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Was anyone else there, this past Saturday? I was there, and it was absolutely class. Morning Glory was the first album I ever bought, but recently, I had been thinking that maybe Oasis werent my favourite band anymore. Led Zeppelin were just inching past them, since I am learning drums and John Bonham is a legend.

But that concert was awesome and blew everyone else away, placing Oasis up there at No1 in my eyes forever. Anyone else go, and how did they find it?

Also, does anyone know the name of the first band that were on, or where I might be able to find out?

EDIT: Also, anyone who has been to any other Oasis gig, post your comments on here. Are you as full of praise for them as I am?

Also, it was apparently Stephen Fretwell who opened. He was actually pretty good, especially compared to Mundy, who was shite, and The Coral, even worse.

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I went to one of the shows before the tour kicked off at the Hammersmith Apollo and loved it as usual, nobody is better live for me.

On Stephen Fretwell, I've seen him live a couple of times and got his album, I'd really recommend it to everyone...or at least people who like Damien Rice, that kind of thing.

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Well, they were so impressed with the reception they got from the Marlay Park gig I was at, (which was unreal, we were all so pumped up and it was like a wall of sound from the crowd for the entire time,) that they have decided to finish their tour in Dubllin at the Point in December.

Was so blown away by their performance, gonna get tickets to see that one too.

And Matzat, Id say it was just an unfortunate and uncanny coincidence that both times you saw them they were bad. Although the arent really a festival band, they dont like playing them and have admitted to it. Both times ive seen them they were awesome, and others I know who have seen them were blown away too.

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Guest Booker T & The MG's

In general bands really do like playing in front of Irish and Scottish crowds inparticular, they are very responsive and the majority are just always up for a party. Case in point was T In The Park a few weeks back, Pete Townsend filled in on guitar for Rachel Fuller and loved the crowds so much that he said he wants to bring The Who there next year. From my experiance there New Order were brilliant and seemed to feed off the crowd, it was a major contrast to watching them at Glastonbury a few weeks earlier.

I'd also rather not see Oasis at festivals in the future, they tend to attract a lot of knobs unfortunatly. In the UK unless they enjoy festivals they don't really need to play them, they are playing V this year but they are big enough to do stadium tours like they did this year. I doubt they will be back at Glastonbury either after last year's flat performance, IIRC Oasis don't really want to go back either.

Good news for the Irish board members who are Oasis fans.

OASIS will play their final shows of the year in Ireland at Christmas.

The band play Belfast Odyssey Arena on December 18, three years after they last visited the city.

And following their sell-out summer show at the Dublin Marley Park, the Britpop veterans return to the Irish capital on Wednesday 21 December for a gig at The Point Depot.

Currently enjoying comeback success with new album 'Don't Believe The Truth', Liam Gallagher said: "I couldn't think of a better place to end a year of touring than Dublin, it'll be a great night."

Tickets go on sale this Saturday (July 23) at 9am and are available from ticketmaster.ie or oasisinet.com.

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