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Pauly Shore is Dead


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no...not really, I'm talkin' about the movie. I saw a preview of this movie at the beginning of Dodgeball and I wasn't really sure what to expect. So what did I do, I picked this movie up real cheap, and it's a pretty decent film. I'm sure it could have been worse, and that it isn't the best. There are a lot of names in this movie. So, anyway...yeah, em I the only one who's seen it...I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who enjoyed it somewhat.

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Hollywood comedian/actor Pauly Shore loses everything: his house, nobody in Hollywood wants to represent him, he moves back home with his mom and is now parking cars at the Comedy Store. Then one night when he's up in his mom's loft, a dead famous comedian appears who tells Pauly to kill himself cause he'll go down as a comedic genius who died before his time. Pauly then fakes his own death, and the media goes crazy. Celebrities are talking about him on MTV and girls are fighting over him on Jerry Springer. It's everything that he wanted...his plan worked. A week or so later the LAPD is tipped off about his whereabouts and they break down the door of the seedy motel room that he's hiding out in and throw him in LA County's celebrity wing.

Summary written by Ciaran O'Shea

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Guest Ringmaster

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Pauly who?


That's pretty much the premise behind the movie, according to him. He heard the joke and decided to make a film about his death, where people just didn't know who he was.

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