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WWE: RAW Versus Smackdown


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Hello, and welcome to yet another one of my diaries. Except this one I will be doing with a partner. Some of you may remember him, as my split diary with him on EWB 3 got nominated for 'Best Split' in the EWB diary awards. I will be taking control of RAW, and goodieuk will be taking control of Smackdown. We will be starting the diary from April 4, the day after Wrestlemania 21. We will be trying to keep things as realistic as possible, so you won't see AJ Styles popping up on the first or second show or anything. Nor will you see Vince Russo booking or anything of that sort. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we will writing it, and we appreciate feedback, though we won't beg for it. Here are the WM results.

Wrestlemania 21 Results

WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

Batista def. Triple H

WWE World Tag Team Championship (4 Way Elimination Match):

La Resistance  def. Tajiri & William Regal / Hurricane & Rosey / Hassan & Daivari

WWE Women's Championship:

Trish Stratus def. Christy Hemme

Money In The Bank Ladder Match:

Edge def. Chris Jericho/Christian/Kane/Chris Benoit/Shelton Benjamin

Chris Masters def. Rhyno

Matt Hardy def. Simon Dean

The Undertaker def. Randy Orton

Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels

WWE Championship:

John Cena def. John Bradshaw Layfield

WWE Tag Team Championship:

The Bashams  def. Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Paul London  def. Chavo Guerrero

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan def. Booker T

WWE/Sumo Wrestling Challenge:

Big Show def. Akibono

Mark Jindrak def. Luther Reigns

Piper's Pit:

Rowdy Roddy Piper w/Guest Stone Cold Steve Austin

Austin and Piper started with a straight interview, with both men getting on each other's nerves until Muhammad Hassan interupted and badmouthed both men. Austin gave him a Stunner and he and Piper had a beer bash.

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Eddie Guerrero

The Undertaker

John Bradshaw Layfield

Kurt Angle


Big Show

Booker T

John Cena

Rob Van Dam

Rey Mysterio


Al Snow

Charlie Haas

Hardcore Holly

Mark Jindrak


Scotty 2 Hotty

Billy Kidman

Bubba Ray Dudley

Carlito Caribbean Cool

Chavo Guerrero

Danny Basham

D-Von Dudley

Jon Heidenreich

Kenzo Suzuki

Luther Reigns

Orlando Jordan

Rene Dupree

Spike Dudley



Paul London

Shannon Moore




Joy Giovanni

Michelle McCool

Miss Jackie

Torrie Wilson

Dawn Marie


Paul Heyman


Stephanie McMahon

Theodore Long (General Manager)

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Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton

Chris Benoit

Triple H


Batista (World Heavyweight Champion)

Chris Jericho


Matt Hardy







Shelton Benjamin (Intercontinental Champion)


The Hurricane


William Regal

Gene Snitsky


Molly Holly

Muhammed Hassan

Robert Conway

Trish Stratus



Val Venis

Chris Masters

Mark Henry

Simon Dean

Tyson Tomko

Sylvan Grenier


Steven Richards



Candice Michelle

Stacy Keibler

Melina Perez

Christy Hemme

Ric Flair

Khosrow Daivari



Jerry Lawler

Mick Foley

Eric Bischoff

Christopher Nowinski

Jonathan Coachman

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Just 24 hours off Wrestlemania 21, RAW comes to you live from Los Angeles, California!

And at Wrestlemania 21, none other than Edge won a brutal six man ladder match to win a contract that allows him to face the World Heavyweight Champion at any time up until Wrestlemania 22 in March of 2006. Will he announce when he will use this contract?

Or will he be too busy preparing for the main event, in which he will be taking on one of the five other men he fought against at Wrestlemania 21, Chris Benoit?

And speaking of main events, the man who beat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title in the main event of Wrestlemania 21, Batista, will be there LIVE at RAW to talk about his amazing victory. You won't wanna miss it!

Confirmed Matches

-Edge Versus Chris Benoit

-World Tag Titles

La Resistance© Versus William Regal/Tajiri

-Chris Masters Versus The Hurricane

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LIVE from Los Angeles!

As RAW begins, we get a shot of RAW general manager Eric Bischoff in his office. He is talking on the phone to someone as we enter the room.

Bischoff:”Yes…Yes, I know…Well you can’t honestly tell me that you think John Cena winning the WWE championship was a bigger event than RAW’s animal, Batista, winning the World Heavyweight Championship….No, Teddy, I’m not ‘hating’ on your champion….Will you just--”

Suddenly, Bischoff’s door bursts open and none other than the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, storms into the room.

Bischoff:”Hey, Teddy, I’ll call you back.”

Bischoff hangs up his phone, and stares at a fuming Triple H.

HHH:”Bischoff…I think we both know that what happened last night shouldn’t of happened. I am the game, I am the best damn champion that RAW has ever had, and Batista is NOBODY. He’s nobody, Bischoff. And I think you know what has to happen. I want a rematch, here tonight on RAW.”

Bischoff sighs, and flips through some papers on his desk.

Bischoff:”Hunter…listen. I’m the general manager of RAW. It’s my duty to make sure that RAW puts out a good show each and every week. If I don’t do my duty, Linda McMahon is upset. If Linda McMahon is upset, the board of directors is upset. If the board of directors is upset, I get fired. Batista happens to be the most popular champion RAW has had since ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in 1999. So, somehow, I think you’re a little mixed up when you call him a ‘nobody’. And listen, Hunter, as much as I’d like to see you two put on a great match again like you did last night, I’ve already given Batista the night off. Now, if you’ll excuse--”

HHH:”Listen, Bischoff! I don’t give a damn! I have a rematch clause in my contract, and I want to use it. There’s not a damn thing you can do about it!”

Bischoff:”Ah, but there is. See, there’s no particular date attached to that clause, so you may get the rematch, but you get it when I say you get it. Hunter, ever since you came to RAW and became Champion, all I’ve seen you do is whine and occasionally defend the belt. But now…you don’t have the belt. So tell me, Hunter, what do you have to offer here on RAW?”

HHH:”Don’t play games with me, I--”

Bischoff:”I am NOT playing games. But I’ll make you a deal. Next week, you’ll face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. But if you lose…you are fired.”

Triple H stares at Bischoff, nods his head, and then walks out.

OR: 89

‘Across The Nation’ begins to play, and we cut to the opening video for RAW. Then pyro explodes from the stage as we cut to a LIVE shot of the arena. The camera pans around to see the thousands who have attended the show as we are welcomed by our hosts.

JR:”Welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW! I’m Jim Ross and beside me as always is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler! And goshdarnit, King, what a night Wrestlemania 21 was!”

King:”Man, JR, it was unbelievable. But the biggest moment of them all was the animal, Batista, finally capturing the World Heavyweight Championship! And from what we just saw, Triple H isn’t happy about it.”

JR:”But I know someone who IS happy, and his name is Edge.”

King:”That’s right, because last night he won the six man ‘Money In The Bank’ ladder match, and now he has a one-way ticket to a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. And it’s good for upto a year, so we could see Edge fighting for the title at Wrestlemania 22!”

JR:”I may not like Edge, but he went through hell last night, and what a match it’ll be if Edge decides to meet Batista…say, tonight!”

King:”But, remember, Edge already has a match.”

JR:”That’s right, folks. We’re gonna be seeing Edge take on one of his opponents from last night, Chris Benoit, in that very ring!”

--It could happen at any time

Suddenly, Batista’s music kicks up and the World Heavyweight Champion himself walks out from behind the curtain, wearing a suit with sunglasses and holding the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He smiles at the crowd, who are going nuts, and then walks to the ring. He slides into the squared circle, and is then given a microphone.

Batista:”Triple H said I couldn’t do it. Ric Flair said I WOULDN’T do it. But last night, at Wrestlemania 21, I took the World Heavyweight Championship. I played the game, and I beat it. *Pop* Last night, I proved to the world that I am better than Triple H. And as your champion, I plan to face all challengers, and I plan to beat them. They call me The Animal, and when I step into this ring, that’s who I become. The Animal. When I step into this ring with another person, I hurt them. And--”

Suddenly, ‘You Think You Know Me’ is heard and the fans immediately start to boo as Edge’s music starts to play and he walks out to the ring in his wrestling tights and a ‘Edge’ T-Shirt. However, he stops at the end of the ramp way and starts to speak into a microphone he brought with him as his music dies down.

Edge:”Batista, I wouldn’t go talking about how great a champion you are just yet. Last night, you beat one guy. I beat six. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but you’ve never won a six man match have you? Well let me tell you…it’s brutal . But I survived it, and now I have a contract that says I can face you anywhere at any time. You may be The Animal, but I am the hunter. You won’t know when, and you won’t know where, but somewhere down the line I am going to kick your ass and take that World Heavyweight Championship. Because that’s what I deserve. I deserve to be respected. You and all your little buddies here on RAW think you can hold me back and keep me from claiming what belongs to me, but you’re wrong. Just like I did last night, I will over come the odds and I WILL win that title. You just watch your back…because I’m coming. I’m coming.”

Edge’s music hits again, and he walks back up the ramp, on the way having a stare down with Batista.



JR:”Welcome back to RAW, ladies and gentlemen, and up next we have the self proclaimed ‘Masterpiece’ Chris Masters taking on The Hurricane.”

King:”That’s right, JR, but tonight RAW is brought to you by Playstation 2. Live in your world, play in ours.”

JR:”And by Viacom Inc., owners of Spike TV, Nickelodeon, and MTV.”

King:”Well, JR, Chris Masters is undefeated here on RAW, and did you see what he did to Stevie Richards a couple of weeks back on RAW?”

JR:”I did, indeed, King. He is not a man to be messed with.”

Chris Masters Versus The Hurricane

Not much of a match. Masters posed on the ramp way and in the ring, and then after a small amount of brawling he locked Hurricane in the full nelson for the win.

Winner: Chris Masters OR:60 CR:54 MQ:67

The Hurricane lost 1 point of overness from this match.

Chris Masters gained 3 points of overness from this match.

JR:”And Chris Masters gets the victory once again!”

King:”Hurricane didn’t stand a chance, JR.”

--You Never Know What Life Will Give You

After the last match, we cut backstage where The Coach is standing by with Shawn Michaels, who is dressed in street clothes.

Coach:”Shawn, after the hellacious match you had with Kurt Angle last night, what is running through your mind?”

Shawn:”Well, Coach, you lose some and you win some. Kurt Angle is a great athlete, and he just plain outwrestled The Heartbreak Kid. Do I like his attitude? No. Do I respect him as a wrestler? Yes. He’s a great wrestler, and I’m not ashamed to say that I lost to him.”

Coach:”But what about the future? What’s next for The Heartbreak Kid?”

Shawn:”Coach…you never know what lies at the end of the road until you get there. What’s next for ol’ HBK? I can’t tell you that for sure. But I CAN tell you that this is not the last you’ll see of Shawn Michaels. Not at all.”

Shawn walks off, and Coach just looks blankly at the camera.



**WWE Slam Of The Week: Edge wins the six man ladder match at Wrestlemania 21.**

JR:”Welcome back to RAW, folks, and if you’re just joining us, tonight in the main event we are going to see Edge take on ‘The Rabid Wolverine’, Chris Benoit. Bah gawd, what a match that’s gonna be.”

King:”Right, JR, but right now it looks like we are going to be joined by Captain Charisma!”

--Everybody’s After Benjamin

The King is correct, as Christian’s music starts to play and he walks to the ring in his ‘Captain Charisma’ boxing jacket along with his ‘Problem Solver‘, Tyson Tomko and the Women‘s Champion, Trish Stratus. He slides into the ring before taking off his jacket, and is then handed a microphone by Trish.

Christian:”My name is Christian. And last night…I lost the six man ‘Money In The Bank’ ladder match. *Pop* But the only reason I lost, was because while Edge was getting the suitcase with the contract in it for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, I was busy kicking everybody else’s asses. I may not have gotten the suitcase in time, but last night I proved that I am better than Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, and Edge combined. And that’s why I want my shot at the Intercontinental Title. I deserve it more than anyone else in this company. I am CAPTAIN CHARISMA! I have the most beautiful woman in the world on my right, and on my left is my problem solver, Tyson Tomko. I demand some respect, and I will--”

Suddenly, the countdown starts on the titan tron and the crowd goes nuts as it hits zero and Chris Jericho’s music hits. Jericho himself makes his way to the ring, and then slides in. He smacks Trish on the ass as he enters, and she looks disgusted as Christian yells at him. Y2J is then handed a microphone as his music dies down.

Y2J:”Christian, will you PLEASE *Crowd chants along* SHUT…THE HELL…UP! What makes you think you deserve a title shot more than Y2J, junior?”

Christian:”My name is Captain Charisma, not ‘junior’!”

Y2J:”Captain Charisma? I’ve seen wooden planks that were more charismatic than you. And the funny thing is, you think you’re good with women. Well I hate to spoil the surprise, but that thing beside you is not a woman. No. She is a trash bag HO! *Pop*”

Trish is pissed and starts yelling at Jericho.

Y2J:”That’s right. Big Tyson Tomko there beside you is the only WOMAN in this ring.”

The crowd go nuts, and Tomko looks just as pissed as Trish.

Christian:”Shut up, Jericho. If you have a problem with me, then show some guts and take it up with ME. Not my lovely girlfriend or my ‘Problem Solver’. “

Jericho:”Alright, fine. Here’s the deal, junior. I want a shot at the Intercontinental championship, and I plan to get it. And when I do, you people will never…EEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVER…see that title around anybody else’s waist but mine A-GAIN.”

Suddenly, ‘Whatever’ by Our Lady Peace hits and Chris Benoit walks to the ring to a pop, wearing his wrestling gear and holding a microphone. He slides in and begins to speak as his music dies down.

Benoit:”Hold on just a second, Chris. You wanna talk aboot people who deserve title shots? I’ve been busting my ass to get a chance to win a championship. If anybody deserves this title shot, it’s me.”

Jericho:”Wait a minute, Mr. Roboto. I think you’ve lost more than your front tooth if you think that you’re getting a title shot before The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla.”

Christian:”Both of you need to be quiet. It’s obvious that I’m the one that deserves a shot at the title! I‘m the one that the peeps all want to see!”

The three start arguing back and forth, with Trish even joining in until ‘I’m Back’ is heard, and ‘Back In Black’ by AC/DC starts to play. The General Manager of RAW, Eric Bischoff, then walks out on to the stage with a microphone to a mixed reaction.

Bischoff:”Now, now, children. Must we bicker? I mean, each one of you is a great superstar and I myself think that you all deserve a shot at the title. But…I just can’t give a shot to all of you. So here is my proposition. Next week, here live on RAW, there will be a four corners match. All of you will be involved, and the winner will go on to Backlash to face Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship. Thank you, and--”

Christian:”Wait, who’s the fourth guy?”

Bischoff:”Oh…I think you know him quite well.”

Bischoff smiles, and suddenly Christian goes down. Behind him is Matt Hardy, who apparently is the fourth man. Matt starts putting the boots to Christian as Jericho, Benoit, Trish, and Tomko get out of the ring and a referee sprints down to ringside.


JR:”Looks like we have ourselves a match, folks!”

Matt Hardy Versus Christian W/Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus

Hardy, after catching Christian from behind, dominated him for a good part of the match. However, when Hardy attempted a cross body a few minutes in, Christian caught him and then threw him over his head to the mat as Trish cheered him on from ringside. Christian then applied a headlock, which Matt eventually fought out of. However, Christian regained the advantage again, beating on Matt with stomps. He then went up for a flying elbow drop, but Hardy moved out of the way and Christian hit the mat. They went back and forth for the remainder of the match, and after several attempts to cheat his way to victory, Captain Charisma got caught with the Twist Of Fate for the three count. However, Tyson Tomko then entered the ring and beat on Matt until Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho made the save.

Winner: Matt Hardy OR:81 CR:80 MQ:83

JR:”Next week, folks, it’s gonna be Christian Versus Matt Hardy Versus Chris Benoit Versus Chris Jericho, and the winner will go to Backlash to face Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship!”

King:”I can’t believe Matt Hardy just beat Captain Charisma! This is not good, JR!”


--The Legend Killer Got Killed By A Legend

As we come back from the break, we get a shot of Randy Orton in his locker room backstage. In front of him is Stacy Keibler, who looks like she is trying to calm Orton down.

Stacy:”Come on, Randy. Don’t act like this. You lose some and you win some. Just--”

Orton:”Just what? Just move on? Stacy, I had a chance to prove that I am the future of this company at Wrestlemania 21. And I blew it! What a way to disgrace my family, huh?”

Stacy:”Randy, stop it. You’re still the legend killer, and--”

Orton:”The Legend Killer? That’s who I thought I was. But now I know it was just a gimmick. The Undertaker beat me at Wrestlemania, and--”

Stacy:”That doesn’t mean your career is over! Randy, you’re young. You’re talented. You just need to make an impact.”

Orton pauses, and then cracks a half smile.

Orton:”You know what? You’re right. I DO need to make an impact. I’ll see ya later.”

Stacy:”Okay, by--”

Orton walks out and shuts the door, and Stacy is left standing alone, looking a little worried.


JR:”I wonder what Randy Orton has in mind, King.”

King:”I don’t know, JR, but it’s now time for our World Tag Team Title match.”

JR:”And what a match it’s going to be. The World Tag Team Champions, La Resistance, who just won the titles last night, are defending the titles against the FORMER champions, William Regal And Tajiri.”

World Tag Team Titles- La Resistance© Versus William Regal/Tajiri

The match started out with Rob Conway and William Regal in the ring, going back and forth until Conway got the advantage and tagged Sylvan Grenier. Together, the Frenchman beat on Regal until the referee finally pulled Conway back into his corner. While the referee was distracted, Regal hit a low blow and tagged Tajiri, who cleaned house. However, Grenier fought back and began to beat on The Japanese Buzzsaw until Regal started to argue with the referee and Tajiri caught Sylvan with the green mist to a huge pop. However, with the referee’s back still turned, Rob Conway smashed his French flag over Tajiri’s head. Tajiri kicked out of the pin and then knocked both La Resistance members down, though, and began crawling to tag William Regal. When he finally got to his corner , though, Regal stepped off the apron and began walking backstage, causing complete confusion. Grenier then hit Tajiri with a DDT before pinning him for the three count.

Winners: La Resistance OR:76 CR:79 MQ:81

William Regal's turn was completed, and he is now a heel.

William Regal gained 4 points of overness from this turn.

JR:”What the hell?! Why did William Regal just walk away from his partner? Why, William, why?!”

King:”I personally think he made a good decision. Who wants a partner like Tajiri?”

JR:”If you don’t want some one as your partner, discuss it with the guy and split up the team fairly. Don’t turn your back on him in the middle of a title match!”


--Don’t hit on my girl, or I’ll hit on you. Literally.

As we come back from the break, Christy Hemme’s music plays and the woman who took on Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 21 walks out along with her trainer, Lita, to a mild pop. The two beautiful women walk to the ring, and Christy is given a microphone.

Christy:”Last night, as most of you probably know, I lost against Trish Stratus. I can admit that. I also can admit that, though I don’t like her attitude, Trish is a great wrestler. But I can assure you that this is not the last you’ll see of me. Trish, I want a rematch. And this time, I am going to beat you back to Toronto, you self centered bi--”

Suddenly, we hear the sound of an Arabian singing, and suddenly Muhammed Hassan’s music kicks up as he walks out with Khosrow Daivari to loud boo’s from the audience. Muhammed begins to speak as he walks down the ramp.

Muhammed:”As all of you know, I am not fond of most of the American population. But that is only because most of the American population are power hungry pigs, intent on making sure that Arab-Americans like myself do not become as successful as the rest of the people in America. But you two women in the ring…are much different.”

Muhammed gets into the ring, and Daivari translates his words to the two women in Arabian.

Muhammed:”You are pure of heart. Beautiful on the inside…and definitely beautiful on the outside. Men like myself would be very lucky to have women like you on our arms. And I think you, my dears, would be very lucky to be on the arms of the greatest athlete in the WWE.”

Christy:”Yes, we would. But where is he at, I wonder?”

The crowd pop, and Hassan’s grin falters a little but he presses on.

Muhammed:”Humor…I like that in a woman. But there will be no laughter later tonight…only screams of passion.”

Christy and Lita look at each other, and Daivari nudges Muhammed, grinning and saying something in Arabian.

Muhammed:”No, my friend, after I am done with them they will be much too tired for that.”

Daivari looks disappointed, and Christy and Lita look disgusted. Lita takes Christy’s microphone.

Lita:”Listen…I think you better just back off.”

Muhammed:”Why deny your attraction to me? I--”

Lita:”Really…I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Muhammed:”Oh, so you’re into that, huh? Very well, we can--”

Lita:”I’m serious, you better stop!”

Muhammed:”(Laughs) Ah, but you see--”

Suddenly, flames burst from the stage and Daivari humorously falls out of the ring as the monster known as KANE emerges from behind the curtain.

JR:”Good gawd almighty! From the fiery depths of hell, Kane is here!”

The Big Red Machine sprints down the aisle, and Muhammed Hassan throws off his turban as Kane slides into the ring. Hassan goes to hit the monster, but Kane catches his hand and twists it around, looking like he is going to break Hassan’s wrist. Kane then wraps his hand around the Arabian’s throat, and Chokeslams him to the mat!

JR:”Hassan just got choke slammed to hell by the monster!”

Kane is not done though, and Christy Hemme along with Lita watch as he picks up Muhammed and throws him to the outside of the ring. Daivari enters the ring with a steel chair, but to a pop Lita and Christy double drop kick it back into his face. Kane is still set on hurting Hassan, and he steps out of the ring before picking up Muhammed and military pressing him onto the crowd barricade. Kane then takes apart the steel stairs, and grabs Hassan before putting him into position for a tombstone.

JR:”Bah gawd, this could end Hassan’s career!”

King:”What are you talking about?! It could end his LIFE!”

Kane drops Hassan on his head with the maneuver his brother, The Undertaker, created and the crowd immediately start up a ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chant. Kane’s music then hits, as Lita and Christy join him on the outside of the ring. Together, they all walk to the back.


Muhammed Hassan gained 2 points of overness from this segment.


--It’s Your Fault

As we come back from the break, we see Triple H sitting on a black leather couch in his dressing room, fuming. Suddenly, Ric Flair comes in holding a cup of coffee.

Flair:”Here you go, champ, this’ll make ya feel better.”

HHH:”What’d you just say?”

Flair:”I said this’ll--”

HHH:”No…what did you call me?”


Suddenly, Flair goes wide eyed as Triple H stands up.

Flair:”Hey, I didn’t mean--”

HHH:”You know what, Ric? This is all your fault.”

Flair:”My fault? But cha--I mean Game, I didn’t--”

HHH:”Where the hell were you last night? You could’ve done something!”


HHH:”SHUT UP! You could’ve made sure that I came out of that match, STILL the World Heavyweight Champion.”

Flair:”Just like you could’ve saved me from getting the shit beaten out of me by Batista a couple of weeks ago?”

HHH:”I figured you could handle it, you--”

Flair:”Well, at Wrestlemania 21 I figured YOU could handle it.”

HHH:”Quit being a jackass, Ric. We--”

Flair:”I’m a jackass? I’M a jackass?! I’ve been watching out for you for what? Three years? I’ve been following your orders and helping you retain the title that you lost last night. And now you try to blame me for YOUR mistake? I’ve been telling you all along that you have to know when to step down and pass the torch to the future. Batista IS the future. But you just couldn’t pass the torch, could you Hunter? You just wanted to hold onto it until the flame died out. You’re a real piece of work.”

HHH:”Don’t get pissed at me, old man. I--”

Flair:”You know what…”

Flair suddenly smiles.

Flair:”Shut up.”

HHH:”WHAT did you just say to me?”

Flair:”I said SHUT UP! S-H-U-T-WOOO!-U-P! Find a new lackey, Hunter, ‘cause The Nature Boy has left the building!”

Flair throws the coffee cup he brought for HHH at the wall, and it smashes as Flair walks out of the room and slams the door. HHH screams in rage, looks around to find no one to yell at, and then sits back down, his head in his hands.


JR:”Folks, it looks like Ric Flair is done with The Game!”

King:”Things are just not going well for him, JR.”

JR:”No, but things ARE going well for Edge, who last night won the six man ‘Money In The Bank’ ladder match. And he now has a contract that allows him to face the World Heavyweight Champion at any time in the next year. But right now he is going to be facing Chris Benoit!”

Edge Versus Chris Benoit

Match started off with a good technical showcase, with Benoit locking Edge in a variety of submissions. Edge fought back, though, and started to play dirty, poking Benoit in the eyes and delivering low blows when the referee wasn’t looking. However, Benoit stayed in the match, nearly winning after locking Edge in the Crossface in the middle of the match. Finally, when it seemed both men were evenly matched, Edge caught Benoit with a Spear out of nowhere. However, Batista emerged from the back with his World Heavyweight title distracting Edge. This allowed Benoit to lock Edge in the Crippler Crossface in the middle of the ring. Not able to escape, Edge tapped out. Afterwards, Batista stood at the end of the ramp way smiling while Edge stayed in the ring, pulling his hair out and screaming in rage.

Winner: Chris Benoit OR:84 CR:87 MQ:79

JR:”Batista just cost Edge that match, King, and Edge is NOT happy about it!”

King:”Oh man. Batista is gonna get it next week.”

JR:”We’ll see about that, King, but folks, that’s all for tonight. For Jerry Lawler, I’m JR. Good night.”

End Of Show.

OR Show:82

We got a 5.92 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7540 people.

We made $301600 from ticket sales.

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Guest MrBenjamin

Nice show there, I really enjoyed it...I can see Flair facing Triple H in the future...I really dont think Benoit fits in the Intercontinental Number One Conteders Match...I mean, he can go for the Heavyweight...Regal's turn was a good thing as he's better as a heel...And the Edge and Batista feud should continue until Backlash...

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user posted image

Thursday 7th April 2005

Smackdown comes to you live this Thursday night and we are just 5 days after the biggest spectacle of them all, Wrestlemania 21, what will happen in the aftermatch of the biggest night of the year in the WWE.

Last sunday night John Cena defeated WWE Champion to become the first man in almost 10months to beat JBL for the belt.  What will the reaction be as Cena rides into Smackdown?  A celebration is in store for the newly crowned Champion, but will anyone want to crash the night of victory.  What will JBL's reaction be to the loss, and will he get a rematch straight away?

Also last sunday, Rey Mysterio turned on his friend Eddie Guerrero and cost them the WWE Tag Team Belts as the Bashams regained the titles once more.  This week Rey Mysterio walks straight into a title shot against new Cruiserweight Champion Paul London who defeated Chavo Guerrero.  Can Rey hit the 6-1-9 to capture the Cruiserweight belt once more?

Catch this incredible night of action only on Smackdown this Thursday night.

Featured Matches:

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Paul London © vs Rey Mysterio

Hardcore Holly / Charlie Haas vs Suzuki / Dupree

Funaki / Shannon Moore vs Akio / Spike Dudley

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7th April 2005

Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama

The opening credits roll before we are joined inside the arena as the camera scans around the audience before we hear our two Smackdown hosts, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: "Welcome everyone to Smackdown. Tazz, last sunday night we witnessed a spectacle, a moment in WWE History when John Cena did something that no one else has done in the past 9 months."

Tazz: "That's right Michael, John Cena walked in to a huge battle that I don't think anyone thought he stood a chance, but when he walked out, he walked out with the WWE Championship around his waist."

Cole: "It was a night full of shocks and great moments at Wrestlemania 21. Get this, not only did John Cena beat JBL for the title, but also on Raw, Batista beat the Game Triple H to win his first ever WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But, something else we need to talk about tonight Tazz, and that was the WWE Tag Team Championship match at Wrestlemania 21."

Tazz: "I know what your gonna talk about, and that is the moment when Rey Mysterio shocked the world as he turned on his partner Eddie Guerrero and cost them the WWE Championship Belts."

Cole: "Well we will have more about that later, but if you check the ring now it looks like we have a huge celebration in store, and that can only mean one thing!"

A Champion's Challenge

The music of John Cena hit around the arena, as the crowd went wild with excitement and out walked the new WWE Champion John Cena carrying his new belt. He stood at the top of the ramp and posed with the belt before he made his way down the ring and interacted with the fans on his way. He then climbed in the ring and climbed all four corners holding the title high. The ring was decked out with a red carpet, some balloons and party pieces which went off as Cena stood on the turnbuckle. The balloons rising up as some also came down from above into the fans area.

Cena: "The WWE Champ IS HERE! **HUGE POP** I don't think I heard you, I said the WWE CHAMPION IS HERE! **HUGE POP** That's more like it. Last Sunday, on the Greatest Stage in the World, John Cena did something that over the past 9 months no one else has been able to do. Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, The Big Show and even the Undertaker has been unable to achieve what I achieved last sunday. And that was beating JBL for the WWE Championship Belt. **POP** JBL guaranteed that he would walk out of Wrestlemania 21 with the title, but that didn't happen, JBL guaranteed that he would beat John Cena but that didn't happen, and JBL guaranteed that he would teach me a lesson, but the only lesson he learnt last night was that you can't take on The Chain Gang, am I right or what ??" **HUGE POP**

OR: 77%

Olympic Challenge

As Cena was still celebrating in the ring, 'Medals' hit around the arena and out walked Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. He made his way down the ramp to a chorus of 'You Suck' chants from the fans before climbing in and grabbing a mic.

Angle: "So here we are, and you know wherever I go all I hear is 'Did you hear about John Cena', 'What about that match between JBL and John Cena, what a classic', and of course, 'Isnt it great that Cena won the title at Wrestlemania 21'. **POP** But you know what pisses me off the most? Is that even though you may have won the belt last sunday, no one is talking about the Biggest Match on the night. No one is talking about the biggest achievement in the history of Wrestlemania's, and that was last sunday when I, Kurt Angle, defeated the self proclaimed Mr Wrestlemania Shawn Michaels. **HEAT** You can say what you want, but you all know that my match with Shawn Michaels was the greatest ever match in the history of this company. Not only did I beat Shawn, but I showed him that Kurt Angle was better than him, Kurt Angle is the greatest Athlete this company has seen, and what credit to I get for this? Nothing, zilch, zip, and that really gets my goat. And when I come back to Smackdown after the greatest moment in the history of my life, what do I find? I find not a celebration for my achievement in beating Shawn, not a celebration for beating one of the best Raw superstars on the night, but a celebration because some punk ass kid won the WWE Championship by beating JBL. **heat** Well let me tell you something Cena, you may have beat JBL last sunday, you may have the won that title you hold, but do you know why you are holding it? Your holding it because JBL never faced Kurt Angle one on one because he knew that just like everyone else in this company, they have no option but to tap out to the greatest Olympic Gold Medalist this country has ever seen. JBL was too scared to face me in this ring in singles competition, and the only reason I got beat by JBL back at The Royal Rumble was because that 500 pounds piece of crap called The Big Show didn't pull his weight, which isn't unusual for someone like him. Then at the Royal Rumble I was robbed of my spot at Wrestlemania 21 for the third straight year as the Main Event because of Shawn Michaels. Now Shawn Michaels is out of the picture, and even though you beat me at No Way Out to be that Number #1 Contender, I think as I am the only suitable candidate, and being that it was down to me and you for the Number #1 spot that I get the first chance to challenge you to a title match, STARTING TONIGHT!"

OR: 89%

Publicity, We Need Publicity!

The theme started up as out walked the GM of Smackdown Theodore Long smartly dressed in a striped suit. He stood at the top of the ramp holding a mic and getting ready to speak.

Theo: "Holla at ya Playa's, **pop** I was sat backstage listening to you Kurt, and your challenge to the New WWE Champion John Cena, and I think it's a great idea **POP** Kurt Angle vs John Cena for the WWE Championship Belt. **POP** BUT, not tonight, **heat** give me a chance playas, you see a match like this needs publicity, a match like this needs to be on the biggest stage of them all, which is why at Backlash just 3 weeks away we will see John Cena defend his title **POP** against Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. **POP** But tonight, I think Alabama deserves a taste of what to expect, so tonight in that ring we are gonna have a three on three match. It will consist of, Heidenreich, Luther Reigns and Kurt Angle, and they will be going up against the team of Booker T **pop**, Mark Jindrak, and WWE Champion John Cena **POP**. Now Holla, Holla, Holla if ya hear me!"

The theme to GM Theodore Long plays as he makes his way backstage as Kurt and Cena get in a staredown as we head to our first break of the night.

OR: 75%

Theodore Long gained overness from this segment.




Cole: "We're back and folks, what about the huge announcement just made moments ago. At Backlash it will be Kurt Angle facing John Cena for the WWE Championship."

Tazz: "That is gonna be one hell of a battle, we all saw the great match between them at No Way Out, but this time it will be one hundred times better as that WWE Belt is on the line!"

Cole: "Well, if you all saw Wrestlemania 21, then you will have seen this man coming down to the ring savagely beat his partner Eddie Guerrero and cost them the tag team belts."

Tazz: "The only reason I can think of this is what was being said to Mysterio by Chavo Guerrero, all that talking about how Eddie was only friends with Rey because he kept his enemies closer."

Cole: "Maybe that is the reason Tazz, but only one person knows and listen to this crowd and what they think of Rey Mysterio, the sound is deafening, and he is going up against new Cruiserweight Champion Paul London!"

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Rey Mysterio vs Paul London

This cruiserweight match kicked the show off in style, as two of the best were in action. Cruiserweight Champion Paul London held his own against Rey Mysterio who the fans seemed to hate now for turning on Eddie last sunday. The match was close fought with Mysterio doing some cheating to try and win the belt, but in the end, it came down to some interference. Mysterio had just hit the 6-1-9 on London, and was going to 'drop the dime' when Eddie Guerrero jumped from the through the crowd and over the barrier as he slid into the ring. As Mysterio came off the top rope, Eddie hit a huge right hand smashing into Mysterio's face. Eddie then climbed on top as he laid some more right hands to Mysterio who had his fists up trying to defend himself. Eddie then picked him up as he hit the Three Amigo's on Mysterio and climbed the turnbuckle for the Frog Splash but Mysterio slid out the ring. Mysterio tried making his way up the ramp but Eddie jumped out the ring and followed attacking him even more as they made their way up the ramp and then backstage.

Winners: No Contest (Via Interference)

OR: 83% CR: 72% MQ: 95%

Paul London gained overness from this match. The WWE Cruiserweight title has gained in image. Rey Mysterio is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.


The Raw Re-Bound

Footage aired next of Raw from Monday night, with footage of Benoit beating Edge after Batista interfered, Matt Hardy's return to the ring against Christian, Regal turning on Tajiri, and Ric Flair and Triple H falling out. It ended with a promo for this week's match, Batista vs Triple H and if HHH loses, he's fired!


An Injustice!

As Paul London is celebrating in the ring over his victory, JBL's theme started up and JBL and his cabinet made their way from backstage walking down instead of in their limo. They walked down, as JBL stood outside the ring and looked at Paul London in the ring stood wondering what was gonna happen. JBL took hold of a mic Orlando Jordan had grabbed, and began to speak.

JBL: "Listen to me Kid, you have 5 seconds to get out of that ring, and out of my sight!"

London stood still and begged JBL to get in the ring, but JBL just looked at his cabinet who jumped in the ring and started to team up three on one against Paul London, beating him to a pulp. They then shot him over the top rope and out of the ring next to JBL still stood outside. JBL put the mic down on the ring apron along with his hat and as Paul London started to get to his feet, JBL ran forward and hit a vicious Clothesline from Hell to the Cruiserweight Champion. Officials ran down to stop JBL causing any more damage as JBL stood over his victim and eventually climbed in the ring. Officials came down with a stretcher and carried Paul London away as JBL stood in the ring holding the mic.

JBL: "That is what you get when you mess with this Cabinet! **HEAT** I have come out here because of a wrestling injustice in this company. Last sunday I was robbed of my WWE Championship by nothing more than a PUNK! **HEAT** That's right, a two bit, runny nosed, piece of garbage that thought he was better than me. And now, when I arrive here, I find out not by our very own General Manager, but from some moron backstage who's only job is to make tea for the superstars that John Cena is already in a match that does not feature me. This is a digrace, that I, the greatest WWE Champion for the past 10 years who come here to demand a rematch for that belt has to hear that I am not gonna even get that, that I don't deserve it because some god damn bald eagled jackass has jumped the queue and demanded a match against John Cena. **POP** Well let me tell you something Theodore Long, you have not heard the last of this, JBL will do everything in his power to make sure that I am the next in line for that title shot. I AM A WRESTLING GOD, AND I DESERVE RESPECT!"

JBL dropped the mic and told his cabinet to all go, as he climbed out the ring and all four members made their way up the ramp and backstage as we headed to another break.

OR: 80%

Orlando Jordan gained overness from this segment.




Cole: "We are back, and just before the break we heard from the former WWE Champion JBL who, Tazz, has stated that an injustice has occured because he has not got his rematch against John Cena, and that Kurt Angle has jumped in line."

Tazz: "Well JBL wasn't happy about that decision Michael, and I think Theodore Long could be in for a tough ride"!

Cole: "We will hopefully hear from the GM soon on that speech by JBL, but we are heading back to the ring now for a match as Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas who are on a bit of a role in the ring will go up against Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree."

Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas vs Suzuki and Dupree

Holly and Haas took on the experienced team of Suzuki and Dupree. Holly and Suzuki kicked off with Holly dominating from the start, putting Suzuki down on numerous occasions and hitting some hard slaps in the corner. A tag to Haas allowed Suzuki to change it around and take control. Some right hands to Haas followed by a tag to Dupree kept them in control. Dupree got too cocky in one instant as he slammed Haas to the mat, and then did the French Tickler, but as he came off the ropes and for a leg drop Haas moved out the way and slowly made his way over to tag Holly back in as Dupree didn't make it to Suzuki in time. Suzuki came in anyway as Holly took on both men and cleaned house. Holly shot Suzuki over the top rope as Dupree came from behind with a kick to Holly. A shot to the ropes was reversed as Holly ducked and hit Dupree with a huge backdrop before he signalled for the finisher. He picked Dupree up for the Alabama Slam and was ready to hit it when Suzuki slid back in and kicked Holly which knocked both men down. Haas jumped back in the ring and took apart Suzuki as he started to clean the ring and then locked in the Haas of Pain on Dupree but the ref wouldnt call it as Holly was the legal man. Suzuki slid back in and broke it up before throwing Haas over the top rope and out, but turned to be met by Holly's clothesline sending him out. Dupree staggered to his feet and this time Holly was able to pick him up and hit the Alabama Slam for the finish as he covered and the ref called the pinfall. Holly and Haas celebrated in the ring as the crowd cheered on.

Winners: Hardcore Holly/Charlie Haas (pinfall)

OR: 71% CR: 67% MQ: 75%



After the match we find Theodore Long in his office as in bursts JBL and his Cabinet.

JBL: "Teddy, I wanna know what you are gonna do about this Injustice. I demand my rematch against John Cena tonight!"

Theo: "Listen Playa, you don't come bursting into my office and demand anything, ya hear me! Now as regards to your DEMAND for a match, your request is denied **POP** You see John Cena is competing tonight in a six man tag team match, so he can't be facing you as well."

JBL: "You made a huge mistake Teddy, A HUGE MISTAKE, let's get out of this stinking town!"

JBL and his Cabinet walked out slamming the door as they made their way down the corridor and into the parking lot as the gleaming white Limo with bullhorns was waiting. JBL stopped and looked back at Orlando Jordan and the Basham Bros.

JBL: "I WILL NOT, I REPEAT I WILL NOT be treated like this by that imbasile General Manager, and I will not be treated this way by that scum of an audience in this stinking town. I am a Wrestling GOD, I deserve RESPECT, and until I get that respect then this company will not see JBL. Now where the hell is our damn driver!"

The driver is nowhere to be seen as the Bashams check the front seat but no one is around.

JBL: "Well then he is FIRED. Orlando, you can drive, get me out of this rathole of a place."

JBL climbed into the back and the Bashams joined him as Orlando climbed in the front and started the car up. The car started to drive off towards the ramp area, as Orlando stops the car and starts beeping the horn as the camera looks around and sees a shadow in the distance over the entrance to the parking lot. Inside the car JBL dropped the front glass down.

JBL: "Why have you stopped, what is the problem now?"

Orlando: "Some idiot is stood in the entrance way."

JBL looks on through the glass as we still see a shadow stood in place.

JBL: "Run him down, just drive, if we hit him then that's his problem, the less people in this town the better the population, so DRIVE NOW!"

Orlando started to drive on and sped up as smoke started to pour around the shadowy figure, as the camera view switched to the camera down the ramp as we saw the White Limo drive through the smoke and out of sight, as we then have a view from outside as we see the Limo pull off down the road, as the camera swings around and we see once more the shadowy figure stood in the way.

OR: 85%


Cole: "What a shocking act by JBL and his Cabinet there."

Tazz: "Well JBL could have easily been arrested for a hit and run there, but the question has to be asked, who was stood in the way and how the hell did he disappear when they drove through that smoke?"

Cole: "I have no idea, but I'm sure we haven't heard the end of this, and who knows even if JBL will be back on SD, he claims he has been disrespected not only by these fans in Alabama but by Teddy Long as well."

Tazz: "The fans did give him a hard time Michael, you saw that. And Kurt Angle I guess nipped in and stole the match against John Cena even though JBL has a guaranteed rematch clause in his contract."

Cole: "Well let me tell you Tazz, I would be glad to see the back of JBL and his Cabinet, he has been nothing but arrogant since he won that title and I'm glad I tell you, I'm glad we have a new champion."

Tazz: "Well just don't let JBL here you say that."

Cole: "It's back to the ring now anyway for a Cruiserweight Tag Team Match."

Funaki and Shannon Moore vs Akio and Spike Dudley

This Cruiserweight match was fast and furious with Akio and Funaki standing out from the match. The match was short though and in the end it was Akio with a Corkscrew 450 Splash on Shannon Moore that picked up the victory in the match.

Winners: Akio/Spike Dudley (pinfall)

OR: 66% CR: 52% MQ: 80%




A video is aired next of new WWE Champion, and recalls his rise to stardom starting with footage of him as a kid to winning the belt at WM21.

OR: 76%


Cole: "Folks we're back for the final time, and we have a huge match up now in the form of a six man tag."

Tazz: "Well Michaels it all came because of what happened at the top of the night, Kurt Angle challenged John Cena the new WWE Champion to a match but our GM Theodore Long decided that should be a match fit for a pay per view, which is why tonight we have this six man tag!"

Cole: "That's right partner, it will be Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and the unpredictable Heidenreich, and they will be up against Booker T, Mark Jindrak and WWE Champion John Cena. Let's goto the ring for this match!"

Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, & Heidenreich vs John Cena, Mark Jindrak, & Booker T

All men came out individually as WWE Champion John Cena picked up the biggest pop of the night. Riegns and Jindrak kicked off this match, with the two going face to face at the start. Reigns pushed Jindrak in the face which upset him, as he did it once more which was one too many as Jindrak came back and hit a huge right hand knocking down Reigns, a cover almost got the immediate pin if it hadn't have been for Kurt Angle who jumped in and broke the count. Angle dragged Reigns to the corner and made a tag as he jumped in and started a beat down on Jindrak, while also looking at John Cena taunting him on the other side of the ring. Angle dominated Jindrak beating him down and signaling to Cena that the belt was his as he indicated a clock ticking down the minutes he has left as champ. But this was the mistake which cost Angle the momentum as Jindrak jumped to his feet and started a beat down on Angle, ending with a big backdrop. The two men slowly staggered over to their corners and Jindrak got a tag to Booker T as Heidenreich tagged himself in as these two men went at it, with Booker T taking the advantage. Booker T took it to Heidenreich and the two brawled around the ring before Angle and Reigns jumped in. But this got Jindrak and Cena to get involved with the crowd popping big time for John Cena going after Angle. The two let loose in the middle of the ring and Cena had the advantage as he knocked Angle to the outside. Cena got up and as Reigns turned he was met by a pick up from Cena and a FU on the big man. As Cena was posing in the ring giving a 'You Cant See Me' signal in front of a knocked out Reigns, Angle slid in from behind and with Booker and Jindrak brawling with Heidenreich outside the ring, Angle rolled up the WWE Champion John Cena from behind and grabbed a hold of the tights and the ropes to gain the advantage as the ref counted and awarded the victory to Kurt Angle as he made a quick exit out the ring. He was walking up the ramp with a sly grin on his face as Cena protested about the cheating but the ref didn't see anything.

Cole: "I don't believe it, Kurt Angle pins WWE Champion John Cena for the win, and it was a blatant grab of the tights and ropes that allowed him to pick up the win. This is not right, Cena is furious with this result and look at these two men staring each other down."

The show ended with John Cena and Kurt Angle staring each other down as the show came to a close.

Winners: Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns/Heidenreich (pinfall)

OR: 78% CR: 80% MQ: 74%


TV Rating: 6.16

Attendance: 7,026

Gate Receipts: $281040

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user posted image

9th April 2005

Mobile Civic Center, Mobile, Alabama

Chavo Guerrero def. Scotty 2 Hotty by pinfall

OR: 73% CR: 69% MQ: 78%

SD Rebound: Holly/Haas vs Kenzo/Dupree

OR: 71%

Dawn Marie def Michelle McCool by pinfall (holding tights)

OR: 47% CR: 63% MQ: 10%

Michelle McCool didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating.

SD Rebound: Mysterio / Eddie Guerrero

OR: 78%

Eddie Guerrero lost overness from this segment.

SD Rebound: Angle / Cena Confrontation

OR: 92%

Orlando Jordan vs Nunzio by pinfall

OR: 72% CR: 62% MQ: 82%


TV Rating: 4.45

Attendance: 7,026

Gate Receipts: $281040

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TAPED from Los Angeles, California

Video showing how Batista cost Edge his match with Chris Benoit on RAW.


Maven def. Steven Richards

OR:67 CR:65 MQ:70

Video hyping the Triple/Batista World Heavyweight title match which will happen on RAW.


Simon Dean interview, hyping his Simon System drink. Rosey interupts for an impromptu match.


Simon Dean def. Rosey by cheating

OR:68 CR:63 MQ:73

Shelton Benjamin def. Gene Snitsky

OR:67 CR:68 MQ:68

OR Show:54

We got a 4.31 rating for 'Heat'!

The attendance level was 7526 people.

We made $301040 from ticket sales.

(Note: This is how our Velocity/Heat results will be each week, as nothing really important happens on the shows anyway.)

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user posted image

Coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas, this episode of RAW is sure to be a great one!

Last week, Eric Bischoff signed a match for the week's RAW in which Batista will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against The Game, Triple H. However, if Triple H loses he is FIRED. Will The Cerebral Assasin keep his job?

The General Manager also has signed a four corners match to take place this week, in which Matt Hardy, Christian, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit will all compete. The winner will go on to face Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship on April 24'th at Backlash!

Also, last week Kane almost ended Muhammed Hassan's career after Hassan hit on Kane's wife, Lita. Hassan will not be there in Las Vegas, but his manager known as Khosrow Daivari will. Will Daivari have something up his sleeve to get revenge on The Big Red Machine?

Confirmed Matches

-World Heavyweight Championship, You're Fired Match: Batista© Versus Triple H

-Winner Faces The Intercontinental Champion at Backlash: Christian Versus Chris Benoit Versus Chris Jericho Versus Matt Hardy

-Molly Holly Versus Lita

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Note: William Regal has been injured, and will be out for a month. I had a feud brewing for Regal and Tajiri after Regal turned last week, but now that's messed up. Also, I couldn't fit all my segments into EWR so that's why the first segment doesn't have a rating. Enjoy the show. :D




LIVE from the Thomas And Mack Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada

As the show opens, we get a shot of Eric Bischoff in his office. Beside him is The Coach. They seem to be in the middle of a conversation.

Bischoff:”So what I want you to do, is find out if Edge is going to use his number one contender contract to face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash. And I need to find out quick, Coach. Over on Smackdown, Teddy Long has already announced that John Cena will be defending the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle at Backlash. And now, people are already looking forward to Smackdown’s side of the show more than RAW’s. I can’t have that, Coach. I just can’t have that. We need to get a main event set as soon as possible.”

Coach:”I understand, Mr. Bischoff. I’ll get right to work on that. But, uh, what if Edge doesn’t make a decision?”

Bischoff sighs, and rubs his forehead before looking back at Coach.

Bischoff:”Then I guess we’ll have to improvise.”

Suddenly, none other than Shawn Michaels bursts into the office to cheers from the live crowd.

Bischoff:”Excuse me, Shawn, but what right do you have to bust into my office like this?!”

Michaels:”Bischoff, listen. At Wrestlemania 21, when Kurt Angle beat me in the middle of the ring, I realized something. I’m fading out. HBK is getting a little old. H--”

Coach:”*Laughing* You just noticed that?”

Michaels:”That’s why I want a World Heavyweight Title shot at Backlash. I want to see whether or not I can still hang with young guys like Batista. Give me that chance, Eric, please.”

Bischoff:”As much as I love to see the great HBK beg, the answer is no. And the reason is quite simple. Edge still holds the contract that states he can face the World Heavyweight Champion at any time in the next year. And being that it is very likely that he will use that contract to face Batista at Backlash, I can’t give you a shot, Shawn.”

Michaels:”So…wait a minute. You’re gonna give the shot to some punk kid, instead of The Showstopper?”

Bischoff:”It really isn’t my decision, Shawn. Now, if for some reason Edge did not use his contract to face Batista at Backlash, then I might consider it but--”

Michaels:”That’s all I needed to hear.”

HBK smiles and walks out of the room as Bischoff sighs. The Coach comes up beside him, and puts his hand on his shoulder. Slowly, Bischoff turns and stares at Coach, who keeps staring out into space before finally snapping out of it when Eric loudly coughs.

Coach:”Oh…right. I’ll get to work on that Edge situation, sir.”

Bischoff:”Thank you.”

Coach walks out of the room, leaving the general manager alone in his office.

‘Across The Nation’ begins to play as the introduction video for RAW is shown. We then cut to a shot of the LIVE arena, where pyro explodes from the stage. We then pan around to look at the fans, catching glimpses of signs such as ‘Game Over’ and ‘Goodbye Trips’.

JR:”Welcome to Monday Night RAW! We are coming to you live from the Thomas and Mack Center, here in Las Vegas, Nevada!”

King:”And man it’s great to be here, JR. Did you see the women that walk around in this city?!”

JR:”I’m a married man, King.”

King:”Sure, but you know what they say. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Ha ha!”

JR:”Well in any event, tonight Triple H will be challenging the man who beat him at Wrestlemania, Batista, for the World Heavyweight Championship. And if he loses, he’s fired!”

King:”What would RAW be without The Game?”

JR:”Much better than it would be if he stayed, in my opinion. But anyway, tonight we will also see four great athletes in the same ring at the same time. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian, and Matt Hardy will all be competing in a four corners match-up, and the winner will go to Backlash to face Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship.”

King:”And don’t forget, JR, we may very well find out tonight if Edge will challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash.”

JR:”That’s right, King, but from what we saw moments ago it looks as if Shawn Michaels is ALSO looking to face Batista at Backlash. But right now we are going to see two of the greatest female athletes in the WWE, Molly Holly and Lita, square off in the first match of the night.”

King:”Speaking of Lita, did you see what happened last week here on RAW, JR?”

JR:”If you’re referring to the incident involving Muhammed Hassan, then yes.”

King:”I’ll tell ya, if Lita can’t beat you up then her husband can.”

JR:”For those of you who missed last week’s RAW, take a look at what we’re talking about.”

*Taken from WWE RAW; 4.4.05*

Lita:”Listen…I think you better just back off.”

Muhammed:”Why deny your attraction to me? I--”

Lita:”Really…I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Muhammed:”Oh, so you’re into that, huh? Very well, we can--”

Lita:”I’m serious, you better stop!”

Muhammed:”(Laughs) Ah, but you see--”

Suddenly, flames burst from the stage and Daivari humorously falls out of the ring as the monster known as KANE emerges from behind the curtain.

JR:”Good gawd almighty! From the fiery depths of hell, Kane is here!”

The Big Red Machine sprints down the aisle, and Muhammed Hassan throws off his turban as Kane slides into the ring. Hassan goes to hit the monster, but Kane catches his hand and twists it around, looking like he is going to break Hassan’s wrist. Kane then wraps his hand around the Arabian’s throat, and Chokeslams him to the mat!

JR:”Hassan just got choke slammed to hell by the monster!”

Kane is not done though, and Christy Hemme along with Lita watch as he picks up Muhammed and throws him to the outside of the ring. Daivari enters the ring with a steel chair, but to a pop Lita and Christy double drop kick it back into his face. Kane is still set on hurting Hassan, and he steps out of the ring before picking up Muhammed and military pressing him onto the crowd barricade. Kane then takes apart the steel stairs, and grabs Hassan before putting him into position for a tombstone.

JR:”Bah gawd, this could end Hassan’s career!”

King:”What are you talking about?! It could end his LIFE!”

Kane drops Hassan on his head with the maneuver his brother, The Undertaker, created and the crowd immediately start up a ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chant. Kane’s music then hits, as Lita and Christy join him on the outside of the ring. Together, they all walk to the back.

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Thursday 14th April 2005

Smackdown comes to you live this Thursday night and after what took place last week, what will be in store this week on the show?

Last week JBL and his Cabinet walked out on the Smackdown audience and GM Theodore Long claiming he wasn't given respect by either the fans or the GM.  When he left he almost ran down some mysterious person stood in the entrance way, just who was this man and will there be repurcussions this week?  More importantly,  will JBL arrive this week or stick to his promise of not coming back until things change?  From what we understand Theodore Long has asked him to come this week for a meeting.

Eddie Guerrero almost got his hands on Rey Mysterio last week, but this week he has to have his head in the game as he takes on Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.  Can Eddie be focused enough or will Rey Mysterio be still on his mind?  And can Kurt focus on Eddie, or will he be thinking about his huge match against WWE Champion John Cena at Backlash already?

WWE Champion John Cena will be going one on one against Rey Mysterio in a defence of his title.  Mysterio is now a changed man after attacking Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania 21, and with a mean streak in the 6-1-9 superstar, can he take down the Doctor of Thuganomics for a shocking win?

All this plus The Big Show and Carlito 'Caribbean' Cool will be in the house, and what is scheduled to be a shocking show which is sure to send shockwaves throughout the Smackdown roster.

Catch this unbelievable night of action only on Smackdown this Thursday night.

Featured Matches:

WWE  Championship:

John Cena © vs Rey Mysterio

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan © vs Mark Jindrak

Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero

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14th April 2005

Live from All State Arena, Rosemont, Illinois.

Cabinet Returns?

Backstage before the show opens, we see JBL's large white limo with bullhorns on arrive at the arena, it pulls up into the parking lot and stops, as the driver gets out and goes around to open the backdoor as out steps the Secretary's of Defence and Tag Team Champions The Basham Bros. They look around before out steps WWE United States Champion Orlando Jordan and former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL has a toothy grin expression on his face as they make their way into the arena as we head to the start of the show.

The opening credits roll before we are joined inside the arena as the camera scans around the audience and we hear our two Smackdown hosts, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: "Welcome everyone to Smackdown. What a night we have for you, and Tazz we first have to talk about what happened earlier today as we saw before the show started, and that was the arrival of JBL and his cabinet, just one week after he stated himself that he would not be back on Smackdown."

Tazz: "That's right Michael, Last week he did say that Theodore Long and the fans didn't give him the respect he deserved and he never got his title match, so who knows why he has returned tonight, maybe Theodore Long knows why?"

Cole: "Well last week it was a night to forget for both Eddie Guerrero and John Cena, as Cena got pinned by his opponent at Backlash Kurt Angle, and Eddie Guerrero almost got his hands on Rey Mysterio but he just about got away."

Tazz: "But what about the two huge matches made for tonight? Eddie Guerrero will go one on one with Kurt Angle, and get this, John Cena will be defending his WWE Championship belt against none other than Rey Mysterio, I can't wait for that rocketbuster of a match."

Cole: "I'm with you on that one Tazz, but as you said Eddie Guerrero will take on Kurt Angle, and folks, that will be kicking the show off right now, what a way to start the evening!"

Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle

These two superstars went at it with Kurt Angle dominating from the start. The two took this match to the limit with Eddie almost getting a close pinfall with a roll up from behind, but Angle got a hold of the rope just in time to stop the count. Eddie thought he had won but the ref informed him of the match still ongoing, as Kurt hit a Angle Slam from behind as Eddie was out. Kurt was slow in getting to the cover though as Eddie kicked out to the disgust of Kurt. Kurt dropped his straps from his shoulders and screamed out as he grabbed Eddie's foot and locked in an Ankle Lock. Eddie screamed out in pain as Kurt locked it on more, but after a few moments, Eddie reversed it and pushed Kurt out the way, but he crashed into the ref and knocked him out. Eddie got to his feet although hobbling about, but he was able to hit the Three Amigo's on Kurt before climbing to the top rope and hitting a Five Star Frogsplash. He rolled on for the cover, as the ref made a slow count after recovering and on the 2 count, the ref got pulled out by Rey Mysterio before he slid in the ring and attacked Eddie. He started a beat down on Eddie before Kurt recovered and joined in. The two put some punches and kicks to Eddie before Angle held Eddie in place at the ropes, and Rey Mysterio came off with a 6-1-9 that knocked Eddie out. Kurt and Mysterio celebrated over a beaten Eddie as the ref checked on him as we headed to our first break.

Winners: No Contest (Via Interference)

OR: 86% CR: 90% MQ: 80%

Rey Mysterio is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.


I Want Him Tonight!

When we return we are shown footage of what happened during the break. We find Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio making their way backstage when suddenly John Cena starts to assault Kurt Angle knocking him to the floor and attacking him with punches before security rush in and pull Cena off Angle as GM Theodore Long makes his way to the scene.

Theo: "What the hell is going on here playas? John Cena I might have known, listen playa, you can't just go around assaulting anyone you want, especially on my show, ya hear me?"

Cena: "You listen to me Teddy, I want Kurt Angle, and I want him tonight, I don't care what kind of match or even if my belt is on the line, but TONIGHT TEDDY!"

Angle: "Anytime Cena, Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, your mine, you hear me, YOUR MINE CENA!"

Theo: "That ain't gonna happen Dawg, you see a match like that can only be made for a pay per view like I told you last week. So your request to face Kurt Angle tonight has been declined. Besides, tonight you are facing Rey Mysterio for the title, now I suggest you go back to your locker room and calm down, in fact, to make sure of no more incidents, I am gonna have security posted outside your locker room until your match is on, now believe dat! And as for you Kurt, your match is over with tonight, so I want you to get your belongings and leave the arena so nothing else happens. And if I find either of you doing anything like this again, then the two of you will be up before the board of directors quicker than you can say my name, YA HEAR ME, NOW GO BOTH OF YOU!"

Cena: "You made a huge mistake Teddy, a huge mistake, this ain't over, not by a long shot! Kurt, I'll be seeing you around!"

Angle: "Just bring it Cena, anytime!"

Cena and Angle are both directed into opposite directions by security staff as Theodore Long stands for a moment before putting his head in his face and shaking it.

OR: 89%

Cole: "Tazz, I can't believe the things that just took place backstage!"

Tazz: "Both John Cena and Kurt Angle looked to be close to the edge, and let me tell you I wouldn't wanna be anywhere near them when they collide again. This could have repurcussions, if I were Theodore Long, I'd have these two superstars off the show until Backlash because who knows what could happen!"

Cole: "Well, hopefully that will be the end of that, but folks coming up now we have the United States Championship on the line as Orlando Jordan will go up against Mark Jindrak!"

WWE United States Championship:

Orlando Jordan © vs Mark Jindrak

The US title on the line in this match as Orlando Jordan almost lost the belt on his first defence of it. Mark Jindrak pulled off a high flying dropkick which should have got the pinfall but Orlando just kicked out. JBL came down to the ring as the match continued, and at one stage as Orlando distracted the ref JBL hit a huge clothesline from hell on Jindrak on the outside of the ring, before he pushed him back in for Orlando to make the cover and pick up the pinfall to defend his belt succesfully.

Winners: Orlando Jordan (pinfall)

OR: 64% CR: 56% MQ: 72%

Orlando Jordan gained overness from this match. This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them. The WWE United States title has lost image.

Raw Rebound?

Footage aired next of Raw, featuring moments from Kane being attacked by Jim Cornette, Christian winning the four corners match, and it ended with clips from Batista beating Triple H as he made his way from the ring to a chorus of approval from the Superstars and the Fans.


Cole: "We are back once more everyone, and JBL and Orlando Jordan are still stood in the ring after JBL cost Mark Jindrak the match just before the break."

Tazz: "Maybe we will finally find out just why JBL has returned tonight!"

An Apology In The Bag?

As we return JBL is still stood in the ring along with Orlando Jordan. He stands there holding a mic as he gets ready to speak.

JBL: "Last week I was not only direspected by the useless people of Alabama, which I expected from an in-breeding community. I was also disrespected by the General Manager Theodore Long. Now I stated to everyone that I would no longer be seen on Smackdown until things change, and the only reason I have turned up tonight, is because I received a phone call from Theodore during the week telling me he had something to say to me this week, and he requested that I show up so he could talk to me face to face, man to man. Now I know what this is all about, and so does everyone else, Theodore Long has eventually realised that I am a Wrestling God, and that I was robbed at Wrestlemania 21 by John Cena **POP** So Teddy, why don't you come out here and do the right thing, do the thing you said you would do and come out here face to face and get down on your knees and apologise and beg for my forgiveness and ask for me to return to Smackdown."

Theodore Long's music hit as he made his way out from backstage holding a mic, he walked down the ramp and climbed inside as JBL had a sly grin on his face as he is getting what he wanted.

Theo: "JBL, when I contacted you during the week, I never said anything about getting down on my knees and begging for your forgiveness. In fact, I never even told you I was gonna apologise to you for what happened last week."

JBL looked at Theodore Long and started to get mad.

JBL: "You told me you wanted me to come here this week, you told me that you had something to tell me, and the only thing you can tell me is that you are sorry for what you did last week. Now if you aren't gonna apologise then I will just leave like I did last week."

Theo: "JBL, before you go anywhere, there was a reason I called you out here. It wasn't to apologise but in fact, after last week's Smackdown, as I was clearing my desk I found something that may be of interest to you. It was a videotape that I discovered on my desk, now I have watched this video and it is a personal message for you JBL."

JBL: "Personal message for me, what the hell are you talking about? I don't care what is on it, I'm out of here."

JBL and Orlando start to get out the ring and walk up the ramp until they are stopped as Theodore speaks again.

Theo: "Wait up JBL, I think you are gonna wanna see this, you see it is regards to your act last week. You see, not only did you upset the Smackdown audience, and not only did you upset me, but you made the biggest mistake of your career when you upset someone else. Roll the footage."

Some footage airs on the titantron as the film shows moments from last week's Smackdown. We see JBL's white limo drive at someone at the entrance way as it speeds up and through some smoke and disappears before we see the shadowy figure return to the same position, unhurt.

The footage stops, as JBL looks around wondering what is the problem.

Theo: "JBL, that person you almost ran over has a personal message they would like to discuss with you, but I don't think I'll show you the message they left on the video, but in fact, FACE TO FACE!"

The lights go out as the three bell toll sounds and the smoke pours from the ramp area as The Deadman himself, The Undertaker walked out from backstage. JBL and Orlando stood in shock as they looked up ahead at the Undertaker watching them. The Undertaker started to slowly walk down the entrance way to the ring as JBL and Orlando ran to the ring and inside, as Theodore Long climbed out and stepped around the side getting out of the way. JBL and Orlando stood in the ring as The Undertaker reached the ring area and made his way slowly up the steps, he stopped as he raised his arms and the lights came back on as he then climbed inside the ring and looked at both JBL and Orlando stood scared in the corner. The Undertaker then removed his long black leather coat, and followed by his hat as the white eyes showed over the hat as he removed it. JBL didn't know what to do until he pushed Orlando at Taker and slid out the ring. The Undertaker grabbed Orlando by the throat. Looking at JBL at the same time, he lifted Orlando up and chokeslammed him. The Undertaker signalled a cut throat at JBL as he picked up Orlando and turned around and placing him ready for a Tombstone. But as he did this, JBL pushed the announcer, Tony Chimel, out of the way and grabbed his chair as he slid in the ring. With his back turned to JBL, The Undertaker was getting ready to destroy Orlando when JBL smashed the chair against the back of The Undertaker. Taker dropped down to the mat allowing Orlando to break loose, as JBL grabbed hold of Orlando and moved out of the ring as he dragged a groggy Orlando up the ramp area. JBL kept glancing back but Undertaker was down and out as he helped Orlando up to the top of the ramp. Suddenly a chime bell sounded around the arena, and JBL turned slowly as he looked back at the ring and The Undertaker raised up as he turned his head towards JBL and snarled at him before standing up and looking directly at JBL as Orlando was almost laying on the ground.

OR: 89%

Return To Action Playa!

As the two men are in a staredown, we are taken backstage where GM Theodore Long is making his way back to his office, he goes inside and finds Carlito stood there with his arm in a sling still.

Theo: "Carlito, finally you turn up. Listen Playa, when I tell you to be here at a specific time, you be here, ya hear me!"

Carlito: "Calm down, Carlito is here now. So what you want, and it had better be cool, no more sweeping up snow, no more trying to get answers from superstars, and no more cleaning the toilets like you did with Carlito several weeks ago."

Theo: "That's not why I called you hear, ya see Carlito, I have had a phone call from the WWE Doctor, and he has informed me that your shoulder injury has cleared up and you are now available to return to action playa!"

Carlito: "Action, Action, what are you talking about Teddy, Carlito is still injured can't you see."

Theo: "I'm sick of your lying Carlito, according to the doctors, you are now available for action, and that is why you are in a match next."

Carlito: "You can't do that, I'm not dressed, I don't have my wrestling gear, Carlito is still not fully fit, are you not listening to Carlito!"

Theo: "No I'm not, but you had better hurry up and get to that ring, because if you don't take part tonight, then I will take it to the board of directors that you, Carlito, are refusing to take part on Smackdown and will ask for your firing, believe dat!"

Carlito: "This isn't fair, how am I supposed to wrestle with my arm in a sling still eh? This isn't cool Teddy."

Theo: "Maybe not for you Carlito, but your opponent can't wait. You see tonight, in your first match back in the ring, your opponent is, THE BIG SHOW, now believe dat playa!"

Carlito stands in shock at the announcement of his opponent.

Carlito: "You haven't the right to do this, Teddy, you are a disgrace to this job, and a disgrace to the Smackdown roster, and Carlito is gonna do something about it."

Carlito storms off mumbling in his own language as Theodore Long stands there smiling at the match he made.

OR: 69%

Cole: "How about that match made just a moment ago by our GM, it will be The Big Show taking on Carlito in the ring."

Tazz: "Well according to the doctors records Carlito is fit to go back to action, although he is claiming that he is not fully fit yet, and I have to agree with him, he hasn't trained for a while now and only time will tell if he is ready for this 500lbs giant.!"

The Big Show vs Carlito 'Caribbean' Cool

The Big Show was waiting in the ring for Carlito who came out to some heat from the fans, and his arm still in a sling. He was mumbling on his way down about how Theodore Long shouldnt have allowed this to happen as he is still injured. He paced around the ring as Big Show was asking him to get in the ring. Show eventually had enough as he climbed out the ring and walked after Carlito who was running around the ring trying to keep away. Carlito slid in the ring and Show followed him. Carlito moved to the corner, covering his face as he cowered there hoping Show wouldn't hurt him. Show moved over, and raised his arm in the air screaming into Carlito's face who looked in fear for his life. Carlito started to get down on his knees and beg for his life, as Show smiled. Show turned around and walked a step away, as from behind Carlito took his sling off and we saw a small Iron bar he had hidden inside. He took a hold with both of his good hands and smashes it against Show's leg who collapses to the ground in agony holding his leg. Show screamed out as Carlito smiled in one of his trademark cheesy grins at his handywork. Show started getting upset and still in agony he slowly started to get to his knees. Carlito looked on worried as Show was slowly getting up, until he moved forward and smashed the Iron bar against Show's head who crashed down and laid unconciouss on the ground. Carlito smiled once more realising he had finally finished off the Big Show as the fans gave their views on him.

Winners: The Big Show (Via Disqualification)

OR: 64% CR: 56% MQ: 72%

Cole: "Carlito gets away with a brutal shot to Big Show, but he has now angered a giant."

Tazz: "I think everyone knows you don't upset The Big Show, and after what just took place Carlito will be lucky to survive any backlash now!"

Cole: "Well everyone, coming up after the break we have our huge main event, the WWE Champion John Cena will be defending his title against Rey Mysterio, and it's up next!"

Main Event Tonight!

A clip is aired to advertise tonights Main Event of WWE Champion John Cena taking on Rey Mysterio.

OR: 77%


Kicked Out?

As we return from the break we find Eddie Guerrero storming throughout the arena smashing in doors and checking every room shouting out Rey Mysterio's name. Suddenly Theodore Long appears and blocks him with some security.

Theo: "Eddie, EDDIE. What you playing at?"

Eddie: "What am I playing at? I'm search for that son of a bitch who attacked me earlier tonight. What you think I'm doing!"

Theo: "Well listen playa, I can't allow you to jeopardise my Main Event next, so I have no choice Eddie but to get you escorted from the arena. Security, I would like you to follow Mr Guerrero and escort him to his locker room to pick up his belonings, and then take him out of the arena, and don't allow him back in!"

Eddie: "Listen Essai, I'm not the problem here, you can let me stay, I promise not to get involved in tonights match."

Theo: "I don't believe you Eddie, in fact I know you will get involved and I can't have that take place. I know all about your lying and cheating, and I am not gonna stand for it anymore. So Eddie I suggest you do as I say, or otherwise you will be suspended from action, effect immediately, BELIEVE DAT!"

Eddie looks digruntled as he stares face to face at Theo.

Eddie: "Fine, I'll go Essai, but when I get my hands on Mysterio, not even you are gonna stand in my way!"

Eddie then walks off towards his locker room followed by security as Theodore Long looks in the air waving his hands wondering what is going on tonight with everyone.

OR: 81%

Theodore Long gained overness from this segment.

Cole: "Eddie Guerrero has been kicked out of the arena Tazz."

Tazz: "Theodore Long knows all about Eddie's tricks of the trade, and he knew that if he left him in the arena, there was a very good chance of him getting involved in this next match!"

Cole: "Folks, it's now time for our Main Event, a match everyone has been waiting for all night, and you can only catch it live on Smackdonwn, let's goto the ring!"

WWE Championship:

John Cena © vs Rey Mysterio

John Cena made his first title defence against Rey Mysterio. Mysterio used his pace to keep the advantage throughout the match and got some close pinfalls but couldn't get the three count. The match went back and forth for some time, with Cena hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Mysterio that almost finished it off, but Mysterio kicked out. The ending came as Mysterio knocked Cena to the middle rope, and was all set for the 6-1-9 as he ran to the ropes and came through to hit Cena. Unfortunately for Mysterio, Cena was ready, as he his legs came through he ducked it and was somehow able to grab a hold of Mysterio and lifted him through the ropes. Due to the lightweight superstar, Cena was able to lift him into position in one easy move. And seconds later it was all over as Cena hit the F-U on Mysterio and covered for the victory and title defence. Cena celebrated as he climbed out the ring and climbed in with the crowd, as suddenly from through the crowd at the other end appeared Eddie Guerrero who jumped over the barrier and into the ring. He started to immediately attack Mysterio and put a beat down to the cruiserweight. Eddie continued attacking Mysterio before a few referee's came running down and was able to block him from doing anymore damage before Michael Cole came over with an announcement.

Winners: John Cena (pinfall)

OR: 82% CR: 86% MQ: 76%

Cole: "John cena picks up the win, and Eddie Guerrero has taken some sort of revenge on Mysterio, but folks we are hearing something has taken place backstage, we believe we have a camera standing by."

Just Another Victim?

As John cena is celebrating in the ring, the titantron comes on as we see officials running down a corridor and around the corner as we see some more officials stood around someone lying on the floor. The camera moves in as we get to see none other than GM Theodore Long lying on the floor, blood coming from near his head as he lies there unconciouss.

Cole: "Oh my word, our GM Theodore Long looks like he has been viciously assaulted backstage, who has done this horrendous crime, who could have done this to Long?"

The officials are calling for medical to arrive immediately as the scene comes to a close and blacks out to a WWE logo.

OR: 67%


TV Rating: 6.10

Attendance: 7,040

Gate Receipts: $281600

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Raw Thoughts

ok, just so you know these are written as I read the show just to try and get across the feeling that I get as I read it. So, if I saw an unexplained segment makes no sense, that might be because you explain it later on in the show.

Opening Bischoff, HBK, Coach thing. I liked it. Good to see that Edge is still getting talked about after Wrestlemania and there's no stalling on his push after winning the six man. I was a bit unsure of HBK's reasoning with Bischoff, "I just lost a match, and I think I'm getting old, so can I have a title shot?" right after Bischoff is saying he needs to make sure the Raw half of Backlash matches up to Smackdown's. That said Bischoff didn't give him the shot so, I'm happy with that. I liked the little Coach putting his hand on Bischoff's shoulder at the end. I could really picture Bischoff turning round and the look he'd have had on his face. The only other thing I had slight reservations with is the idea that HBK might go after Edge. Edge Vs HBK has been done enough already but I'll see where you go with it

JR & the King's little intro to the show. A couple of things that they mentioned. Well one mainly. Batista Vs HHH and HHH is fired if he loses. I don't want the belt back on HHH after it's been such a mission to get it back off him, but I'll be really interested if you do have him lose to see where you go with the firing angle as it's going to be a very difficult one to pull off. I'd love to see him gone, trust me, but I'm unsure how you could make it work.

Lita Vs Molly. Ok, really sorry but I have no interest in women's wrestilng. It's not your fault you've been lumbered with a women's division but evne the best WWE women's wrestlers work matches no better than Billy Gunn. What you did with lita and molly did its job though i guess.

The HHH, fans and Whippleman segment. I liked it. What the fans said, I could really imagine getting under HHH's skin that much. He's obviously having problems with Batista becoming the next big thing and that really came across. Whippleman covered in hot coffee is always funny too ;)

The Lawler cheap Pizza Hut plug made me chuckle. amusing.

Masters Vs Rosey. Did it's job. A squash match isn't meant to be special, but this did what it was meant to. Made Masters look like a prospect.

Michaels attacking Edge made perfect sense in terms of where you're going with it. I'm not sure I like the idea of HBK Vs Edge again at some point, at least not yet. If you go with HBK Vs Batista that could work ok and would be fresh but I'll be disappointed if Edge doesn't get a title shot somewhere down the line, even if you have to build him up to it a bit more so he's a credible enough threat.

The coach bischoff segment, intriguing. I want to know what Bischoff's up to. nothing more I can say until I know what he's doing.

The IC contenders four way. I liked you having Christian going over. Will be good to see him get a decent push. I'd have preferred the match to be a bit longer. Not because I'm a fan of long essay style match write ups, believe me I'm not, but I always feel that when you have a match like that, where the four guys basically rely on their in ring product to put on something good it could do with being just a little bit longer and telling a bit more of a story in the ring.

Bischoff announcement about Edge. You surprised me with that and now, if he chooses HBK, I don't mind the prospect of another match between the two. I'm glad you added in him getting two title shots. Fighting batista for the belt, or fighing shawn michaels for a shot at the belt doesn't seem like much of a decision. but if he still has that second shot in the bag then that makes it a much more even playing field. he can go after hbk and settle that score once and for all, and still know he has a title shot no matter what. plus another win over HBK on ppv will help build edge as a more credible challenger too.

Bischoff's announcement of Kane Vs Daivari, I liked the way it was done. I could imagine the horrified look on Daivari's face when Bischoff told him about it.

Daivari using the mace was fine but my only question with that is this. If Daivari had no idea he was being put into a match with Kane, why did he have a can of mace? Does he carry it around with him all the time just in case? The match itself did its job. It built things more between Kane, Daivari and Hassan, and added Cornette into the mix which should be interesting if you can get his character right. Having him hit someone with a tennis racket and then run away scared wasn't a bad start in that respect.

Batista and Flair segment. I thought you portrayed Flair's current character quite well to be honest. I liked him spurring on Tista with all the "I believe in you" stuff. Was nice. I just have a horrible gut feeling Flair's swerving us all and is going to cost Batista the match. Please don't do it.

Ahhh, just had a thougth in between reading that bit and getting to the main event. Just me thinking out loud but if Flair were to swerve and help HHH, but HHH were still to lose, HHH would be gone and Flair would basically have nobody to back him up against Batista who he'd just screwed. That would be fun.

Ok now, the main event. Batista won. I'm happy about that. Normally I'd say having a guy you're trying to make look like a monster kicking out of their opponents finisher twice is a good way to do it. It's just that the thought of HHH jobbing, and not even looking that impressive, and having his finisher kicked out of twice. It's just a bit too much all in one match for me. I'd love to see it, but it just sounds more like someone they're trying to job out, rather than a guy who is the boss's son in law. Tista won though, HHH is gone? what happens next?

Lmao off, that last segment was realyl really funny. Honestly, I loved it. Again it made HHH look too weak and too ridiculous for me to buy him actually going for it but it was hilariously good. I could picture it all in my head, and the idea of most of the roster being out there in protest was great. I just, I dunno, I have reservations as to HHH being squashed like this on tv, not because i don't want it to happen, just because it's hard to imagine how it could. I know you've said he's not actually fired, which is fine, but it's just made him look really weak. I wonder what you'd have had to promise him to get him to agree to it all. What are the plans for him next and where does he go from here? I'm intrigued to see where it goes.

All in all a really solid show that I thoroughly enjoyed. A few things I was a bit unsure about, as mentioned, but a lot of things I liked too. For the most part I thought it worked well and I liked it.

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Smackdown Thoughts

I know it was only a tiny thing but seeing the guys pull up in the limo at the start it just made me realise that JBL is now the only cabinet member who isn't a champion. That can't sit well with him at all.

Eddie Vs Kurt. When it is the opener of a show you just know it's not going to have a clean finish. Not that I'm pretending I wanted it to. With everything that's going on for those guys right now you'd have expected some sort of interference. Eddie getting beaten up by Rey and Angle made sense and heaped heat on Rey quite nicely. I liked it.

Cena, Angle segment. I thought Long was portrayed really well, could really hear his voice in my head as I was reading it. The mechanics of the segment worked well I thought. Angle now being sent home, Cena having security outside his door til the main event. And we've still got Cena Vs Rey later on. I thought it all worked really nicely. It also got loads of heat onto the Cena, Angle match at Backlash.

Jordan Vs Jindrak. did what was asked of it. I'm not a big Jordan fan, but it was intriguing to see JBL helping Jordan retain his title. Almost a role reversal which could be interesting to see how JBL reacts to not having the belt anymore.

Taker & JBL segment. I liked it all in theory. IT was well written and played out. My only concern is going back to Taker Vs JBL. I'm not a fan of it really. If you can make a programme between these two entertain me I'll be impressed.

Carlito and Long segment. Awesome, loved it and thought it played out brilliantly. Another one of those moments where I could just imagine the look on Carlito's face as Long told him he was wrestling the Big Show. Superb.

Carlito destroying Big Show with the iron bar. Nice, I really liked this too. I thought it got across Carlito's character really well and you kind of got sucked in for a moment really believing Carlito was abiout to get squashed, only for him to pull that trick and take out the Big Show. Loved it. A Carlito Vs Show feud could be interesting and is pretty fresh.

Eddie and Long segment, again, nothing spectacular but it just did what was asked of it. Really got across the point of how angry Eddie is towards Rey.

Cena Vs Mysterio. Solid main event. Didn't really inspire me until Eddie came from the crowd and attacked Rey which was cool and added to that feud nicely.

Long getting shown laid out, brilliant cliffhanger. Really makes me want the next show to see what happens and who it was. My guess would be Carlito with the iron bar but i don't know whether that's too obvious. We'll see but I really want to know who it is and what happens next.

Really decent show and you're building up your main PPV matches really well

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user posted image

16th April 2005

Live from All State Arena, Rosemont, Illinois.

Heidenreich def. Scotty 2 Hotty by pinfall

OR: 70% CR: 67% MQ: 74%

SD Rebound: Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero

OR: 100%

Akio def. Funaki by pinfall

**Note: After the match Funaki went to shake Akio's hand, but Akio didnt want anything to do with it and just walked off**

OR: 67% CR: 50% MQ: 85%

Akio gained overness from this match.

SD Rebound: Orlando Jordan vs Jindrak / JBL & Undertaker

OR: 78%

SD Rebound: Mysterio vs Cena

OR: 78%

Nunzio def. Spike Dudley by pinfall

OR: 70% CR: 60% MQ: 81%

**The show ended with the footage of Theodore Long being taken from the arena on a stretcher to the hospital after being attacked**


TV Rating: 4.31

Attendance: 7,024

Gate Receipts: $280960

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WWE Heat


TAPED from the Thomas And Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Video plays, showing Triple H being fired on RAW after losing to Batista.


The Hurricane def. Maven cleanly

OR:70 CR:71 MQ:69

Video showing Jim Cornette's return to the WWE, attacking Kane.


Rhyno def. Gene Snitsky cleanly

OR:70 CR:66 MQ:75

Video hyping Edge's decision on whether he will face Batista or Shawn Michaels at Backlash. He will make that decision on RAW!


La Resistance def. Val Venis and Tajiri by cheating

OR:71 CR:66 MQ:76

OR Show: 61

We got a 4.45 rating for 'Heat'!

The attendance level was 7503 people.

We made $300120 from ticket sales.

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user posted image

This week, RAW comes to you LIVE from Phoenix, Arizona!

Last week, Eric Bischoff gave Edge the opportunity to choose his own opponent for Backlash. Tonight, he makes that decision. If he was to choose Batista, he would only get that one title shot until Eric Bischoff felt that he deserved another one. However, if Edge decides to face Shawn Michaels at Backlash then he gets the opportunity to win a title shot for the next night's RAW. That would mean he'd have TWO title shots. Edge will make this decision LIVE in Phoenix.

Also, last week Jim Cornette returned to the WWE and attacked Kane to save Khosrow Daivari from a brutal beat-down. Daivari's client, Muhammed Hassan, will return this week and Jim Cornette will explain his actions. Also, The Big Red Machine will no doubt be looking to get revenge.

Just one week away from Backlash, RAW is sure to be action-packed!

Confirmed Matches

-Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho Versus Christian and Tyson Tomko

-Muhammed Hassan Versus The Hurricane

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