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Night Shift: Insomnia Released (Sorta :()


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Introduction - INSOMNIA

The game takes place around a guy named Robbie. Robbie was a smalltown kid that moved to the suburbs when he was 17, there he got mixed up with the wrong crowd and got into the drug scene. Over time his debts built up, desperate measures from his parents sent Robbie into a detox program, and when Robbie came out after 6 long months of intensive therapy, it has hard but he eventually got his feet back on the ground, scored himself a job and everything was going well for him.

A few years later Robbie's life is well, he's in a serious relationship with his girlfriend Cassidy, his job is at it's peak and although he had some emotional issues with the passing of his mother, Robbie was living his life the way he'd always wanted to live it.

One day an ex-drug dealer turns up on his doorstep with his gang of thugs and demand that Robbie pays back his outstanding debt of $72,400 that he thought he had gotten away from. Not wanting to cause any more troubles, and wanting to get this people out of his life once and for all Robbie desperately starts brainstorming ideas on how to raise the cash.

Nothing illegal, nothing to do with drugs that’s for sure. He wanted to raise the money as quick as possible, and this is his story:

Episode 1 - NIGHT SHIFT

After a long nights brainstorm, and a headache to the top it off, Robbie think it may be best to leave this to the experts. Advice is all he wants, and there is no way he's getting into any more debts or favours for a past he would rather keep buried. Straight up advice from the professionals, the ones that know about this kind of stuff. The next day Robbie approach's ex-friend/loan shark Jimmy for help. Not certain exactly how far Robbie is willing to go with this scheme he suggests that Robbie raises the money through online bidding.

Robbie isn’t as clear on what Jimmy meant by 'online bidding' so he asks him to elaborate. Jimmy suggests that the easiest way to make this kind of money is to play it smart. Buy low, sell high. But the only catch to the 'perfect' scheme like this is that it isn’t exactly legal. With time running out Robbie asks what he has to do to get this 'organization' up and running, and Jimmy is more then willing to help you get out of this mess your in. So that night Jimmy tells Robbie the master plan.

Jimmy suggests stolen goods. "There always a great a start. As long as you've got cheap stolen parts, and selling them for outrageous prices then your made - always!" With this in mind you set out to make your debut in the black-market. And lucky for you, Jimmy is willing to be your loan shark on this mission; he's lending you $4,500 at 2% interest. You spent $3,500 on all of the equipment you needed to start your private eBay and have left the $1,000 for spending money.

If you've played Dope Wars, you'll notice the simularity.

THE PROBLEM is that people have been having problems on XP. If you have XP, there has been cases of the game closing for no reason and other things. An update should be out soon.

If your on 98 or 2000, I don't think a bug has been reported yet. :)

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Guest Thiia Deshi

The game is good, its still got quite a few bugs [if you are running on XP] as mentioned but its a good concept and from what ive played it was great.

Osiris Games rule

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