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WWE: RAW vs. SmackDown!

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

WWE.com - SummerSlam Results - Main Matches

Chris Jericho d. John Cena - WWE Title

Batista d. Bradshaw - Heavyweight Title

Shawn Michaels d. Hulk Hogan

Matt Hardy d. Edge

Vince's Major Announcement

After the ring had been cleared by both Jericho and Cena. Vince McMahon walked down to the ring, to make what would be a huge announcement. He announced that he would be stepping down as owner of the WWE. And that Shane McMahon would take over Raw/Heat, and Stephanie McMahon would take over Smackdown/Velocity. He then went on to say that, starting September 1st it will be a clean slate for both shows. All the champions will stay the champions, but all rivalries have been settled at SummerSlam and therefore will not continue on.

WWE.com - Backstage News

A new head writer John Clermont has been hired.

There have been rumors that Shane has hired a former WCW wrestler, and he is expected to debut sometime within the next two months.

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41


Shane McMahon is schedueled to make an announcement regarding the future of RAW and HEAT. Also schedueled for the night is Kid Kash vs The Hurricane. Also in the Main Event Carlito will be on HEAT taking on a yet to be named opponent in a non title match.

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decent backstory kind of short.

but doenst matter to me.

i just hope your match writing is good.

and when vince said:

"...all rivalries have been settled at SummerSlam and therefore will not continue on..."

that sounded kinda weird.

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

decent backstory kind of short.

but doenst matter to me.

i just hope your match writing is good.

and when vince said:

"...all rivalries have been settled at SummerSlam and therefore will not continue on..."

that sounded kinda weird.

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT - September 4th, 2005

Shane McMahon Returns

Coachman: That sounds like Shane O' Mac's theme music!

Grisham: And that certainly looks like him! The fans are bringing down the house with cheer's for the new owner of RAW and HEAT!

Coachman: He is getting a pretty good cheer from this crowd! Let's see what he has to say.

Shane: Thank you everyone! It's a pleasure to finally be back here in front of all you fans! I promise to bring RAW and HEAT to a new level of Entertainment and Intensity! Now as you all know! Im here to make an announcement! That announcement is, that starting next week. HEAT will be moved to prime-time and will become just as important as RAW! And for this great event, next week the WWE: RAW Champion CHRIS JERICHO! Will be on HEAT!

Fans Boo at the mention of Jericho's name

Coachman: Wow! Chris Jericho on HEAT! That's gonna be huge!

Grisham: Heat is going Prime Time!

Shane: But those of you here in the arena tonight, dont need to be disapointed because, Jericho will be talking to you live from his vacation spot in Hawaii!

More boo's headed towards Jericho

Shane: Wow it doesn't seem like Jericho's very well loved here! Well maybe this will put a smile on your face. Coming up next were gonna have Shelton Benjamin *cheers* vs. Matt Hardy! *cheers* in a good old fashioned wrestling match. No rivalries, just entertainment! I hope you enjoy! Also...for those of you wondering who Carlito's opponent will be tonight in the non-title match. Well your going to have to wait!

Coachman: Well there we go! Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin coming up next!

Fades to commercial break

Shelton Benjamin d. Matt Hardy

Grisham:  There it is! T-Bone Suplex from Shelton Benjamin!

Coachman:  Can he get the three count? Yes he does!

Grisham: That was a great display of wrestling! Both competitors gave alot into this match!

Coachman: But in the end there could only be one winner. And that is Shelton!

Grisham: Look at that! There shaking hands after the match! What a display of sportsmanship!

Miami Is Jericho

Grisham: Im being told that the satellite feed with Jericho is now up and running and we will now go live to Jericho in Miami!

Jericho is seen on the titantron sitting on the beach with his WWE: RAW Championship

Jericho: Hello everyone! Welcome to Miami is JERICHO! Oh wait...that's right. You guys aren't really here. Your in that crap hole town, at Heat. Watching what are sure to be some great matches, I mean how can you go wrong with Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy? I mean they've got very similar styles! There both trash! And neither of them have ever held this title!

Jericho points at his WWE: RAW championship

Coachman: He's got a point there, Todd! Neither of them have held that title!

Grisham: Jericho is one cocky guy!

Coachman: Wouldnt you be cocky if you had that title?

Jericho: And they definatley havent held the Undisputed Title like I did! Have I ever told you guys that story? How I beat both Stone Cold and The Rock in one night? That was a good time... but now what was I talking about? Oh yes...Shelton Benjamin is a chump! He'll never match up to me! The WWE: RAW champion! A Huge rockstar! And the most talented man of both RAW and SMACKDOWN! But don't worry, next sunday I'll be on HEAT and get ready to watch the ratings fly threw the roof! Just like they will tommorow! When Im on RAW with my championship! But, that's enough of this! I've got some sun to enjoy, and some women to ..."service." Good night to all my fans!

The fans boo as the titantron goes black

Grisham: It doesn't seem like Jericho has too many fans here!

Coachman: What are you talking about! Jericho is a huge superstar!

Grisham: Alright, Alright, well coming up next we got Val Venis vs Kerwin White

Commercial Break

Val Venis d. Kerwin White

Grisham: A great Submission victory for Val Venis!

Coachman: I thought for sure Kerwin was gonna get the win!

Grisham: Well coming up next is the debuting Kid Kash vs The Hurricane!

Coachman: Im looking forward to this one! Kid Kash is an amazing athlete!

Grisham: As is The Hurricane!

Kid Kash d. The Hurricane (Interference)

Grisham: Wow! This has been an incredible match so far! Both men are giving it their all!

Coachman: Your right about that! This is alot closer than I thought it would be. I was sure Kid Kash was gonna rule this match!

Grisham: Well it looks like the opposite is going to happen! Hurricane is setting up for the Hurri-Chokeslam!

Coachman: Wait!! Edge is running down to the ring! What is he doing here?

Grisham: Lita is with him! She's distracting the referee!

Coachman: WOW! He just hit Hurricane with a huge spear! He's down and out! Now Kid Kash is making the cover! 1...2...3!!!!

Grisham: What an upset! The Hurricane had this match won! ...It doesn't look like Edge and Kash are done!

Coachman: There giving a beatdown to Hurricane! And his partner Rosey isnt in the arena tonight! It looks like Hurricane is on his own!

Grisham: What a beating!

Coachman: It looks like there done! Hurricane is motionless in the middle of the ring. And Edge, Kash and Lita are all leaving with smiles on their face.

Grisham: What is going on between Edge and Kid Kash?

Coachman: I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out soon! But now I'm being told that Shane McMahon is coming out to announce Carlito's opponent for the main event!

And the main event is...

Grisham: Well here comes the owner for the second time tonight! This time he will tell us who Carlito is going to be facing!

Shane: Well now the Main Event is next, and im sure all of you and Carlito are waiting to see who the opponent is! Well the opponent is a big man...a big man who lately hasn't been giving any chances to show off his amazing strength and skill. He's a former WWE Champion! ...He's the one...the only...THE BIG SHOW!

The fans cheer as the Big Show's music hits and he walks down to the ring for the main event.

Grisham: I wonder how Carlito is taking that news!

Coachman: Well I dont think too many people, enjoy facing The Big Show!

The Big Show d. Carlito

Coachman: OOoo A big chop to the chest by the Big Show on Carlito!

Grisham: Carlito has hardly shown any signs of offense in this match! He's just been taking what The Big Show has been giving!


Grisham: OO and Carlito is down and out! ...1 ...2 ...3! The Big Show has won it!

Coachman: That should really be no suprise! The Big Show dominated that match! ...What's Carlito doing?

Grisham: It looks like he's grabbing a chair! The Big Show is busy taunting!

Coachman: The Big Show doesnt see it coming! Ouch! Hard chair shot to the back of the Big Show!

Grisham: It doesn't look like it even phased The Big Show!

Coachman: Ooo another chairshot this time to the head of the big show!

Grisham: The Big Show's still not down! Carlito looks a little worried!

Coachman: Chair shot to the gut! The Big show finally goes down to one knee! SWINGING NECKBREAKER from Carlito! The Big Show is finally down!

Grisham: And it doesn't look like Carlito wants to wait for him to get up! He is out of there!

Coachman: Well! I'll be watching RAW tommorow night! To see what's going to happen between these two men!

Grisham: And I'll be checking out what's going on with Edge and Kid Kash!

The screen fades to black

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

WWE.COM Backstage News

Heat got a 5.23 Rating and had 7516 people in attendance. And as promised HEAT has moved to Prime Time on Spike TV. And in doing so, Johnathon Coachman and Todd Grisham have been replaced as the announcers. The only confirmed announcer is currently Jim Ross! Many people are assuming The King will be alongside with him. But rumors backstage have said it could be a former WWE Champion.

Results from a recent poll have shown that fans believe RAW has the stronger Star Power, but that SmackDown has the more talented wrestlers! And therefore the fans are leaning towards SmackDown!

Also in SmackDown related news! BG James (formally known as RoadDogg) has signed a written contract with Smackdown!

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41



After an explosive HEAT we saw some tension rise between The Big Show and Intercontinental Champion Carlito! With both men in the house on RAW there is sure to be a confrontation! Also on HEAT we saw Kid Kash win his debut match against The Hurricane with help from Edge. Alongside the happenings of Heat we have still yet to see Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, and Chris Jericho live in person after there SummerSlam Matches. Jericho, and Michaels are the only two of those four to be confirmed on RAW. Also in the house will be Shane McMahon, Eric Bischoff, The Big Show, Carlito, Edge, The Hurricane, and Shelton Benjamin. Also rumor has it that Rob Van Dam may be returning!

The following matches have been booked;

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White

Edge vs. Rosey

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

RAW - September 05, 2005

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to WWE RAW!

Jerry Lawler: What a great show we have for all the fans tonight! Shelton Benjamin will be in the house! The Big Show! Edge!

Jim Ross: And we'll also have the WWE RAW champion Chris Jericho in the..

Before JR can finish his sentance Jericho's music hits and he walks down to the ring carrying his title to boo's


Jericho: Hello everyone! And Welcome...TO RAW IS JERICHO! Finally...the belt is back were it belongs! Around the waist of someone truly deserving of it! Around the waist of the number one superstar on RAW! Around the waist of a HUGE ROCKSTAR! Around the waist of Y2J! And I've got news for everyone in the back! This belt isnt going to be leaving my waist any time soon!

Jim Ross: Jericho is one cocky son of a gun!

Jerry Lawler: He has a right to be JR! That belt proves that he is number one on RAW!

Jericho: There's no one in the back worthy of facing me for this belt! Let's see...who are the so called big stars of RAW...we've got John Cena...beat him...The Big Show...dont waste my time! Hulk Hogan! That man passed his 100 years ago! There's not a damn star on the roster as big or as talented as me!

Jim Ross: I think alot of the fans here would disagree!

Jerry Lawler: Your so rude JR! You should respect Jericho!

Shelton Benjamins music hits, and the fans give a cheer as he storms down to the ring and rips the mic out of Jericho's hands!

Shelton Benjamin: You know what Jericho! I think I speak for alot of people when I say shut the hell up!

Jim Ross: I'd let him speak for me!

Jerry Lawler: This is unbelievable! How dare he come out here and interupt our champ!

Shelton Benjamin: Your wrong about a lot of things! First off your not the biggest star on RAW! secondly, your not the most talented star on RAW! and Thirdly...your not a HUGE rockstar! Fozzy sucks!

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy! It's getting personal now!

Shelton Benjamin: I saw what you said on HEAT about me! You said I'll never match-up to you! Well...here's what Im thinking! Tonight I've got a match! But how about...this sunday, Prime Time on HEAT me and you step in the ring and see who the better man is?

Jim Ross: That's a damn good idea!

Jerry Lawler: Jericho looks like he's thinking about it!


Jerry Lawler: Shelton is down and out!

Jim Ross: Now look at Jericho leaving the ring with the sick smile on his face!

Jerry Lawler: Did he accept the challenge?

Jim Ross: I don't know! But Shelton's gonna have a hard time in his match with Kerwin White!

Jerry Lawler: I think your right JR! But coming up next we got Edge vs. Rosey!

Commercial Break

Edge d. Rosey

Jim Ross: Rosey's really giving it to Edge! He wants revenge for the attack Edge and Kash gave Hurricane on HEAT!

Jerry Lawler: Wait! Edge just got a DDT on Rosey looks like Edge is still in this thing!

Jim Ross: Ooo hard Sidewalk Slam by Rosey! I think you spoke to soon King!

Jerry Lawler: Wait Lita is on the apron! ...And here comes Kash!

Jim Ross: Not again!

Jerry Lawler: Kid Kash just hit the Money Maker on Rosey! And Edge is making the cover!

Jim Ross: Edge has won it! But it was a cheap win! Wait here comes The Hurricane!

Jerry Lawler: SPEAR on the Hurricane!

Jim Ross: Hurricane was just out here to help Rosey! But Edge just took him out!

Jerry Lawler: Edge is grabbing a mic! Maybe we'll get an explanation!

Adrenaline Rush

Edge: I guess your all wondering, why me and Kid Kash here have taken out The Hurricane twice now and Rosey tonight! Well the answer is not to hard! They have something me and Kash want...the Tag Team titles! And until we get those titles! Hurricane and Rosey better watch out!

Jim Ross: Well that explains why they attacked them! But why are Kid Kash and Edge working together!

Jerry Lawler: Im not sure JR! But this rivalry is heating up!

Jim Ross: Coming up after the commercial break we got Shelton Benjamin vs Kerwin White!

Commercial break

Kerwin White d. Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross: So far Shelton is faring pretty well in this match considering the attack earlier tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Your right JR, it actually looks like Shelton might win this one!

Jim Ross: Wait a minute! Here comes Jericho! What the hell is he doing here?

Jerry Lawler: Well it looks like he's watching the match!

Jim Ross: Shelton doesn't look like he likes Jericho at ringside! He's telling Jericho to get out of the arena!

Jerry Lawler: Roll Up by Kerwin White! ...1 ...2!

Jim Ross: SHELTON KICKED OUT! I thought it was over!

Jerry Lawler: Apparantley so did Jericho!

Jim Ross: I think you right Jericho looks irate!

Jerry Lawler: Here we go! Kerwin white is up...Shelton's signalling for the SuperKick!


Jerry Lawler: Kerwin is up! Shelton's turning around! DDT from Kerwin White! Now he's going for it! He's locked in the Low Rider!

Jim Ross: Shelton is forced to tap! Oh and look at that Jericho's not done! He's getting in the ring!

Jerry Lawler: Jericho and Kerwin are beating the hell out of Shelton!

Jim Ross: This is horrible! Shelton is cant fight back! ...FInally here come the officials to break it up!

Commercial Break

The Icon

Jerry Lawler: I know that music! Here comes Shawn Michaels!

Jim Ross: Love him or hate him! You have to admit Shawn is one of the best in the business! And he proved it at SummerSlam when he beat Hulk Hogan!

HBK: Welcome to my Celebration Ceremony! Let the celebration begin!

Confetti falls from the roof and the crowd gives mixed reactions to HBK

HBK: For those of you who didnt see SummerSlam why dont we take a look at the video, where I defeat Hogan with his own LegDrop!

Jim Ross: Hogan isnt here tonight, but if he's watching at home he can't be enjoying this footage!

Jerry Lawler: Your right JR, what's more embarassing than being pinned after being hit with your own finisher!

HBK: Oh yeah! That's some great footage! Doesn't get much better than that! Not only did I hit the Sweet Chin Music but I hit the Hogan Leg Drop! I proved once and for all that I am the best in this business, I proved that I am a much bigger and better legend that Hulk Hogan! And I proved that HBK is the biggest name in Wrestling!

Jerry Lawler: It's hard to argue with that! HBK has a huge list of accomplishments here in the WWE!

Jim Ross: That may be true but so does Hogan!

HBK: But Im a fair man...and Im in the mood for some competition! So if there's anyone out there that thinks they can take on The Icon...Mr. Wrestlemania

Rob Van Dam's theme music fills the arena

Jim Ross: Rob Van Dam is back!

Jerry Lawler: Im not sure if HBK was expecting RVD!

Rob Van Dam: Hey H-B-K! You right...no one has accomplished the things you have! You are an Icon...you are Mr. Wrestlemania but guess what. IM Rob Van Dam! The Whole Damn Show! And Im out here to accept your challenge!

Jim Ross: HBK vs RVD what a match that will be!

Not Worthy

Eric Bischoff's music fills the arena

Jim Ross: What's bischoff doing out here?

Jerry Lawler: Well he's still the GM isnt he?

Jim Ross: I guess he is!

Bischoff: Well I was just backstage talking with the new boss! And he has said that I am indeed still the GM of RAW! That gives me 25% control! And im out here to use that 25% Control! You see...Rob...I dont think you deserve to fight a man of HBK's status! I mean he just came out of SummerSlam winning a huge match against Hulk Hogan! And you...what have you done lately? So...I've decided to give you a match to prove that your at 100% and that your worthy enough to fight HBK! So im booking you in tonights main event. It will Rob Van Dam...versus Kurt Angle!

Jim Ross: Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle! What a huge main event for RAW!

Jerry Lawler: I have to agree with you JR that's gonna be a great match!

The Little Show

Jerry Lawler: Here comes the Intercontinental Champ! CARLITOOOOO!

Carlito: Hello everyone! Tonight is a very special edition of Carlito's Cabanna. Because tonight, I have a man who beat me fair and square on HEAT! The Big Show, as my guest! I know what your thinking...why would you do that? Well I felt a little bad at the way I acted after he beat "fairly" beat me. I mean I hit him with a chair, I over reacted! So here we go...come out Big Show!

Jim Ross: Im suprised to see this from Carlito!

Jerry Lawler: ...hahahah you spoke to soon JR! That doesn't look like the big show at all! It's more like the little show!

Jim Ross: The Big Show can't be too happy with Carlito bringing out a midget impersonation of him!

Carlito: So Mr. Big Show! How are you this evening?

The "Little" Show: Ahhh Duhhhh

Carlito: ...Really...that's great. I hear you want to say something to the people?

The "Little" Show: Uhhh...yea! Carlito! Duh..should have beat me! But uhh uhh I cheated! We all know Carlito is where the real talent is!

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll welll its the big show

Jim Ross: It looks like The Big Show has had enough!

Jerry Lawler: Wow look at that midget run! He's going threw the crowd!

Jim Ross: Carlito's got no where to go! The Big Show's got him!

Jerry Lawler: Wait Carlito's got something to say!

Carlito: Wait wait wait! Come on showsta! Let's not be big brute cavemen! Let's have a re-match right here right now.

Big Show: ...Alright!

Carlito d. The Big Show

Jim Ross: Well here we go a re-match between Carlito and The Big Show!

Jerry Lawler: Ooo hard closthline by the Big Show!

Jim Ross: Carlito rolled out of the ring! The Big Show's going out to get him!

Jerry Lawler: Wait! Carlito grabbed something from his pocket! Ouch! He just laid the Big Show out with a huge punch!

Jim Ross: What did he grab out of his pocket?

Jerry Lawler: I dont know! But he just got the three count! Carlito just pinned The Big Show!

Rob Van Dam d. Kurt Angle

Jim Ross: Here it comes the Angle Slam! ..NO! RVD reverses it! And takes down Angle with a hard kick to the face!

Jerry Lawler: Here comes Shawn Michaels! He just took the refferee out of the ring and pushed him down! 

Jim Ross: RVD is yelling at Michaels! Angle has grabbed him from behind and is holding him for Michaels!

Jerry Lawler: Michaels is going for the Sweet Chin Music!

Jim Ross: RVD moved out of the way! Michaels just hit Angle with the Sweet Chin Music!

Jerry Lawler: Now RVD's cleared Michales out of the ring! He's going to the top! 5 Star Frog Splash!

Jim Ross: The refferee is up! ...1 ...2 ...3! RVD just beat Kurt Angle!

Jerry Lawler: HBK is up! He's getting back in the ring! Angle and Michaels are both going after RVD!

Jim Ross: RVD just dropkicked both men at the same time! And now he is out of here! RVD succesfully fought off both men!!! And now he's leaving the ring! What a night! I can't wait till HEAT!

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I really like the way you write out your shows. It makes it easier and more enjoyable to read. I dont like huge paragraphs which take up a whole page describling one match. I like they way you did commentry through your matches comentating the highlights. Keep up the good work dude! (Y)

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41


Heat is going prime-time! And an amazing main-event has been booked. The WWE RAW Champion Chris Jericho will team with Shawn Michaels to take on Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam! We will also see Carlito in action against The Hurricane w/Rosey in his corner! Kid Kash w/Edge and Lita will take on Kane. Also we will find out who will be the heat announcer alongside JR. And opening the night will be Kerwin Wight vs. Tajiri.

Current Card:

Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels vs Shelton Benjamin and Rob Van Dam

Carlito vs. The Hurricane w/Rosey

Eugene vs Kid Kash w/Edge Lita

Kerwin Wight vs. Tajiri

(Card Subject To Change) 

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT - September 11th, 2005

Jim Ross: Hello and welcome to Sunday Night Heat! Im Jim Ross, currently announcing this first ever Prime Time Heat alone. Coming up first we've got Kerwin White against Tajiri!

Kerwin White d. Tajiri

Jim Ross: What an amazing spectacle of technical wrestling! These two competitor's have got a great knowledge of wrestling! A hard snap suplex by Tajiri! This has been a very close match so far! Here comes the buzz-saw kick!! No! Chavo..or should I say Kerwin White ducked the kick! Oh here it comes the GORY BOMB! From Chavo Guerrero! That should get the three count and it does!


Jim Ross: From the sounds of things it seems like Kurt Angle is on his way out to the ring! But what for? Kerwin and Tajiri are still in the ring!

Angle: Kerwin! I've been watching your matches alot lately, and I've got to say. Im really impressed with what I've been seeing! Your a great technical wrestler, much like myself. I dont know why I never noticed it before! I guess now that your an all-american like myself, I can see you much clearer! But what Im out here to ask you is! I think me and you should get together! ...Er..As a team! I can be your mentor, teach you what I know! I'll also let you wrestle by my side! What do you say?

Boo's are heard from the crowd

Angle: Don't listen to these Rednecks Kerwin.

Jim Ross: Angle has just asked Kerwin to be his partner!

Kerwin: Well how can I refuse an offer from an all-american gold medalist like yourself? Im in!

Jim Ross: Kerwin White and Kurt Angle have just joined forces and now there shaking hands in the ring!!

~Commercial Break~

Kid Kash d. Eugene

Jim Ross:  So far this match has been very close! Im still alone at the announcers table, but I'm told my co-announcer will be out shortly! Kid Kash is on the top rope! He goes for a crossbody! But Eugene catches him! Powerslam! Oh it looks like Kid Kash might be done for the count! Oh wait! To no suprise here comes Edge! Along with Lita! Wait...Edge is distracting the referee! Lita is going after Eugene! Hurricarana on Eugene! Kid Kash is on the top rope again MoonSault! Kid Kash has won the match, once again with help from Edge and Lita...Oh now there continuing to beat down Eugene! This is disgraceful...wait here comes Rosey! Edge goes for a spear but Rosey reverses it and hits a hard DDT! Kid Kash goes for a closthline but recieves a hard spinebuster! Rosey has just laid of Adrenaline Rush! Scoring a point for the Justice League!


Jim Ross: Well I've been notified that Chris Jericho is backstage alongside the Coach!

Coachman: Jericho last monday on RAW Shelton Benjamin challenged you to a one on one match on Heat to which you responded by taking him out with your title belt! What was that all about...

Jericho: What was that about? It was about teaching Shelton some respect! If he thinks he can just walk out tell me to shut up and expect a one on one match with the champ, he's dead wrong! You have to earn a chance to face me one on one! But since i'm such a giving person, I talked things over with Shane and he booked the tag match were having tonight!

Coachman: How do you feel about being teamed with Shawn Michaels?

Jericho: Me and Michaels have had our differences, but we have alot more in common than we have different. You see Shawn was the first grandslam champion, I was the first Undisputed champion. Shawn is an Icon! I am a Huge Superstar! And tonight in that ring we both have the same thing on our minds! Teaching those punks a lesson in respect!

Jim Ross: Some strong words towards Shelton Benjamin and RVD! ...and I'm being told that right now. The new co-announcer will be heading out!

Vince McMahon's music hits and he walks out to mixed reactions...he sits down next to JR at the Announcer's table

Jim Ross: Well Im speachless!

Vince McMahon: Well hello to you to JR!

Jim Ross: I was not expecting you at all! But it is a great privllage to be sitting with you announcing again.

Vince McMahon: Well thank you JR. But Im only here for tonight! Just for the big prime time debut of Heat!  But there's no reason to stop this show. Let's carry on!

Demanding A Match

Jim Ross: There's Angle walking backstage...where's he headed.

Vince McMahon: It looks like he's going into Eric Bischoff's office.

Bischoff: Hello Angle what can I do for you?

Angle: I'll tell you what you can do for me! You can put me in a match! Im one of RAW's biggest Stars, and I dont have a spot on the card! Come on!

Bischoff: Your right Angle! You do deserve a match! And it just so happens, Matt Hardy was in here just a few minutes ago asking for the same thing. So why dont you go down to the ring, and you will face Matt Hardy one on one!

Angle nod's his head and leaves

Jim Ross: Well there we have it! Angle will take on Matt Hardy NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

Kurt Angle d. Matt Hardy

Vince McMahon: Matt Hardy takes Angle down with a hard closthline!

Jim Ross: It looks like Matt is gonna hit the Twist Of Fate! Wait...Kerwin White is coming down to the ring!

Vince McMahon: Well he is Kurt's new partner!

Jim Ross: Still he has no business in this match!

Vince McMahon: Matt Hardy's falling for the trap! He just punched Kerwin off the apron! And Angle is behind him!!...ANGLE SLAM!

Jim Ross: ...1 ...2 ...3! And Angle gets the tainted win!

Vince McMahon: There's nothing tainted about it! Angle is a man who will do whatever it takes to win! And I admire that!

Jim Ross: Anyways, coming up next we've got Carlito against The Hurricane!

The Hurricane d. Carlito

Vince McMahon: Here it comes! THE HURRI-CHOKESLAM! No wait! Here comes Edge! He's running SPEAR!

Jim Ross: Edge just speared Carlito! Hurricane moved out of the way! Hurri-Chokeslam on Edge! He makes the cover on Carlito!

Vince McMahon: A stunning victory for The Hurricane! He's celebrating! Wait here comes Edge! SPEAR ON HURRICANE! That looked like it ripped him in half! Hurricane should of got out of there!

Jim Ross: Edge and Carlito are stomping the hell out of Hurricane!...and here comes Rosey to help out his partner!

Vince McMahon: Samoan drop on Carlito! Hurricane and Rosey are beating Edge down! Hurri-Chokeslam on Edge!! Edge is down and out!

Jim Ross: What great teamwork by Hurricane and Rosey!

Warming Up/Walking To The Ring

Jim Ross: There's Rob Van Dam warming up Backstage for the Main Event!

Vince McMahon: The Main event is going to be huge! ...And there's Jericho walking to the ring with his Title Belt!

Commercial Break

Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin d. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels

Jim Ross: Dont change the channel! Were not going to commercial break anytime soon! This match has been an amazing one!

Vince McMahon: I've got to agree JR this is one HELL of a match! Chris Jericho makes the tag to Michaels! RVD and Michaels are in the ring together now! Jericho is off the apron! He just pulled Shelton down off his apron as well!

Jim Ross: Jericho just whipped Shelton into the barricade! Now there fighting in the crowd! RVD and Michaels are left on the ring!

Vince McMahon: Michaels is going for the Sweet Chin Music! RVD ducks! Stiff kick to the face! Michaels is down!

Jim Ross: RVD is going to the top! 5 Star Frog Splash! The ref makes the 3 count!

Vince McMahon:  Rob Van Dam just pinned Shawn Michaels in the middle of the ring!!!

Jim Ross: I wonder how Michaels is gonna take this! Find out tommorow on RAW!

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

RAW Preview September 12th, 2005

Last night on heat we saw Rob Van Dam pin Shawn Michaels cleanly in the middle of the ring during the big tag main event. We also saw Kerwin White and Kurt Angle join forces, leading to Angle pinning Matt Hardy after some interference from Kerwin.  In the Justice Leauge/Adrenaline Rush rivalry we saw The Justice League finally get some revenge!

The Rivalry between Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho also built up on Heat as the two brawled threw the crowd during the Tag Match. And earlier in the night Jericho has some strong words for Shelton.

The following matches have been booked for RAW;

Matt Hardy/Choice Opponent vs. Kurt Angle/Kerwin White

The Big Show vs Big Vito (Debut Match)

Adrenaline Rush vs. Justice League - Non-Title Match

More matches are schedueled to be announced

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

Well I was home all day bored yesterday...when Im at home and bored is usually when I'll be updating. Is there anything specific your liking?

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

RAW - September 12th, 2005

The show opens up with a clip of HEAT's main event Tag Match with Rob Van Dam pinning Shawn Michaels cleanly in the middle of the ring after the 5 Star Frog Splash after the video the usual raw pyro's go off as the camera goes around in the audience

Jim Ross: Hello Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Jerry Lawler: I can feel alot of tension in the air tonight JR! You just saw the footage, HBK has got to be in a very bad mood!

Jim Ross: There is no doubt about that! Tonight is going to be explosive! And to start the night we've got Big Vito in his debut match against The Big Show!

Big Vito d. The Big Show

Jim Ross: Oh Big Vito with a hard chop to the chest of The Big Show! Both these men are powerhouses!

Jerry Lawler: Im impressed with Big Vito's strength! He's standing toe to toe with the Big Show!

Jim Ross: Ohh Big Vito's face just got a nice introduction to the Big Show's size 16 Boot!

Jerry Lawler: And now he's signalling for the end! I think were about to see the showstoppa!

Jim Ross: I think you may be right king! Oh wait...what the hell is Carlito doing out here!

Jerry Lawler: Carlito and The Big Show havent been getting along to well in the last few weeks! Last week on Raw Carlito pinned the Big Show after a shot with a pair of Brass Knuckles!

Jim Ross: The Big Show is distracted! Big Vito is getting to his feet! Look out Big Show!

Jerry Lawler: Oh wow! The Big Show just stopped the Big Vito's huge closthline with a punch to the face! Now he's going off the ropes!

Jim Ross: Oh! Carlito just smashed Big Show in the back as he went off the ropes!

Jerry Lawler: And from the way the Big Show reacted I think he was wearing the same Brass Knuckles as last week on Raw! The Big Show is wobbling

Jim Ross: And there it is the Big Vito Special! The Big Show has been laid out! And the referee has made the three count! ...And it doesn't look like Carlito is done he's just got in the ring!

Jerry Lawler: But the Big Show is on his feet! He's taking on both Carlito and Big Vito! Here comes the Showstoppa on Big Vito!

Jim Ross: Wait! Carlito just hit a low blow on the Big Show! Saving Vito from the huge chokeslam! And now look at them cowarding away!

Jerry Lawler: Well I guess they dont want to stay around to see the Big Show get some revenge! Can you blame them?

Jim Ross: Well Carlito shouldnt have been involved in the first place! But now it's time for a commercial break! Don't go anywhere!

Commercial Break

The Main Event

Jim Ross: HBK is coming down to the ring! I wonder what he has to say about being beaten by Rob Van Dam!

Jerry Lawler: I have a feeling things might turn ugly JR!

HBK: ...Im gonna make this short...and sweet! RVD you got lucky! Yes you pinned me 1,2,3 in the middle of the ring! But it was a fluke! I mean both our partners were gone! It was supposed to be a tag team match! I was in the ring for a lot longer than you I was little more worn down! But tonight, Im feeling very good. Tonight I'm feeling great! So I'm thinking...why not. RVD vs. HBK in the main event...TONIGHT! What do you say?

Jerry Lawler: HBK just challenged RVD to a match TONIGHT! What a main event that would be!

Jim Ross: And here comes Rob Van Dam!

RVD: So you want a one on one match tonight? Me...ROB VAN DAM! Taking on the heart break kid tonight? Well...H-B-K! Your on!

Jim Ross: RVD has excepted Michaels challenge and there will indeed be Shawn Michaels vs Rob Van Dam in the main event tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Im excited JR that's gonna be a great match!

Commercial Break

Justice League

Jim Ross: There's the Hurricane and Rosey backstage!

Hurricane: Rosey! We are defenders of peace and justice! And all that is good! And In order to defend those things! We need to take down the people who oppose them! People like Edge and Kid Kash! They havent been able to get the best of us one on one or two on two yet! They've resulted to cheating! But tonight we have a chance in a two on two non-title match! To show them...that good always wins! ...Now let's go out there and show Edge, Kid Kash, Lita and all the fans! The Power of the Justice League!

Justice League d. Adrenaline Rush

Jerry Lawler: And Rosey makes the tag to Hurricane!

Jim Ross: Hurricane nails Edge with a hard closthline! Edge is down! Hurricane is signalling for the end!

Jerry Lawler: Kid Kash is getting in the ring! He goes for a closthline!

Jim Ross: The Hurricane managed to get out of the way! Ooh and he just sent Kash to the outside with a big dropkick!

Jerry Lawler: Here it comes the Shining Black on Edge!

Jim Ross: And a 3 count! The Justice Leage has just beaten Adrenaline Rush! Fair and square just like they said they would!

Jerry Lawler: It doesnt look like Edge and Kash like this result! Kash just took Rosey down off the apron! And now there brawling up the runway!

Jim Ross: And Edge and Hurricane are in the ring brawling as well! Edge just tossed the Hurricane out of the ring!

Jerry Lawler: Now there brawling in the crowd! That match didnt solve anything in this rivalry!

Things are heating up

Jerry Lawler: There's the Big Show backstage. Where's he headed?

The Big show busts into a locker room

Jim Ross: It looks like he was headed into Carlito's locker room!

The Big Show: What the hell do you think your doing interfering in my match!

Carlito: Hey man! Relax! You weren't gonna win anyway!

The Big Show: What the hell are you talking about you little punk! I was about to lay that guy out!

Carlito: You mean like I did to you last week on RAW?

Jerry Lawler: Things are really heating up back there JR!

Jim Ross: The Big Show looks like he's about ready to take out Carlito! But here come the officials! There taking Big Show out of the locker room!

Jerry Lawler: That was close I thought for sure someone was gonna get a beating!

Commercial Breal

Matt's not impressed

Jim Ross: There's Matt on his way down to the ring for his match!

Matt is shown walking but before he can get far the CoachMan comes running up to him!

Coachman: Matt...Matt! Can you tell us who your mystery partner is?

Matt: All I can tell you is...he is a very dangerous man! And were gonna teach Angle and Kerwin a lesson in the ring!

Coachman: Speaking of Kerwin..do you have anything to say to him?

Matt: I sure do...Kerwin...or Chavo...or whatever the hell you want to be called! You think dressing up and changing your name is gonna help you accomplish things here in the WWE? Well you know what...that's not gonna happen. Because it doesn't matter what your name is, or what your wearing. All that matters is if you can stand on your own two feet in that ring! And Im not too sure you can do that! Right now your just leaning on Angle! And im not impressed! So why dont you try and impress me in the ring!

Jerry Lawler: Woah JR things are really heating up on RAW!

Jim Ross: There is certainly not alot of love in the air tonight that's for sure!

Matt Hardy/Ken Shamrock d. Kurt Angle/Kerwin White

Jim Ross: That's Ken Shamrock! The world's most dangerous man!

Jerry Lawler: That just goes to show JR anything can happen on RAW!

Jim Ross: I wonder whats going threw the minds Of Kurt Angle and Kerwin White!

5 Minutes Pass

Jim Ross: Ken Shamrock has yet to get involved in this match! And Neither Kerwin or Matt Hardy have been dominating this match so far.

Jerry Lawler: Ooo it looks like that's gonna change! Kerwin just laid out Matt Hardy with a beautifuly executed swinging ddt!

Jim Ross: Kerwin's just tagged in Angle! And Angle is going to work on the leg of Matt Hardy hes stomping away!

Jerry Lawler: Angle wants to weaken those leg's for the Ankle Lock!

10 Minutes pass

Jim Ross: Huge german suplex from Angle! Matt Hardy has got to be on his last ounce of energy! He still hasnt been able to get a tag to Shamrock!

Jerry Lawler: And here it comes the Angle Slam!!! Wait! Matt Hardy's reversed it! Twist Of Fate!!!!

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy doesn't have enough energy to make the cover! ...He's crawling towards his corner!

Jerry Lawler: Is he gonna make it?

Jim Ross: Yes! Matt has just tagged in Shamrock!!! Angle is on his feet! But not for long! Belly to Belly suplex from Shamrock!!!! ..Angle is up again! Fisherman suplex from Shamrock!

Jerry Lawler: He makes the cover!...But only get's a two count! Angle's tagged in Kerwin!

Jim Ross: Kerwin's going for a kick to the midsection! But Shamrock's caught it! ANKLE LOCK!!! ANKLE LOCK ON KERWIN!

Jerry Lawler: Matt just took out Angle! Kerwin is on his own! ...And he taps!!! Kerwin White has tapped out!!

Jim Ross: That is no suprise!!! The Ankle lock is a deadly move! Especially when performed by the worlds deadliest man!

Jerry Lawler: And now on the outside!!! Matt Hardy's got Angle on the spanish announcing table!! He's going for the twist of fate!!!

Jim Ross: But Angle has just reversed it! ANGLE SLAM threw the table! Matt's team may have picked up the victory...but Kerwin and Angle have had the last laugh!

Commercial Break

Laid Out

Jim Ross: There's the heavyweight champion Jericho backstage!!

Jericho: Hello everyone...and once again let me welcome you to RAW is JERICHO! I suppose your wondering why Im so happy...I mean my team lost the main event last night! Well Im happy because, I know it wasn't my fault. Had I been in the ring I would have been able to get the win for me and Michaels. But I was too busy whooping Shelton Benjamins ass all over the arena!

Jim Ross: Hey look! Shelton Benjamin is behind Jericho!

Jerry Lawler: And he just grabbed Jericho's belt from off the table! Turn around Jericho!

Benjamin: Hey Jericho!

Jim Ross: OH! What a shot! Benjamin just laid out Jericho with Jericho's own title belt!

Benjamin: You say you were whooping my ass? I guess I must have punched you a little too hard last night Jericho! Cause If I recall it...I was the one beating you! You may be the champ now...but I'm coming for that title! Because these people need a true champion! So Jericho...you better be ready!

Jerry Lawler: A true champion? He just took out Jericho with his own belt!

Jim Ross: Are you telling me Jericho wouldnt have done the same?

Jerry Lawler: Well there's no time to argue JR cause coming up next we've got the main event... Rob Van Dam taking on Shawn Michaels the Heart Break Kid! I can't wait!

Commercial Break

Shawn Michaels and RVD DRAW by Double DQ

Jim Ross: My god! This has been nothing but a brawl!

Jerry Lawler: Both men are just hitting eachother as hard as they can!

Jim Ross: Ooo Michaels just got a hard kick to the face from RVD!

Jerry Lawler: Now there brawling in the corner! This is getting a little extreme JR!

Jim Ross: The referee is trying to break it up!

Jerry Lawler: But neither men are buging! oo! The referee was just pushed down as a result of the fist fight going on!

Jim Ross: The ref is signaling for the bell to be rung! He's calling for a Double DQ!!! But they are still not stopping this brutal fight! We need to get some officials out here!

This Must Stop!

Jim Ross:  That's GM Eric Bischoff's music!

Jerry Lawler: Maybe he'll put a stop to this!

Bischoff: That's enough! Shawn! Rob! End this fight right now! Or I'll have you both suspended!

Jim Ross: That seems to have got their attention!

Bischoff: Im getting fed up with this constant fighting between you too! And this is the last straw! One of you could have been seriously injuryed! So im booking you two in a match! At UNFORGIVEN! And this Sunday on Heat! You two are going to sign a contract! A contract that will prevent you two from laying a hand on eachother until that match! You understand me!

Jim Ross: The first match for Unforgiven has been announced and it will be Rob Van Dam vs The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!

Jerry Lawler: Hopefully that will put an end to this vicious fued!

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

Im very proud of that RAW :) I feel like a did a pretty good job haha. If anyone has the time, could I get some feedback on my angles/booking.

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Guest Helter_Skelter_41

WWE.COM Update


Over the last few weeks we have seen many rivalries start up. Some tension has rised between the Intercontinental Champion Carlito and The Big Show. And most noteably between Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels who nearly killed eachother on the latest edition of RAW! And in order to end the chaotic brawls, they will be signing a contract for a match at Unforgiven! And in some title related fueds we've seen The Justice League and newly formed tag team Adrenaline Rush display some dislike towards eachother, and on RAW The Justice League got a clean win over Adrenaline Rush but that didnt seem to end anything as after the match a huge brawl errupted between the two teams.

In World Heavyweight News after a few heated confrontations and attacks, the fued between Shelton Benjamin and Jericho looks to be headed towards a Heavyweight Title Match after Benjamin told Jericho he was coming for his title!

And in the last week we've seen some heat build up between Matt Hardy and Kerwin White!

In the ratings battle, SmackDown! has been beating RAW, and HEAT has been beating Velocity. So as of now it is pretty much a tie!

SmackDowns current top stars are;

The Undertaker


Chris Benoit

Eddie Guererro


Raws current top stars are;

Kurt Angle

Hulk Hogan

Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels

Rob Van Dam


Some rumors about new signings with RAW involve; Rhino, Kevin Nash, Randy Savage, AJ Styles, and Christopher Daniels. As of now none of these signings have been confirmed. But what has been confirmed is that two new signings have been made and they are both expected to debut next month.

John Cena is rumored to be returning from his holiday sometime next month, and he may return with a totally revamped image.

Also rumored to be returning soon, is Triple H. Who has not been appearing on RAW television for many weeks now. Rumor has it that when he returns he will be involved in a storyline with John Cena.


At last mondays raw you could cut the tension in the air with a knife! And this Sunday's HEAT doesn't show any sign of changing that! Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam who nearly killed eachother in the ring on RAW will sign a contract for a match at Unforgiven! The contract will prevent both starts from laying a hand on one another until the PPV Match. Also on RAW we saw Carlito cost The Big Show his match against the debuting Big Vito! There is no doubt The Big Show is still irate about that, and he is sure to get some kind of revenge! Also in the house will be Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Hurricane, Rosey, Edge, Kid Kash, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Kerwin White, and the newest member to the RAW roster Ken Shamrock!

The matches confirmed as of now are;

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle (Main Event)

Tajiri vs. Carlito

Card is Subject To Change

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