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WWE : The New Beginning

Guest ClearTheBong

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Guest ClearTheBong

Chapter 1 - It All Begins

Vince McMahon thought that if one thing could change the recent luck in the WWE it would be WrestleMania XXI. What he didn't know was he thought completely wrong. WrestleMania bombed, drawing one of the worst buy rates in recent memory. Not knowing what to do, Vince called for a mandatory staff meeting to discuss what may have been the cause(s) and what could be done to improve the product.

"Hello everyone, and thank you for coming. The order of business today is to discuss what we can do to try and stay afloat on this sinking ship. If at anytime anyone has any suggestions, please just jump in," said Vince McMahon.

"Actually, I have something to say. Last night I threw my body on the line and carried Dave Batista through our match and the respect I get is losing my title? What the hell is going on around here Vince," said Hunter Hearst Helmsey. "I've busted my ass and done a lot for a lot of no-name pathetic people that don't give anything back to ME or this company in return."

"Ah, I knew I could count on you to make an ass out of yourself Hunter, as usual. You losing the strap is just the beginning of a long list of changes around here. I can't continue to pour my hear and soul, as well as millions of dollars, on something that is going nowhere. And it just so happens I think you, Hunter, are one of the main reasons we are doing so bad," blurted an irate McMahon.

"You trying to tell me that I am the reason for this mess," yells a pissed off Hunter.

"I think I am. To put it lighty Hunter, expect to see a lot less of the gold in the future. But enough of you hogging the spotlight, I need to know the direction you guys plan on taking RAW," said McMahon.

"Well, we we're going to give the belt back to Hunter at Backlash. I feel like giving the title to Batista was the wrong move. I figure by putting the belt back on Hunter that maybe we can regain some credi..," was all Bryan Gerwitz could get out.

"I've had it. I don't know what the hell you could possibly be thinking! You are wanting to give the belt back to someone who is boring the crowd every night? And don't tell me he isn't, the ratings are proving otherwise. Someone better come up with some ideas quickly, or else things are going to change around here very quickly!" screams McMahon.

"Vince, please just calm down. With the way you have been feeling lately it isn't good for you to get all steamed like this over nothing, now come to you senses honey," Linda McMahon said calmly.

"How am I supposed to just calm down? Everything my father and I have done in our lives is for this company, and I am not about to let it go straight down the shit tube. Enough is enough, all writers, fired!' McMahon has lost it.

"Dad, settle down. What the hell is all of this going to solve?!"

"Stephanie, if there was ever a time for you to shut the hell up, it's now. Sit down and shut up to what I have to say!," McMahon was furious.

"Don't you ever tell my fucking wife to shut up. If you ever...," that's all Hunter had time to sputter out.

"Who the hell do you think you are? I'm Vince McMahon god damn it and I own this company you work for. Speaking of, that gives me an idea. All you ever do around here is cause me money and piss me off. I don't need that. You might want to start looking for a new job, because YOU'RE FIRED!"

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Guest ClearTheBong

Chapter 2 - The Proper Introduction

You can't save me,

You can't change me,

Well I'm waiting for my wakeup call,

And everything, everything's my fault.

What a song to wake up to. Does anyone else find it ironic that in the lowliest points in your life everything around you reminds you constantly how bad you really have it? I mean, I live in a small one bedroom apartment and I drive a Moped to get around town, not exactly styling. People don't realize what I truely am about, they just see the poor me.

Forgive me, I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Dane Wright and I am 21 year old college dropout from Virginia. Yep, I went to college. Thought I was going to get myself a degree and make tons of money, then things went nuts. My parents got a divorce because my dad decided he wanted to marry the new secretary at work and mom has went off the deep end, blaming me for everything. It has left me with no money for college, and a smack of how reality can royally suck.

I have a job working at the local Menards. 8 bucks an hour for back breaking work that most men wouldn't want to do. But I do it, partly because I need the money and partly because I am living on a dream.

When I was young I was a nice, quiet young man. But by the time I was 12 years old I had discovered professional wrestling. WWF and WCW were around, along with the NWA. That was wrestling in it's glory days. But by my teenage years I was watching wrestling what seemed like everyday up in my room, by myself. No around, no one to listen. I had ideas, and all I needed was that one chance, that one wake up call in my life.

I watch WWE programming regularly, but I must admit, it isn't exactly something I like. But wrestling is like a powerful drug to me, it keeps me sane. Whenever I sit down for those two hours each Monday and Thursday night I feel like I am there, like I am involved. If only it were true.

I had worked for a local indy fed around here booking matches and working on wrestlers ring attire (blow me, so I can sew) but it wasn't enough. Deep down I knew that if I was just given the opportunity I could make it big. But somehow, I had to be heard...

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Guest Nightmare_Assassin

bad idea firing HHH...i would have drafted him to SD in a swop with Eddie Guerrero or someone and make HHH earn his way to the WWE Championship.

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Guest ClearTheBong

Chapter 3 - The Beginning of something great?

PWTorch has just received word that in a staff meeting today Vince McMahon lost his cool and fired Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and Brian Gerwitz. It is unkown at this time the reason of the firings, and we are trying to get all the news on this that we can. Please stick with PWTorch for any late breaking news.

Credit: PWTorch.com


We have now received word that Vince McMahon became irate at Hunter Hearst Helmsley after Helmsley became very vulgar at McMahon and told him he felt the best thing for RAW was for him to regain the title off of Batista at Backlash. McMahon was said to become furious and fired Helmsley on the spot. RAW Writer Brian Gerwitz was backing Helmsley's ideas and was also fired.

On a related note, WWE has posted a job opening on Monster.com for a Creative-Consultant/Writer. We believe whoever gets the job will go straight to the RAW writing team.

Credit: PWTorch.com


Breaking news! Former WWE Heavyweight Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley and wife Stephanie McMahon Helmsley are privately funding a new federation to be dubbed Evoultion Pro Wrestling. They have already contacted several workers about working for them, the main name being Kurt Angle.

Many feel that if Angle does indeed leave WWE for EPW that it will open the door for other wrestlers who remain skeptical of the whole situation.

Credit: PWTorch.com


Wow, what a day it has been! The wrestling world may never be the same. EPW has signed a one year deal with Dish Network that will allow them to show weekly PPV's for a cost of $11.99 a week. The show does not have a set day yet, but many feel that it will either be on a Saturday or Tuesday.

In even mor shocking news, Kurt Angle has indeed left WWE for EPW. Fed up with the work schedule and seeing brighter lights in EPW, Angle jumped ship. Angle leaving has indeed brought other WWE wrestlers with him. As of now Billy Kidman, Christian, Maven, Mick Foley, Randy Orton, Spike Dudley, Steven Richards, and Torrie Wilson have all left the company to join Angle and EPW.

Credit: PWTorch.com


We now have a full list of wrestlers who are expected to join EPW. AJ Styles, Billy Kidman, Cade Sydal, Chris Hero, Christian, CM Punk, Kurt Angle, Maven, Mick Foley, New Age Outlaw, Psichosis, Randy Orton, Road Dogg, Sabu, Spike Dudley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Steven Richards, Super Crazy, and Torrie Wilson.

As you can see, this is quite an impressive list. It will be interesting to see how quickly EPW can gain popularity and if this will ever give WWE the wake-up call that is needed.

Credit: PWTorch.com

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Guest ClearTheBong

Chapter 4 - Landing The Job

The news is still a shock to me. WWE fired Hunter? What in the world were they thinking? This man seemed like he had the business figured out, knew what he had to do to stay over. But the worst part of all is that in the midst of all this, many skilled workers left with him.

I saw that WWE posted for a creative-consultant and I jokingly signed up. I gave them my secondary email adress in fear that they would spam the hell out of me. Was I ever wrong.

I woke up one morning feeling like shit and not knowing what to do. I did my usual of grabbing a bowl of oatmeal. It may sound sick, but when you are broke you do what you have to to get by. As I was logging on the internet I finally saw the full list of wrestlers who joined Hunter. I was shocked.

I was even more shocked when I went and checked my email. I had a job reply from Monster.com. Jokingly, I wondered to myself what it would be like if it was indeed from Vince himself. Sure enough, I click the link and Vince McMahon has requested an interview with me first thing tomorrow morning to discuss a possible job opening. Oh shit, this could me my wake-up call!

I hop on the first plane out of this hell hole I call hom of Virginia and headed for WWE Headquarters. My meeting was to start at sharply 9 AM, and I arrived at 8:45. By 8:55 AM I was sitting in the office of Mr. Vincent K. McMahon. I was speechless, I didn't know what to do or say.

"Well hello Mr. Wright, glad to see you could make it in for such an important meeting," McMahon said with a sly grin on his face.

"Thank you for having me, Mr. McMahon. My whole life I have wanted to becom...," McMahon stopped me boldy.

"Umm, yes. We are both here because we know I am looking for a head writer for the RAW show, along with HeAT. I have interviewed quite a few candidates and none have really impressed me. So, Mr. Wright, impress me," McMahon had left the ball in my court.

"Well, right now I am living off of next to nothing and have just went through dropping out of college and a parents divorce. Life isn't very good to be honest. And to be even more honest, I don't even know why I am here. I applied for this job jokingly because I wandered what a kid from Virginia could do to this show," I felt I said things correclty.

"We have all been through rough times. This business is going through one of the roughest it has ever seen in the industry right now and it is my job to find a solution. You look slick kid, you really do. But I don't know if you have the talent to do what I am looking for," McMahon said in my eyes daringly.

"Mr. McMahon, no offense, but what exactly are you trying to do? I mean, this show has been plummeting for sometime now and it's all because of boring storylines, not pushing the right workers and other common issues that can be quickly fixed." I was beginning to gain confidence.

"I see. And how quickly exactly do you feel things could be turned around?" McMahon asking me for advice?

"To be honest, I don't know. You can change titles and push workers on each show, but the fans have to like it. If you don't do something the fans will enjoy it will show. The workers morale will be low, attendance will drop, and so will your bank account." I sort of laughed as I said that.

"Tell me about it. But with everything Hunter and Steph are pulling I don't know what to do. Kid, I got to be honest. I am desperate. I am really desperate. I have never wanted to win something so bad in my life. I like you, as much as I hate to say it. You watch wrestling and seem like you know what it would take to turn things around." Was he beginning to see the light?

"I don't know what to say. I mean, yes I watch wrestling. Why else would I even apply for the job? I just never dreamed of being here right now." I let my gaurd down and showed I was the one who was really desperate, damn it. This could backfire.

"Two desperate men who are willing to do anything to win. I think it spells success. I will admit, I am very reluctant to be doing this, but I think it might work out. What I am offering you is a two year contract with an option to opt-out after the end of the first year. However, due to your lack of experience I am only going to be able to offer you $165,000 a year." I about shit myself. I go from 8 bucks an hour at fucking Menards to $165,000 for doing my dream job?!

"Yes sir, you got it. Just show me where to sign. When do I start?" I am actually doing this!

"You start first thing tomorrow morning. I will show you to your assistant Sophie who will guide through what you need to know. I wish you the best of luck and you had better turn this damn thing around.''

"Mr. McMahon, you got it. If you feel at all dissatisfied with my work, please let me know."

"Trust me, I will. That is all. If you would please leave, I have other business to attend to."

Wow, what just happened. My whole life is spinning in front of me now, but I sure as hell just got my wakeup call.

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Guest Grapehead

I think the backstory was written well, despite being stale, you did put a spin on it I hadn't seen before. I like the challenge you face, with this EPW company, but hopefully they actually represent a challenge, otherwise your unique factor might need to come from something else. I think your new competition sets your diary out of the normal WWE diaries, and you've got a good writing style that should hopefully back you up. A lot of color, though, might want to tone down, just a suggestion, no big deal really.

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I like the fact that you've done the typical "workers jump ship from WWE for greener pastures" idea, but kept with the WWE perspective rather than doing the new federation. Nice idea.

The backstory was a little samey, but well-written, and I could actually see Vince getting exasperated and frustrated, the way you put it over. I'll be looking forward to your first show.

One little point of criticism - giving yourself little-to-no credentials and getting hired as Head Booker is bad. I'd have bought it more if you made up some history for yourself, or something.


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Guest The Famous One

I usually dont read alot of the diarys but im really liking this one im actually very interested in to seeing what happens next.Keep up thr good work :thumbsup:

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Guest ClearTheBong

I think the backstory was written well, despite being stale, you did put a spin on it I hadn't seen before. I like the challenge you face, with this EPW company, but hopefully they actually represent a challenge, otherwise your unique factor might need to come from something else. I think your new competition sets your diary out of the normal WWE diaries, and you've got a good writing style that should hopefully back you up. A lot of color, though, might want to tone down, just a suggestion, no big deal really.

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Guest ClearTheBong

Chapter 5 - It Begins

I actually got the job. Who would have that? I honestly did not think that I would even get a fair chance, let alone the job. Here I am sitting in a luscious apartment that was 10 times, no 50 times better than the dinky dump I had back home.

I figured since I got the job I might want to go out and have some fun. I went to this bar called Thunder Dan's, and boy was it thundering! I met up with this girl named Sophie, she was stunning! She told me about how she worked for Vince McMahon and all this, but I blew it off. A hot chick who digs wrestling? Don't think so.

Sophie and I drank and chatted while we played pool until about 11 PM. I figured I had to be in early I might need some sleep. We got a cab and I had the cab driver drop her off at her house. I walked her to the door and gave a her a soft kiss on the lips and told her I would see her soon. What I didn't know was that it would be much sooner than anticiapted.

Knock, knock, knock. I look up at the clock and it's 8:15. I got to get moving. First off I had to answer this door. Whoever it was sure wasn't giving up easily! I open the door and low and behold, it's Sophie!

"Ugh, hey? What are you doing here? Now? I got to work..," I am pretty sure I wasn't appealing her any in my Spongebob boxers.

"Well, what a surprise. I knew your name was Dane, but you never told me your last name so I dismissed the idea. I am your assistant. Wow, this is surreal." Sophie was as shocked as I was.

"Yes, I would agree. Um, come on in. Please, make yourself comfortable. I just need to hop in the shower and I will be right out." This was beginning to sink in.

"Ok, sure will. Do you have anything to drink?" She smiled, it gave me butterflies just as much as last night.

"There is some soda in the fridge and some orange juice. Grab whatver, I don't mind." I was getting more comfortable around her.


After I got out of the shower she and I walked to her car. We went to the airport to fly to the next RAW show and she caught me up to speed on our way.

"Here is our current roster. We could expand it a bit, we have the room financially. "

"I don't like the idea of signing many people at the moment, but maybe later"

Main Event


Chris Benoit

Shawn Michaels

Upper Midcard

Chris Jericho




Al Snow

Eugene Disnmore

Gene Snitsky


Marty Jannetty

Matt Hardy

Molly Holly

Muhammed Hassan

Robert Conway

Shelton Benjamin


The Hurricane

Trish Stratus

Lower Midcard

Chris Masters

Mark Henry


Simon Dean

Sylvain Grenier

Tyson Tomko

Val Venis


William Regal


Christopher Nowinski

Eric Bischoff


Jerry Lawler

Jonathan Coachman

Shane McMahon


Candice Michelle

Christy Hemme

Khosrow Daivari

Maria Kanellis

Ric Flair

Rochelle Loewen

Stacy Keibler

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Guest ClearTheBong

WWE RAW Preview!

All hell has broken loose throughout the WWE! Vince McMahon has fired HHH and there is a new head writer on RAW. With Hunter gone, who will step up and challenge Batista? Things are surely going to be hot and heavy tonight as the action will be packed and anything is possible!

Ric Flair is a special guest on the Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho. When Jericho has a highlight reel it is something to see, and this week will certainly not be an exception. Ric Flair has been grinning wildly in recent weeks and it will be interesting to see what he has to say concering the current state of the WWE, and the loss of his former buddy HHH.

Edge is going one on one with Batista in a non-title bout. Batista is now the world champion and Edge is fresh off a huge win at WrestleMania. Will Batista be able to handle the speed that Edge brings to the table,, or will the shear power of Batista be too much for Edge to handle?

Shelton Benjamin has been very upset in recent weeks with the antics of Muhammed Hassan. This week on RAW he finally gets his chance to go one on one as Eric Bischoff has granted a fight between the two. Will Khosrow Daivari play a factor in the contest, or will Hassan fight fairly?

That's just the beginning of what you can expect this week on Monday Night RAW! Live on Spike TV at 9/8 EST.

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Guest ClearTheBong

The opening video rolls and Spike TV cuts to a live Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio to exploding fireworks and fans going wild. Fans are jumping up and down and holding their signs up proudly as we get ready for Monday Night RAW!

JR: "Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night RAW. Tonight's program is action packed. Batista takes on Edge, and Shelton Benjamin takes on the always controversial Muhammed Hassan.

King: "But that's not all JR! Ric Flair is going to be on the Highlight Reel. The legend himself is going one on one with Jericho! Nothing can top tonight!"

Just as King is finishing his words the pyro hit and Batista's music hits. Out the monster comes, world title in arms with him. He walks slowly to the ring, smiling from ear to ear.

Batista Interview

Batista gets in the ring slowly and poses with the belt for a few moments before asking for a microphone.

Batista: "So I get here tonight and am told I have to face Edge. It's not that big of a deal to me, really. He wants to come step in the ring with me and not even have a chance at getting the world championship? If you ask me the guy is an idiot." Batista starts laughing as the crowd cheers.

Batista: "But tonight I have to lace up my boots and come out here and kick some Canadian ass! Edge, I can't stop you from getting in the ring with me, only make you feel your whole body ache in pain for stepping in the ring!"

Right as Batista starts screaming Edge's music hits and the pyro and fog go nuts. Out comes Edge, holding his briefcase. He slowly walks down the ramp and takes off running, sliding into the ring.

Edge: "Batista, you're out here calling me names? It's quite hilarious that you think just because you got lucky one night that you are better than me. I got news for you, Dave. That should have been me in that title match! What did you accomplish to deserve that title shot besides slyly joining Evolution only to turn your back on everyone!"

Batista: "Don't hate the player, hate the game. Sounds to me like you are just jealous. And who are you to tell me what to do? I'll do what I want when I want to, and if you don't like it...then you can kiss my ass!"

The crowd erupts as an irate Edge startes into the eyes of Batista.

Edge: "Oh can you? I would like to see you try, hot shot!"

With that Batista immediately drops the microphone and delivers a vicious clothsline to Edge. Edge gets back up and Batista is waiting for him, BOOM! Batista connected with a spine buster that even the crowd felt. He continues his assault with a barrage of hard lefts and rights that connect on Edge's head. He keeps the punches rolling until backstage staff coming running out to seperate the two. As we cut to break we can clearly see a bloody Edge being helped to the back.


We cut back from commercial break and JR and King talk about what just happened.

JR: By gawd King, no one can stop Batista. The sheer power he has gives him an advantage over anyone!

King: JR, did you see that? Batista just threw him around like a rag doll. Edge has some planning to do if he wants to win tonight.

JR: You've got to be kiddin' me King. Win? Edge had better stay focused on just trying to survive!

Matt Hardy vs. Sylvain Grenier

Sylvain Grenier comes out first to a decent chorus of boos. Matt Hardy comes out and the crowd is split, some cheering, some booing. Hardy gains the early edge in the match, taking Grenier down several times. He irish whips Grenier and goes for a backdrop, but Grenier does a complete flip and is waiting on Hardy when he turns around. Hardy gets floored by a stiff kick to the chin. Grenier does his best to keep Hardy grounded, but Hardy is able to get out of a sleeperhold and work his way to his feet. The two go back and forth for a while before Hardy gets thrown outside by Grenier. Once outside the ring Grenier slams Hardy's head onto the ring steps and rolls him back into the ring. Grenier goes for the Au Revior and connects. The ref counts....1....2...3! Sylvain Grenier defeats Matt Hardy thanks to the steel steps.


Sylvain Grenier gained overness from this match.

JR: King, that Grenier is a dirty rat. You can't go around doing that!

King: He did what it took to win, what's wrong with that? Personally, I would have bounced his head off the steps one more time for fun!

JR: And I call you my broadcast partner?

The camera cuts to the back where Shawn Michaels is shown knocking on Eric Bischoff's door.

Eric: "Come in."

Shawn: "Eric, I'm in need of a favor. At WrestleMania 21 Kurt Angle and I tore the place up, and had arguably the best match in our careers. But tonight, I want more. Tonight, I want Batista. And I want his title."

Eric: "Whoa, slow down big guy. See, Batista is already busy tonight with Edge and it just wouldn't be fair to Batista to have to fight two guys would it? I didn't think so. Now I will tell you what I can do. I know someone else who is just as hungry for the title as you are and has also asked me for a title shot."

Shawn: "Who? Just tell me who it is and I'll be ready to go in seconds. The Heartbreak Kid feels he has a title run left in him, and it starts tonight."

Eric: "Well then, tonight one on one, you Shawn Michaels will take on Chris Benoit in a #1 Contendership match!"

Shawn: "Normally Eric I wouldn't stand for this. But tonight HBK gets to go out and prove that he is worthy of the World title!"

Shawn turns around and leaves the locker room.


JR: Did you heare that King? Shawn Michaels is facing Benoit tonight and the winner gets Batista!

King: Batista has more people after that belt than I do at the crown.

JR: King, don't flatter yourself.

The Hurricane vs. Robert Conway

Stand back hits and the fans go nuts. Hurricane comes out quickly, looking very focused. Robert Conway comes out, in no hurry to get to the ring. Conway gets in and the bell is sounded. Thw two tie up and Hurricane gets the upper hand, twisting Conway's arm behind his back. Hurricane really wrenches it in before Conway is able to flip Hurricane over his shoulder. Conway and Hurricane go back and forth for a while before Hurricane is able to catch Conway napping and tries rolling him up. 1...2...kickout! After that Hurricane controlled the rest of the way, connecting with the Eye of the Hurricane. He pinned Conway and 1...2...3! Hurricane wins! After the match Hurricane played to the crowd and did his super hero pose on all four ring corners.


Robert Conway is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

The Highlight Reel

3....2....1..BOOM! Chris Jericho's pyro hits and there stand the man. He turns around and walks down to the ring.

Chris: "Tonight my guest is a legend. A man who took the sport of profressional wrestling and turned it into what it is today. He is a 16 time champion stemming back from AWA, to NWA, to WCW. The icon, Ric Flaaaiiir!"

Flair's classy music hits and out comes Flair styling in a fancy suit, walking with his usual swagger.

Chris: ''If it isn't the icon and mac daddy of wrestling"

Ric: "When you are this good, it's hard not to be."

Chris: "Right, Ric. Well, welcome to the show. I know this set isn't as fancy as you are used to, but I think you can make do."

Ric: "You know it baby! When you can strut like this [does Flair strut] it doesn't matter who the lady is, she will want you!"

Chris: "So, I have to ask Ric, what's it been like since you'v came back to the WWE?"

Ric: "High class and lots of ass! The Nature Boy is just glad to be back. I was sitting at home missing them 50 foot limo's."

Chris: "You always were one to show off what you have. You were a 16 time champion, 16 times. That's amazing. But I notice Ric that you don't carry gold around your waist anymore, why is that?"

Ric: "I have client now, Chris. I teach the biggest, baddest upcoming stars today to become the next big thing. I once was the greatest wrestler to ever step in a ring, but I hung them boots up a long time ago."

Chris: "Ric, I don't mean to disrespect you, but I think you are blowing smoke. I think you don't get in the ring anymore because you think you can't cut it."

Ric: "Who are you to question the Nature Boy? I ride in long stretch limo's, I managed the single most dominant stable in Evolution, and as you said I was a 16 time champion. Let's see what you have done, hot shot! Sure, you were the first ever Undisputed Champion, but that's all that comes to mind."

Chris: "Are you putting me down, Ric? Didn't you know that RAW IS JERICHO?! That's right Ric, and RAW doesn't need someone like you getting in the way of a champion like me."

Ric: "Keep trying to force yourself into thinking your a champ, you just might convince yourself. I'll tell ya what, Jericho. You seem like you want a piece of me. So, answer me this boy, do you?"

Chris: "Your damn right I do! And I want it at Full Throttle on May 29th"

Ric: "I'll be there Chris, but it won't be to face you. Oh no big boy, the Nature Boy has other plans for Full Throttle! If you want me you'll have to get in a long line, and it won't be taking numbers anymore. WOOO!"

Jericho and Flair continue to stare each other down as the camera goes to commercial.


Ric Flair gained overness from this segment.

We come back from break and the camera is focused on JR and King.

JR: What's gotten into Chris Jericho? Ric Flair is an icon, he doesn't deserve to be treated like that King!

King: Maybe he is tired of Flair hogging the spotlight. Ric has been strutting around here like he is the world champ, and he isn't. I think it's about time somebody try to shut him up!"

JR: Leave it to you to agree with him. Ladies and genlteman coming up next we have the atheltic Shelton Benjamin taking on a very mouthy Muhammed Hassan.

King: "He isn't mouthy, he just has his own beliefs"

Shelton Benjamin vs. Muhammed Hassan

Muhammed Hassan comes out first with Khosrow Diavari to some decent heat. Shelton Benjamin comes out with his Intercontinental title, and the crowd went crazy. He is really getting over with the fans. The match begins and immediately Hassan begins his cheating ways, tying Benjamin and throwing him into the corner, only to rake him in the eyes. Hassan controls the bout for a while before Benjamin clotheslines Hassan after being whipped into the ropes. While Hassan is down Khosrow Diavari tries to interfere, but the referee seperates Benjamin and Diavari. Benjamin gains good control of the match and sets up Hassan for the Super Kick. He nails it and goes to pin Hassan, but Diavari jumps up on the apron and the ref doesn't count! By the time he gets back down to the mat Hassan is able to kick out at 2. Benjamin contnues his assault, but again Diavari is determined to change the outcome of this match. He gets on the apron with what appears to be brass knuckles in his hand and Benjamin goes for him. Hassan comes from behind and grabs Benjamin so he can't move. Benjamin continues to try and struggle free, but to no avail. Diavari goes to swing when Benjamin finally breaks free and Hassan gets clocked by the knucks! Diavari is stunned and falls off the apron. Benjamin quickly capitalizes on it and pins Hassan. 1...2...3! Shelton Benjamin continues his winning ways here on RAW!


JR: "Shelton Benjamin has looked very impressive as of late King."

King: "My gut tells me that Hassan has a lot left to say about this one, JR."

Right as king gets done Simon Dean's music hits and we see the Dean himself walking down to the ramp and making his way to the ring. The ring is setup with the usual table covered in the Simon System supplements, along with two cardboard posters of Dean posing.

Simon Dean Interview

Simon: "I couldn't help but notice walking out here that Cleveland is full of nothing but fat asses! It's true. Just look. You have this guy sitting right here in the front row [points to a fat kid] who doesn't care about anything besides eating. How can you guys do this to your bodies? The body I have didn't come naturally, it took lots of training and of course, the Simon System. The Simon System allows you to eat what you want, when you want to! All you have to do is get off your ass and exercise after taking the supplements, which I know can be hard for a bunch of overweight people like you."

The crowd boos Dean immensly and he just laughs it off.

Simon: "At least when you guys boo me you are trying to work off some of the calories you gained here tonight stuffing your face full of nacho's."

Just as Simon finished his statement the crowd begins to cheer! Simon thinks that the fans are finally seeing what he is saying and he smiles.

Simon: "That's right, you guys are listening to me! See, I knew it was just a matter of time before everyone decided to try the Simon sys.."

Before he can finish he feels someone tappinng him on the shoulder. He turns around and Al Snow floors him with a barrage of punches. Dean falls to the ground and Snow keeps kicking him until Dean finally rolls out of the ring and works his way up to the ramp.

Al: "You want to come out here and keep running your mouth and this will happen again!"

Just as he says it "I'm Back!" hits and out comes Eric Bischoff.

Eric: "Al, you can't be doing this. I have enough to worry about as RAW general manager besides you running out here acting an ass!"

The crowd boos as Al fires back.

Al: "I told you backstage last week that I was getting fed up with this guy and all you do is turn your shoulder on me. I took matters into my own hands!"

Eric: "Ok, so you want a match then? Since I didn't listen to you, you got it. Next week a match."

The crowd cheers and Al goes wild.

Al: "You hear that, Simon? Next week in this ring I get to show you how brutal I can be!"

Eric: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said anything about facing Simon? Next week you have a match, but it's not against Simon. It's against KANE!"

Al goes nuts ans Eric and Simon walk to the back laughing as we cut to commercial. We come back from commercial and JR and King are chatting.


JR: "That damnd Erich Bischoff, King. Ever since he took over this place has been shear anarchy!"

King: "I think it's fun! Al deserves it for putting his nose in everyone's business"

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit

"I'm Just a Sexy Boy" hits and the crowd goes crazy. Out comes Shawn Michaels with the usual pyro, doing the routine of posing on his way down to the ring. The Crippler Chris Benoit makes his way down to the ring and the two stare each other down before the match begins.

Michaels gains the early lead, working Benoit's shoulder and back. Benoit is held to the ground game, where he usually shines but his arm is really giving him problems. Somehow he reverses an armbar and grabs the upper hand of the match, working the lower back of Michaels to perfection. The two go back and forth for a bit until Benoit gets Michaels down on the ground and tries applying the Sharpshooter! The crowd goes wild as Benoit tries to flip Michaels, but he can't quite get it. Michaels kicks Benoit away and the two lay on the mat from exhaustion. Michaels makes it to his feet first and continues his assault on Benoit. Eventually Benoit gets up and Michaels has him waiting for Sweet Chin Music, but right as Michaels go to connect Benoit ducks! Michaels reaches in his tights and as the two turn around from the Sweet Chin Music near hit Michaels clocks him with brass knuckles. The ref doesn't see it and Benoit falls! Michaels jumps on top for the pin. 1....2...3! Shawn Michaels has defeated Chris Benoit and became the number 1 contender!


JR: "By gahd King, he cheated! That bastard didn't win that match, he cheated his way to it!"

King: "He had an opportunity and took advantage of it, I don't see anything wrong!"

The camera cuts backstage where Christy Hemme is backed up in a corner thanks to Kane.

Kane Kidnapping

Kane: "Christy! Hah, I've been looking for you! You see Christy, tonight Kane is going to do something he has waited a long time to do. Tonight Christy, you will see another side of Kane!"

Kane picks Christy up and throws her over his shoulder as she kicks and pleads for him to let go as we cut back to the ring.


Kane lost overness from this segment. Christy Hemme gained overness from this segment.

JR: "You can always count on that damn Kane to do something to make us wonder what the hell is next."

King: "I think he realizes that Christy is in the WWE for more than just the fans, and he is going to have his fun! Puppies!"

Batista vs. Edge

Edge comes out first and the crowd gives him a decent amount of boo's. The world champion, Batista, comes out and the crowd goes crazy. Both men are checked by the referee and the match begins. Batista dominates early, delivering vicious clotheslines and punches to Edge. Somehow through all of this Edge gets busted open and looks pretty bad. Edge low blows Batista while Batista is trying to pick him up and goes on the offensive. The two go back and forth until Edge slips up and gives Batista the chance to hit the Batista bomb, and connects! Batista pins Edge 1...2...3! Batista wins the bout. After the match Shawn Michaels comes down to the ring and hits Batista from behind. Batista falls and when he gets back up Michaels delievers a massive Sweet Chin Music right on the jaw of Batista. Edge and Batista lay motionless as Michaels stands over them as RAW goes off the air.


JR: "By gawd King, we have witnessed anarchy tonight!

King: "It was great!"

JR: " But that's all the time we have, good night!"

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan

Ok it was a decent RAw, to earlie to say anything yet, but I sure dont hope your turning Michaels heel I dont like that still it could be kind of interresting to see, but Still I dont hope you do it.

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Guest ClearTheBong

WWE RAW Preview!

Last week Chris Jericho made a challenge to Ric Flair for a match at Full Throttle. Though Flair declined the challenge, Jericho is in no way done trying to establish a match-up. What will Chris Jericho do this week? You will have to tune in to find out!

Chrisy Hemme was minding her own business backstage last week when Kane came from out of nowhere and kidnapped her. No one has heard from either since. Will Kane come back and explain it this week, or will the suspense continue?

What's with Shawn Michaels? Cheating to win? Edge has his guarenteed title shot after winning the ladder match at WrestleMania 21, and he could choose to use it this week on RAW. Michaels and Batista are sure to cross paths this week, what will be said?

Things have been shaky as a whole lately and this week is no different. Be sure to catch Monday Night RAW at 9/8 C only on Spike TV.

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Guest shawncagex5

I must admit, the graphic you use to promote this is what caught my attenion, I like what I see so far.. I like what you're doing with Shawn Micheals and I like the whole idea of a new company to face.. Keep up the good work.

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