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WWE Heading into Summerslam

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I want to personally thank my computer for crashing, causing me to lose all my data. Now I have to start a new diary from scratch. Basically, I am starting on the August 1st edition of Raw.

As for the massive roster cuts, I don't agree with them, so being that this is my diary, I have decided to keep the following fired wrestlers Charlie Haas, Mark Jindrak, Akio, Billy Kidman, Spike Dudley, and The Dudley Boys. For those who get annoyed by "lack of realism", because I kept these guys, TOO BAD YOU M'FERS!!!

Now onto the diary...............


Batista beats JBL after a Batista Bomb

Muhammad Hassan beats the Undertaker by DQ, making Hassan the #1 contender

Eddie Guerrero beats Rey Mysterio, after he put his feet on the ropes. Eddie reveals that Rey's son, Dominick, was unplanned and unwanted by Rey. Eddie claims that Rey has hated Dominick, because Rey never loved his wife, and because of Dominick, Rey was forced to marry her.

Christian beats Booker T after an unprettier

Chris Benoit beats Orlando Jordan making him the new US Champion

MNM beat Heidenreich and Animal after a snapsot DDT on Animal.

Paul London beat Juventud to retain is cruiserweught championship.

Melina beat Toririe Wilson in a Bra And Panties match

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Two championships will be on the line this Monday, as Carlio Caribean Cool defends against the Japanese Bussaw Tajiri!!! Also the tag title will be on the line as Hurricane and Rosey defend against Rob Conway and recently traded, Renee Dupree.


The Immortal Hulk Hogan will be in attendence as he will be interviewed in the ring by Jim Ross. How will Hogan respond to the recent antics of HBK heading into their match at Summerslam??? Will HBK make his presence felt??


GM Eric Bischoff has booked John Cena and Kane in a match against Chris Jericho and Edge. Cena and Jericho are headed for a showdown at Summerslam, how will they handle themselves in tag action??? Also, will Edge's "mysterious" stalker be in attendence??


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user posted image

Live from Mobile, Alabama


Ric Flair's music starts, and the crowd give the Nature Boy a warm welcome. Loud Wooo chants are heard throughout the arena. Flair is in the ring and has the mic.

Flair discusses the history of the 4 Horsemen and how they evolved into Evolution. Flair talks a bit about how he and Triple H personally hand picked the members for Evolution. Batista is now World Champion and Randy Orton is a hot young prospect, who is the youngest ever to wear the World Championship. Flair states that he and Trips have impeccable taste when it comes to picking and evaluating young talent.

Flair laments that half of Evolution are now on Smackdown, and how Triple H is away filming a movie. Flair states that over the next couple of weeks, he will pick the new Evolution

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 85%


Shelton and Chavo hook up, and Chavo throws Shelton into the turnbuckle. Chavo connects with a running uppercut to Shelton. Chavo shoulder thrusts Shelton, and picks Shelton up and places him on the top turnbuckle. Chavo hits a superplex on Shelton. Shelton kicks out of the pin attempt.

Chavo has Shelton in a headlock. Shelton tries pushing Chavo off, but Chavo holds on, and Chavo begins punching the top of Shelton's head. Shelton back body drops Chavo, but Chavo manages to keep the headlock on Shelton. Finally, Shelton elbows his way out of the headlock.

Shelton hits 4 straight deep armdrags on Chavo. Chavo is face down on the mat, and Shelton slaps on a modified arm bar, and begins blasting his knee into the mid back region of Chavo. Shelton hits a vertabreaker on Chavo, but only gets a two count. Shelton throws Chavo into the turnbuckle, and goes for a Stinger Splash, Chavo moves out of the way, and Shelton's momentum carries him to the outside.

Chavo and Shelton trade punches on the outside. Chavo throws Shelton into the steel steps. Shelton is able to gracefully leap to the top of the steel steps, and immediately jumps backward, and completely clears Chavo. Shelton is now standing behind Chavo and he pushes Chavo shoulder first into the steps. Holy Shit chants trickle out. Shelton rolls Chavo inside. From the apron, Shelton springs off the rope and clotheslines Chavo. Shelton only gets a two count.

Shelton climbs to the top ropes, but he misses with a missle dropkick. Chavo hits a Gory Bomb on Shelton. Shelton manages to get his foot on the ropes to breakup the pin count. Chavo signals for the brainbuster. Chavo has Shelton in posistion, but Shelton blocks the attempt and hits a T-Bone Suplex on Chavo for the win

After the match, Carlito storms the ring a blindsides Shelton with a blasts from Carlito's title. Carlito stands over a fallen Shelton, and begins mocking him

Shelton Benjamin has beaten Chavo. This match lasted 13 minutes and got a 73/74/74



John Cena's music starts and he comes out to a loud pop. Cena talks about how real reconizes real. Back in the day, Chris Jericho was huge, because he was real and the fans saw that. Even when Jericho was supposed to be the bad guy, the fans still popped for him, because Jericho was having fun what he was doing, and the fans saw that and responded to him.

But now the fans see him for what he is. An uninteresting egomaniac that saves his press clippings. Jericho thinks he is a big star because he loved the 80's, and he has a garage band that couldn't even open for Clay Aiken. Cena claims that back in the day, Jericho had the heart of a lion, but now he has tits the size of the Snapple Lady.

Cena ends his promo by stating that tonight he will punk Jericho out.

This segment lasted 7 minutes and got a 87%


They show a huge yellow and red limo pulling up. Out steps Hulk Hogan and his wife, Linda. Hogan tells a security gaurd to escort Linda to his locker room, as he has some buisness to take care off. As Linda is leaving, Shawn Micheals attacks Hogan. Linda is hysterical as she sees Hogan getting beaten up. Hogan and Micheals trade headshots to the limo before security and agents break up the fracas.

This segment lasted 4 minutes and got a 87%



This match with feature the champions Hurrican and Rosey against the reunited Renee Dupree and Rob Conway. The champions are introduced first. When Dupree and Conway are introuced, Dupree looks miffed as Conway is in his Conman gear and not La Resistance gear like Dupree has on.

Rosey and Dupree start the match off. Renee goes around Rosey, and stupidly attempts a back body drop. Rosey grabs Renee's hands and seperates them, and delivers a big butt to Renee. Rosey hits a bodyslam on Renee. Rosey throws Renee into the turnbuckle and connects with a big splash. Rosey tags Hurricane. Rosey picks Renee up for a bodyslam, and Hurricane dropkicks Renee, forcing Rosey to hit a modified powerslam on Renee. Conway looks pissed from the apron.

Backstage we see Hulk Hogan storming around demanding to find the whereabouts of Shawn Micheals

Hurricane only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Hurricane throws Renee into the turnbuckle and climbs up top. The crowd begins counting in unison as Hurricane throws punches on Dupree. Dupree grabs ahold of Hurricane legs takes two steps forward then drops Hurricane's head onto the turnbuckle. Dupree tags Conway. Conway gets a few free shots on Hurricane as Dupree holds him up.

Conway gorilla press slams Hurricane. Conway hits 3 consecutive snap suplexes on Hurricane, then begins oggiling Stacy. Conway begins flexing for Stacy, allowing Hurricane time to roll him over for a pin attempt. Hurricane only gets a two count. Conway quickly rolls out and begins dropping elbows down on Hurricane's head. Conway cuts off the ring by throwing Hurricane into his turnbuckle and tagging Dupree. Conway and Dupree beging throwing punches at Hurricane. Rosey tries to make the save, but the ref intervenes. This allows Dupree and Conway time to hit a double DDT on Hurricane.

Renee hits a running powerslam on Hurricane. Dupree does the French Tickler on Hurricane. Renee throws Hurricane outside and spits on Rosey. Rosey charges Renee, but the ref holds him back. This allows Dupree and Conway time to hit a double spinebuster on Hurricane on the outiside. Rosey is trying to get the crowd pumped up. Dupree throws Hurricane back in the ring. Dupree puts Hurricane in a sleeper. Once Hurricane is out, Dupree throws him down and clotheslines Rosey, who falls head first to the gaurdrail. Dupree calls for the Aur Voir.

Conway picks Hurricane up, but instead of teaming with Dupree, slinshots Hurricane off the rope for a one man Aur Voir. Dupree starts flipping out, and doesn't notice Rosey slide into the ring. Rosey turns Dupree into a Derailer, and throws Conway to the outside. Rosey picks Hurricane up, and places him on his shoulders. Hurricane jumps off Rosey's shoulders and onto Dupree for the win

After the match Conway and Dupree argue in the ring. Conway throws his hands up in disgust and leaves Dupree in the ring

Hurricane and Rosey have beaten Conway and Dupree, and have retained their championships. This match lasted 15 minutes and got a 68/70/66



Maria is in the ring with an announcement. The Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme will again be featured in a Playboy pictorial!!!! Maria introduces Christy. Christy thanks the fans for their support. Christy lives and breathes the fans, and she will do anything th please them.

Trish Stratus and Victoria interupt. They are sick and tired of being overlooked by the WWE. For far to long, they have sat back and watched as more talented women have been fired to make room for glorified whores who know nothing about professional wrestling. They promise to bring the prestige back to the women's division.

Trish chick kicks Christy. Victoria hits the Widows Peak on Maria. Trish hits the Stratusfaction on Hemme. Trish and Victoria are leaving laughing at the distruction that they caused, when they walk past Lilian Garcia and begin taunting her. Victoria begins pushing Lilian, and Trish grabs the mic and slams it into Lilian's skull, busting her up. Trish and Victoria leave as medical personel attend to Lilian.

This segment lasted 8 minutes and got a 85%


Eric and Jericho are watching a taped concert of Fozzy. Eric thinks Jericho's music is way better than that hip hop crap John Cena spouts. They begin ragging on Cena. Eric says there is noway that Cena will beat the first ever Undisputed Champion at Summerslam.

THere is a knock at the door, and the person says it is catering. Eric says to come in. John Cena bursts in and begins rolling around on the floor trading punches. They end up going out of Eric's office and take the fight into catering. Eventually agents and security break it up.

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 74 %



Before the match we see medical personel still attending to Lillian Garcia. They show replays of Trish cracking her with the mic. JR and Jerry remind us that Lillian is not a trained wrestler, and Trish and Victoria had no right or reason to attack her.

Both men are in the ring.Tajiri has his back turned to Carlito. Carlito tries to hit a clothesline, but Tajiri was playing opossum and kicks Carlito sqaure in the jaw. Tajiri hits some dropkicks on Carlito. Tajiri chops Carlito into the turnbuckle. Tajiri delivers some stiff chops. Carlito rakes Tajiri's eyes and thrwos him into the turnbuckle. Carlito slaps the taste out of Tajiri's mouth.

Carlito DDT's Tajiri. Carlito applies a trailer hitch to Tajiri. Tajiri makes it to the ropes, and the hold is broken. Carlito kicks at Tajiri's knee and hits a fisherman's suplex on Tajiri. Carlito only gets a two count. Carlito atomic drops Tajiri and followns up with a swinging neckbreaker. Carlito throws Tajiri into the turnbuckle and attempts a running elbow. Tajiri moves and Carlito bounces off the turnbuckle and into a tarantula.

Carlito is screaming in agony. Tajiri eventually has to break the hold, and delivers a standing moonsault to Carlito. Tajiri only gets a two count. Tajiri throws Carlito into the ropes, but Carlito reverses it and throws Tajiri into the ropes. Tajiri handsprings off the ropes and elbows Carlito in the jaw. Tajiri kicks Carlito in the jaw, and Carlito rolls out of the ring. Shelton Benjamin runs down and T-Bone Suplexes Carlito on the outside, and the ref DQ's Tajiri

After the bell, Shelton continues punching away at Carlito, then slides into the ring, and bounces off the opposite ropes and hits a Suicide Dive on Carito on the outside.

Carlito has beaten Tajiri by DQ. Carlito has retained the IC title. This match lasted 17 minutes and got a 71/69/73


Kurt Angle makes his way down for the Hometown Challenge. Angle rips on Mobile's lack of hygiene knowledge. And his opponent from Mobile is Bobby Lashey. Lashey connects a a fury on punches that sends Angle to the turnbuckle. Angle quickly duoble leg takedowns Lashey, and locks on the Angle Lock.

Kurt Angle beats Bobby Lashey. This match lasted 2 minutes and got a 75/70/72



Jim Ross is in the ring, and introduces Hulk Hogan. Hulk says that HBK wanted to get his attention, well he has got it. Jim asks where all this animosty started. Hulk says that it all started about 20 years ago, when Shawn was just a kid starting out. Hogan wanted to mentor HBK back then, but Shawn was just a selfish snot nosed punk. Shawn never wanted to put the work into his craft early on, he just wanted instant gratification. He wanted top billing, he wanted to be at the top of the card, he wanted the biggest payday. But the problem was that he didn't pay his dues. Hogan was rough on HBK, back then, but he wanted to smarten him up.

Hogan gives HBK credit. HBK was able to turn his career around and get focused. Hogan admits that HBK is the Showstopper. But ever since back in the day when Hogan was smartening up HBK, HBK has had a burning jealousy of Hogan.

HBK appears on the Titantron. HBK says he wants some instant gratification right now. We see HBK force Linda Hogan into HBK's car, and HBK drives off with Linda Hogan. Hulk Hogan is furious and storms off to the back

This segment lasted 12 minutes and got a 87%



Kane and Edge start the match off. Kane delivers some stiff uppercuts that connects on Edge. Kane bodyslams Edge. Kane has a rear naked choke on Edge. Kane is tightening his choke, and Edge is beginning to turn blue. Eventually the ref forces Kane to break the choke. Kane throws Edge in the ropes, and follows up with a big boot. Edge retreats to the outside and Kane follows. Edge rolls back into the ring, and tags Jericho. Both men lay down the kicks to Kane when he tries to re-enter the ring.

Jericho chops Kane into the corner. Y2J hits a running elbow to Kane, and follows up with a bulldog. Jericho attempts a cross body, but Kane catches him in mid air and tags in Cena. Kane drops Y2J on his head before leaving the ring. Cena hits the Hip Hop Drop on Y2J, but Edge breaks up the pin attempt. Cena hits five straight clotheslines on Y2J. Cena throws Jericho into the turmbuckle and attempts a running shoulder thrust, but Y2J moves out of the way and Cena goes shoulder first into the exposed steel.

Y2J hits a shoulderbreaker on Cena, and tags out to Edge. Edge quickly bulldogs Cena. Edge mounts Cena and begins to throw haymakers. Cena kicks Edge off. Edge goes for an Impaler, but Cena reverses it into a german suplex. Cena tags Kane. Kane clotheslines Edge over the ropes. Kane goes outside and begins punching Edge. Lita runs up and jumps on Kane's back. Kane throws her off, and Edge chop blocks Kane's leg. Edge sends Kane crashing through the steel steps.

Edge throws Kane back into the ring.Edge climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a double axe handle to Kane, but Kane catches him in a chokeslam. Kane only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Kane tags Cena. Cena FU's Edge. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Jericho kicks Cena. Edge spears Cena. Edge goes for the pin, but Kane pulls Edge off. Kane and Edge beging brawling outside.

Chris Jericho has grabbed a steel chair from ringside and slides into the ring. Edge spears Kane. From out of nowhere Matt Hardy blindsides Edge, and they brawl all the way up to the lockerrooms. Inside the ring, Y2J blasts Cena with the chair, and in the confusin the ref counts the illegal man, as Y2J picks up the win

Y2J and Edge have beaten John Cena and Kane. This match lasted 22 minutes and got 83/88/73



RATING: 5.80

ATT: 7540

$$$: 301600

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The WWE has announced that they have signed seven of the most exiciting indy performers to developmental deals. All wrestlers will report to OVW, under the guidance of Danny Davis and Tommy Dreamer, in the next couple of days. Those signed to deals were:

Rob Eckos

Mikey Batts

Jay Briscoe

Mark Briscoe

Roderick Strong

Sedrick Strong

Trent Acid

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After the fallout from the Great American Bash, GM Teddy Long has booked two rematches from that event. Newly crowned US Champion Chris Benoit will face off against Orlando Jordan, and Captain Charisma will once again face off against Booker T.


The new team on the scene MNM will be in full force as Mercury, Nitro, and Melina will face off against the team of Heidenreich and Torrie Wilson.


After beating the Undertaker, Muhammad Hassan has claimed the top contendership. This week Muhammad states when he wants his title shot. How will champion Batista react??? Will JBL try and wesel his way into the match???


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I don't know if it was a typo or whatever but you said you are starting on September 1st and the diary's title is "Heading Into Summerslam"

Either thats a typo, your confused when Summerslam is (which I dobut) or...it's just the wrong title.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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user posted image

Live from Tampa, Fl

We open with a video montage from Great American Bash. We see Batista picking up the win over JBL with the Batista bomb. We see Eddie cheating to win over Rey, then telling the world that Rey never wanted Dominick, and that his son was and is a big inconvience. We see Benoit making Orlando Jones tap and and win the US Title. And finally we see Christian picking up the win over Booker T.


Tazz and Micheal Cole welcome us to the show. They run down the card. They talk about the two rematches from the Bash. Tonight we will see Booker T take on Christian, and a US Title rematch as Chris Benoit defends against Orlando Jones. Then they talk about tonights main event, as JBL is scheduled to go one on one with the Undertaker!!!


Eddie Guerrero makes his way down to ringside. He grabs a mic. He gave Rey a chance to save his secret, but Rey couldn't live up to the challenge, just like Rey couldn't live up to the challenge of fatherhood. Eddie talks about how Rey was so obessed with his career, that he didn't want the added pressure of a kid.

Eddie warned Rey that night not to sleep with the whore he calls his wife, but Rey didn't listen. Eddie talks about how Rey would constantly call him with thoughts of punching the mother of his kids in the stomach to abort Dominick's life. Eddie says he eventually talked Rey into doing the right thing, and marrying that slut, and taing care of his responsibilites.

Eddie states that Rey is not here tonight, because he is ashamed of himself. Eddie asks the crowd if they can forgive Rey, and the crowd cheeers wildly. Eddie says that the fans may be able to forgive him, but one person will never be able to forgive Rey Mysterio, and that is his son Dominick.

Dominick comes down to ring and hugs Uncle Eddie. Eddie tells Dominick to tell the world what he said in the back. Dominick grabs the mic and states that he hates his Dad's guts and wishes he were dead so Eddie could be his new Dad.

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 93%



Booker T and Christian hookup, and after a few back and forth manevurs, Christian is able to hip toss Booker down. Christian kicks Booker hard in the midsection, then follows up with a fury of elbows to the back of the head. Christian throws Booker into the turnbuckle and charges with an elbow, but Booker puts his foot up and catches Christian in the jaw.

Booker T. sidewalk slams a stunned Christian. Booker throws Christian in the ropes and hits a crescent kick to Christian's jaw, and Christian rolls outside. Booker follows and throws Christian into the announcers table. Both men are trading punches before Booker is able to slam Christian to the ground. Booker picks up a chair and is about to slam it into Christian's spine, but the ref grabs the chair and admonishes Booker. This allows Christian time to ram his knee into the small of Booker's back.

Christian throws Booker back in the ring. Christian connects with a flying elbow drop from the top turnbuckle, but he only gets a two count. Christian hits a tornado DDT on Booker, but again only gets a two count. Christian throws Booker into the turnbuckle, and then precedes to hoist Booker up to the top turnbuckle. Christian attempts a superplexe, but Booker pushes Christian down to the mat. Booker stands up on the top turnbuckle and connects with a Harlem Hangover.

Christian is able to get his foot on the ropes to break up the pin. Booker T hits an invereted atomic drop. Booker goes for an axe kick, but Christian moves and nails Booker with an Un-Prettier for the win

Chrisitan has pinned Booker T. This match lasted 20 minutes and got a 72/83/79


Josh Matthews is backstage with Batista. Batista is flying high after his win against JBL this past Sunday. He told the world that he was going to punk JBL out, he he did just that. Now he has to worry about Muhammad Hassan. Well, Batista isn't worried, because he has seen Hassan in action on RAW. Batista reminds everyone that Hassan didn't beat the Undertaker, just that the Undertaker lost his cool and got DQ-ed. Batista says that if Hassan were to put as much work into his wrestling and not on his grandstanding, then he might be worthwhile, but Batista seriously thinks that Hassan will never shut up.

This segment lasted 6 minutes and got a 91%



The stipulation of this match is that London could face any one of the Mexicools, he won't know which one until the match starts. The Mexicool's all surround London, and act like they will gang up on him, finally the ref escorts Juventud and Super Crazy outside, where they watch on their Juan Deere's. This match will be Paul London versus Psicosis.

Psicosis charges London, who drops to the mat, and Psiscosis jumps over London and bounces off the ropes where he is greeted with a flipkick from London. London chops Psiscosis into the turnbuckle, and then connects with some shoulder thrusts. London picks Psiscosis up and places him on the top turnbuckle. London climbs up too. London attempts a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle, but Psiscosis cathces him, and drops him down into a powerbomb, and London hits his head hard.

Psiscosis baseball slide kicks London's skull. Juventud and Super Crazy jump up on the apron, and all three Mexicools taunt the crowd. Psiscosis throws London over the top rope and begins arguing with Jimmy Cordaris, the ref. This allows Juventud and Crazy to double team London, as they each pick up one of London's legs and slam his head onto the steel steps.

London has done the blade job, and is bleeding badly. A veritable crimson mask. Juventud rolls London into the ring. Psiscosis attempts a pin, but London kicks out at two. Psiscosis stands up London, and London quickly kicks Psiscosis in the gut, and London hits a X-factor on Psiscosis. London attempts a pin, but Juventud and Crazy jump up on the apron and the ref stops the count. London punches Juventud off the apron, and flipkicks Crazy out of the ring.

Psiscosis hits London in the back, as London was getting up. Psiscosis mounts London and starts throwing haymakers, opening up London even more. Psiscosis climbs the turnbuckle and attempts a guillotine leg drop, but London moves. London climbs the turnbuckle and signals for the shooting star press. Super Crazy jumps up on the apron and London has to punch him off. Psiscosis gets up, but Loondon sees him and Mule Kicks Psiscosis outside the ring. Juventud slides in the ring and blind sides London with the rake, and Psiscosis gets DQ-ed

After the match the Mexicools gang up on London, and all hit there finishers on a bloody London. Juventud starts strutting with the Cruiserweight title.

Paul London has beaten Psiscosis by DQ. This match lasted 11 minutes and got a 60/49/85


We see clips of Micheals and Hogan's brawl, and then Micheals kidnapping Linda Hogan. We see Jericho picking up the pin on Cena.


Muhammed Hassan's music starts. Hassan and Daivari come out and get in the ring and Hassan grabs the mic. Hassan has a special video package we wants shown. We see footage from Great American Bash, where the ref is raising Hassan hand in victory. He see this in a continual loop, with in the background Tony Chimel is saying "And the new Number One Contender, Muhammed Hassan!!"

We come back live, and Hassan has a huge grin on his face. Hassan claims that no one thought Hassan would win last Sunday, but he shut all of our racially predjudiced mouths. In his third ever pay per view match he beat the unbeatable. He has been wrestling in the WWE for almost a year, and yet he just got his third pay per view match. He wonders why, considering he never was pinned on RAW.

Tazz brings up the fact that Cena beat Hassan on RAW in under four minutes

Hassan states that on his fourth PPV appearance, he will become the World Champion. Hassan says that America will revolt when an Arab American as World Champion, and it is only due to the fact that America is based on hatred and predjudiced. Hassan has said that trailer trash American's have threatened his and Davari's lives, and he has been forced to hire security to stop these threats against him.

Hassan tells Batista that at Summerslam he will cut the head off the monster, and hold it up for the whole world to see.

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 81


We see footage of Melina beating Torrie Wilson at the Bash, and then of MNM beating Heindenreich and Animal.


This match will be a mixed handicapped tag match, as Heidenreich and Torrie Wilson take on MNM.

Mercury and Nitro begin throwing punches on Heidenreich, who doesn't sell. They throw Heidenreich into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. The ref escorts Nitro out of the ring. Mercury throws Hedienreich into the turnbuckle and dropkicks him, and Heidenreich falls on his ass. Mercury tags Nitro, and puts Heidereich in a full nelson, and Nitro connects with somme punches. The ref sends Mercury out. Nitro throws Heidenreich into thier corner and begins taunting Torrie, who comes in the ring causing the ref to chase her out. Mercury and Melina begin choking Heidenreich.

Nitro tags Mercury, and they connect with with a double suplex, and then hit a double ddt. Mercury gets a two count. Mercury throw Heidenreich into the turnbuckle shoulder first. Mercury begins taunting Torrie, and throws Heiednreich over to Torrie and dares her to tag in. She does and gets in the ring hesitantly. She gets face to face with Mercury, who gives her a free shot. She slaps him hard, and Mercury grabs her arm. He tags in Melina, and she throws Torrie around a bit. After spending some time bodyslamming Torrie she tags Nitro, and Torrie runs and tags Heidenreich.

Hedienreich runs straight into a superkick from Nitro. MNM hits the Snapshot DDT on Heidenreich and pick up the win

After the match MNM begin attacking Heidenreich. Torrie tries to intervene, but it doesn't work out. Melina demands MNM to Snapshot DDT Torrie, and right as they are about to, the returning Dudley Boys make the save. The Dudley's 3D Mercury, and then Nitro. Bubba is looking at Melina akwardly. He screams for D-Von to Get The Tables. Just as they are about to send Melina through the tables, MNM save Melina.

This match lasted 13 minutes, and got a 50/59/52


They show a video package for the up coming Summerslam. The theme song for Summerslam is Breaking Point's "Show me a sign". They run dow the card as it has been announced thus far.

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista vs. Muhammed Hassan w/ Daivari

WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Legends Mathch: Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Micheals

and just announced:

Last Man Standing: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio


They show clips of the Benoit and Jordan match from Great American Bash, where Benoit made Jordan tap out with the crippler crossface.

Jordan attacks Benoit while the ref was checking Benoit's boots. Jordan begins choping Benoit in the turnbuckle. Jordan connects with some European uppercuts before throwing Benoit into the opposite turnbuckle, who bounces off chest first. Jordan makes the Cabinet sign, then suplexes Benoit. Jordan picks Benoit up for an atomic drop, but drops him on the turnbuckle, and pits Benoit in the Tree of Woo. Jordan begins choking Benoit with his foot. The ref breaks it up and frees Benoit.

Jordan throws Benoit into the ropes and attempts a clotheslines, but Benoit ducks and hits The 3 German's on Jordan, and Jordan rolls out of the ring. Benoit hits a Tope on Jordan. Benoit throws Jordan into the steps, but Jordan reverses it, and Benoit crashes into the steps. Jordan goes to pick Benoit up, but Benoit slaps on a Crossface on the outside of the ring.

Benoit throws Jordan into the ring and signals for the flying headbutt. Benoit climbs up top, and connects with the headbutt, and picks up the victory

Chris Benoit has pinned Orlando Jordan and has retained his US title. This match lasted 15 minutes and got a 70/78/79


As Benoit was walking up the aisle after his match, Christian jumps out of the crowd with a pipe and cracks Benoit in the back of the head. Christian begins beating Benoit with a pipe, before agents break it up

This segment lasted 6 minutes and got a 71



Simon Dean comes out with some weights and begins doing curls in the ring. He gets on the mic and makes fun of Regal, who comes out ready to fight. Dean and Regal hook up, and Regal European uppercuts Dean. Regal takes Dean and applies a headlock. Dean stands it up, and pushes Regal into to ropes, then hits a dropkick on Regal.

Dean chokes Regal on the mat while doing pushups. Dean attempts a hiptoss, but Regal reverses it and hiptosses Dean to the ground. Regal puts on the Regal Stretch. Dean finally gets to the ropes, but Regal doesn't break. The ref makes Regal break the hold, and begins arguing with Regal. Dean grabs his weights from the apron, and blasts Regal. The ref has DQ-ed Dean

William Regal has beaten Simon Dean by DQ. This match lasted 8 minutes and got 65/68/79


Teddy Long comes out to the ring. He has just signed two matches for next week's show. Due to what happened earlier tonight, next week we will see Christian vs. Chris Benoit for the US Title. And we will get a Summerslam preview as Batista will fight Muhammed Hassan and Daivari in a handicap match.

This segment lasted 5 minutes and got a 76



JBL starts the match on the outside, and Undertaker is forced to go out after him. JBL sliides into the ring and connects with kicks when Undertaker slides in. JBL throws Undertaker shoulder first into the turnbuckle. JBL throws Undertaker outside the ring. JBL and Undertaker brawl on the outside.

JBL slams Undertaker headfirst into the steps, but Undertaker is unfased, and chokeslams JBL on the outside. Undertaker slides in the ring. Undertaker climbs the tunrbuckle and waits for JBL to come into the ring. When JBL does, Undertaker connects with a flying clothesline.

Orlando Jordan runs down and is promptly punched off the apron by Undertaker. JBL punches Undertaker, but Undertaker catches him and Snake Eyes JBL on the turnbuckle, and bounces off the ropes and delivers a big boot to JBL. Undertaker throws JBL into the turnbuckle and goes for the Old School move. JBL grabs Undertaker and pulls him into the ring.

JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Undertaker ducks and JBL blasts the ref. Undertaker Tombstone Piledrives JBL. Randy Orton jumps out from the crowd and RKO's Undertaker, and the woozy ref counts the three. After the match Randy Orton runs up the aisle as Undertaker sits up.

JBL has beaten the Undertaker. This match lasted 16 minutes and got a 72/88/62




7511 ATT

300440 PROFIT

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Charlie Haas pins Doug Basham

Stevie Richards pins Frankie Kazarian

Juventud and Super Crazy pins Ballz Mahoney and Axl Rotten


Val Venis pins Brent Albright

Mark Jindrak pins Tyson Tomko

Big Show pins Gene Snistky


Axl Rotten and Ballz Mahoney's appearance on Velocity was a one shot deal, but WWE officals are always open to bringing them in fulltime, when the situation is right

Developmental prospects Brent Albright and Paul Birchall both signed 1 year extensions with the company

Also signing a new one year deal is current RAW Superstar Renee Dupree

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GM Eric Bischoff has announced a huge main event, as WWE Champion puts his title on the line against Edge!!! With Edge still owning a title shot, has Eric and Chris Jericho gotten in Edge's ear and tell him to severely injure Cena???


Hulk Hogan hasn't heard from his wife in a week. Will HBK show up, and will he show up with Linda???


Carlito has promised fireworks on his latest edition of Carlito's Cabana when he interviews Shelton Benjamin. Will Shelton be in anymood to talk after what happened last week???


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user posted image

Live from Detroit, Michigan

The show stars with video highlights from last week. We see clips of HBK and Hulk Hogan brawling in the parking lot, of Hogan talking about their past, and then of HBK kidnapping Linda Hogan. We then see highlights from last week's main event of John Cena and Kane vs. Chris Jericho and Edge. They show Matt Hardy jumping out of the crowd and attacking Edge, and of Chris Jericho using a chair to pin John Cena.


Then JR and the King welcome us to the show. They discuss the whereabouts Linda Hogan. Apparently, HBK will shed some light onto the situation tonight. Also, they discuss tonight's main event when John Cena defends his WWE title against Edge!!!


This match will be Tajiri and the Tag Champs, The Syndicate(Rosey and Hurricane, as they will now be known) against Rene Dupree and The Heart Throbs.

Hurricane and Rene hookup, and Dupree throws Hurricane down hard. Rene kicks Hurricane in the midsection as he was getting up, then DDT's Hurricane. Dupree only gets a two count. Dupree throws Hurricane into his cormer and tags Romeo. Dupree promptly argues with the ref, which allows Antonio to choke the Hurricane while Romeo delivers hard punches.

Romeo bodyslams Hurricane then connects with a standing leg drop. Romeo only gets a two count. Romeo throws Hurricane into the turnbuckle, but Hurricane jumps up to the second turnbuckle and connects with a flying crossbody on Romeo. Hurricane rolls to his corner and tags Rosey. Rosey delivers a stiff clothesline on Romeo, then punches Rene and Antonio off the apron. Rosey hits a Samoan Drop on Romeo, but Antonio breaks up the pin. The ref escorts Antonio out, as Rosey throws Romeo into the turnbuckle. Romeo ducks a Rosey Avalanche attempt and quickly tags Antonio.

Antonio rakes Rosey's eyes, then chopblocks him. Rosey doesn't fall and Antonio bounces off the ropes and attempts a crossbody, but Rosey catches him. Romeo comes into the ring and dropkicks Antonio and Rosey down, but Antonio only gets a two count. Rosey blocks a punch and hits a sidewalk slam on Antonio. Rosey tags Tajiri. Tajiri chops Antonio into the turnbuckle and delivers a fury of kicks. Tajiri throws Antonio into the opposite turnbuckle and connects with a springboard elbow smash.

Tajiri slaps on the tarantula on Antonio. When the ref breaks the hold, Romeo attacks Tajiri. Hurricane makes the save and hits The Eye of the Storm on Romeo. Rene runs in and hits a fisherman suplex on Hurricane. As Antonio tries to blindside Tajiri, Rosey runs in and clotheslines him down. As the ref is sorting this mess out, Tajiri spits the mist in Rene's eyes, then kicks Antonio in the jaw for the win



We cut to Big Show's lockerroom, when Ric Flair walks in. Flair is glad to see Show again. They have a lot of history together in WCW and from that came a mutual respect. Flair tells Show he is looking to rebuid Evolution, and he needs a big enforcer. He reminds Show that the Horsemen had Arn Anderson and Evolution had Batista.

Flair asks Show if he would like to join Evolution. Show excitedly agrees and proclaims Evolution to be the most dominant faction in history. Flair cuts him off and tells him that he is not in Evolution yet. Flair is scouting for potential memembers, and Show will have to audition for a role.

Show looks insulted that he would have to audtion to get in and storms off pissed.

This segment lasted 5 minutes and got a 96



Chris Masters comes out and tells the crowd that he is tired of having no competition. Everyone that has come up against Masters has be shattered. To get the very best competition he will now offer fifty grand to anyone who can break the Masterlock. He reminds everyone that he wants just the best competiton, no scrubs.

Out comes a returning Spike Dudley!!! Master verbally assults Spike for a bit, before the challenge begins. Spike sits down, and Master applies the hold. Spike Dudley breaks the hold!!! Spike Dudley has won fifty thousand dollars!!! Masters looks embarassed and picks up the chair and waffles in against Spike's spine. Master puts Spike into the Masterlock again. Eventually agents have to pull Masters off Spike.

Spike Dudley has broken the Masterlock. This segment lasted 6 minutes and got a 58


We cut to Eric Bischoff's office. Edge is in there. Edge has agreed to help Bishoff and Jericho tonight considering he still has a guaranteed title shot later this year. But Edge has some choice words for Eric. Last week Edge was assualted by a cowardly fan. Edge wants to know how that fan was able to get in the ring. Edge mocks RAW's staunch security. Edge tells Eric that all Hell has broken loose on Raw. In the last week Edge has been assaulted by a fan, Hogan has had his wife kidnapped, and wrestlers are allowed to ron free and interfere in matches. Edge tells Eric that if this fan ever is able again to get by security, he will have no choice but to file a complaint with Vince Mcmahon. Eric tells Edge to due his job tonight and destroy John Cena and he will make sure that this fan won't ever again attack Edge.

This segment lasted 7 minutes and got a 86


Carlito comes out and introduces us to Shelton. Carlito wants to know how having his title reign ended by him. Shelton doesn't answer, instead just stares a hole through him. Carlito mocks Shelton relentlessly for a couple of minutes. Shelton has has enough and grabs the mic out of Carlito's hand. Carlito goes to punch Shelton, but Shelton moves and hits a T-Bone suplex on Carlito. Shelton grabs an apple and spits it on Carlito. Shelton grabs the IC title and looks at it for a minute before dropping it on Carlito.

This segment lasted 12 minutes and got a 78



We are shown highlights from last week where Trish and Victoria attacked Christy Hemme, Maria, and Lilian Garcia. Trish and Victoria proclaimed that the Women's Divison will get it's prestiege back. We are informed that Lilian will be gone for the next couple of weeks.

Hemme comes out first, then Victoria, who comes out with Trish. Victoria armdrags Christy, then follows up with a dropkick. Victoria starts choking Christy, reverted back to her pyscho days. Victoria picks Christy up in a bearhug, then runs full force into the turnbuckles. Victoria hits the Widow's Peak. Victoria goes for the pin, but Christy gets her foot on the ropes. Victoria can't believe this, and quickly hits a standing moonsualt, but Christy kicks out at two. Victoria looks pissed and throws Christy into the turnbuckle. Victoria begins screaming, asking Christy if she thinks she is better than her. Christy slaps Victoria. Victoria stands there shocked, and Trish slides into the ring and chick kicks Christy, causing a DQ

After the match Trish hits the Stratusfaction on Christy, then Victoria hits the Widow's Peak. Trish and Victoria leave the ring and are walking up the ramp gloating, when Christy manages to grab a mic. She wants Trish and Victoria next week in a tag match, and she promises to have a suprise partner. Trish and Victoria accept.

Christy Hemme has beaten Victoria by DQ. This match lasted 10 minutes and got a 48/60/23


Back in the locker room Chris Jericho is helping Edge and Lita prepare for tonights title shot. Y2J tells Edge to just do what was layed out. Jericho tells Edge not to get greedy and try and win the belt, just beat the living hell out of John Cena. Edge say to not worry, that when Y2J wins the title at Summerslam, it will be Edge who takes it from Jericho. Edge and Jericho stare eachother down.

This segment lasted 8 minutes and got a 98



We see highlights from last weeks Smackdown. We see the Dudley's returning as they attack MNM. We see Randy Orton causing the Undertaker to lose to JBL


HBK's music hits and he comes down to the ring, but without Linda Hogan. HBK goes on a rant where he claims he had sex with Hulk's wife. He says that Ric Flair may be Spacemountain, but Linda is Disney World, because he left with a smile on his face.

This brings Hulk Hogan out, who storms down to the ring ready for a fight. HBK tells Hogan to stop where he is, or he will never tell Hulk where his wife is. HBK tells Hogan to look up at the Titan-tron.

We see Linda Hogan handcuffed to a bed. She is crying. "Terry please help........Terry please..........Help Terry...........Save Me!!!! We then see HBK pop out from under the sheets he turns to the camera and says, "Whatcha going to do Hulk Hogan, when your wife runs wild all over me!!!

Hulk Hogan has had enough and charges at Micheals. They begin to brawl. Hogan gets the upper hand and begins choking HBK while screaming "Where is she you son of a bitch!!!" Agents run down to the ring and try to break up this fracas, but to no avail. HBK finally high tails it backstage, with Hogan in hot pursuit.

HBK runs into the garage, where a car is waiting, and HBK jumps in and the car speeds off. Hogan begins cursing and kicks the cameraman in a rage.

This segment lasted 15 minutes and got a 88


Jindrak and Conway hook up and Jindrak over powers Conway and slaps on a headlock. Jindrak turns the headlock into a hammerlock, then back body slams Conway. Jindrak goes for the pin, but Conway kicks out. Conway blocks a punch, and rams Jindrak into the tunrbuckle. Conway chops Jindrak. Conway chops Jindrak again. Jindrak reverses antother chop, and chops Conway. Jindrak chops Conway again.

Ric Flair has made his way down to ringside for a closer look. Jindrak suplexes Conway. Jindrak throws Conway into the turnbuckle, but Conway reverses it and throws Jindrak into the turnbuckle. Conway hits a running clothesline, then hits a Hot Shot on Jindrak. Flair begins cheering Conway on. Conway straddles Jindrak on the top turnbuckle. Superplex connects on Jindrak. Conway only gets a two count.

Conway throws Jindrak into the turnbuckle and goes for a big splash. Jindrak hits a flying Conway with a left hook, and Conway is out cold. Ric Flair begins cheering Jindrak on. Conway kicks out of a Jindrak pin attempt. The Big Show comes down to the ring, and chokeslams both Conway and Jindrak for the double DQ draw. Big Show has words for Flair as he leaves

This match ended in a draw. This match lasted 10 minutes and got a 65/62/69


Angle comes out and gets ready for the Angle Invitational. Tony Chimel intruduces us to the hometown hero, And, his opponent, From Battlecreek Michigan........ROB VAN DAM!!!!! Van Dam comes out still wearing a leg brace and limping heavily.

Angle asks Rob if he is even cleared to wrestle. Rob tells him that he doesn't need clearance to kick an overblown tight wad's ass. This sends Kurt into a rage, and he spears Van Dam's leg. Kurt kicks at Van Dam's knee abit before applying the Angle Lock. Van Dam doesn't submit and makes it to the ropes. Kurt pulls Van Dam into the center of the ring, and puts on a Angle Lock-Leg Lock combo, and Van Dam taps.

Kurt doesn't let go. Kurt is a maniac, as he is trying to cripple RVD. Suddenly fire explodes and out stalks Kane!!!!!!!!! Kane gets in the ring a chokeslams Angle to the canvas. Angle retreats to his locker room as Kane attends to RVD.

JR and The King remind everyone that Kane and RVD were once good friends and former tag champs

Kurt Angle has beaten RVD. This match lasted 10 minutes and got a 90/92/86



A Summerslam preview video is played as Breaking Point's song "Show me a Sign" is played. They hype the card.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: John Cena © vs. Chris Jericho


LEGENDS MATCH: Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Micheals

LAST MAN STANDING: Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

and just announced.........

Kurt Angle vs. Kane w/ RVD


Edge and Lita comes to the ring. Lita and a female fan at ringside begin arguing. Edge pulls Lita back into the "game". And then, Cena comes out to a huge pop.

Edge and Cena hookup in the middle of the ring. Edge kicks Cena in the gut, and snap suplexes Cena. Edge mounts Cena and begins throwing haymakers. Cena rolls Edge over, and begins throwing haymakers on Edge. Cena throws Edge into the turnbuckle and hits a running forearm, then hits a bulldog. Cena only gets a two count.

Cena attempts a suplexe, Edge blocks and rakes Cena's eyes. Edge then kicks Cena in the gut and hits a double arm DDT on Cena. Edge throws Cena into the turnbuckle. Edge straddles Cena on the top turnbuckle. Edge dropkicks Cena all the way down to the outside. Cena begins grabbing his back in pain. Edge climbs outside and slams Cena into the steel post, back first. Cena is really selling an injury, maybe a little too well.......

Edge sidewalk slams Cena on the floor. Edge slides inside , then outside the ring, to break the 10 count. Edge picks Cena up headfirst, then mocks the crowd for a mintue. Edge picks Cena up in a bearhug, then he runs and crashes through the steel steps. Both men are down as "Holy Shit" chants rain out.

Edge gets up and kicks Cena in the head. In the heat of the moment, Edge picks up one of the steps, and blasts Cena right in the back. The ref DQ's Edge. But wait.............

Eric Bischoff's music starts, and Eric announces that this match is now a No DQ or Count Out Match.............

Eric joins JR and Lawler for commentary.Cena blocks a punch and hits a quick DDT on Edge. Both men are down, and Lita gets up and kicks Cena. Cena gets up real quick and chases Lita around ringside. Lita lures Cena right into a Spear from Edge. Edge rolls Cena into the ring. Edge hits the Edgeacution on Cena and goes for the pin attempt. 1........2.......Edge breaks the count. Edge is apparently living up to his agreement with Jericho. Edge stands over Cena, who is really grabbing his back in pain. Edge delivers 10 straight elbows to the small of Cena's back.

Edge unexpectedly cold cocks Earl Hebner.

Edge locks on The Walls of Jericho on Cena. Chris Jericho walks down to the ring with a huge grin on his face. Cena is screaming in agony.Jericho grabs a mic and mocks Cena, while Edge has Y2J's finisher on the fallen champ. Edge releases the hold, while Y2J grabs the belt. Edge holds Cena up, and Y2J runs at him with the belt. Cena ducks , and Y2J blasts Edge instead. Cena FU's Jericho, who rolls outside. Cena FU's Edge, and goes for the pin. 1........2........Edge kicks out.

Cena is grabbing his back as he just delivered two straight FU's. Cena hits the Hip Hop Drop on Edge. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Jericho grabs his leg. Edge goes for a Spear, but Cena pulls Hebner in the way and Edge Spears Earl Hebner.Chris Kay has run down to replace Earl. Cena goes for another FU, but Edge slides out. Edge low blows Cena. Edge and Jericho begin double teaming Cena. They double spinebuster Cena. Edge hits an Electric Chair on Cena. Edge throws Jericho over the tope rope. Edge goes for a pin.1.........Hebner stands up..........2....Cena puts his foot on the rope........3!!!!!! Kay didn't see the foot on the rope. Chimel announces " The winner and NEW WWE CHampion, EDGE!!!!!!

But on hold a second..............

Hebner, who saw Cena's foot, has reversed the decision and has restarted this match. Edge has Cena up for another Electric Chair, but drops Cena when he sees Matt Hardy charging the ring. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Edge. Cena makes the cover.1......2.......3 Cena has pinned Edge.

After the match, Edge and Hardy brawl all the way to the back. Cena FU's Jericho in the ring. As Lita is walking back up the aisle, she begins arguing with the same female fan from before. Lita loses her cool and punches the fan, before Dean Malenko and Steve Kiern carry her back.

Cena has beaten Edge and retained his title. This match lasted 29 minutes and got a 84/86/81


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WWE.com has reported that WWE, in response to Lita's unscripted actions on RAW, has taken her off all house shows. They are still undecided on wheter or not to use her on RAW while they push the Edge and Matt Hardy feud. It is rumored that after Summerslam they may "kill off" Lita and fire her altogether.

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Last week, Teddy Long announced that tonight we will see a preview of Summerslam, as Batista takes on Muhammed Hassan and Daivari in a handicap match.


After attacking Chris Benoit, Christian will get his shot at Beniot's title. Will the Rabid Wolverine get his revenge and cripple Captain Charisma.


After arriving last week to save Torrie Wilson from MNM, The Dudley's will get there first match back as they take on JBL and Orlando Jordan.


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WWE.com has reported that at the Smackdown tapings, Hardcore Holly tore his calf, and will be out for 9 months. Holly was being thrown over the ropes by Slyvain Grenier during a Holly/Haas vs. Grenier/Basham match during Velocity.

This is a huge setback for WWE writers as they were in the process of making him a top US Title contender, and was rumored to have house show runs against Chris Benoit.

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user posted image

Live from Topeka, Kansas

We see a recap video from lask weeks show. Among the highlights shown are Randy Orton interfering in the Undertaker's match, Benoit beating Orlando Jordan, The Dudley's returning by saving Torrie from MNM, Dominic telling Rey Mysterio he wished he were dead, and The Mexicools beating Paul London down.



Josh Matthews asks Benoit about the attack by Christian last week, as we see a video of Christian attacking Benoit with a lead pipe. Chris Benoit says that this is wrestling, not Clue, and that Christian is going to need more than a pipe, revovler, candlestick or rope to beat him.

Christian arrives, and goes face to face with Benoit. When the tension peaks, Christian backs off. He claims he can wait for their match later. Christian turns to leave, and pulls out a lead pipe, and turns back quickly. Christian just waffles Benoit with the pipe. Christian, in total disrespect, puts Benoit in the crossface. Eventually, Christian leaves as the medics attend to Benoit.

This segment lasted 8 minutes and got a 83

We see footage from last weeks London vs. Psiscosis match. We see Juventud and Super Crazy each hoist London onto their shoulders and driving him head first onto the steps, causing him to bleed. We see London going for the Shooting Star Press, only to have Super Crazy interfere.

Tazz and Micheal Cole talk about how London requested a tag match against any two Mexicools. London will have a mystery partner.


The Juan Deere's are riden out by the Mexicools. All three members are in the ring. Paul London comes out next. He doesn't slide through the ring as usual, he just stands at ringside and grabs a mic. He tells us that if there was anyone person he trusted to watch his back, it would be his partner, his brother Billy Kidman. Kidman makes his first appearance after a couple month abscence, and is now a face.

Billy Kidman and London charges the ring. Apparently, Juventud and Psiscosis will be representing the Mexicools. Kidman and Juvi start off the match, and Kidman deep arm drags Juventud. Billy hits two more deep arm drags before connecting with a beautiful dropkick. Kidman bounces off the ropes and hits Juvi with a flying forearm. Kidman throws Juvi into his corner and tags London. Kidman holds Juvi in place while London bounces off the ropes, then leaps on then off Kidman's shoulders, and connects with a flying forearm to Juventud's temple.

London only gets a two count. London connects with three straight flipkicks. London bounces off the ropes, but Psiscosis kicks him in the back, and London bounces right into an enziguri from Juvi. Juvi hits a swinging neckbreaker on London, then tags out to Psiscosis. Psiscosis throws London into the ropes, and connects with a twit-a-whirl backbreaker. Psiscosis only gets a two count.

Psiscosis throws London into the turnbuckle and hits a splash. London stumbles forward, and Psisosis climbs the turnbuckle and connects with a bulldog, off the second turnbuckle. Psiscosis only gets a two count. Psiscosis picks London up, and goes for a snap suplex, but London blocks and hits Psiscosis with a suplex. London hits Psiscosis with a baseball slide kick to the head. London tags Kidman.

Psiscosis blocks a Kidman punch, and kicks him in the gut. Psiscosis fisherman suplexes Kidman, then tags out to Juventud. Juventud hits Kidman with a german suplex, and them climbs the top rope. Juvi goes for the 450 splash, but Kidman rolls out of the way. Kidman tags London. London climbs to the top turnbuckle and mule kicks Juventud outside the ring. Psiscosis enters the ring and powerbombs London. Kidman runs in and throws Psiscosis outside, where Super Crazy is waiting. Kidman hits a Suicide Dive to the outside knocking Psiscosis and Super Crazy down. Juvi slides back in the ring, and turns London into a Juvi Driver for the win

Juventud and Psiscosis have beaten London and Kidman. This match lasted 13 minutes and got a 79/64/84



Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring. He tells Eddie that this has gone far enough. Rey pleads with Domenic to come home, and that Domenic is everything to Rey. He admits that at first he was scared of fatherhood, that maybe he was a little too preoccupied with his career. But, Rey says that as soon as Dom was born, and Rey saw his first smile, that Domenic is Rey's whole life. He pleads with both Eddie and Domenic to stop the insanity.

Eddie comes out on his low rider, with Domenic sitting shotgun. Eddie and Dom get in the ring, where Rey is on his knees pleading with them. Rey, in an uncharacteristic move removes his mask, and his begging his son to come home, as tears roll down Rey's face. Domenic runs up to Rey, and hugs him, apparently ending this madness. And the crowd roars wildly. Eddie looks pissed at Domenic.

But as Rey and Dom are huggin, Eddie moves behind Rey, and unleashes a stiff forearm shot to the back of his head. Eddie Gory Bombs Rey, as Dom is laughing hysterically. Eddie frogsplashes Rey, then holds Rey up for Dom. Domenic slaps his father in the face and leaves before the agents can get to the ring.

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 76


We see highlights from the last RAW.

Spike Dudley returning to break the Masterlock, and win fifty grand.

Christy Hemme challenge Trish and Victoria next week. Christy will have a mystery partner.

HBK's video of him and Linda Hogan's "love affair", then Hogan and HBK brawling.

Then of the main event. Cena beating Edge to retain his title, after Matt Hardy Twist Of Fated Edge.


We see footage from last week, where Christian beats Benoit with a pipe after Beniot's match. Then we see footage from earlier, where Christian again beats Benoit with a pipe, before putting Benoit in the Crippler Crossface.

Christian comes out first. When Benoit is introduced, he comes still selling the beating he took earlier. Christian attacks Benoit as he enters the ring, and Nick Patrick calls for the bell to start the match. Christian mounts Benoit and begins throwing haymakers on the champ. Christian throws Benoit into the turnbuckle, who hits sternum first and hits the mat hard. Christian puts a rest move on with a rear choke on Benoit.

Benoit stands up from the choke posistion, turns around Christian and hits a back body drop. Benoit charges Christian and connects with a clothesline. Christian stands up, and Benoit kicks him in the gut. Benoit holds Christian up in a suplex for what seems like ages, then drops Christian onto his back. Benoit chops Christian into the turnbuckle. Benoit stings Christian with four stiff chops. Christian's chest looks like a piece of tenderised meat. Benoit straddles Christian onto the top turnbuckle. Christian is able to kick Benoit away, and hits a tornado DDT from the top turnbuckle. Christian goes for the pin. 1........2........Benoit kicks out.

Christian hits Benoit with a couple high knee lifts. Christian throws Benoit outside.

BACKSTAGE: We see Eddie and Domenic about to leave the arena in their low rider. Rey comes running up and begins yelling to Domenic to come home and to not listen to Eddie. Rey tells Dom that he is sorry, but Dom spits on Rey as he and Guerrero leave. Rey looks to be in a rage like we've never seen before.

Christian is now outside with Benoit, and slaps Benoit near the gaurdrail. Christian throws a punch, but Benoit ducks. Benoit attempts the Hat Trick German's, but Christian rolls behind Benoit. Christian goes for the Unprettier, but Benoit pushes Christian forward. Benoit puts the Crippler Crossface on Christian. Christian is tapping, but both are outside. Nick Patrick counts both men out. This match has ended in a draw.

Benoit still has the Crossface locked in, and Christian is passed out. The referees and agents are running down to ringside. They can't pull Benoit off Christian. Patrick tells the crowd that if Benoit doesn't let go, he will strip Benoit off the title. Eventually, Benoit breaks the hold, as the agents/refs look over a blue faced Christian. Benoit slides in the ring to pose for the crowd. Benoit gets a demented look in his face, then hits a Tope over the agents, and crashing down on Christian.

This match ended in a double countout. This match lasted 12 minutes and got a 86/79/93



We see footage of the entire Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero feud, starting back to Wrestlemania thru now. Taz and Micheal Cole wonder what state of mind Rey is in to wrestle.

Rey runs down to the ring and begins chopping Akio wildly. Rey punches Akio into the turnbuckle, and doesn't relent. Akio is now sitting down in the turnbuckle, with Rey throwing haymakers down. Rey runs to the opposite turnbuckle, and hits Akio with a Bronco Buster. Rey is taking his agression out on Akio. Rey throws Akio outside. Rey hits a corkscrew plancha on Akio. Rey throws Akio back in the ring. Rey hits Akio with a west coast pop, and gets the win

After the match Rey throws Akio back outside and grabs the mic from Tony Chimel,"Mark my words Guerrero, at Summerslam I will kill you, You son of a bitch.

Rey Mysterio beats Akio. This match lasted 6 minutes and got a 81/66/97


We then see a touching video of Booker T on a recent Oprah Winfrey show. Oprah set up a suprise visit between a dying teenager and his hero, Booker T. Booker gave the kid front row seats to a house show, where Booker did a Spin a Roonie while the kid was in the ring.

This segment lasted 12 minutes and got a 78



We see the parking garage where Batista is arriving. Josh Matthews asks Batista about his handicap match tonight against Muhammed Hassan and Daivari. Daivari interupts and begings yelling farsi at Batista. Batista grabs Daivari, and out of nowhere Hassan blasts Batista with a chair. Hassan blasts Batista with the chair until big Dave is busted open. Hassan and Daivari leave in victory.

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 86


We see footage of last week. MNM were about to hit Torrie Wilson with the Snapshot DDT, when the Dudley's made the surprise save. Bubba was about to slam Melina thru the table when MNM saved their women.

The Dudley's come down to the ring with Torrie Wilson, as I guess she is now their valet/manager. Orlando and Bubba start the match off. Bubba punches Orlando down to the ground. Bubba throws Orlando into the turnbuckle and hits a running forearm. Bubba has Orlando in a neck wringer. Orlando begins to stand up, but Bubba hits a sidewalk slam. Bubba has Orlando in an armbar, and tags D-Von. D-von connects with a forearm smash from the second turnbuckle.

D-Von throws Orlando into the ropes and attempts a spinning forearm smash, but Orlando knew it was coming and holds onto the ropes. Orlando tags JBL, and then Orlando spits at Bubba. Bubba charges into the ring, but the ref walks him back to his corner. This allows JBL to get in some clean shots as Orlando holds D-von up.

MNM make their way down to Taz and Micheal Cole's table. Joey Mercury does commentary with Cole and Taz, while Nitro and Melina watch.

JBL has D-Von in a bearhug. D-Von is trying to fight out of it, but JBL is to strong for him. Outside, Torrie is trying to get the crowd to cheer on D-Von. Slowly, a D-Von chant begins, and D-Von slaps JBL's ears, releasing the bearhug. D-Von is trying to crawl to Bubba, but JBL pulls D-Von over to his corner and tags Orlando. JBL puts D-von in a boston crab, while Orland hits a leg drop from the top turnbuckle. Orlando goes for the pin. 1.................2......................D-von kicks out.

Orlando snap suplexes D-von, then throws him into his turnbuckle. Orlando mocks Bubba, while JBL is choking D-Von out with the ring rope. Orlando puts D-Von in an abdominal stretch. Orlando and JBL hold hands, to add etra pressure to D-von. They do this a couple of times, before the ref sees them and kicks JBL and Orlando's hands, causing D-Von to flip Orlando over.

D-Von is slowly crawling to Bubba, but JBL gets in the ring and elbow drops D-Von. As the ref is walking JBL back, D-Von DDT's Orlando and tags Bubba. The ref didn't see the tag and walks an arguing Bubba back. Orlando powerslams D-Von and then climbs to the top turnbuckle. Orlando attempts a leg drop, but D-von moves out of the way, and tags Bubba.

Bubba comes in like a wildfire (not tommy rich). Bubba punches Orlando out of the ring. JBL attempts a Clothesline from Hell, but Bubba ducks and hits a Bubba Bomb. The Dudley's 3D JBL. MNM enter the ring. Mercury throws D-Von outside. The ref calls for the bell. MNM delivers the snapshot to Bubba.

Outside, JBL and Orlando slide D-Von into to ring, and stare down Torrie Wilson. MNM snapshot DDT's D-von. JBL grabs Torrie and slides her into the ring, where Melina takes her out with a fury of punches. JBL and Orlando pull out a table and slide it into the ring. Orlando and JBL begin walking up the ramp. MNM 3D's Bubba threw the table. MNM Snapshot DDT's Torrie Wilson and leave with three bodies laying motionless in the ring.

The Dudley have beaten JBL and Orlando Jordan by DQ. This match lasted 17 minutes and got a 81/79/84


MNM are leaving the arena via a limo. They have a horde of paparazzi around them. Reporters are asking them all kinds of questions. Melina makes a statement where she claims that MNM are the greatest tag team ever, and they have proven that by leaving the Dudley's on the ground. Melina says she is the most dominant diva in the WWE and she has proven that by beating that has been Torrie Wilson.

This segment lasted 13 minutes and got a 70


Randy Orton says that ever since Wrestlemania, he hasn't slept.because he didn't do what he said he was going to do. Ever since The Undertaker Tombstoned him, he hasn't had one hour of perfect sleep. Randy says that while he was rehabilitating his shoulder, all he was thinking about was the Undertaker. He says that while Undertaker beat him at Wrestlemania, he makes it his life mission to be the one who kills the Undertaker, because he is the Legend Killer.

All the lights go out. We see fooage of Randy getting Tombstoned in a loop. This is followed by shots of Randy's surgery. Then we see maggots devour a corpse, and buzzards tearing apart a live bunny. The Undertaker appears on the screen,"Randy Orton, your fate has been sealed. You will Rest In Peace"

All four turnbuckle explode, and Randy Orton runs out via the crowd.

This segement lasted 12 minutes and got a 87



We see the Summerslam preview video, which of course has Breaking Point's song "Show Me A Sign" as its theme. They run down the card:






and just announced...................





We see footage from earlier, where Hassan and Daivari beat down Batista. Batista comes to the ring selling the injuries.

Batista and Hassan stare off face to face in the middle of the ring. Hassan throws Daivari in front of him and high tails in outside. Daivari punches Batista, but it has no effect. Davari starts throwing wild rabbit pounces to Batista's mid section, but it has no affect. Batista smiles at a scared looking Daivari. Batista growls loudly before picking Daivari up and throwing him down on top of Hassan. Hassan throws Daivari back into the ring, where Batista hits the Batista Bomb on Daivari for the win

After the match, Hassan is frozen as Batista is starting to pysche up. Batista runs after Hassan, who runs around ringside. Hassan slides back into the ring and starts to beg Batista not to beat him up.

Two huge camoflauged men walk into the ring behind Batista. Both men blindside Batista and we have a 4-on-1 beatdown. The masked men handcuff Batista to the ropes and begin choking him with trip wire. Hassan grabs the title and begins to praise Allah as the show goes off the air.

Batista has beaten Hassan and Daivari. Thus match has lasted 18 minutes and got a 73/75/73






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Frankie Kazarian beats Funaki

Heidenreich beats Big Vito

Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly beats Slyvain Grenier and Danny Basham


The Hurricane beats Antonio

Tajiri beats Kid Kash

Shelton Benjamin beats CM Punk


Rumors have the WWE bringing in either Molly Holly or Jazz as Christy's mystery partner. But with all the talent the WWE has gotten rid of in it's Women's Division, it could be any number of ladies. Don't be suprised if the mystery partner is Gail Kim or Jacqueline either, as they have been in negoiations with WWE recently.

WWE officials are looking forward to Summerslam. There are always huge expectations when there is a splint brand PPV, as only the best talent will show. Speaking of split branded PPV's.........

WWE has confirmed that after each split PPV (Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania) there will be a 1 hour trade window, where each show can trade for talent.

The following is a spoiler alert for a storyline...................................

The two masked men who attacked Batista at the end of Smackdown were none other than Sean O'Haire and Shawn Stasiak. Expect this storyline to continue on next weeks show.

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Shelton Benjamin and Carlito have been going at it recently. This Monday, they will have a shot at eachother one on one. Can Shelton avenge the loss he recieved Carlito's first night on Raw???


Christy Hemme has said that her mystery partner is one that will shake the foundation of womens wrestling. Who will her partner be????


This Monday, Y2J will interview Hulk Hogan. What will Hogan say about Shawn Micheals??? Will John Cena show up and beat down Y2J????


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user posted image

Live from Houston, Texas

We see highlights from last weeks Cena vs. Edge match. Then we see a Hogan/Micheals retrospective chronicling thier careers, then what has happened between the two.



The match starts and Carlito calls for a test of strength, and Shelton obliges. Carlito kicks Shelton in the gut, but it doesn't fase Shelton. Shelton hiptosses Carlito, then Carlito runs into a couple deep arm drags.

Carlito slides outside to get a breather. Shelton goes for a Suicide Dive, but Carlito moves at the last second. Shelton hit hard, and Carlito mocks the crowd(so Shelton can catch his breath), before throwing Shelton shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Carlito throws Shelton into the ring.

Carlito climbs to the top turnbuckle, and perches up there until Shelton can stand up. Carlito rocks Shelton with an elbow. Carlito tucks Shelton's arm behind his back, and drops Benjamin shoulder first onto the canvas. Shelton blocks a punch, but Carlito rakes his eyes and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Carlito goes for the pin. 1..........2.................Shelton kicks out. Carlito goes right back to Shelton's shoulder, with a cross arm breaker.

Shelton shows great strength by picking Carlito up with his one arm, and slams him down in a modified powerbomb. Shelton throws Carlito into the turnbuckle. Shelton hits a stinger splash, and follows up with a bulldog. Shelton only gets a two count. Shelton looks like he is going to whip Carlito into the turnbuckle, but instead hits Carlito with a sick looking inverted DDT. Shelton climbs the turnbuckle, but misses with a flying elbow drop.

Carlito picks a stunned Shelton up for a suplex, but Shelton rolls out and pushes Carlito into the turnbuckle. Unfortunately, the ref was run over by Carlito and is knocked out. Shelton hits Carlito with superkick, and then picks him up for a T-Bone Suplex. The ref is down and Shelton goes to wake him up. Carlito slides outside and picks up a chair. Carlito slides back in a blindsides Shelton with the chair. The ref wakes up and counts 1.........................2...............................3!!!!!!

Carlito has beaten Shelton Benjamin. This match lasted 14 minutes and got a 85/83/88


John Cena makes his way to the ring. He begins hyping his match at Summerslam against Jericho. Cena questions Jericho's apparent close relationship with Bschoff. He insinuates that they are more than associates.

Eric Bischoff's music hits. He informs Cena that he will wrestle tonight, as he doesn't want Cena to get any ring rust. Bischoff tells Cena that tonight in the main event it will be a non-title match between John Cena and Kurt Angle!!!!!

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 83


They show footage from last week, where Spike Dudley returned to win the Masterpiece Challenge.


Masters grabs the mic,"Spike Dudley NEVER broke my Masterlock!!!! He escaped the Masterlock, becauss he has skinny ass arms. He escaped.......He never BROKE the Masterlock

Masters' charges Spike, but Spike hits a Drop Toe Hold. Masters' is able to punch his way out. Masters' picks Spike in a choke, then slams him violently onto the canvas. Masters' throws Spike outside, and follows him out. Masters throws Spike into the steelpost, but Spike reverses it. Masters bounces off the steelpost and stumbles into a dropkick from Spike. Spike throws Masters into the ring

Spike slaps Masters into the turnbuckle. Spike connects with some kicks, then goes for the Dudley Dog, but Masters catches him and slams him down. Mastsers locks in the Masterlock for the win. After the match Masters bullies Spike around, then mocks him before leaving.

Chris Masters beat Spike Dudley. This match lasted 7 minutes and got a 73/67/79


We see a long and pointless video of Triple H filming his new movie, "Tremors 7: Snakes in Space" Triple H's character is Duke Holt, an alien hunter. They show him goofing off with co-stars Jaleel White and Mila Kunis. We see footage of the Game on Connan O'Brien.

This segment lasted 15 minutes and got a 92

We see footage from last weeks Angle Invititational, where the hometown hero was RVD. Angle relentlessly attacked RVD's injured knee, until Kane made the save.


Both men are in the ring and begin trading punches. Snitsky knees Kane in the midsection, and delivers an axe handle to Kane's back. Snistky bounces off the ropes and shoulder tackles Kane. Kane hits the mat hard. Snitsky begins choking Kane.The ref breaks the choke and Snitsky throws Kane into the turnbuckles. Kane crashes hard. Snitsky uses his foot to choke out Kane. Kane fights out and pounces Snitsky away. Kane throws Snitsky bouncing off the ropes, and hits a big boot.

Kane climbs the turnbuckles and flys off looking to connect with a flying clothesline, but Snistky sidesteps Kane. Snitsky throws Kane over the top rope, and Kane hits his back hard on the apron before falling outside. Snitsky sends Kane crashing through the steel steps. Snitsky rolls Kane inside.

Kane sits up and Snistky is walking up the apron. Kane grabs Snitsky by the throat, and chokeslams him over the ropes and into the ring for the win.

After the match, Kurt Angle rushes the ring and chop blocks Kane. Angle slaps on the Angle Lock. Extra refs are used to pull Kurt off. Kurt slides outside and grabs a chair. Kurt places Kane's foot in the chair, before climbing the turnbuckle and crashing down onto the chair and shattering Kane's leg. Kurt walks off smiling as they cart Kane off.

Kane has beaten Snitsky. This match lasted 12 minutes and got a 72/75/66



Jericho comes out and mocks Cena for a bit. Jericho says that he is WWE's biggest media star. Not Triple H, off filming some stupid snake movie. Not, Stone Cold, who lost his relevance four years ago. Not John Cena, who doesn't make music---he manufactures music. Jericho claims that he is bigger than his guest Hulk Hogan.

This brings Hogan out. Jericho asks Hogan about his wife and HBK. Hogan cuts a long winded promo on HBK. Hogan's promo is interupted when HBK appears on the Titantron.HBK claims he is at his ranch in San Antonio. HBK is laughing as he reveals that Linda Hogan is standung up, chained to a wall. HBK grabs a whip and begins whipping Linda Hogan. Linda is yelling and crying, as she pleads for Terry to help her. The video feed cuts out.

Y2J looks at Hogan, Damn man, your wife is in to some sick S & M stuff, brother. Hogan punches Y2J down, and mounts him while throwing haymakers. Hogan gets up and runs out to the garage, gets in his car and leaves for HBK's ranch. Back in the ring, Y2J is standing up, and John Cena slides in and FU's Jericho.

This segment lasted 10 minutes and got a 89

We see footage from last week's match between Robert Conway and Mark Jindrak. The match ended in a draw, when the Big Show chokeslammed both men. Big Show was apparentley trying to make a statement to Ric Flair, who is reforming Evolution.


Jindrak and Conway come to the ring with The Nature Boy. Loud Woo chants are heard in the arena. Big Show comes into the ring, and Jindrak and Conway try to double team him. Show is too big, and throws both men off. Jindrak slides out, meaning Conway is the legal man. Conway rakes at Show's eyes, and kicks at his midsection. Conway hits a running knee lift. Conway chops Show into the turnbuckle, as Flair is wooing on the outsideShow catches Conway's arm and throws him into the turnbuckle. Show quiets the crowd, then slaps the hell out of Conway's chest. Show throws Conway into Rob's corner. Show delivers huge avalanche to Conway, who tags a reluctant Jindrak.

Conway rolls outside, while a nervous Jindrak steps in the ring. Jindrak blocks a punch and delivers a stiff left hook. Show is woobly as he tries to regain his strength. Jindrak runs at him, but Show catches him and Somoan Drops Jindrak. Show Chokeslams Jindrak for the win. After the match Conway slides in with a chair. Conway waffles Show with an unprotected head shot. Show is busted open. Flair is strutting as Jindrak and Conway double team Show. Jindrak and Conway deliver a double chokeslam on Show. Jindrak, Conway, and Flair leave a battered Show in the ring. Flair is holding up four fingers as he walks backstage.

Big Show beats Conway and Jindrak. This match lasted 10 minutes and got 70/71/69


Edge, who is minus Lita, is in Eric's office. Edge is pissed because he lived up to his agreement last week, but still that fan was able to accost him. Edge says that Eric better have some good news for him, or he will not be afraid to speak with Mr. Mcmahon. Eric says that Edge will like his announcement. Seeing as Matt Hardy is not a contracted worker with WWE, Eric can't book him. Edge smiles. Eric, however, says that Edge and Matt Hardy's feud means a big payday when they finally meet. So, Eric is making a Non-Sanctioned Streetfight between Edge and Matt Hardy for Summerslam. Edge is livid, until Eric reminds him that it is a streetfight, and that gives Edge the chance to end Hardy, forever. Edge looks satisfied.

This segment lasted 8 minutes and got a 86

We see footage from two weeks ago where Trish and Victoria attack Christy, Maria, and Lillian. We see footage from last week where Christy made a challenge to Trish and Victoria.


Trish and Victoria are introduced and come to the ring. Christy is introduced next, she comes out with a mic, Trish, Victoria you claim to be the cream of the crop in women's wrestling. The best there is to offer. You may be right, you've beaten every girl there is............EXCEPT my partner. Ladies and Gentlemen, my partner and former WWE Women's Champion, MADUSA!!!!!!!

Jim Ross acts shocked, and brings up the fact that Madusa threw the WWE Women's Championship in the trash on Nitro. This match will be Christy and Madusa vs. Trish and Victoria

Christy and Victoria start the match off. Victoria has Hemme in a headlock, and thenslides behind Christy and puts her in an armbar. Victoria puts her foot in front of Christy's and slams her face first on the mat, a la Jarrett's Stroke. Victoria throws Christy into her turnbuckle, and Trish promptly begins choking Hemme. Madusa tries to take out Victoria, but the ref escorts her out, allowing Trish to choke Hemme some more.

Victoria charges Hemme and connects with a running elbow. Victoria tags Trish. Trish chokes Hemme with her foot, while mocking the crowd. Trish hair tosses Hemme around the ring a bit. Trish kicks Hemme in the gut, and goes for a Chick Kick. Hemme ducks and quickly tags Madusa.

Trish sees the tag, and quickly tags out to Victoria. Madusa spears Victoria. Madusa picks Victoria up and kicks her into the turnbuckle. Madusa hair tosses Victoria a few times. Madusa attempts a clothesline, but Victoria ducks. Victoria puts Madus up for a Widow's Peak, but Madusa wiggles out and german suplexes Victoria for the win.

Madusa and Christy celebrate in the ring, while Trish and Victoria sulk up the ramp.

Christy and Madusa beats Trish and Victoria. This match lasted 12 minutes and got a 65/74/46



We see highlights from last week's Smackdown. We see Batista beat Daivari, then two huge masked men attack Batist and choke him with trip wire. We see Rey pleading with Domenic and Eddie, we see Dom slap Rey.


Tajiri and Rene hookup, and Rene rakes Tajiri's eyes. Rene hiptosses Tajiri over, and kicks him hard in the back. Rene holds Tajiri up for a suplex, for what seems like an enternity, and drops him hard on his back. Rene prances over a fallen Tajiri.

Rene throws Tajiri into the turnbuckle and connects with a hard elbow. Rene straddles Tajiri onto the top turnbuckle. Rene climbs up top, and german suplexe's Tajiri from the top turnbuckle. Rene attempts a pin, but Tajiri kicks out at two. Rene throws Tajiri into the ropes, and Tajiri flips off the ropes and springboard elbows Rene. Tajiri stands Rene up and kicks him llike twenty times, with his educated feet.

Tajiri bulldogs Rene down hard. Tajiri sits Rene down onto the mat, and baseball slide kicks Rene down hard. Tajiri waits for Rene to get to his knees, and blasts him with a Bussaw Kick for the win

Tajiri has beaten Rene Dupree. This match lasted 12 minutes and got a 72/69/76



We hear Breaking Point's "Show Me a Sign", and we see the Summerslam preview video. We see the entire card previewed.

World Championship Match: JOHN CENA© VS. CHRIS JERICHO




Wrestlemania Rematch: UNDERTAKER VS. RANDY ORTON



World Tag Championship Match: TABLE MATCH: MNM© VS. THE DUDLEY'S

Non-Sanctioned Streetfight: MATT HARDY VS. EDGE W/ LITA

YJ2's music starts. and he comes out for commentary for the next match.


Cena and Angle hookup, and Angle hits Cena with a side headlock takedown. Angle still has the headlock applied, and Cena stands up. Cena tries to push Angle off, but Angle cinches in and doesn't release the hold. Angle side headlock takedown's Cena again. Cena kicks Angle off. Angle charges Cena, but Cena drop leglock's Angle. Cena and Angle take turns mat wrestling eachother.

Angle and Cena stand up, and Angle kicks Cena in the midsection, and hits a quick double arm underhook powerbomb on Cena. Angle bear hugs Cena, then hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Cena. Angle goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out. Angle throws Cena into the ropes, and Cena bounces off and Sunset Flips over Angle. Angle rolls through the Sunset Flip, and locks on the Angle Lock. Cena quickly makes it to the ropes. Angle releases the hold, and quickly delivers 3 straight elbow drops to Cena's skull.

Angle backs off, and when Cena starts to stand up, Angle shoulder tackles Cena out of the ring. Angle climbs outside, and tries to slam Cena's head into the steel steps. Cena blocks and ends up slamming Angle's head onto the steps. Cena bearhugs Angle and runs him backfirst into the steel post. Cena rolls Angle into the ring.

Cena clotheslines Angle down. Cena delivers an inverterd atomic drop to Angle. Cena FU's Angle. Cena goes for the pin. 1.................2..................Angle kicks out. Cena delivers a Hip Hop Drop to Angle. Cena connects with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Angle kicks out of the pin attempt. Cena runs at Angle for a clothesline, but Angle ducks, and Cena blasts the ref.

Angle goes for the kill. Angle turns Cena into an Olympic Slam, but Cena wiggles out and FU's Angle. Cena makes the cover, but there is no ref. Jericho runs into the ring from the announcer's booth. Jericho slides in with a chair. Jericho blasts Cena and pulls Angle over Cena.

Fire errupts, and Kane stalks down to the ring. Chris Jericho leaves the ring acting scared. Kane chokeslams Angle as the ref wakes up. The ref saw this and DQ's Cena.

The show goes off the air as all four men brawling in the ring.

Kurt Angle has beaten John Cena by DQ. This match lasted 18 minutes and got a 87/92/77





320720 PROFIT

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Randy Orton makes his in-ring Smackdown debut, just 10 days before Summerslam. Orton is booked in a singles match against Charlie Haas. Will the Undertaker make his presence felt????


World Tag champs MNM have demanded this match to show The Dudley's what their in for at Summerslam. MNM will take on the team of Scotty 2 Hotty and William Regal in a tables match


Emotions will boil over as GM Teddy Long has booked this brutal tag match. Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio take on Chritian and Eddie Guerrero. How will this play out, with all four men invovled in Summerslam????


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