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So i'm playing as Vietnam and i've just conquered Laos. Now i'm trying to build more advanced aircraft and satellites. Now despite having aircraft designed I can't seem to build them (note that these were designed at the start of the game, not by me) and it wont let me even design at satellite. I know it's got to be something to do with research and whatnot, can't quite get my head around it. Any help would be appreciated.

On a sidenote, if anyone does play this game, what d'ya think of it? I borrowed it from a friend and I'm enjoying it, it's prett cool considering i'd never heard of it.

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I've played the original. It was fun for a bit. Nothing like playing as Canada then getting my ass handed to me by the States. The problem was that eventually there's too much to do and you'll forget about other things if you're focusing on one thing.

It's a tad too ambitious.

There's a sequel out and that allows you to automate other aspects which would probably improve the game.

I can't help out your situation though.

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I'm beginning to see what you mean Godfatha. I've created a mini-empire, taking over Laos, Cambodia and Thailand but there's too much to do already :s Still, it's enjoyable since i've just acquired nuclear technology. Oh, I solved my other problem, I just had to raise my overall generation level.

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