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