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Anyone remember the OLD Boogeyman movie?


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I think it was a Disney movie, but when I was a little kid, there was a movie out about the boogeyman. I don't remember much, aside from the fact it involved a family, and the father found the boogeyman's cape or something in his house. Also, the boogeyman had a 3rd eye of some sort. I also remember a scene where the dad goes outside to see what's making noise, and his son hands him his toy gun. That and at the end, the boogeyman tries taking the guy's daughter.

I know the details are pretty scarce, but has anyone ever seen this or know where I can find info on it? I haven't been able to find ANYTHING out about this at all, especially now that when you Google Boogeyman, all you get is that Barry Watson closet-hopping pile of shit.

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The movie you are talking about is seriously such a HUGE part of my childhood. It's called Mr. Boogedy . Man, I love that movie...

I think the one you are describing is the sequel, Bride of Boogedy though, which was just as awesome.

If I remember correctly, Mr. Boogedy was some sort of pioneer who was in love with "Maid Marrion", but it has literally been at least 15 years since I've seen either of the movies, so the details are sketchy. I know that he definitely had a magic cloak, and in the first one, there was a little ghost boy (Marrion's son?) who was helping the two little boys in the family stop Boogedy.

I believe it's the second one where Boogedy steals the daughter to marry her, since she looks just like his old love. That one was really solid, with Eugene Levy and that creepy guy who was in Batman Returns and Ghost. One of the kids is also a very young David Faustino, which is entertaining just unto itself.

My brother and I still quote lines from that movie, randomly. So many memories...

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