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Guest MDickie

Now here's the idea. I'm thinking of creating a patch for the famous MDickie game, Booking Mpire. The idea is simple, i have all of the main roster sorted out but i have a training section i have yet to start on so i'm wondering if any members here would like to participate in the patch (as training students). Here's the chance for you to be in a game (well almost) all you have to do is post some random stats, a name and a vague description and you're in!

So here's the main list of what you need to get in this patch:

Name (obviously):

Popularity rating:

Strength Rating:

Skill Rating:

Agility Rating:

Stamina Rating:

Charisma Rating:

Toughness Rating:

Happiness Rating

Attitude Rating:

Vague Discription of Charachter:

EDIT - forgot two others


Height (foot+inches):

Before i go any further i am not actually MDickie himself, i was meant to be MDickie fan before some bad botch up i made with the registration :(

BTW if this isn't appropriate for this section can you please move it, i've tried to find an appropriate board but no such luck yet

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