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New Queens Of The Stone Age


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I've just heard the new QOTSA single on the radio - 'Little Sister' - and have heard their song from the NFSU:2 soundtrack - 'In My Head' - and now I want more. Anyone got any details on the new album? Dates? All I know is that it's called Lullabies To Paralyse.

Anyone else heard these tracks, or more? Thoughts?

And what do you think about their new bassist 'The Wolf'? Not as good as Oliveri.... :angry:

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Guest Booker T & The MG's

They had the album on in my local record shop, it's sounds really good, it sounds more like the 1st album from what I heard of it, but with a hint of Kyuss and later QOTSA stuff.

I know it's out in the UK on March 21st and they are doing an American & European tour very soon, and yes I prefer Oliveri but there is always Mondo Generator.

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"Wolfie", a.k.a. "Dan Druff" (get it? Ya get it? See, it's funny 'cause it spells dandruff when put together.) was a former roadie/bass tech for the group who stepped in. He'll do fine.

As for more important info, the CD's due March 22, and features subtle cameos from Brode Dalle and Shirley Manson. The video for "Little Sister" premiered today on MTV2.

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According to Metal Hammer, the tracklist is as follows:

01 'Medication'

02 'Everybody Knows That You're Insane'

03 'Tangled Up In Plaid'

04 'Burn The Witch'

05 'In My Head'

06 'Little Sister'

07 'I Never Came'

08 'Someone's In The Wolf'

09 'The Blood Is Love'

10 'You've Got A Killer Scene There, Man'

11 'Skin On Skin'

12 'Broken Box'

13 'Lullaby'

14 'Long Slow Goodbye'

As for the Dalle/Manson cameos, I do believe they're in the same song, and Homme's toyed around with the fact that he purposefully kept their vocals to a low volume level, so the listener would have to pay close attention in order to catch it.

Although, this band's known to fuck around with their fans, so for all we know, they could be twice as loud as the drums.

Edit: Through a great strike of luck, I've managed to legally pick up the entire album. It's decisively QotSA, but there's more than a hint of Soundgarden-esque mystique on tracks like "Everybody Knows That You're Insane". The low-fi production remains intact for those of you who like that, but the real charm here is that it's still just as odd as their last few records (the chugging rhythms are still around, but the strange mixture of a James Dean-like attitude and tongue-in-cheek humor take center stage.)

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