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NBA Street V3


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I was planning on picking up Street 3 tomorrow after work but I'm getting some conflicting information. Everywhere I look it says that the game is released tomorrow but on the official EA Big web site it says that the game ships tomorrow and may not be out till Wednesday yet some stores apparently already have copies in. So in this big conflicting mess do any of you guys actually know when I'll be able to pick it up? :(

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You'll be more interested in when the stores will actually get it. Depending on which retailer you shop with, they could get it anywhere from tomorrow evening (as most EBs have a tendency to get games the evening of the first ship date) to the weekend (as most Blockbusters will not stock their shelves until the end of the week).

Best bet is to round up a few phone numbers and get the info from them. If you're ordering online, you'll almost assuredly get it before the end of the week, whether or not it ships on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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