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Text-Based RPGs

Dr. Rated-R

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Back in the day (a year or so ago), I used to play a pivitol role in an awesome Dragonball RPG. However, new management has since taken that game straight to hell, and I've never really found a new RPG home since I left.

I'm looking for text-based, message board RPGs, and (as I have a thing for aesthetics) I'd prefer one played on IPB or PHPBB. I'm not really bothered as to what series/game they're based on, if any at all, as long as they're not set in the future/in space/etc. I'm fine with present day RPGs, midieval RPGs, or anything like that. Again, it can be a completely original RPG, or an RPG based loosely (or exactly, I don't care) on a specific series or game.

So, reccomend me some text-based RPGs, based on the above criteria. Yeah.

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