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ps2 flip top


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My brother ordered a ps2 cover today. (You can get them at http://www.ps2cover.com/ ). They allow you to play your backed up ps2 games.

I was just wondering if anyone has tried them before? One of my brothers friends has it, and he says it works great... I was just curious if anyone else here has tried them.

The Swap Magic disc that comes with it says that it allows you to run programs and such off a USB device, which sounds cool. I also saw a SNES emulator for the ps2 found here:


I'm not sure how well it works, or if it even works with the Swap Magic disc. Anyone have any experience with this stuff?

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I have one.

It is the single best thing in the world. Simple to put on, even simpler to use.

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Is there any sottering or the sort with this? That's the thing that turns me off mod chips. If I end up screwing it up and sottering in the wrong place, it's ruined and I'm screwed.

I have heard of the Swap Magic disk before though, and I've heard it get very good marks.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

I have one, its good, but its a pain in the ass having to swapdiscs, especially when you just turn the PS2 off and change your mind.

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